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on December 13, 2012
This is NOT the poorly built, quick to break cutters that are around. This is a heavy duty, likely to last a long time piece of equipment. I'm very glad that I spent a few extra dollars to get a quality item. It will handle whole potatoes. However, I've found that it is easier to operate the lever if you cut the ends off of the potato and cut the potato in half lengthwise i.e. doing a half of potato at a time. Be aware also that there is some disassembly required to properly clean the unit. The blades are removed by taking off 3 wing nuts. The plate that pushes the potato is removed with 2 screws. Not a big deal but it does add a few minutes to clean up. One more tip. For years I had trouble getting crispy, restaurant type fries. Use this unit to make uniform 1/4" fries. Boil them in salt water for about 2 minutes. Drain in a collander, coat with oil and BAKE in a 400 degree oven until crisp...about 25 minutes. Much better and healthier than deep frying.
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on July 3, 2013
First, I normally read all reviews. On this item, some remarked that you need a tap and die set to correctly assemble it. I don't know what was wrong with the one they received, but mine went together with nothing more than two pairs of pliers. No modifications were needed to the (very LARGE) suction cup feet to get them on. There was no problem cutting even the largest spuds into fries. The cutting dies, (unlike on most home use models) are indeed SHARP. I cut myself on them getting one installed. Most home models, they don't even bother to bevel the steel, let alone put an edge on it. The backing plate should be loose and fitted to the cutting die before doing your fist cut, so that's a little niggle but a forgivable one. You have to make sure the backing plate is correctly aligned to the cutting dies, but that's easy peazey. Just tighten the backing plate once it has fully entered the cutting die.

Second, I wasn't too happy with only a 3/8"ths or 1/2" cutting die, so I ordered a Weston cutting die. The backing plate fit without issue, but the cutting die needs to have the middle hole somewhat over bored to fit on. Not a big deal if you have a drill, some oil, and the correct sized drill bit. (I went through the drill bit selection, found one that barely fit in the hole, then used the next larger bit to over bore the hole.) Remember to drip some oil on the drill bit during cutting, and when the oil starts to smoke, add a bit more oil. Don't force the cut, let the bit find it's way through.

Any french fry lover knows you don't use fresh potatoes to make fries with. You want the potato to age from two to ten weeks before cooking. I admit, using a fresh potato was harder to cut than using an aged potato, however, both cut for me just fine without any issues. I just cut 5 pounds of fries, and I spent about a minute and a half doing it.

This unit is solid and well made. It went together in the "as sold" configuration in less than 10 minutes. My nonstandard modifications took another 12 minutes per cutting die. A hand held drill will do for those modifications but I used a drill press.

I never accept anything from the manufacturer, purveyor or seller of a product for my reviews. This is my opinion without gifts, payment, or consideration and is a true reflection of my experience with this product. I do accept comments, suggestions, and suggested corrections whatever the source.

[Jan 23, 2015] Unit is still going strong. I'd estimate I've run about 500 pounds through this unit with few issues. I will note that sweet potatoes are harder to run through. I gave one away to a restaurant owner and she says it's working great.
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on April 7, 2015
We looked all over the internet for a sweet fry cutter and this one was about the best price we could find. It actually does cut sweet potatoes really well and is really a sturdy machine. Highly recommend. Have used it numerous times since we got it and we are really glad we did purchase this. It is so much better than buying the frozen in the stores that have all kinds of coating on.
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on March 21, 2017
This tool is a superior example of the essential potato slicer. Obviously engineered to last. I did have an issue with the polished stainless steel removable 'pan' that holds the food. It actually fell out during use. The fix was a large stainless steal fender washer* that will hold the pan in place by placing it on the bottom back side log bolt. This fine tool will be cost effective from the start. Top rated.
*(Lowe's at $5.00.)
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on May 12, 2017
Works real well, also had a tough time with a large potato. A few minutes in the microwave would help that situation. I wish I could get a smaller fry (think McDonalds) I find it isn't hard to clean, I just rinse mine under hot water. All in all I'm happy with my cutter.
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on March 30, 2016
Unfortunately this fry cutter doesn't cut #2 potatoes which is what we needed. We purchased this anticipating our current cutter going out on us and weren't able to return this as it has been five weeks now. Unimpressed as this is marketed as a commercial grade fry cutter.
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on November 8, 2017
Love it but it's a lot of work to clean it.
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on January 1, 2014
This seems to be the best choice in its price range and has a good and heavy cast metal frame. Includes two sets of cutters for different fry sizes (which is what sold me on this model).

Heavy and feels durable
suction cup feet hold securely to my quartz counter
sharp blades are easy to swap out

Large and hard to store (obviously not a fault of the cutter)
still has the smack of "made in china"
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on December 23, 2014
Does the job but not without a lot of muscle. Wife has to cut the sweet potatoes in half first, otherwise she leaves for my 6ft./ 220 lbs. to operate. Bolting to the wall would make it easier, but who wants this bolted on their residential kitchen wall. Re-engineering the unit to compound leveraging would solve this for counter-top use. A nice addition would be an additional slotted plate in front of the cutters to guide a knife blade for dicing.
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on March 30, 2013
I am very impressed with the quality of this fine product. It is definitely of commercial quality.

One of the suction cups is defective. After calling LEM Products about getting a replaceent suction cup, I was advised that they are on backorder and I would be sent one as soon as they became available again. Since they are in short supply, I can only assume that there were a lot of defective suction cups. These suction cups are probably furnished by a third party, so the defects should not be a bad reflection on LEM or its "French Fry Cutter.
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