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on April 8, 2016
I absolutely love this TV. I bought it for $400 on sale. Beautiful frame finish. Speakers leave plenty to be desired, but TV speakers have never really been any good. I will connect my speaker system to it later on. Anyways, picture quality is 10/10. It's a bright, vivid screen. Has YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Store, Google Chrome, and some other Android stuff.

So Pros:
- Great picture quality
- Beautiful TV
- QWERTY Keyboard on Mouse/Remote
- WiFi
- Can convert anything to 3D
- Can watch files on USB Sticks/HDD(max 500gb)

- The remote/mouse/keyboard drains batteries insanely fast. Two AA batteries last maybe 2-3 days unless you unscrew the batteries every time you don't watch TV.
- LG Stopped supporting this TV. So you can NOT use YouTube or Flash anymore. So only use is USB and Netflix.
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on January 27, 2014
The latest Android (4.2.2) update does not support Flash video. There still is a lot of Flash video out on the web - so keep in mind that this thing can't play it.

Also, it appears that some websites block Google TV's. I've found I can play the exact same video smoothly on my desktop or laptop but will be blocked or have very slow/jerky playback when trying to play on my LG 47G2 Google TV (over the exact same network and router). It seems like with the few system updates I've completed - I encounter yet more problems. It wasn't a bad product when I bought it last year - but it is now becoming useless as a web enabled "smart" TV and is just a very expensive HDTV.

I started using this TV in Jan 2013 -and by this month (Jan 2015) the Magic remote that shipped with this TV had died (no LED, no operation whatsoever). And when the remote did work it was truly awful. The mouse is very hard to control - it will drift around on the screen. The non-backlit QWERTY keyboard is very difficult to use in dim light. And this remote ate up batteries every 2 weeks or so. Logitech USB mice will provide 10x better mouse cursor control and recently, I have been experimenting with a Logitech K830 wireless backlit keyboard with built-in touchpad mouse. With this keyboard/mouse, I am having some success with basic TV functions, as well as, Youtube and running the Chrome browser. For the most part - the Logitech keyboard works much better than the Magic remote. I can emulate most Magic remote functions. But I have not had success enabling 3D mode for TV. I am trying hard not to buy another Magic remote. IOW, the Magic remote is SO BAD - I was compelled to try something else. I have not tried using an IR blaster with a smart phone.

The TV is holding up OK. Although, I cringe at the thought of installing another Android update.
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on January 30, 2013
Overall, the concept of an Android based TV is a great one. When I read the description and the other reviews, I imagined the G2 as an Android device with a built-in TV tuner and a huge display. So I assumed I'd have access to all the apps from the Google Play Store, have a full browser with flash support, etc. After buying one and playing with it for a few weeks, it's *almost* what I had imagined but not quite. It does have an OS that is based on Android but it's a different version and MOST apps from the google play store aren't compatible with the Google TV Android OS. As of Jan 2013, on average each category (games, entertainment, etc.) only has 10-20 apps that are listed as compatible, and even then if you install them some of them won't run (so popular games like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, etc. all DO NOT WORK). So keeping that in mind, I'll go through the pro's and con's as I see them:

- Nice display quality (I have the 55in)
- TV has swivel stand (maybe about 25 a degree turn each way, not much but it helps)
- 3D capability is nice, even though it's only at half of 1080 resolution (540 lines for each eye)
- 3D glasses are passive (no electronics embeded), and you can use the polarized glasses that they hand out at movie theaters
- More apps than you would find on other "smart tv" platforms
- In the future, more apps are sure to come as developers port their apps to the google tv version of android
- Remote control has full qwerty keyboard and "wii-mote" like capability for mouse control
- There are a few apps that give you free tv/movie/sports content (ad supported) - Crackle, TvPortal, Thuzz, YouTube
- Has a browser with flash support, so you can watch streaming video via flash players (although hulu doesn't work)
- Generates a guide of all shows playing on channels your TV receives, which is very nice
- The TV looks nice - it has a small silver bevel and is thin and sleek
- Has both wired ethernet port as well as wifi

- TV's main user interface is poorly designed. You have to drill down into levels of the main menu to do simple things like turn captions on/off, switch inputs, change aspect ratio, last channel recall, see program info, etc.
- Even though the remote has 4 programmable buttons, most functions I would want to program aren't programmable (like turning captions on/off, changing tv input)
- Even though the TV turns on with very little delay, you can't bring up any of the main menu for about 30 seconds. So if you want turn on the tv to run an app, you have to watch live TV for 30 seconds or so before you can bring up the menu to kick off the app.
- Even though you can save favorite channels into a list, you can't seem to change the order in which they appear
- The vast majority (I'm guessing about 99.5%) of apps from the google play store aren't compatible as mentioned above.
- Web browser interface using the remote is klunky, is too inconvenient to use (it's better to just browse on your computer)
- Remote is too klunky for any app that requires precision or rapid movement (ok for word games, not good for action games)
- You can play content from a hard drive that is connected via USB, but you can't play content from a remote network drive (i.e., from my NAS that has directory shared via NFS or samba), although probably someone will create a media player app with that capability at some point
- Only has 1 component input, no S-video (so you're out of luck if you have lots of older devices that don't support HDMI)

In terms of price, compared to similar LG TV's w.o. the GoogleTV feature, you're basically paying a couple of hundred bucks for the addition of an Android OS, which is a bit pricey. Overall my feeling is that the G2 is better than the average smart tv, but still has lots of room for improvement. I would recommend it if you think you'll get a lot of mileage out of downloading and running apps on the TV to get free content or play games. If you mainly watch live tv shows or mainly use your dvr and you don't think you'll be making use of the available android apps, the extra money probably isn't worth it for you.
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on August 25, 2012
I don't know if 8M:1 contrast ratio is any better, but the pics on this set is spectacular enough. And it has Google TV built in. You could get a cheaper plasma set and slap on a Google TV box for $99, but you won't get as nicer picture quality, and having the box built into TV is cleaner. I have my 100 mbps connection hooked to it and watching programs on Internet mostly. When I need local channels $19 antenna picks up 50 channels. Who needs cable?

On down side, it seems to be slower than it should be. The spec says duel core processor, but it is slower than my 5 year old laptop over wireless. It takes longer to render, for example. And it is clocked at 14 mbps download speed where as my laptop on the same 100mbps connection clocks at 60 mbps. (UPDATE: I ran the speed test more thoroughly, and the speed on the TV was same as the laptop. The initial test must have been a fluke). Google TV still has ways to go before it can claim to be an appliance too. (I haven't seen Apple TV, but I'll bet it's UI is cleaner and more intuitive). It's remote control takes some time to get used to also. You have to click several times to get to the last channel or one of your favorite channels. (menu->arrow down->last, menu->favorite channels->your channel).

I'm still giving 5 stars because of the picture quality, and being able to use your 55" as your computer without slapping on anything is a kick. 3D is cool too.

UPDATE: After 6 mo use, I'm taking a star away because some videos that work flawlessly on my 5 year old laptop frequently malfunction. NYT video sometimes runs at half the speed getting out of sync with sound, and Flash crash is so frequent that it is practically unusable. When scrolling, the images will lurch up separate from texts on some web pages. Not sure if it is the slow 1GHz L9 processor or Google TV software at fault, but forget about using it as a general purpose browser.
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on May 20, 2014
It was 4 stars before Android 4.2.2 update. I used to watch crackle, cricket and some wbesites with flash content. After 4.2.2 update they removed flash and crackle support which made it completely unusable TV for me.
LG, please bring back flash support on this TV along with crackle support. Otherwise it's a dummy/old fashioned TV except playing youtube videos from mobile (air play style) or from the TV.
Though it is android, it doesn't support many apps.

This TV doesn't have direct DLNA support. You need to install third party apps to share content from your Laptop/Mobile to TV wireless/on local network.

It you want just TV with some you tube videos and limited apps viewing, some 3D content viewing, this TV is good.
On the positive side Display clarity is very good, 3D display is good.
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on March 5, 2013
The TV is OK. Picture is good. I have a 47 LG SL90, the contrast ratio on this one is 3M:1 and the 55G2 is 6M:1. Even it is double but I don't see much difference in the picture quality. My brother has the 55LM8600 and the picture is better than this one 55G2. I decided to go with the 55G2 due to price ($1200, about $300 less than the 55LM8600 at the time i bought it).

You can see other reviews for all the other wonderful aspects.

The one thing that i don't like about this TV is its remote. Yes, it's a wonderful magic remote with QWERTY but it lacks of all other nice quick access buttons that the non-smart TV carries, like Caption ON/OFF, Preset Picture Mode.

If you want to turn on or off the caption, you have to go through so many steps under the Setting menu. Same with the Picture mode.

And one of the "not-so-smart" function is that when you adjust the the setting of the picture (Contrast, Brightness, Color, Tint ...) the big menu takes up most of the screen, so you can't see the result of the picture you're adjusting. This is so "dumb."

Those are the 2 down sides of the TV I've found so far. (3 days of owning the set)
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on December 30, 2013
A received the TV about a week or so after placing the order. However, after taking the TV out the box, I found the picture frame was dented and detached from the left corner. Also, there is a black line that is visible on the middle of the screen when the TV is turned on. In addition, the TV has large dent marks going across the back of it. It appears the TV may have been mounted and hang on a wall. The description for TV from the seller stated the item has cosmetic damage. The TV has more than just cosmetic damage. I am very unhappy and angry with this purchase from the seller I brought this TV from on Amazon. I feel that I was taken advantage of. The seller was not completely honest on what was wrong with the TV. PLEASE BEWARE OF PEOPLE AND/OR COMPANIES THAT POST ADS WITH THE WORDS " ITEM HAS COSMETIC DAMAGE."
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on October 26, 2014
Good tv. Fantastic picture both in regular and 3d. I just bought a 55 inch lg tv model 55ub9500 which is one . Of the new 4k models. So far I cannot tell any difference between the quality and the two picture.of course as always with new technology, no one broadcasts in 4k. I heard Netflix has a few. And direct tv has a few. I think Epson is one. But who wants to go to all that trouble just to get 4k. Guess I should hsve researched it more before I bought it. If I had waited a while like all new electronics, the price would have gone down a a lo. I remember the first CD I bought when ever they first came out. I believe around 1980. I paid $800.00 for it and talking about huge in size. The last one I bought was about $75.00 and was about the size of today's blue ray players. So all in all. I wish I had waited buying the 4k model which incidentally they look both the same in appearance except the stands are different. Both have the same quality picture. Guess I will wait till I can see a picture broadcasts in 4k. In case you are wondering or confused. I just waited till now 10/26/14 to comment on my amazon purchase on the 55g2. Which I bought in May of 2013. I bought the 4K
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on September 6, 2012
I did a lot or research in purchasing a new TV and I was looking to get a smart TV. I didn't even realize that there was an LG Google TV. I only thought Google dealt with Samsung. The TV is currently one of the best TV's I ever purchased especially for the price. It basically has everything that you are looking for in a TV. The smart remote is amazing and it is very small and not bulky like I expected. Since it a Google TV I barely have any need for my PC at times since you have the Google chrome browser as an app which by the way plays flash content on web browsers btw. I am not too much of a 3D person, but I must say the 3D is outstanding. If I had to nitpick and find something negative about the TV, my only negative would be the TV speakers. The TV speakers are very low. This is a minor problem as I purchased a Onkyo surround sound system to go with the TV and fixed that issue. If you don't want to spend the extra money on a surround sound system, then the speakers are pretty low even at its highest volume. The TV does not take up a lot of space and is very thin. I still can't believe that I was able to get the TV for $999 even though I was a little upset that 2 weeks after the price dropped to $899 but regardless it is still a steal. If you want a TV that has great picture quality and does everything that you are looking for to keep up with the current technology then this is you winner.
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on August 17, 2013
I bought this TV because it looks nice and it uses google android as its operating system (OS) of choice. First an foremost the television does stand out with its sleek chrome accents and slim bezel. Setting up the TV took less than 10 minutes, the remote is a nice added bonus except for its limited functionality, meaning, no netflix or amazon shortcut buttons. And also having to constantly re-register the remote a few time. I also had to request a new remote which was no better then the original.

After living with the television for a few months, I decided to hook up speakers to a receiver, everything went well, except when I decided to test streaming movies from netflix and amazom. The TV's HDMI does not have audio return channel(ARC)built into it so you will need an opticle cable to complete the setup. In conclusion if you are planning on setting up a home audio system, you will have to consider the extra audio cable and the included IR blaster. If you don't mind the extra stress. Or if you don't mind using the built-in speakers, then this is a very capable television.
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