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on January 8, 2014
I suffer from a chronic case of "painless foot." It's an odd condition caused by feet that don't hurt very often. Without regular pain in the bottom of your feet, it's unnerving because you're never sure if your foot is actually still there. The anxiety it causes has resulted in thousands of dollars worth of therapy. I thought there would be no end to my misery.

Then one day one of my friends recommended a "natural remedy" doctor. 'Oh great!' I thought. A witch doctor who's going to put some fake voodoo hex on my feet and tell me it hurts. No thanks. I'd rather go to a regular doctor who will hurt me the old fashioned way. But I decided to give it a try.

The good witch doctor prescribed the LEGO Ultimate Building Set - 405 Pieces. I didn't know how it would solve anything but he said to just put it somewhere low to the ground and he promised I'd see results. So I did. Sure enough, within minutes my children found them. Ever since, walking barefoot around my house as alleviated my "painless foot" syndrome. The best part about this remedy is, unlike traditional methods, you never know exactly WHEN the covert pieces embedded just below the carpet fibers are going to relieve your painlessness. My favorite times to receive treatment are between 1 AM and 5 AM.

My kids certainly have seemed to enjoy playing with these as well despite my telling them they're for medical purposes only.
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on September 18, 2012
Purchased this kit to make a lego case for a computer and, while I was able to complete the project, I am not really satisfied with the compromises I had to make to complete the case.

There were not enough of the thin blocks. The building plate was large enough, but it can only be used as a base plate. if you ever needed a large plate to complete the roof of something, you aren't going to find it in this kit.

Odd distribution of blocks. I can see including even numbers of particular blocks, since it at least allows you to achieve some sort of symmetry to satisfy your OCD (like me) but this kit shipped with odd numbers of blocks so I found myself switching colors because i could not complete a certain part of the case due to running out of the required color of blocks.

Sure...the review may seem a bit on the negative side...however, AFTER encountering the issues I mentioned, I still ordered TWO of the LEGO Police Station 7498s, the LEGO City Police Command Center 7743, and TWO of LEGO Bricks & More Deluxe Brick Box 5508 in addition to this kit.

I'd say you should have no problem determining how I rate Legos overall...even at age 44, lol.
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on June 2, 2016
Eh. their legos. What kid doesn't like legos. If they don't like legos take them to get help. Seriously, I played with legos as a kid. I bough these for my niece. The only problem with legos is the price. Maybe it's the cost of oil which is the major component in plastic. What ever. The price is through the roof and in outer space for the most simple plastic snap together toy. I would definitely recommend this product.
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VINE VOICEon December 30, 2010
My son has spatial dyslexia and enjoys building with legos. He really likes to get the sets, but I find that I do most of the building and he does most of the fretting because he can't see what he needs to do.

So I skipped the sets for Christmas and bought him two large sets of just legos. He opened them and shrugged. We moved them into a large flat rectangular rubbermaid tote and his eyes gleamed. He went onto the sun porch on the wood floor, and went to building. He built cars, rockets, planes, houses and forts for four hours. Add a few minifigures to his lego bucket and I have one contented kid.

This was a terrific decision. Since then friends and family have seen the buckets of legos and have opted for the free play lego sets. It really is worth it. The sets are magnificent, but if your child is like mine and won't dismantle a made lego set this is a great way to put the creative play back in the mix.

My son is 9. He especially enjoyed building the cat and building a house, of which he put an alien in the attic.
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on April 15, 2013
You will undoubtedly run out of the pieces you've designated most critical to whatever you're building.

Our 3 year old son is still a bit young but he's gotten pretty good at not putting pieces in his mouth, and keeping them on the table where his younger sister can't get to them.

He always pulls out the small book that comes with this set and asks me to build something. Aside from some pieces not going together well or never coming apart (short flat sections, it's like they'll only come apart for teeth or a small flat-head screwdriver) he has all the standard difficulties that a small child might have with Legos. That is, it's the first time he's been tasked with something that can be a lot more complex than the Duplo style blocks he's gotten used to. The variety of parts allows plenty of possibilities but it can also bewilder a young child.

Hang in there. You don't have to build everything the same shape and color in the book. It took a while to teach him that things don't have to look just like the book and that using your imagination is important. But therein lies the problem. This is a good sized set, but once we start building a given project we invariably run out of some type of piece that's necessary for construction to continue.

So now you can imagine a new, jury-rigged solution or run out and by more. Such is Lego life.
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on February 4, 2016
I bought this LEGO Ultimate Building Set with 405 Pieces in it for my son for Christmas. He is a Lego lover extraordinaire and little Mr. Creative. This set is just the right size for any possibility you could think of. It allows for great imagination as it is lots of basic pieces. He loved the fact that it has its own plastic box with a lid to store his Legos in. There is also room for lots of extra parts and pieces. This also included a base plate, windows, doors, and wheels. A great value for either a beginner builder or for the one who has everything as you can never ever have too many Legos.

This item was well packaged and arrived with in the estimate given by Amazon.

LEGO Ultimate Building Set - 405 Pieces (6166)
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We got these for my daughter (she's six) after she completed several City kits and LOVE the advent calendars. I was hoping to expand her horizons with Legos and motivate her to literally create things "outside the box".

This is a great box of many different pieces, enough to build TONS of stuff. WE also purchased the The Lego Ideas Book. but my daughter seemed to prefer the little booklet that came inside the Ultimate Building Set and go from there.

Great product, perfect for those who have a few kits and are looking to make their Lego collection really rounded out. Opens the door up to tons of possibility, Lego-wise.
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on August 22, 2017
The grand kid has had a lot of fun with this & it comes with pictures & instructions for specific builds. She never did do any of them but has had fun creating her own stuff. Good buy.
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on December 20, 2014
You don't really get much in this "Ultimate" building set. Most of the 405 pieces are smaller pieces. You get one mini figure, one smallish base platform and a 2 sets of wheels, so functional building options are limited. After you finishing opening all the packs and putting them into the included tub, you realize it's only about 15% full. So on the plus side, you have plenty of room for buying more sets and consolidating them. The lid seems like it would make a great workspace to help the project and legos from wandering away, but it rounded and doesn't make a stable workspace.
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on December 22, 2013
This is the first set of actual Legos we've purchased for my four year-old son. Up until now, we've had only Duplo sets at home, but since he's had some exposure to the smaller Lego pieces at school, we decided to order this LEGO Ultimate Building Set to ship to the grandparents' home for Thanksgiving weekend. The instructions for making the various machines and buildings shown are a bit too advanced for my son to do alone (he asked us to make certain things, and then he helped by being able to identify the specific components within the specific instruction panels), but he was additionally very entertained creating his own buildings and vehicles. I was pleased with the number of pieces in the set, and consequently the ability to make many different items (free-form as well as per the instruction booklet) simultaneously.
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