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on September 29, 2012
My first video review...I hope you find it useful!

Here are the settings that you can use for a decent picture on this set:

Energy Saving OFF
Picture Mode ISF Expert 1
Backlight 41
Contrast 86
Brightness 57
H Sharpness 25
V Sharpness 25
Color 58
Tint G6
Super Resolution OFF
LED Local Dimming OFF
Dynamic Contrast OFF
Noise Reduction OFF
MPEG Noise Reduction OFF
Black Level LOW
Color Gamut STANDARD
Edge Enhancement OFF
Color Filter OFF
Color Temp WARM
Method 2 Point IRE
Pattern OUTER
Color Tint Luminance
Red 1 5 2
Green 3 6 0
Blue -10 -8 2
Yellow -2 -1 0
Cyan 3 8 1
Magenta -3 0 0
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on December 1, 2012
For the last 7 years my husband and I have owned only DLP projectors. We liked the ability to being able to choose our screen size up to 300 inches plus the smaller size of the units adding portability to them. With 3D becoming more mainstream we decided to take our first step into the 3D world via a flat panel TV instead of another projector.After doing some research on 3D HDTVs in the 55" size and comparing the various features and prices between LG, Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, and a slew of other brands of which I cannot recall, we settled on the LG 55LM7600.

Since many of the stats on the different brands on TVs of this size match each other in quality we focused on the 3D aspect.

Research on the Passive 3D technology that LG uses on this television versus the Active 3D available on many brands reveled many benefits that we hadn't thought of while looking purely at the television itself.

Price - The cost of replacement glasses.
If you have kids, animals, or a very clumsy husband (mine is) then you know as you pull the glasses from the box that they are going to get broken or lost. There is no question about it. You realize right away that your friendship with your new 3D glasses is only temporary and that you shouldn't get too attached. Like an office co-worker. You appreciate the time you get to spend together at work chit chatting and keeping yourselves from the tedium that your cubicle holds for you, but you still keep yourself distant. If you see each other in public you might politely wave and say hello but you both know that it is only a matter of time before one of you moves to a new job or is moved to a new department. This is the relationship you have with your 3D glasses. We have had this TV (at the time of this review) for only about a month and after watching only a few 3D movies, we have already misplaced one of the 6 pairs of 3D glasses this unit came with. Replacement cost long term is a factor and in this area Passive 3D wins.

Comfort - How long can you wear them?
I wear eyeglasses on a daily basis. The ones I purchased from the eye center are so light I often forget I am (or not) wearing them. I don't want a constant reminder that they are there on my face. A quick Google search or a trip to your local best buy and you can see just how bulky and heavy the Active 3D glasses are versus the Passive 3D. I can easily wear the LG Passive 3D glasses over my own glasses and while it is kind of an awkward feeling, they reminiscent of the old paper 3D glasses in weight and easily stay in place and I soon forget I'm wearing them during the movie.

Ease of Use - How easily can I put on a pair and go?
Active 3D glasses must be charged. The last thing on my mind after an evening of sitting down and watching a good 3D movie is making sure I put my 3D glasses back to charge. I can;'t even remember to charge my cell phone half the time! If the glasses are not charged your plans for movie night get ruined. This was something that the LG Passive 3D would help us avoid and this was a simple choice.

The last couple points about the Active 3D vs Passive 3D. Quality and Eye Fatigue.
Quality of picture - From what we read the quality is higher on the Active 3D and this gave us pause. However after actually using the LG 3D Passive glasses it became clear that any quality lost is actually almost unnoticeable to even my video/audio snob of a husband. I am not sure if this is limited to the LG Passive versus other brands, but if it is then LG did a wonderful job.
Eye Fatigue - Passive 3D lacks the eye fatigue associated with Active 3D glasses.

240Hz - Let me just say that the 240Hz is amazing. I know that they go even higher than this in the TV world now. Our first flat panel purchase (not 3D) last year was a 120Hz for the bedroom. Since we'd be used to 60Hz jumping up to 120Hz required a bit of an adjustment period. I know that for me the best way i could describe it is "this is tripping me out it's so smooth!" My husband on the other hand dug it right away and fell in love with how smooth everything was. The 240Hz on the LG 55LM7600 required yet another adjustment period. It is amazing how smooth the picture on this thing is!
Many people have complained on blogs and forums about how the ultra smoothness detracts from what you are viewing, making it seem too real, and detracting from the fantasy world that a movie attempts to pull you into. I would have to agree with this AT FIRST. But, after a few days I noticed that I had gotten used to the smoothness and the ability to get pulled into movies again returned quickly. My suggestion would be to watch a lot of your regular TV shows for a few days until your eyes and brain adjust and then delve into one of your favorite 3D bluray videos that have been sitting on the shelf waiting to be experienced.

I also do a lot of gaming. Hooking my laptop up to this television is SUPER easy. My laptop recognized the TV and I was ready to go in less than 30 seconds. There is one issue with this television that is actually inherent in all HDTVs and that is a lag between PC or Console and TV. It's actually a processing lag the TVs suffer when decoding the data sent. So when gaming I found that dropping the resolution down to 720p and choosing Game mode on the television made it 100x more bearable. So be aware when looking for your new 3D HDTV that there is lag, and you can minimize it, but ALL HDTVs have this and as of yet manufacturers have not worked this kink out.

I can't speak for the remote that comes with the system as my husband immediately programmed it into our Logitech Harmony 900 Rechargeable Remote with Color Touch Screen, but I will at some point give it a try.

Overall, the TV surpassed most of my expectations quality-wise. I know from research that the LG Passive 3D technology is some of the best, if not THE best, Passive 3D available.
- The picture is astoundingly clear and smooth.
- It was a snap to set up in under an hour with the wall mount kit that we purchased (Cheetah Mounts APTMM2B Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Bracket for 32-65-Inch Plasma LED LCD TV).
- The menus are easy to navigate, and the software setup walked you through a first time wizard.
- There are enough HDMI ports on the tv for most things and they are easy to get to on the side.
- The built in Wi-fi is a major plus and was easily set-up during the first run wizard. I have no regrets in purchasing this TV and would happily recommend to friends and family.
- The TV is amazing light, VERY thin, and the bezel frame is extremely small!
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on January 2, 2013
I'm very impressed with this set. I have a 40 inch Sony Bravia that I love but wanted something bigger and with 3D. This TV does not disappoint in either regard. The picture quality is fantastic - be prepared to do some tweaking though to get it directly to your specific tastes. Fortunately, the TV comes with a robust number of picture adjustments and settings for dialing it in just right. The sharpness, color saturation and black levels are remarkable. Just keep in mind garbage in, garbage out; this TV LOVES a good quality HD signal. As hopefully most of us know, content format and broadcast quality are critical in normal tv viewing. This TV will thrive with a quality signal, but will quickly let you know when you're viewing substandard content and signal quality, as it's in a large screen class which tend to amplify these imperfections.

The wand remote is cool - not necessary, but cool, and smart app functionality is alright. While perfectly acceptable, the one draw back of the remote is that you have to enter a menu before hitting input and setting options; a typical remote provides one-button access to these functions. Also, it's kind of tough navigating the remote in the dark, and if you accidentally knock it while it's pointed at the screen the cursor will hover for a few seconds. I've noticed the menu system can be a bit laggy and can sometimes take a few seconds to pop up. The built in WIFI is actually very good, and handles most streams very well. Don't expect it to take large HD movie files without some hiccups though - this is to be expected with wifi in general (it's fine for streaming tv shows and movie files up to about 2gb).

One surprise in this set was the sound. This thing is surprisingly loud. I was debating a soundbar and sub, but can't really justify the added expense. The only drawback of the system sound I don't care for is that the user setting, which gives you access to a 5 band graphic EQ, doesn't allow for virtual sound.

The 3D is astonishing, especially the 2D-3D conversion that the TV is capable of. It's better on some material than on others, but the clarity and depth it brings to the viewing experience need to be tried to be believed - it's like looking through a window. I've been using the 3D on more often than not. With true 3D source material, images pop off the screen - I have to admit I've tried grabbing at stuff and actually ducked a few times. The included glasses, while not particularly sturdy, work well and are very non-intrusive (you'll quickly forget you're wearing them). What's nice is the ample amount that LG throws in - 6 pairs. Another plus of the passive 3D is the wide viewing angle. I haven't noticed any artifacts, although I have at points noticed very minor ghosting at spots on the screen set at a steep vertical viewing angle from my perspective; tweaking the 3D settings eliminates it entirely.

While I did note the flashlighting (I was looking for it based on other comments), it isn't terrible and does not detract from the overall picture at all. My back lit Bravia LCD would also show some nominal brightness around the corners and middle edges at the top and bottom of the screen. Most of the time it isn't even noticable. I personally prefer a brighter, slightly cooler picture, and surprisingly, I don't have any serious issues with the flashlighting. Properly adjusting the backlight, brightness, contrast and gamma can remove it almost entirely. I actually like using the Dynamic constrast as well, since to my eye it improves black levels and white brightness with out washing out color and detail. The edge lights are going to be noticable to one degree or another, especially if you really look for them, but it's inherent to the edge-lit design; keep in mind this is a BIG screen, so some imperfections should be expected at various off-axis viewing angles. If you can't live with, don't buy an edge-lit tv. Also, I would recommend having a few different settings under each input for different viewing circumstances to allow minimizing the flashlight affect should you notice it. EXPERIMENTATION IS YOUR FRIEND!

People beefing about the TV not actually being "true" 240Hz need to have their heads examined. HDTV's only take 60Hz input signals anyway - the 60/120/240Hz actually pertains to internal image rendering and processing within the TV itself. You can't truly notice any difference over 120Hz anyway, so it's tough to nitpick the refresh rate. I've tried using the game screen setting, but I have two other custom setting that I prefer for gaming. I haven't experienced any latency issues at all gaming on either a PS3 or Wii-U.

All things considered this is a great set by any measure. I can live with the relatively minor shortcomings I've noticed. For 3D, I would not go the active route and am happy that I rolled the dice on the passive technology. Also, the picture quality is great. As several reviewers have pointed out, all current HDTV technologies have their own particular drawbacks. I decided not to go with a Panasonic primarily because I wanted the passive 3D, better efficiency and less screen heat. Also, I didn't want to have to worry about potential burn in, and prefer what I find to be the "smoother" (for lack of a better term - I guess "sexier" could work too) picture LCD technology provides.
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on July 16, 2012
(This review is updated from the original 2 star review to a 4 star review after replacement TV...read below for changes)

I am not good with words, so I will do my best. I also plan on updating this review down the road.

I picked this TV because my kids wanted a 3D TV and the idea of messing with active glasses when my kids can hardly keep from breaking their own toys scared me. After a lot of research I chose the LG. I have owned 1 plasma, 5 LCD and a couple of front projection systems. The Picture quality on this model is fantastic. After a bit of calibration, I was very happy. It produces a very natural image. Black level is not as good as my plasma, but it if better than my LCD TVs. The Smart remote is worthless, but not a deal breaker. 3D is amazing. We ended up watching a few 3D movies I picked up on Blu-Ray, and I was very pleased. Everything about the TV was fantastic with one BIG problem.

Flash-lighting. I knew some people experienced this problem. I have owned a few LED computer monitors, and was aware of what flash-lighting looked liked. On my current monitor it is not noticeable during normal usage, and even when it is completely dark it is not so bad that it bothers me. On every corner of this tv the light bleeds out from 4 to 10 inches into the image. The upper left corner is the worst, and even with every setting turned down you can see it. Not just in dark moments, but even well lit scenes it is there. When you put it in game mode it is a nightmare because you can not put on local dimming which helps reduce the flash-lighting.

It is so bad I am returning it to amazon for a replacement. Thank god for amazon, because they are making the return very easy. It pains me to return it because it really is a great tv, but I could not stand it anymore. When I get the replacement I will update on if there was an improvement.

UPDATE: I have the replacement. After spending an hour with it I am happy to say that I can not find any flash-lighting on the replacement. If you experience edge bleeding seek a replacement asap. This is an obvious quality control issue on LG's part. Outside my initial problem with the TV, everything else in my review still holds. It produces a very good image, and fantastic 3D. If not for the quality control problems, it would be a 5 star review.
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on April 12, 2013
This TV has a picture test function built into it,its located in the settings menu. When I ask the tv to run a picture test it says there is a problem so contact LG for service. I have to say that the people at LG have been extremely nice to talk with and they have sent a repair service out on three occasions. They have replaced one module twice and the entire display once but the TV still says there is a problem. Ive had the cable box replaced twice and the cable company (Time warner) out two times to check the lines and they say all is well but the tv says something is wrong. This is not a constant problem,sometimes you turn the set on and the picture is great and then at some point you look at it and say it just does not look right so you run the picture test and it says something is wrong please contact LG. When the picture is right its outstanding but when its not its barely fair. Well LG is considering replacing the whole TV and I'll update this review soon , I hope to get this figured out because it sure is a pretty Tv. The remote is a complete disaster and that isn't going to change. This is the update and after four visits from the LG repair company and after them taking the tv to the shop for 3 weeks and after the main panel being replaced AND STILL THE SAME PROBLEMS. LG sent me an email and asked me to download a special update ,so I did and just like that the problem is solved ,after 9 months. The picture is now what I expected when we purchased this set ,OUTSTANDING. So I guess the months of complaining about the picture and none of the repair people being able to fix it is finally over WHEW! It's been about 5 months since the update fixed this problem and all is well except the remote is still a disaster. We switched to ATT U-VERSE and even got a better picture so LG (Life really is good). If this set had a different remote we would give it 5 stars , even after all this.
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on April 10, 2013
Honestly, 3D TVs are blown out of proportion. Make sure you do your research when you buy Blu Ray 3D movies. Not all 3D movies are good and not all are good for 3D watching either - be it this 3D TV or any other.

That being said, this TV is an amazing buy for anyone looking for a TV. There will be new TVs coming out every year but I think this has all the bells and whistles required for the next few years at the least. It has WiFi, a bluetooth wand-like remote (I use the remote app on my iPhone), an amazing display, a more than sufficient number of HDMI inputs (I would totally suggest a receiver though in which case you need just one HDMI port from the TV), decent 3D capabilities (not so many great 3D discs like I mentioned).

I paired my TV with a Yamaha V673 receiver and it rocks. Too bad the apartments next to me may not be so happy with the sound but it is an awesome experience.

This is a definite buy. I don't like the magic wand-like remote. I don't use that remote anyway. I have a universal remote and a remote app on my phone.
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on December 16, 2012
I have owned the 47LM7600 for roughly 4 months, and have been extremely happy with it. I won't go into a lot of detailed writing, as the positive reviews on this tv are numerous. I will say that there is flashlighting along the edges ONLY during transition screens and not during actual programming. Other than that, the picture is great on this tv both in 3D and in normal 1080P. Internet apps have a little bit of slowness, but nothing that terrible. Internet browser is extremely slow and hard to use though.

This review will be focused on those who are hooking a computer up to this TV and a receiver to watch blu-rays and play 3D games. There are some hurdles to jump to get the most of the experience, and I wanted to share some info you might find useful. My computer is connected via HDMI to the receiver, then another HDMI from the receiver to the tv. The first thing you will likely notice is the terrible lag from your mouse. To correct this, on the TV go home->input list(along bottom)->change device name(bottom right). Select the input the pc is on and change the name to "PC". This will eliminate the lag from the computer. I have an Nvidia graphics card, so the rest of the review will be tailored towards those with the same. I THINK ATI cards may have a similar procedure.

First off, if you have an Nvidia card, you will have to buy Nvidia 3D TVPlay in order to output 3D from your PC. There may be other software that does it, but I do not know. The cost is around $40. Upon buying and downloading, you can run the 3D test from the computer to the TV, but you will be disappointed. You will notice that you are only able to output at 30Hz at 1080. 30Hz is unplayable in games, I never even tried playing a 3D blu-ray at this frame rate. The problem is with the tv's EDID (Extended Display Identification Date). It basically tells the computer the display's refresh rates, resolutions, audio outputs, etc. Since the LG isn't considered "Optimized for GeForce 3D", the full functionality of 3DTV Play will be limited. There are workarounds, however.

What I am about to suggest involves downloading and modifying files in order to trick the computer into thinking the TV and receiver and receive 60Hz 3D content and full surround sound support. Be sure to create a system restore point in case you need to roll back the driver that will change. Neither Amazon nor I assume responsibility for anything that could go wrong. Always scan files with an anti-virus software before downloading.

Hopefully I did not scare you off with the disclaimer, the process really isn't that hard or complicated once you know what to do. First, search google for the Acer HR274H EDID override. The main link I found was from an Nvidia 3dvision blog.
Download the ZIP file at the bottom and extract the "Acer HR274H.inf". Load the driver to the TV display by on the computer going to Device manager->monitors. Right click on the tv's display and then "update driver software", then "browse my computer for driver software", then "let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer". Browse to the Acer .inf file and load it. Keep the inf file around in case we need to alter it. There are two checks you must now do. Go to the nvidia control panel, then to "set up stereoscopic 3D". Above "set keyboard shortcuts", make sure the optimized for Geforce logo is visible. If it is, this should set you up for playing 3D content at 60Hz in 1080P. Next, check your available sound by going to the sound settings in the control panel on the pc. Click on the Acer and hit configure. At this point, on your receiver you may see different things. On mine, all I could see was stereo. Some others may see their full list of supported surround formats, at which point they are done. For those like me that only see stereo, don't fret, it can be fixed.

The first thing to check is the hdmi audio setting on your receiver. Make sure that it is set to AMP or AMP only. If this fixes your sound issue, then you are done. If not, follow these steps. Download "monitor asset manager 2.6" from En Tech Taiwan website. This software will allow us to scan the EDID of the receiver and replace the supported audio formats of the Acer EDID. Disconnect the HDMI cable from the receiver to the TV and make sure you have a secondary display you can use the computer from. When ready with ONLY the computer hooked up to the receiver, run the moninfo.exe. You should see the "display ids" in the upper left corner. Click on the one that corresponds to the receiver, it will be the "real time" one that is not the monitor. Once it is selected, go to file->create inf. Save it with a name that you will know it is the receiver INF. Close moninfo and open the Acer HR274H INF in text pad. Also open the INF created from the receiver. Near the bottom of the receiver INF, look for "HKR,EDID_OVERRIDE,"1",". All of the following "0x03" etc on that line is the sound information. Copy that line AND ONLY that line. If you copy "[DEL_CURRENT_REG]", you went too far. Once copied, go into the Acer HR274H INF and find the same "HKR,EDID_OVERRIDE,"1"," line. Replace this line of information with one you copied from the receiver INF. Save the modified Acer HR274H INF with a different name making sure to keep the .inf extension. Now reconnect the tv and replace the display driver that it uses like we did earlier with the Acer HR274H EDID. This time, choose your modified Acer HR274H INF file to load. Double check the sound in control panel to make sure more than stereo appears. Hopefully this has worked for you and you are now done! If you have questions, just let me know. Be aware that you will need a 3D blu-ray compatible disc drive and software such as power dvd or something else in order to appropriately display 3D blu-rays.
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on October 25, 2012
I have to say that I'm very impressed with the TV and the quality of materials. The screen and image quality are superior that of other 55" TVs in this price range that I personally viewed at the retail stores. And, although I don't watch 3D much at all, the image quality is very good, even with the standard LG-provided glasses.

The initial setup was a snap; I probably had the TV's remote, image quality, time/date, and connected to my home network via the internal wireless in less than 5 minutes. Granted, my picture setup was quick because I'm completely content with the standard picture quality options provided by LG. I read several reviews on the remote from people that think it's quirky or hard to use and I completely disagree. If you've ever moved a Nintendo Wii controller, then it's the same concept. It's a floating cursor that's quick to understand and learn. It's a whole lot more simple than a giant remote with a bunch of buttons.

Visually, the TV is beautiful. It has a very thin frame around the screen that is barely noticeable and very elegant. The display deserves an award- it's one of the best I've seen. It does have a glossy-ish finish to it and might not be ideal in extremely bright rooms, however I have no complaints in my brightly-lit living room. The glossy finish on the display is why the colors pop and the images are razor sharp. The frame itself is very (very) thin and looks magnificent on the included TV stand. I temporarily have the TV on the stand until I get around to mounting it, but the shape of the stand has a minimal space impact on a table due to the position of the feet space. Surprisingly it's very stable and looks attractive.

The TV is edge-lit, so you might see a very slight amount of "bleeding" or "clouding" on the edge, which is common for this type of LED TVs. Mine is very minimal and isn't noticeable during standard watching, however if yours is bad, LG will be on the spot to repair it in your home for the first year. Powering on the TV takes about 3 seconds. Many other vendors need to boot up their systems before a picture will display (Toshiba 55" TVs do this and it takes about 20 seconds...). The built-in LG apps are fun, but my biggest complaint is that it lacks Pandora. I suppose later on they might offer it.

All-in-all, I would highly recommend this LG TV. I'm extremely happy with this purchase after plenty of research.
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on May 26, 2013
UPDATE 03/2014: A firmware update released by 10/2013 corrected the problems with fast movement transitions, my rate now goes to 2 stars (from just one). Their implementation of the Amazon video interface, although improved too, still freezes and requires the TV to be turned off and on again.

I have this TV for 1 year now. The first thing I noticed was that the factory setup for the picture was quite off and required a lot of tweaking. The remote control with its featured pointer is rather inaccurate, although after a while you got accustomed to it and your brain compensates for the aiming by itself. Another issue is the GUI; it is really slow to respond and during the transitions.
But the most important and really terrible thing about this HDTV is its *AWFUL* DSP that gets lost with fast movements. When watching a basketball game you see the image becomes chopped every 15 seconds or so, as the processing cannot cope with the movement. HORRIBLE!. And believe me I have tried many different setups with and without "True Motion", etc.
LG has been providing several firmware updates through the year but it seems that the problem has somewhat aggravated.
I am really disappointed with this TV (I miss my old 720P LCD Sony VEGA that broke down after 7~8 years of impeccable performance).
I would definitely not recommend this TV to anybody watching sports.
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on September 24, 2012
I am happy with this TV. I tried to do as much research before I bought it but I am not too educated in LCD's. A lot of reviewers made some great points here, I bought it from Amazon knowing I would get a good deal and also be able to return it easily. I got the 24 month store-card offer and compared to Best Buy or other local stores, this was the best offer by far.

UPDATED 12-8-12

We are still loving this TV and happy with the buy. I didn't know this at first and it was a great surprise, you can plug in a USB cable from the TV to an external hard drive and access files to watch any movies/music you have on the drive. Now I can watch anything I have downloaded on the TV off the hard-drive. The TV has completed several software updates and they are completed quickly. Overall, this has been a great buy.
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