Customer Reviews: LEGO Star Wars 10225 R2D2 (Discontinued by manufacturer)
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This R2-D2 set arrived in May of 2012 and is Lego's first Ultimate Collector Series (UCS) version. UCS sets tend to place a premium on visual fidelity rather than playability, and they are usually among the most expensive sets in Lego's line. Aside from mini figures, set #10225 is Lego's second R2-D2, the first being the Technic-built #8009 from 2002.

The UCS R2-D2 comes with a small number of functions. It has a third leg that drops down via a lever on the rear. The left and right legs rotate backward. None of the legs have wheels, using smooth domed tiles instead (what the Legoscenti call "boat tiles"). It has an I/O port that swings out from the front-right (useful for disabling Death Star trash compactors), and a rotary cutting tool on the front-left; both of these tools are also controlled from the rear. For both tools, you must open their respective hatches by hand before deploying them. The blue horizontal arms on the front-middle swing open as well. The head has full rotation. The set comes with a display plaque and a mini figure R2-D2, just in case the large one is not enough.

The age range for the set is 16+, however, if you have a young R2 fan who is a precocious builder, this set will present little difficulty. The inner core is composed of Technic pieces to accommodate the third leg. There are a lot of white bricks; for this reason you may want to encourage younger builders to split the project into a number of days in order to ward off frustration. In spite of some of the drawbacks of this set (mentioned below) the outcome is very rewarding.

This set is fun, but it does present some play challenges. The set is simply so large that it does not integrate with Lego's mini-figure Star Wars line. There are no other characters or structures of the same scale (it is about a foot tall) unless you happen to have the UCS Yoda from 2002. The set also lacks for not having wheels. The model is a bit tippy on only two legs, something that might have ben a contributing factor in the decision not to have wheels.

For some buyers, this set will work well as a Lego sculpture. While the dome and sides are largely represented by blocks (like the whole thing has been pixelated), I think this works stylistically. Your mileage may vary. Glancing at the model from a distance, I think the overall effect is impressive, especially with regard to the coloring of the dome, the detailing on the legs, and the front grillwork.

Lego has a short, campy video with the two designers of the model. You can find it at Lego or on youtube (search "Lego 10225 designer"). Finally, this set is a Lego exclusive, which sometimes means that Lego has greatly limited distribution and that you should (hint) cross check with their website).
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on July 27, 2012
R2-D2 is probably one of the most famous robots in movie history and it's great to see LEGO produce this iconic character in brick form. This set produces a great looking model, with a heavy emphasis on the "model" aspect. While there is the ability to move the legs (and put the third leg inside the body), swivel the dome, and deploy some of R2's tools, this set is far too bulky and heavy to really be considered a toy.

Construction is fairly complex and can be challenging at some points, but the experience is made much easier by the use of numbered bags. In all, there are 10 sets of bags that are used to construct R2. While this may seem excessive, there are so many small parts in this set that it actually helps save quite a bit of time by not having to sort a large number of parts to find one of the many small white pieces that are used to construct everything but the head.

On the parts, there are a lot of small ones here. R2 is made up primarily of short plates and bricks, with the majority of pieces only 1-stud wide and just a few studs long. You do get a great variety though and the technic assembly used to give the third leg its functionality is pretty cool.

I would highly recommend this set for anyone who is a fan of LEGO Star Wars sets. I've pretty much avoided the UCS line before this because of the size and lack of diversity in colors. Massive piles of gray parts don't appeal to me much, but R2 has enough variety to really make him a great display piece and the blue and gray on white looks awesome.
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on April 17, 2013
If you're a fan of Starwars you cannot miss this R2-D2!

It's easy to build and it looks great. It's not too big so you can display it. Of course as all SW Lego it's overpriced.

- R2-D2
- Can be displayed

- Price
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on February 15, 2013
This is hands down one of the best LEGO sets ever. It was fun to build, makes an impressive display piece, and is actually a good value for the money when you take into consideration the price/piece of 8.5 cents each. Most LEGO Star Wars licensed sets range in the 12 cent range, so that's not bad.

The age rating on the box should really be heeded, as this is a very complex build. I'm sure there are many kids under 16 that can tackle it, but only if they're very experienced with LEGO building already.

All in all, this was just a pleasure to build. Took me about 7 hours, and I consider myself an expert at building LEGO. I was slowed down a bit by my 6 year old son "helping" me build some parts, so I'm sure I could have done it in about 5.5 hours or so. I plan on disassembling and reassembling this at least a couple more times just because of how much fun it was to build.

+ Excellent LEGO quality
+ Challenging build
+ Cool functionality in the final product
+ Great value at MSRP of $180
+ Impressive display piece

- The third leg is a bit tricky to get to work properly. Not a huge con, but may frustrate some.
- Not really suitable for children to play with the final model. While it is fairly sturdy, it's not really designed for the type of play young children would throw at it.
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on January 17, 2013
This was one of the most interesting, fun, and challenging LEGO build I've completed so far. It's always amazing to see how the LEGO architects come up with these intricate designs and R2D2 did not disappoint.

As is usually the case with these larger builds, LEGO organizes the bricks and pieces into numbered bags, which correspond with the order you will need to build. For most numbers, there were 3 bags - a large-pieces bag (long bricks or large flats), a medium-pieces bag (standard size bricks and odd pieces), and a small-pieces bag (all the tiny, easy to lose pieces). This really helps with a build this size so you can just focus on the pieces necessary for the current portion of the build. Even with the numbered bags, expect to do some digging.

Pros: The design is very creative. There are a number of unusual pieces that bring the whole build together. The completed product feels quite sturdy, so I'm sure this could be played with by kids with little or no worry of having to rebuild frequently. Seeing the finished product come together was great - very fun.

Cons: I was expecting a UCS build of an icon like R2D2 to be a little larger. Compared to the other UCS edition builds, this is the smallest in number of pieces and in completed product. The retractable 3rd leg is not easy to position correctly - it frequently ends up sitting on top of the power couplers on the side legs.

All-in-all this is a great set and would highly recommend it to any LEGO Star Wars fan.
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on October 30, 2014
This is the CUTEST Lego set we ever bought!! You will endlessly admire it, even if you are not a Star Wars fan. :) And it's huge. You get your money worth here for sure.
My 11 year old put it together without any help and had no problems - no broken or missing pieces. Actually, we always end up with a few extra pieces, we have been lucky so far. Lego instructions are clear and easy to follow as per usual. It took him longer to work on this than on other sets, not because it was extremely difficult, it's a big time consuming piece, and requires lots of work and concentration. He didn't pay attention, made a mistake at the beginning and had to take it apart.
Legos are expensive, some of them are a bit overpriced, but not this one. You won't be disappointed! Looking at the latest Lego sets, all I can say is that Lego Design Team has the most creative genius people in it.
I would also recommend Snap Circuits, another great toy.
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on November 16, 2013
I love this model. Once complete it has many features and details that make it an attention grabber for the long term. Very fine details as well.

TONS of pieces. This makes it fun still, but also can be a challenge and for some people can be a turn off. My son and myself took 5 hours straight on Christmas day building this. Going as fast as we could. Made a time lapse video on youtube. Following the directions with so many tiny parts really slows down the process and simply takes a long time to build.

If you want to build it all in one sitting, be prepared for 4+ hours. If that doesn't sound like fun, find a table you can use over several days and take your time. Stopping only when a bag is completed do you don't lose any pieces between sittings.

A lot of tiny legos that make up the head. A dust nightmare if you plan to keep it together like I am doing. I put a bag over it when stored. But a glass or plastic box/case would also work. Otherwise be prepared for difficult dust cleaning. lol.

Again, great completed model and if you looking for a lego project that takes a lot of time, this is a great choice.
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on August 17, 2012
Pretty awesome set and a good price too. Like all of the Lego UCS line this model when fully assembled has really great detail and looks impressive. Mine looks right at home next to my Lego Yoda and is practically the same height as well though artoo has about 1000 more pieces and it show's in the detail.
building it was very easy and may have taking me about six hours to complete.
I really like how Lego has been numbering the bags that there new sets come in that way when you open up your instruction booklet it says to use bag 'x' at this point of the build as opposed to opening all the bags when you first get the set and having to search through the pieces for the right part. Their new build system makes things go much more smoothly.
I only have two gripes about this set. One being that the retractable leg while being cool and innovative the release mechanism for it doesn't always work so well and it seems kind of gimmicky to me and I don't really want gimmicks in the my UCS model. Second is that I wish the plaque had been designed to be attached to the model but I concede that there may not have been a realistic way of doing that.

Overall though I recommend this for any star wars or Lego fan.
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on November 23, 2013
Love, Love, Love! This LEGO kit is tons of fun for kids and parents alike. With many instruction books and bags of bricks you'll want to make sure to take your time. A year later and ours is still together. Unlike some LEGO kits, this one is fine to sit on a shelf OR to be played with. Our young child gets him out often and plays with him and RZD2 has easily withstood the wear and tear. I would definitely recommend this kit and we found it to be much cheaper on Amazon than in brick and mortar retailers.
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on September 3, 2013
This is a meaty Lego and challenging to build. The head spins around, the middle leg drops, and the center panels (there are 2 vertical slots) open to reveal gadgets. Lego blew it by not including a light or sound brick. And, it doesn't roll, which you would expect for this character. It's still a great rendering of R2D2 and something that you can display. To build, it takes skill and focus so it's not something I would purchase for a younger child. The box says 16+ for a reason.
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