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on September 21, 2011
As a child of the 80's, I remember fondly the old LEGO Idea books. In those books, there were lots of photos of LEGO creations, and instructions that showed how to build some of the models in the book. I remember the Lego Idea Book 6000 the best, that's the one that follows Bill and Mary as they build a house, explore a city, travel to space, and then back in time to a medieval castle. When I saw the title of this book, the obvious connection was to those old books, so how does it compare?

The one thing that's missing is the instructions - this is not an instruction manual. Also, unlike Sean Kenney's smaller books (Cool City,Cool Cars and Trucks, and Cool Robots), this is a big book - nearly 200 pages! Like Sean's books, this book is filled with photos of LEGO creations. Like Sean's books, the intent of the book is to give you ideas on how to build things. You'll find that a lot of ideas can be crammed into 200 pages.

The book is broken up into sections, essentially these are: vehicles, buildings, spaceships & robots, castles, pirates & adventure, and real world creations. This last section is very interesting, showing you things such as picture frames and pencil holders made out of LEGO. As you can see, like the old LEGO Idea book, this book hits on many of LEGO's core themes.

Each of the sections starts out with a two page spread of useful parts that can be used to build creations in that section. I found that even these pages gave me ideas and started me thinking on how a particular part could be used. After that you'll find a number of creations beautifully photographed, often with multiple views which come in handy if you are attempting to reverse engineer one of the creations so that you can build it yourself. I can't tell you how many times I've looked at a LEGO truck and wished I could see how the frame was built. The multiple angle photos in this book help so that you won't experience that problem. At the end of each section, you'll find a few pages where you "Meet the Builder." These include some interview style questions where you learn about the builder who wrote a particular section of the book. I was surprised to find that one of the builders is only 18!

I think LEGO fans of all ages will enjoy the book, but young children might have a hard time handling the book due to its size. The lack of instructions also mean that it is probably more suited to an experienced LEGO builder - either an older child or a parent who enjoys building with younger children. My six year old son enjoys paging through the book, but it's a bit much for my 3 year old to handle. Neither would be able to build anything in this book without my help.

Overall, I think this is another great book option to inspire LEGO builders - but remember this book is about ideas and imagination - and you can't write instructions for that. If you know what you are buying, I think you'll really like this book, but don't expect it to be what it is not. If you want instructions, try one of the Brickmaster books such as LEGO City Brickmaster.
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My son is a typical pre-teen. He LOVES Legos. He saw this online when I was scrolling through I ordered it and he LOVED it. It is now a couple years later and he still has it and refers to it occassionally.

Overall I think it is a great value.

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As a buyer myself I rely on these reviews when I purchase so if you appreciate the time I spent on writing this up, please mark the "yes" at the end of this review when it asks if it was helpful.
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on January 22, 2017
I purchased this book with the idea that there would be building ideas as well as some instructions as to how to create them. The book itself is simply photographs of various Lego creations. It does not provide any instructions or break downs of items to use to build their images. Although there are some great ideas, I wish there was a bit more directive for kiddos that want their image to look exactly as the photograph. I would not recommend this product for people wanting step-by-step instructions, but for those simply looking for inspiration this is a good book.
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on October 10, 2009
I pre-ordered this set for my 12 yr old son. I received it yesterday and I must say I am quite pleased with the set. I found myself thoroughly enjoying the colorful pages and skimming over all the mini figures and sets that have evolved over the decades. Viewing the pages provided a bit of nostalgia for me as I was able to share my own memories with my son. This set is great for the Lego Collector or enthusiast. I really enjoyed the overview of the history of Lego along with the timelines and descriptions of manufacturing, etc.

If you are looking for "building tips" or "an idea book" this is not the book for you, instead I would look into the purchase of: "The Unofficial Lego Builder's Guide" by Allan Bedford, or the DK Lego Modelers series that have booklets containing ways to create characters using common lego pieces that you may already have in your collection.
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on March 26, 2018
Purchased as a gift for son who has a million legos and an endless imagination. While it's true this has no instructions, it is great for giving ideas of what you can build... hence the title: "Lego IDEAS".
While he doesn't always make something exactly like the picture, the point is, he is using his imagination and not staring at a screen. He also learns to improvise if we don't have a particular piece.
A really neat book for Lego lovers looking for extra ideas. Would also make an awesome coffee table book.
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on June 2, 2015
The description of this book is somewhat deceiving. The pages show a lot of Lego specialty pieces (from particular Lego models) that are slightly reconfigured. One would need to have purchased nearly every specialty model to build the forms shown in the book. Also, if one does happen to have the pieces needed, there are no "instructions" or steps shown to build the model shown.

The book is cleverly annotated with captions and well-photographed. Many children will enjoy looking at the photos and reading or having the captions read to them.

If, however, one is looking for ideas for a child to use the hundred or thousand of Legos sitting in a box, this book will not help.
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on December 14, 2012
We seem to keep buying Lego kits and the boys keep making other things out of them than the expected ones. Once I saw this book, I knew it was a better purchase than yet-another kit. The thousands of Legos we already own need to be utilized and this book is brilliant at that.

My grandsons are 8 and 6. They understand the book and can utilize it. The information about the ideas, about what "you" are putting together from the instructions, that part of the book is an unexpected bonus. The book is not just a series of drawings where one is told how to assemble something. It is an inspirational book filled with ideas and those ideas are put into context so the builder knows the why and the what of the project they are assembling.

All that said, this book is suitable for an adult. It's both a kid book (age 8 and up) AND a grown-up one. I suspect my son-in-law will utilize the book's project ideas as much as his boys will.

Heavy construction, well-made book that can last through years of use. Thick paper, brightly illustrated, easy to understand. A great bargain for the money, considering the cost of all those Legos we need to utilize, the cost of all the Legos kits now in containers with absolutely no relevant link to their original intent.
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on December 2, 2017
my 7 yr old daughter adores this book. She love legos and spends a good deal of time staring at the pages in this book and asking me questions about its possibilities or just showing me the cool things she would like to make. She brought it to show n tell last week.
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on December 1, 2013
Boys seem to love Legos and all the things they can build with the bricks. This book certainly stimulates the child's imagination re: what is possible to build with Legos. My criticisms of the book have also been cited by other reviewers: some of the pieces used in the designs are not readily available in usual Lego sets and you have to figure out construction details through looking at the designs rather than step-by-step written instructions. I plan on giving this as a gift to a 9 year old grandchild who loves Legos and will see how he likes the ideas in the book and how helpful it was for him.
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on February 1, 2017
I had very, very high hopes for this. It has a lot of ideas, but it's more just pictures of things that have been built and less of a how to. Ideas aren't a problem for my son, but ideas on how to execute them with Legos are where he needs some guidance. Perhaps as he gets older, he will gain a better appreciation for all of the ideas in the book. For now, he just gets frustrated in trying to make them. My fiancé, however, loves the book. Perhaps it would be better for someone who's older and more interested in figuring out how to make it than being shown.
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