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on November 24, 2011
I'm gonna break this review up into 2 parts. 1st part is about input lag, second is about the 3D and the TV itself.

Part I.
First off, I have had this TV for 2 days. Right after I ordered it, I started reading about input lag and other things. I'll be honest, It got me worried. I'm a regular gamer, and that's really what I got the TV for. So when it first arrived, I set it up and popped in Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3.. Without changing any settings. I noticed that there was some input lag, and it was a tad annoying..BUT it was PLAYABLE in my opinion.

Then I turned off Tru Motion by changing the picture setting to "Game". I really didn't notice much of a difference. It improved by, 20% maybe? This was when I was starting to get worried.. I did a little research and found a sneaky trick/fix. So far, it's worked great. (Knock on wood, I'm truly loving my TV to the fullest now!) Below are step by step instructions.

1. On your remote, press the input button.
2. Then push the blue button on the bottom right hand corner of the remote. It says 3D settings but that's irrelevant right now.
3. This will open a window to change the name of the input.
4. Choose the PC name.

When you change the name of the input to PC, it turns off almost all of the image processing that comes with the HDMI input. So far, It has worked GREAT!

Part II.
Setup was relatively painless. I haven't setup the 3D Bluray player yet, I'll update when I do. My first 3D experience was with Halo CE Anniversary. I must say... INCREDIBLE! I wasn't ready for things to really come out of the screen. I guess my expectations were a little low. But hey! It turned out to be a good thing!

The 2D to 3D is pretty sweet. I have found that it doesn't work great with everything. Sports, sitcoms and movies are pretty cool when up-converted. But talk shows and news isn't anything special. Of course, the LED and Tru Motion make everything silky smooth. Makes everything look almost fake, I personally like this.

When I opened the packs of 3D glasses, I was surprised, they weren't black, but white and orange! I kinda thought this was cool, you could call it a pleasant surprise.

I'll be updating this review as I use the TV more over the weekend. Really get into the nitty gritty of the settings. Please rate this review as helpful!


I just would like to say that I'm incredibly happy to have helped many of you with this problem! I know it can be a real hassle of shipping and returning such a large item. So far, I still have had ZERO problems with lag, and it's been a real treat. The 3D image quality still ceases to amaze me, especially with the price point of this TV. GREAT VALUE!

The geek inside of me is a little ashamed, I still haven't fired up the 3D Bluray player yet, but I guess that gives me another reason to update this review again. I hope all of you are enjoying your TV's, and if you haven't jumped to ship to purchase one, may I firmly suggest to do so now. You won't regret it.
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on December 28, 2011
I have had the LG 42LW5300 42-Inch 1080p 120 Hz Cinema 3D LED-LCD HDTV for over a month now. This TV can do 2D HD and 3D HD resolution, as well as standard 480p. It has 3 HDMI connections, 2 sets of RCA jacks, coaxial cable jack, component jacks, and VGA connector. It has 2-speaker stereo sound (speakers located underneath the TV screen on left and right) as well as a headphone jack, and optical audio output connector. And it comes with a separate 3D Blu-Ray player and 4 pairs of Cinema 3D glasses (2 white and 2 orange).

The TV's size is perfect for our small living room, and costs hundreds less than a 47 or 55 inch version. It has a great picture for 720 and 1080 resolutions in 2D. Even most standard 480 resolution, at a distance, looks pretty good. However, some movies and TV shows have too many black bars around it, making the actual picture smaller. This can be resolved most of the time by using the TV's Cinema Zoom feature. There are lots of other settings that can be modified for the picture, including a picture wizard for you to choose the best looking picture.

I must warn about the "TruMotion" technology. This is used by most 120Hz LCD TVs to smooth out hi-definition movement. It actually looks strange, so I rarely use it. It is sometimes called the "Soap Opera Effect", as it makes movies look like a day time soap opera production rather than the normal film that we are used to. You can turn this off from the menu, which I believe puts the TV back into 60Hz mode.

The audio is not the best, especially if you are used to surround sound, but is fine if you turn the volume up. We are not used to surround sound at home, so it does not bother us as much as other people I have read and heard about. The headset jack is ok, but does not work very well with external speakers. I hope to get a stereo receiver some day that has optical audio input to try with this TV.

I also like using this TV as a large computer monitor by connecting my laptop to it with an HDMI cable. I then use a Logitech long-range wireless keyboard and mouse to control it remotely from the couch. It is just as sharp as a small computer monitor, but requires zooming if you have the font size too small. I use the Microsoft Windows magnifying glass utility.

3D is the primary reason that I purchased this TV. The 3D on this TV is really good, especially considering that 3D is fairly new (past 2 years:2010-2011) to the home market, not including the old blue-red glasses technology. As advertised, this TV has Cinema-3D technology. I have dreamed about having the same 3D effects at home as I saw at Disney World since I first visited EPCOT Center in the early 1980s, with "Magic Journeys" and later, "Captain EO". Finally, after almost 30 years, it has arrived!

The great thing about this Cinema-3D technology is that it uses the same non-electronic glasses that you have at the movie theater. This makes them cheaper, no charging or replacing batteries, and no headaches from electronic flicker. We have the 4 pair that came with the TV, plus many that we saved from 3D movies that we had to pay $2.50 per pair for anyways. Compare that to about $100-$200 per pair of the electronic version.

There are several modes of 3D on this TV. The best being from the 3D Blu-Ray player. It is high-definition, smooth, and has accurate depth. The other modes are simulated 3D. Almost any video shown on the TV can be converted to 3D. This includes television, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, computers, and video games. '2D to 3D' is the most common conversion. It gives more depth than anything. Then there is also a conversion based on motion. Whatever is moving on the screen looks 3D. Then there is side-by-side and top-over-bottom, which I have used primarily to watch 3D videos from YouTube. Those probably look the best, next to 3D Blu-Ray. The '2D to 3D' does not usually have the pop-out of the screen special effects, but the latter 2 that I mentioned do, especially the side-by-side. I have seen some pretty good pop out of the screen effects on YouTube using that.

I really like the 3D effects, but I have to agree some with the annoying warning that comes up every time that you have to put the TV into 3D mode from the remote. It can cause some funny eye or head feelings if you watch for a long time, especially the converted 3D. So be careful.

Please note that this TV does not have the internet apps, like YouTube and Netflix, built-in as the LG 5600 series does. I knew that before I bought it. However, the Blu-Ray player does have some apps with internet connection. But I just use my laptop most of the time instead. Also, it does not come with HDMI cables. So I ordered those through Amazon for only a few dollars each, compared to over $20 at most local stores.

Overall, I highly recommend this TV for standard, high-definition, and 3D video. But if you don't care about 3D, then you can get a lower cost TV of the same size (42 inches) instead. I paid a little over $700 for this TV, but could have got the same size without 3D (and without 3D Blu-ray player included) for several hundred dollars less. But if you figure in the cost of the 3D blu-ray player, it is not too bad, even if you don't use the 3D.
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on November 26, 2011
I recently purchased this TV bundle from Amazon. This is my first big purchase from Amazon. I will say that the TV did not arrive overnight as I had requested. I did call Amazon and all the customer service representative were extremely nice and they assisted me in getting the TV. The TV arrived 2 days later and I was given a refund for my shipping cost by amazon and also a $10.00 discount for my next purchase, which i thought it was great customer service.
The picture on the tv is amazing. I dont have cable or satellite service so I just use the regular antenna and the picture is amazing. I could just imagine when I get cable with the HD channels how it will look. I connected my xbox 360 to the tv using HDMI cables which I also purchased on amazon for 13.98. In case anyones interested the cables are "dCables Hi-speed HDMI cable 3d ready sold by Dcables management LLC". I looked around other stores and the cost for the HDMI cables was absolutely ridiculous.
Netflix, Hulu, and ESPN 3 look great on the Xbox. At first I did encounter a problem with Lag trying to play Call of duty Modern Warfare 3. It was extremely annoying I read different blogs and went on youtube and many of the fixes were not working. i was at the point of returning the TV. However a day ago I read a post HERE on Amazon from G. Dilyard posted on November 24, 2011 on a fix for playing XBox and the fix works great. I am not getting any lag and I am back to my killing streaks on COD modern warfare 3.
The 2D to 3D conversion works great. I have watched shows on netflix and changed them over to 3d and it works fine. yes, you wont get the depth you would get at the theaters but you could definitely see the the 3D effect. it works perfectly fine. I had movie night at my house, which I am sure I will be having more often, and all the kids loved it.
So in conclusion if you are in the market for a new TV I strongly recommend this bundle. It has everything you want all in one package. i do not have any regrets on my purchase.
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on December 7, 2011
This tv was a lot better than I honestly thought it would be! The tv, after finding some calibration settings, was/is just amazing. It would be nice to have a couple more inputs though, 1 more HDMI, and a composite or two. The 3D, just as good or better than the active shutter Sony that I traded out for. The 2D to 3D isn't all that great, but with the 3D content growing rapidly and some providers looking to add 3D this isn't that big of a deal in my opinion. The picture quality (in my opinion) is much better than the LG 60" Plasma and the 55" Sony led/lcd that I was using. The sound, like most newer sets, could always be better. If you have a audio set-up though it will not matter too much. The player that comes with the set-up leaves some to be desired, but functions as it should. It is a very nice set-up that comes with 4 pair of glasses, but would be better if it included some children's glasses as well. Overall, I would recommend this to anyone who is wanting a good 3D tv, or is looking for a larger set.

Cost effective
Glasses included
Great picture quality

Lower quality player
No kid's glasses
Remotes don't wholly work with each other
No HDMI cable
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on December 1, 2011
Before i move into the details of the TV, i will give you a background of where i come from. I have a 2006 Samsung DLP 720 50". This tv never ever gave me a single issue and looked good, but it was no 1080p and it was time to upgrade. I always had samsung TVs and recomended it to over 8 of my friends and not a single one regreted it. I have calibrated many tvs including my sister's and brother's LED LCD samsung. I always calibrate my TVs using the HD Essentials, using color filters, and the actual sitting distance with small background ambient light for limited light contamination.

I got this deal from amazon prior to black friday for less than $1199. I have had a chance to install it, calibrate it and give it a run. I will try to get right to the point on task and facts. Got it out of the box and was very easy to install the stand. My cable, HD DVD, PS3, Wii and XBOX360 all run via my receiver, so it was a breeze to hookup. 1 HDMI cable!

The menu simple, yet good looking and gets things done. Input naming was simple, and calibrating my TV was a breeze. I like the fact you can assign the calibrated presets to all inputs without having to do it one by one. I recomend turning off energy savings, as in my case, it brought the backlight down quite enough, which might not be needed for you, but on my room, which gets tons of sunlight during afternoons, i needed it. 120Hz its not as exagerated as in many samsung LCD sets my friends own. I like it adds depth, but doesnt make it look too fake.
This HDTV doesnt have smart capabilities. I can care less, maybe you do enough for it not to be the right tv. But my PS3 already has netflix, hulu, i have mediashare on my Android tablet and phone, so all my content i ever want i already own. I dont need my TV to do so. Speakers work fine, not great ones, but its what i expect from a TV anyways. Since i use my surround sound, i can also care less about it. I managed to sell my old DLP for $550... so i have made a great investment and was able to get this great Tv for about $650... in my book, this can not be beat at all!

I compared this to Sharp LCDs, and Panasonic Plasma's, and the PQ for this LG is better, its just as good if not better than Samsungs LED-LCD. its just simply a beautiful tv.

- instant fast boot up. WOW this thing turns on fast!
- Blu Ray 1080p pic quality its amazing and provides great colors (not overstaturaded and good skin tone)
- Blu Ray 3D is great, no jittering, no blur, no tired eyes and colors are not "dimmed" by glasses
- 2D to 3D conversion works rather impressive
- even TWC 1080i content looks way way way better
- non HD content like DVDs look better and smoother
- 3D Gaming (GT5, batman, MK) look awesome and SHOW NO LAG (even COD MW)
- sexy looking Tv... even 3D glasses are cool (orange, white)
- 3G glasses fit comfortably over prescription glasses, and in my case with a big head, they were comfortable too.

- No Smart TV (not really a con, since i can care less, but for you it may)
- Must press OK every time it switches to 3D content. Maybe there is a setting, but i havent found it. My PS3 does too every time i start a 3D movie...
- Speakers are not the best, but they arent crappy, its what its expected off a TV. Dont let other people exagerate.
- physical touch buttons do not light up

In conclusion. I am glad i bought an LG. As far as years of service without hickups, its yet to be seen obviosly. I will not think twice about recommending this to my friends. Its amazing for the price.

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on February 20, 2012
Ever since going to the theater to see the 3d re-release of avatar, I'd been doing research on the new series of 3d tv's. My older (1997) 50" flat panel projection tv was still compatible with most components, but it had no hdmi inputs, and it was starting to show it's age. It's hard to look for a smaller tv to replace a big screen, but I decided to wait out the inevitable price drop. This tv was offered for about $150 less than the major electronics stores were offering, and I wanted the passive 3d, so I could utilize the glasses I'd been issued for the movie theater 3d movies. The dvd player works great, the picture is very clear, whether you are watching it in 2d or 3d mode. The big thing I've noticed, is that movies that were FILMED using 3d cameras gives the appearance of things on the screen coming right up to your face. Movies that had simply been given 3d in post-production typically show few things with great depth, but in most cases, so far, the depth is more general. For example: a 3d documentary I have about the oceans, has so much depth (it was filmed using 3d cameras) that some of the fish appear to almost swim close enough to look you in the eyes. And with the final Harry Potter film (not filmed with 3d cameras), the depth is typically contained within the screen's limits, except for the occasional spell and some destruction that appear to fly out of the tv. There are an amazing number of features, which after 2 months, I've barely begun to realize the many options available with this LG kit that can completely be personalized to meet your viewing needs. A great product, excellent price, and a reputable company. I couldn't have been much happier with anything else.
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on July 4, 2012
-I think is the cheapest 3D TV of a recognizable brand you can get.
-Perfect for Gaming, Experienced no lag whatsoever
-Uses cheap 3D glasses, no active ones.

-No Smart TV.
-No backlit remote.
-The touch buttons (Power, volume, channel...) in the TV set sometimes don't response very well.

The Cons aren't mayor in my opinion, hence the 5 stars.

Fist off, GAMING.

I have my Xbox 360, PS3, and pc connected, thanks to the 3 HDMI inputs the TV has, and i Can play with any of the without experiencing any lag, only when setting the True-motion feature at maximum you start to notice some movement blur, but no input lag whatsoever.

The 3D thing:

Just like in the movie theater, is not a big deal, you know, you always expect something incredible like the 3D rides in Universal Studios, but turns out that the most 3D effect consist on adding some deepness in the scenes, and in a few cases, thing actually come out of the screen.

The 3D to 2D feature is ok, I mean, you won't see anything special about it but it does the job.

I love the fact that you don't need the expensive, active 3D glasses, you just can buy one or two two-packs for like ten bucks if the four included are not enough for your family.

Regarding the true-motion feature, it works really nice, sometimes mi cable signal is not very good (I live in Venezuela, we haven't an HDTV standard yet) and after using true-motion the image is crystal clear, the only problem is that in fast moving scenes, like sports, you'll see a little blur, is up to you if you find it annoying or not, I don't... that much.

I haven't used the blue-ray player because I own and Xbox and a PS3, which I use to make the TV a Smart TV and to play Blu-Ray movies respectively.

In short, this is a VERY GOOD ALL AROUND TV SET, the only thing I find missing is the Smart TV capabilities, but the included Blu-Ray player will make up for that.

Hope it helps.
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on January 25, 2012
Packaging, Parts & Assembly - Rating: 5/5
Arrived white glove service, delicately packaged and easy to open. Everything was safely packaged, so there were no moving parts. No damages. Everything looks crisp and new. The user manual was very friendly and easy to understand. Very easy to assemble, even without reading the manual. It included care to keep it working for a long time. It is very compact around the sides, sleek and stylish.

Picture - Rating: 5/5
Absolutely beautiful. It reduces the pixels, and delivers a stunning bright clear and beautiful color. The simulated 3D does a spectacular job, and you can select the range of depth with the simulated 3D. When you turn on the DVD player, it switches to the DVD input. I like how I can label the different inputs, so I can have settings for each one. It also has pre-set settings for different views (IE - Game, Cinema, Sports, etc) and you can even save your own settings. Whether you view it directly in front or from the side, it still delivers a stunning picture.

Sound - Rating: 5/5
The sound output is fantastic. I am using $20 speakers with this and it still delivers crisp and clean sound. I am pleased with the end result of the sound.

End Result - Rating: 5/5
The TV is just fantastic. It really has beautiful picture, excellent simluated 3D, and crisp sound. When my friends come over, they are all insanely jealous (which is also awesome) and we have all agreed that due to the superior picture and sound, we will all be watching the superbowl on this TV.

Overall - Rating: 5/5
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on November 25, 2011
I've owned many tv's in my lifetime, but the LG Cinema 3D HDTV is by far the best tv ever made!!! I cannot say enough about the awesome picture quality...even in 2D mode everything from movies to tv shows look like "live tv"!! I know the whole technology behind cinema quality television, but this is by far better than any other cinema quality tv's I've ever seen!! It takes a little getting used to seeing movies in this clarity, but it is won't ever want to watch tv on anything but the LG.

This tv also has 2D to 3D conversion, so you can view everything in 3D (with the 3D glasses of course)...the conversion however only shows regular movies with more clarity...not like movies made in 3D that jump out of the screen at you. But I love the 2D HD quality of this tv more than anything...I researched and looked at many 3D tv's before deciding on this one and I'm so glad I did.

LG is the best in overall quality, affordability and the best picture quality you can ever want! I am sold on LG and will never own any other tv!!
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on December 3, 2011
Hi All,

I had purchased this TV recently after a long search for a good 3D TV. To be precise the 3D effects are stunning compared to Active 3D models with heavy glasses. I had watched a full length 3D move by converting 2D to 3D with great effects and no head ache. The TV is very easy to set up and i had it up and running in 20 mins including the hardware setup of fixing the stand.

I believe the great value is the built in USB player in the TV which supports multitude of file formats from USB flash drives or external hard disks. ( In fact it does more than a dedicated streaming player can do ). So for people who wants to get streaming player for watching movies saved in external HDD try it in TV first and then decide if you need to go for one. Regarding JPEG files the TV cannot play the files which are saved in USB which are ~>5 MB. Not sure if it happens for everyone. Those are 18 MP files captured by Canon SLR in full resolution.

Sound effects are pretty much low , but the volume is good enough for my living room . The quality of sound is good considering the fact that its a very slim LED TV.

Regarding Voltage LG Claims in product page that its 100 - 240 V compatible with 50/60 Hz frequency. But the sticker in back of my TV says 120 V 50/60 Hz. I am a little worried only in this case since i wish i carry the TV with me to india. Its the only reason i am giving 4 stars instead of 5 for misleading information from the manufacturer page and the Sticker with serial number in the back of the TV.

Overall this is a very good TV compared to other models out there and to convert it to a smart TV you just need a streaming box like Roku or Sony N 100 which can be purchased for ~ 50 $ which is a better bargain rather than getting a smart TV of the same size for much higher price. I am yet to try my tv with my Xbox and i will update more when i get hands on with gaming on my new TV.

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