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on May 17, 2010
12/11 UPDATE: I've had this set now for about 16 months and I'm still very happy with it. I managed to buy a replacement remote control that works perfectly so switching inputs is less of a chore.

I eventually sprang for a Sony receiver so I could hook up the sound to it, but it's passthru HD signal doesn't offer a resolution my Mini Computer can use. Not the TV's fault, but frustrating all the same. I managed to work around it with a different sound input so I now have a good sound system hooked up and am happy with it.

The ElGato EyeTV is working really well to record over the air High Def local channels. It's the only way to go if you have a Mac running your video. Unlike TiVO you can jump ahead any number of seconds you want without having to fastforward and guess. HiDef is spoiling me to the point where I can't watch SD anymore. Gonna have to get a dish eventually for the cable channels I guess. . .

Bottom line is that I wouldn't hesitate to buy this again. My sister's 1080 picture is about 15% crisper than the LG at about a 30$ higher price I'm more than content with 720. Football and basketball games look fantastic on this set.

- Well, it's October 2010 and I've had it for a few months so am offering some updates.

#1 Overall, I like it a lot. I use it for my standard def ancient Replay DVR, Wii, PS3 and computer.

- Still like it a lot. The Replay DVR is history, replaced by a newer EyeTV that records HiDef over air channels. The standard def picture is growing more and more quaint. Where I have the option I'll watch the better HiDef picture. I use it via my computer almost exclusively with a browser window open and a TV window playing.

- Video game picture quality is ridiculously awesome. No pixel blur that I can detect. When I had my Sony DLP set I would get headaches playing certain 1st person shooters, that hasn't happened with this tv.

#2 The remote is a lot better than I'd hoped for. It could be heftier with a better balance, but LG has taken pains not to put more on it than you need.

- I take it back. The arrow buttons (">", "<") are awful and fussy. Press and maybe something will happen. Have a Harmony that I'm going to use instead.

#3 I like the menu system a lot. No deep sub-menus to dig thru and a very useful Input button on the remote makes switching sources painless.

#4 The screen is very very very shiny. I have floor to wall south facing windows at a 90 degree angle to the set and during the day the reflection of my back wall on the screen is distracting. I'm gradually getting used to it, but I wish it weren't as prominent. Of course, at night, no problem.

- The screen is still very very very shiny, but I've gotten used to it. Doesn't bug me as much anymore.

#5 The picture wizard for adjusting the picture is very cool. You get two custom settings that can be saved and assigned to individual imputs. Nice.

- I adjusted the picture once and have left it, so I don't have much reason to go fiddling with it. I don't like neon reds and greens so I've cut back on that.

#6 The only sound output is an optical plug. No headphone, RCA or anything analog. Bummer, cause I have no way of getting the sound out to my current stereo where I'd rather have it. The speakers on it aren't bad, but not much bass to speak of. Big thumbs down here, I thought I'd read that it had analog output.

- Still an issue. The least expensive receiver I've found with a digital imput was a Sony for about $200.

#7 Anyone thinking of hooking up a Mac Mini, by all means do it! The Mac Mini will output HDMI via monitor converter plug plus audio from the headphone jack and you've got one heck of a HiDef Mac monitor. Umpteen screen resolutions to pick from (1920 x 1080 down to 800 x 600) and Netflix streaming looks fantastic! Just be sure to manage your screensaver and desktop so you don't burn in the menu bar and icons.

- I have the Mac Mini headphone going to an older receiver which is good enough for sound. Having a 50" computer monitor is still very cool. Have seen no sign of burn-in of any kind. The TV has a setting that will shift the picture slightly from time to time.

#8 I get quite a few local HDTV channels via antenna and the picture is pretty amazing. However coming from a Sony DLP set the standard picture settings have far too cartoon-like over-saturated colors for my taste, but the contrast and sharpness is much better than my old DLP. There are "Expert Settings" in the menu that seem quite comprehensive so I imagine eventually I'll get it adjusted more to my liking.

- I've adjusted out the over-saturated colors and am very happy with the picture quality. So much so that I've upgraded my old ElGato EyeTv to be able to record over the air HD programing from the local stations. It works great.

So to recap, thumbs down on the shiny glass and lack of sound outputs, but price, features, menu and picture are great.

- No regrets with price, quality or picture. I'd buy it again even with the cranky remote and lack of digital output.

- One really good feature I've found that surprises me is that when viewing thru the computer's output, if I don't have a tv window playing, after about 20 minutes the TV will shut itself off.
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on March 12, 2016
This TV had an amazing price and for 720p it was/is a great TV. It never had issues with burn in or anything. I had my doubts when I first purchased it. Now you can get them for around $300. I gave this TV to my kids and they still use it to this day. It plays console games great and even has decent volume which was quite unexpected. Solid performer this one. One day, if it ever breaks I will get the updated brand but 6 years later it is still going strong. Great blacks, great contrast no visual lag or pixellation. Good job LG!!!
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on May 12, 2010
Ordered this on Monday, and it had an estimated delivery of next Monday, but it arrived in 2 days which was a very pleasant surprise. I must commend the shipping company, Pilot, on their courteousness and efficiency. 2 guys brought this tv in, unboxed it for me, and attached the stand upon my request. They asked a couple times if I needed help hooking up all my devices, but I knew what I was doing so I politely declined. Good job Pilot!

I have yet to do any in depth calibration, but as soon as I got that sucker plugged in I had my xbox connected through HDMI and set the TV on game mode. Picture was amazing right off the bat and there was zero lag on CoD MW2 which is a huge plus for me. Everything looked very crisp and smooth and with 50" I could actually see many details on the other side of the map without a problem.

Once I finished that I switched to Movie mode and put in a Blu Ray of District 9. Wow. I upgraded from a 32" 60hz LCD, and once I saw the video on this new TV my jaw dropped. I was halfway tempted to get a 1080p version of a 50" plasma, but at an extra $300-$400 it was not worth it. I set up my parents 1080p TV right next to mine and from about 8 feet away you cannot tell which is 1080 or 720. Very happy I made the decision of 720p, but any larger than 50" 1080p would be worth it.

This TV is also incredibly thin, at a inch or so around the edges then gets slightly thicker to 1.5 or 2 in the middle. It definitely looks like a $1000+ television, but at $702 this was a steal.

Very happy customer!
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on October 21, 2012
So i love the TV it has great picture its huge and has good audio for TV speakers, Sucks that it doesn't have an audio out plug so it's tough to install your own surround sound system.

Big issue though was shipping. So i spent all day waiting all amped up because i knew it was coming in that day. so morning came to afternoon... No TV, Afternoon to Evening... No TV Evening to night... still no TV. SO i checked the tracking number from UPS and they posted "Recipient refused package" I was stunned so i immediately called them and they told me that the driver noted broken glass from the box so he knew it was broken so instead of telling me this they just assumed to send it back to the seller. Thank God Amazon immediately contacted the seller and they shipped a new one the next day. But to my surprise the new TV arrives and the entire frame is cracked and falling off. So again i have to go through the whole return and reissue process finally 3 weeks later i got my TV undamaged.

You would think that if your going to ship a TV you would add some extra packaging for protection not just send it in its regular box.
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on January 18, 2011
After attempting to buy a Samsung 42 inch plasma TV in 2006 for $1500, I have to say this TV is the best BANG FOT THE BUCK!!!!

50 inches, 720P, 3 Million to 1 Dynamic contrast ratio, Smart Energy saving sensor, for $650.00!!!! Free shipping, No tax and no interest 24 months financing with the Amazon Store Card. A steal!!!!!

Why 720p and not 1080p? I have no HD service, HD has not much to offer for my taste (movies and documentaries), I have no Blue Ray player, I rather have a recorder up-converter, that way, I can record from my DVR and camcorder to DVDs, I have a Samsung DVD recorder Up-converter that works wonders with my regular movies when used with an HDMI cable.

Menu options are simple enough to achieve the best picture quality considering having non-HD channels. At 60 pounds I was able to hang it on the wall (wood studs) with a $30 Sheetah wall-mount in less than 2 hours. The smart energy sensor, when in use, adjust the screen brightness to the environment, the screen gets brighter if the room is bright and it gets darker if the room is dark, this helps to save energy consumption, the sensor has three levels (high, medium, low) and can be turned off to have a permanent bright picture.

The slim TV frame and the barely noticeable touch buttons (power, volume +/-, channel +/-, input) really makes it look like a picture hanging on the wall, no distractions here, just a thin frame and huge screen.

Sound is never good enough on flat screen TVs, mine is loud enough for my bedroom, I have never increase the volume more than 10, but in case I want more, I have it connected to my Altec Lansing M602 iPod dock. The only problem is that the only audio output the TV has is an optical output and not regular RCAs, it may be an issue to some users. The set has three HDMI inputs enough for the average user (cable box, DVD player and a game console).

review imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on November 25, 2010
purchased this from amazon after getting a defective samsung and sending it back. the picture is absolutely beautiful, sound is great too. the things that i don't like are picky, but there is not a good way to expand 4:3 screens to full screen like the samsung, plus, there is only an optical outlet for sound, so i can't plug in my good sound, the usb plug in only displays jpg and plays mp3, the samsung played avi movies too, the remote doesn't light up (i know i'm being picky, but it doesn't). i love the thin frame around the outside, half the size as others, good swivel stand too. not so great is the glossy screen, but when it's off it looks really nice and i can see myself.

i would recommend this tv highly. it doesn't work too well as a computer monitor, even though i am using it now, mine only displays really well in 1024x768 even though it does other resolutions. connected to the hd channels on the cable box, it is stunningly accurate and realistic. if it fits your needs, grab it, i really do love this tv :)
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on September 15, 2010
Come on folks...what do you expect for the near $700 price point in a plasma! I bought this set for one reason, and one reason's size. I have an old cabinet that was custom made for a 50" Rear Projection set many years ago. Well, it finally died and I did not want to scrap that piece of furniture. In looking for a set to fit in the opening here, anything that was 46" would fit, but there would be a ton of space around it. Most 50" sets made today were about half an inch too wide to make it. This one, fit with about a quarter inch to spare, so I bought it. Heck, for the price, I figured I could not go wrong...and I was right. Yes, it is not the most crisp picture, but it is very good. If you want the best picture, spend a few grand and go LED. This thing has been fine in the three months I have had it...and the picture shatters my old standard def 50" rear projection that was in there before....oh yeah, and I paid over $2000 for that monster in early 1990's. If I can get 18 year longevity out of this one, too, that would be great! GREAT BARGAIN....enjoy it!
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on January 20, 2011
Let me start by saying I got this TV for at a great discount before Christmas. I already owned a 40" toshiba 120hz lcd tv which I like a lot. This 50" plasma though is something else. The picture on this was absolutely amazing! I was a little scared at first because it was only 720p, but if you really know your tv's 720p and 1080p arent too big a difference right now. This is many because hd broadcasted television from cable and satelite providers do not broadcast in 1080p just yet. They only broadcast in 720p and 1080i, which this TV handles beautifully. I also attached a blu-ray player to this and to be honest I couldn't tell the difference between my 1080p and my 720 plasma at 8 feet away from the TV. You will only be able to see the difference if you are 1-2 feet from the TV and that is mainly because the 720p plasma is a 50"er. Keep in mind that Blu-ray still looks amazing on this TV.


Best bang for you buck. Why spend $1000 on a 50" that will be outdated in a year anyways?
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on May 12, 2010
I purchased this TV in may of 2010... 5 days later I had to have it replaced... Bad pixels and was making a weird humming noise. I had the second TV for 3 months before the remote buttons stopped working and I had to fight with LG for days to get a new remote on a 3 month old Television. Now in February (10 mos. later) TV has dead pixels, a dead lines across the screen, and I have not been able to get a hold of anyone at LG for days. I was only hold the first time for 45 minutes, the second for an hour and 15, and the third another hour. Still no resolution. Amazon can do nothing because of their return policy. No warranties, no service, and a dead TV (Tried new Cables, different inputs, and reset the TV). I will now be going to a major appliance store so I can purchase a TV with a replacement plan through them so I can have REAL service. I will never buy an LG product again. After you buy it and it's dead you're stuck!!! "Life's Good"

* UPDATE: Got a repair guy to come look at the TV from LG. Ordered a part and still waiting for it to come in because of the line through the screen. Well... as I am watching the TV this evening the screen went black. Completely dead. TV will not turn on and there is no picture. I have never had an issue with a TV until LG. If you buy this TV you are out of your mind. This TV didn't even make it a year.

* UPDATE: TV was fixed and sold. Sony LED TV on sale at Best Buy replaced it. The Sony is so superior in so many ways I wish I never entertained a "cheap" brand like LG. Go with a better brand and pay a little more the first time around and you wont have to learn the hard way like I did.
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on April 15, 2011
Ok I got my 50 inch flat screen plasma three days ago and so far I have watched three movies and played three different xbox360 games on it. This is my first flat screen t.v. and I do not know much about lcd vs plasma all I know is I wanted a decent tv to watch movies on and play games on and not break the bank, and to me I got what I wanted. Every one who comes over is really impressed with the t.v. and how can they not it looks like it cost a arm and a leg.

I don't have problem with the reflection like somepeople talk about on their reviews but their is some reflection but I don't notice it when I am playing A GAME or watching a movie. I looked on at reveiws while I was figureing out which t.v. I wanted I would put the tvs I was intersted in on my wish list then go thru them on cnet and watch the video reviews as well as read the reviews on amazon.
And I liked the reviews this flat screen got and I liked the price so I hope this review will help those of you out their looking to buy a tv.
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