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on June 1, 2011
UPDATE 06/26/2012: I have been really enjoying the TV for about a year now and am still amazed at the picture quality. I did contact LG recently about any harmful emissions or radiation that might come from the screen (as I use it quite a bit for both TV viewing and as a PC monitor), wondering if I should buy protective eye gear (I had been using various lens but decided to ask them before I purchased another pair....I had 2 pair break). They wrote back the same day and said that there is virtually no radiation from the screen.

End of UPDATE.

The set up is fairly easy although I found the manual to be lacking in more detail, especially concerning a better explanation of some of the features.

The HD picture is just AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL. I thought the screen might be a little too big for my computer but I was totally is just great! I do not have a HDMI connector for the PC, only the RGB, but it is still just outstanding. Hook-up was a matter of just connecting the plugs.

The sound is better than good, but not great. (BELOW you will see how I was able to improve it....QUITE A BIT!!)

I was going to give it 4 stars because the non-HD channels are just good, and acceptable; but, the more I look at it, I realize it is actually pretty good. So, it warrants 5 stars.

I have seen a number of HDTVs, especially in showrooms, and this one seems to be better than those. It truly has an amazing picture with HD and I am very pleased with the purchase.

UPDATE 07/09/2011: After tinkering with the set for a month or so, I have been able to improve the sound CONSIDERABLY.....and it was pretty good to start with. Here's how I did it: Press "Menu", then "Audio". Turn "Auto" sound OFF! Next, I have the "Clear Voice II" turned "On" and set to 0 (the more I increased it to the maximum of +6, the more background static I got). MOST IMPORTANTLY, I use the "MUSIC" mode..this produces a much more dynamic sound! Then adjust Treble and Bass to your liking and CLOSE. I get a really great sound. I use 56 treble and 89 bass.

This is a 10/29/2012 UPDATE: I had ordered the Bose SOLO one piece system which is a single unit dedicated to increasing TV sound quality. I followed their instructions to the tee and used the best connection they recommended, as well as turning off the TV speakers when testing the sound. Oops.....the LG had a nicer and more dynamic sound! I have since returned the Bose system (they were great about taking it back....even paid for UPS return postage). Actually, the SOLO unit has gotten some bad reviews on here, even though more good than bad.

UPDATE 10/31/2012: After messing with the "Video" for over a year I have finally gotten what I consider to be a better picture than the "Standard" or "Intelligent Sensor" modes. Basically, I use the first option of 16:9 Ratio....then skip using the "Picture Wizard" (it is quite involved but it might work for you)....and chose the "Vivid (User)" option for the viewing mode. You can see what you like under the various adjustments of "Sharpness", "Contrast" etc.. Under "Advance Control", I have all the options set on "High" except for "Black Level", which I have on "Low". Then "Close".
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on June 16, 2011
I'm finally coming into the 21st century with a flat panel HDTV. When the big switch came to HDTV, my satellite provider said their signal would be adjusted and I wouldn't need to upgrade the receiver or my older 27" Zenith since it was still functioning perfectly. Recently, my Zenith started acting up so I started shopping for a new TV and settled on the LG 32LK450 1080P. All I can say is WOW!!! I'm sorry now that I waited so long to upgrade. I connected it to the receiver I was using with the Zenith but will be having the satellite system upgraded to HD next week. With the awesome quality of the picture already, it is hard to imagine it could get any better. I'm not a techno geek so the audio for me was fine right out of the box. All I had to do is take it out of the carton, attach the stand, and plug it in. When turning it on the first time, there were a couple on-screen settings to put in order then it was ready to enjoy. Amazon had the best price I could find so they got my order. Standard shipping took a reasonable 7 days from their warehouse to my house. I like this unit so much I'm now looking at buying a second one in the 42" model.
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on August 5, 2011
The brown plastic strip across the bottom looks like a sticker and we feel that it actually makes the TV look cheaper than it is. Solid piano black would have a cleaner look. -1 star on "curb appeal".

The first set we received came with a dead pixel in the center but the second one is good so far. -1 star on having to replace first unit.

Other than that, this is our third HDTV and the details are what you'd expect from 1080p. Side by side with the Samsung equivalent (both tv's set to default settings) the colors are noticibly less vivid. Even when toying with the settings, it just doesn't have the same WOW factor. For almost $100 cheaper (listed $379 at time of review), ~25% at this price point, worth the minor sacrifice.

All in all, happy with the purchase and would buy LG again as long as they continue to price lower than the competition.
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on September 16, 2011
I was recently in the market for a basic 40"-ish LCD TV for my bedroom and just happened to stumble upon this gem of a set. I did not require internet connectivity, smart functions, Hulu, Netflix, True-motion processing, 3D, automatic espresso's, or a shiatsu back massage. All I required was a nice screen so that I could watch direct tv and blu-rays with my fiancee. So when I recently received a kindle special offer for $100 off on HDTV's sold by Amazon, I decided that it was meant to be.

I ended up purchasing this set for $397.00 shipped to my door (On 09/12/11). Simply a mind blowing price for a full 1080p 42" lcd screen. I am pleased to say this set has already past my expectations for a product at this price point. The TV took me less than 10 minutes to get set up (by myself), and the picture is just incredible. I have a 2010 Samsung 46" LED LCD TV in my den that I paid $1400 for last year. This set looks just as good, and its very hard to see the size difference between the two screens. I almost feel like I'm watching the same TV, but for $1000 less.

The sound is a bit lacking (as noted in other reviews), and the inclusion of only an optical out for audio is puzzling since most people looking for a low end tv still use analog audio. Luckily my bedroom stereo has an optical input.

- Price
- Fantastic Picture... Rich colors, bright whites, dark blacks, etc...
- Easy to use menu
- 3 HDMI outs and a USB input
- Price

- Speakers are lacking
- No analog audio out

This TV is a fantastic purchase if you're looking for a bare bones 40"-42" LCD TV. You'll be hard pressed to find better than the LG 42LK450.
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on July 26, 2011
I haven't seen too many reviews for this so I'll try and give one. Like the other reviewer this is my first HDTV so if there was anything bad to say about this tv it would have to be pretty significant. I don't see any Y in the product code anywhere so I guess it's entirely possible that Amazon only sells the VA versions and not the IPS.

Overall, the color and resolution is great and so is the sound. Xbox games look fantastic and HD movies are clear. With about only 6 screws the floor stand assembly wasn't difficult at all and connecting devices to the tv is also very hassle-free with a few HDMI and USB ports on the side as well as the back. Lastly, the remote doesn't take long to learn and is free of convoluted unnecessary buttons.
The options menu is very easy to navigate. Adjusting the picture isn't difficult at all. Along with the normal picture adjustment settings there are preset picture setting shortcuts that are for specific functions (ex. sports, gaming, movies, ect.) making it very easy to switch from one viewing experience to another if you're that type of person. The lighting issues that some other people might be having are easily fixed by going into the display options and changing the picture mode (intelligent sensor issue) or just by lowering/turning off the energy saver option (screen dimming issue).

Hooking my pc up to the tv was extremely easy; the only problem was getting an audio cable that connects the pc to the tv speakers. I doubt most people would try this but you can just use the same cable that they sell at Walmart for about $10 that connects a mp3 player to your car's head unit and not have any problems.

The only problem I have is that the tv display of the computer screen is a little too large and cuts off the very right side just enough to where you can't see the vertical scrolling bar for internet explorer or any programs' red close button. I tried fixing this but the manual says that some graphics cards cause the image to not be positioned correctly on the screen so I guess it's not a common problem.
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on July 23, 2011
GREAT TELEVISION!! In my opinion this is a great buy. It works perfect for gaming and television. because of its crystal clear 1080p resolution. it has a 4ms response time, which is phenomenal. it has a 60 Hz refresh rate. It has a 100000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio. This is a very nice LCD TV by LG. and i recommend it to anyone who is in the market for a 32" LCD TV. I am writing this review from this tv actually. i just put in the vga cord from my computer then switched it over to pc. Amazing quality!!Sound is Quite good. I tested it at max and it was loud enough to quickly turn it back down :).
i made a video review of this Television, the link for the review is in the comments.. i think it will help you with your decision :)...

EDIT: I have now owned this TV for a month..(and one day) and I can still say I have nothing I dislike about this TV. it is sturdy, great sound, and great picture. I use it for TV, computer, and Xbox. I found out you get the best sound by setting the audio to [ CLEAR VOICE II: ON-Level 3 SOUND MODE: Music Treble 82 / Bass 70 ] . Please check out my Video review too.. it was to big to post a video review on amazon :/ the link for the video is in the comments. :)
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on April 6, 2012
April 2012 Had the tv for a total of two days and I like it so far. Had an old, outdated, heavy, color-faded set before. This one is good! To start, it's so light. I am a 25 year old woman and I was able to carry it inside from where the fedex guy left it by myself. Set up was quick. I did need to find a rather long and slender screw driver to get the tiny screws into the base. I love that it has 3 HDMI ports and two RCA inputs. Picture is alright- not quite as good as my ex's isymphony, but still lovely. It did not come with an HDMI cable. I was able to program my directv remote to work all of the controls on the television, satellite and dvd. Love the touch controls on the face of the television.

I'll add to this as time goes to see how well the tv holds up to the rigors of a family who loves their entertainment.

Had it for a little more than a month. Still liking it. Got it hooked up to the ps3, bluray is knock-your-socks off pretty. Sound's still leaving a bit to be desired. Gonna look into getting a speaker bar. It is a dust and finger print magnet, so keep your little cleaning cloth that comes with it nearby. I noticed that it does have a little sticky plastic wood grain thingy on the front of the tv that I hadn't noticed before. It's starting to peel off, which is why I noticed it. I think the tv would look nicer without it, but I'm worried about pulling it off because I don't know if what's behind it is worse looking (why else would they put it there?). No trouble with image burn and have had LOTS of widescreen black bar action going on.

Jan 2013
UPDATE 2- Almost a year since I bought it, still working perfectly! No dead pixels, no issues with speakers or sound. This tv gets a lot of use. It's on probably 15 hours every day. Love it! Worth every penny.

April 2016
4 years in, still working perfectly! So glad I bought this.
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on July 2, 2011
This TV is really nice looking and super lightweight. Right out of the box and hooked up to Cable, free local HD looks Phenomenal! SD looks really good too. I've seen a lot of HD TV's and this picture is the best I've seen! No tweaking. Just changed the picture mode to "vivid" and it looks unbelievable. Save your money and get 60 mz. There's no difference. And it doesn't have the weird effects some 120 hz have. I really like the menu on this too. It's all in a circle onscreen that rotates...really cool and simple feature. The sound on this is awesome too! Can't wait to watch a Blu Ray on it.
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on December 8, 2011
OK - here we go, I'll try to be short and sweet about it:

For what it's worth - I'm a basic TV watcher - different shows, some sports (NFL, NHL), movies, etc. I'm not a gamer, nor use this for my PC (although that must look really cool).

Had this TV (42") for a week, and it's great!

I was nervous that it was going to get banged up during shipping, but it was perfect when it arrived.

Assembly was easy - took about 15 minutes. Make sure to lay out all of your assembly pieces out beforehand, just to be sure you have everything. You have to lay the

screen face down during assembly, so be careful! It's not super heavy, but get someone to help you, if needed.

You will need a phillips screwdriver that has a long enough shaft to reach one of the holes from the top (actually bottom) of the mounting plate. The rear plate portion of the stand has a hole - this is so you can permanently mount it using the stand as opposed to mounting on a wall, if desired (a wood screw is included for this purpose).

If I may pause for a moment: I see many other reviewers complaining about this TV's picture and sound. I have to ask, since you try to come off as some diva audio/video-phile, why didn't you just go for the top of the line Sony Bravia's, and be done with it? What do expect for under $500?

Back to the TV: Features - too many to list. I used the picture calibrator to "set up" the tv. The Intellisensor option works well, but occasionally, I will switch it to

'Vivid', depending on the channel/show/movie, etc. I basically let the TV do the work via auto settings as much as possible. Works nice for me!

Picture - sharp and clear for a 60Hz. I have an HD cable box and use one of the HDMI ports. Looks great! The non-HD channels look decent, but that is about it. Just for the heck of it, I hooked up an antenna and did an auto-channel search. The 'on-air' HD broadcasts looked excellent. As far as picture adjustments go, I too, turned off the energy-saver feature; while I appreciate the idea of it, the picture was just a little too dark. Perhaps they will improve this in the future.

Sound - it sounds great! I don't know why people are complaining about this? Sure, connect it up to a surround system - that is ideal. But the TV's speakers themselves sound fine.

Let's see, what else... oh yeah, the model I received has the number "CUSYLH". Some people want to know this information. Something about what kind of screen panel it is?

The screen itself is matte, but has a slight glossy look to it. While it does a good job of eliminating glare, there can still be some reflection from windows/lamps/lights, etc, but it's OK.

The *only* thing I do not like, is the brown colored trim running across the lower portion of the frame. This definitely cheapens the look of the tv. I see where LG was going with it, but it looks dumb. It has four colors of brown (dark to light). It looks like an old 16bit gradient - not smooth, but blocky.

All in all, this TV is a great buy for the money.
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on October 23, 2015
I love my LG 42". I bought mine in 2011. I ordered it online through amazon. My only complaint about it was that every so often I get random red lines on the right half of the display that show for a split second. I was upset about this at first, but I really did not want to go through the hassle of shipping this bohemoth back to amazon and waiting for a replacement. Plus this problem only occurs very randomly. It seems to have stopped doing this as often over time, or maybe I have just grown to ignore it? Every once in a while I will notice it though, and usually when I ask someone if they noticed as well, they will say no until I point it out to them, at which point they will start catching it as well.
Either way I am very happy with this purchase, it is has great picture, very sweet for playing my Xbox One and ps3, and the USB port is great for playing movies and viewing pictures. My particular TV was probably defective, otherwise I would happily give this 5 stars.
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