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on February 17, 2014
This is a nice set of duplo blocks to use by itself or add to other sets. It's a 144 piece set in red, blue, yellow, & green. There are 4 pieces with eyes on them. I don't know what "wings" they were referring to in the description because I don't see any that have wings but still a good set. Wish it came with a wheel base but wasn't expecting one. I've added picks of all the blocks so that you can see what will come in the set. My daughter (3 yrs) was super excited to open these and started bulding right away.
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on December 30, 2013
I was very excited to find this on Amazon. All the other Duplo kits seem to be more cute than useful, having too many flowers and windows and stuff, and far too few pieces. This kit is huge and it really sticks to the basics, in a good way. Lots of 2x2 and 4x2 blocks. Also a few small plates, less common things like 6x2, even 2x1 double-tall. This gives us enough structural pieces for my daughter to actually make something other than the house/car/whatever in the picture. Creativity.

The "education" in the name just means that it is bulk packaging. No pretty pictures, no storage box, no instructions. A cardboard box full of plastic bags of pieces. Exactly what I wanted.

My daughter is 19 months and is just starting to be able to get them together by herself. She'll grow into it a little bit more, and I'm sure in another 3 months she'll be an expert. Compared to the Mega Blocks she is graduating from, these are very picky on alignment. The bumps don't guide you towards the proper position, so you have to get it right yourself. But the force required hasn't been a problem and they aren't too small for her hands. Best of all, they stay together, whereas Mega Blocks just fall apart.
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on April 28, 2016
Ok, so I couldn't read the pictures people posted, so I just wanted to list what's included here:
16 2x2x1 red, yellow, blue, and green (64 total)
2 2x2x1 yellow with eye ball
1 2x2x1 red and green with eye ball ( 2 total)
1 2x1x2 red, yellow, blue, and green (4 total)
3 2x3x1 curved block red, yellow, blue, and green (12 total)
10 2x4x1 red, yellow, blue, and green (40 total)
3 2x4x0.5 red, yellow, blue, and green (12 total)
1 2x6x1 red, yellow, blue, and green (4 total)
1 2x8x1 red and blue (2 total)
1 4x8x0.5 yellow and green (2 total)

144 blocks total.
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on March 14, 2016
Ummm....with the exception of not always getting EVERY piece back into the box....our grand-triplets LOVE their LEGO's!!!
Because they're only 4 we let them "build" whatever shapes and sizes they want. They're learning about making a corner that locks together and makes their creations more stable too. Long "snakes" across the living room and high walls that fall over are favorites!
But it's STILL PAINFUL when Grandpa steps on the "forgotten piece" in his bare feet and starts jumping around on one leg using "funny words!"
" Haha, sorry Grandpa!"
Who can be mad at that?
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on May 3, 2016
There are a couple things that you need to keep in mind with this set -- no, it does not come with a cute lego container case, and no, it does not come with grass (that you have to buy separately at a really silly high price). This is just a card box box of several bags of multiple size lego pieces. We originally bought one of those cute containers with a starter kit, but it didn't have enough large pieces for her to play with (only things that formed cars or figures etc.). Once we saw a hodgepodge of duplo pieces at the local book store and she took to it, we knew we needed to get this set.

We started off with our infant/toddler playing with Mega Bloks, and once she mastered that around 15 months and gained better grip, we got her the Duplo starter set. Initially, she still had trouble connecting the pieces, but with some guided play by 18 months she was able to stack together the Duplos. I highly recommend getting a larger piece of grass with it though, because toddlers like to be able to have a stable surface to keep stacking on. It's a great way for us to interactively play with her, make random creations for her to see and keep her busy.

A great, simple starter set of legos that gives you all the pieces you would need.
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on February 19, 2015
These LEGO pieces are a perfect size for my sons (ages 6 and 4). They play with these all the time. I bought two sets of these for them for Christmas and we have LEGO boats, houses, cars, planes, towns created nearly every day on the floor of their room! I got two building mats for them (not by LEGO, but two sided mats by another company which now escapes me) and these duplo pieces work great on one side of the mats (the other side is meant for smaller, classic size LEGOs, which I a pretty sure I will never buy!). My husband and I can sit on the floor with our boys and construct things with these blocks for hours too! These are fun to work with. They are not too small with a million miniature pieces to tool around with (and lose all over the house) and they are not so giant that I have a hard time storing them in a small room. Great classic blocks, simple primary colors and lots of room for imagination and creativity!
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on January 25, 2017
Great starter set. A little doesn't, but worth it for the amount of time my son spends with them.
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on March 21, 2016
This is a great baic set blocks for my preschooler grandson! When they say 144 pieces, they mean, 144 actual, usable building pieces! -not a bunch of small trimmings that so many specialty sets include in the count. My grandson spends a lot of time building with these and is proud of his creations. I highly recommend this set of Duplo blocks!
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on July 9, 2015
Needed a large starter set of Duplo for my twin toddlers and this set fit our needs beautifully. The kids play with them every single day and there are plenty for them to share. I also love the variety of pieces that this set offers. It's Duplo, so you know the quality control is excellent and the pieces are wonderfully sturdy and toddler proof. We don't have any large base plates yet, but the smaller 4x8 platforms are fine as bases for the towers the kids build. We'll probably get the Duplo Education Pack of 2 building plates when the kids start wanting to build larger creations, but for now we haven't really needed them. We paired this with the Duplo Train Building Set 10558 and the kids have a wonderful amount of play versatility for the price. Great value for the number and variety of blocks. I'd highly recommend this to anyone with toddlers, or who wants to largely expand their Duplo collection.
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on March 13, 2015
These basic blocks are hard to find but are needed to supplement the many individual Duplo Lego building sets now available. LOTS of each of the most used blocks are included in this large box of bagged blocks, as well as a couple misc. over-sized blocks.
We kept our own kids' small Duplo sets, only had 2, and the grandchildren LOVE those blocks. So we decided having more basic pieces of the Duplo's would be a good investment. A bit 'price-y' but worth it.
From the youngest toddler through elementary school age, these blocks are just the right size for making large and small structures, cars, trains, etc. Grandkids often use these blocks when playing with other toys - for example, constructing bridges with Duplos for the small model cars (like Matchbox). And Grandma and Grandpa can easily join in and enjoy interacting (ie 'playing') with the youngest generation!
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