Customer Reviews: LG 800G Prepaid Phone (Net10)
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We have been using Tracfone for a family member who only uses the cell phone occasionally. Tracfone has been a perfect phone for this level of use. 1 year service is around $100 and you can roll over unused minutes year to year. The minutes do not expire as long as the service is extended before the expiration date. I purchased a LG800G phone to replace an 6 year old phone that stopped working.

✔ To transfer the old number and minutes
1. Before activating and transferring the old phone number and left over minutes, the new phone needs to be charged.

2. You can activate the phone on-line (if you have an on-line account with Tracfone AND if your old phone is operational). To do so go to Tracfone home page and choose "Activate Phone" link at the top of the home screen, and then selecting "Transfer my number and service from one TracFone to another". Since the old phone was not working I called the service representative 1-800-867-7183.

3. To do the transfer you will need the IMEI number (also known as the serial number) of the old phone, the SIM card number of the old phone, and the old phone number. You will also need the serial number of the new phone which is printed on your activation card.

4. I had no issues getting full credit for all the old minutes. To activate the phone the operator had to give me five long series of numbers and even though the call center was in India I had no trouble understanding the accent and found the operator pleasant and easy to work with. The first procedure she performed gave me credit for half of the minutes on the old phone, and then without me having to ask she said she needed to do several more steps to get me the balance of minutes. I had to turn off and turn on the phone twice to see minutes added in two steps.

5. The software version I received on the phone purchased in February 2013 is V10e. The older version of the software had problems (specifically version V10d).
You can check what version of the software you have by clicking on a blue square with 4 dots on the main screen. Then tapping on the following: Settings - Phone - scroll down to Information - Device Information - S/W version.
If you have V10e or later you are all set. If you have V10d you have an older problematic version and should upgrade.
I went to LG web site, found support page, and entered 800G. I found a page where there are steps to install software that performs an upgrade for the the phone. The instructions say "If your phone needs to upgrade, the "Start Updating " button will be enabled.
I did not test this because my phone is on the latest version already, but I wanted to see if LG had a page for updates and I found it. Amazon does not allow posting of external URL, but you can find it by going to LG web site and adding this "/us/support-mobile/lg-LG800G" to the home page URL.

✔ What I like about the phone
1. I found the touch screen to be responsive, although it requires a little more pressure than the touch screens of my Android devices

2. The screen is bright and easy to see. The phone size is 4" (length) by 2.25" (width) by 0.375" (thickness). Screen size 1.75" (width) by 2.25" (length). 3" diameter. It weighs 3.1 oz.

3. This phone will be used by someone whose vision is not very good, and I was pleasantly surprised by many font size choices and how well the font scaled up without losing the usability of the menus and prompts.
I am attaching a collage of five photos (which can be found by following customer photos link under the main photo). Photo #1 shows font options, Photo #2 shows a screen with font size set to medium size, Photo #3 shows a screen with large font.

4. The price of this phone is hard to beat. This phone provided triple minutes for the life of the phone. That means when combined with 1 year service/400 minutes it is 1200 minutes for $90 (current price on Amazon including shipping), which is 7.5 cents per minute. Or for someone who uses a phone less than 400 minutes a year (which is the case in our family), then it is $7.50 a month for the security of having an emergency phone.

5. The phone has a small set of useful apps: a calculator, a notepad, an mp3 player, and few others. Using these apps does not use minutes. If you use the browser then the minutes are used as soon as you connect and stop when you disconnect.

6. A charging connector is a standard micro USB connector. I have been able to charge this phone using my own cables, so if you already have a car charger or an external battery that uses a standard USB connector you don't need to buy anything special to use it them with this phone. The charging port on LG800G is on the left side of the phone and is covered by a small panel which you need to lift up and turn 90 degrees to expose the connector.

✔ Customization I have made
(1) I increased the screen time out. This is done by hitting a blue squares with 4 dots (also known as the Menu icon) and then selecting 'Settings'. From the 'Settings' screen select 'Phone' and then 'Auto-lock'. You can choose a time between 10 sec and 60 sections or 'Never'. If you select 'Never' the screen will dim but will not lock. The downside of 'Never' that if something in your purse accidentally presses on the screen you could be dialling or starting up a browser without meaning to do so.

(2) I removed the browser from the main screen to the apps bar (so it would not be hit accidentally start using minutes). And added "Profiles" to the main screen, which allows to change the phone into silent or flight mode quickly.

(3) I populated the contacts, and then added several numbers to the speed dial. Once the speed dial is set you will be able to access it by clicking the phone icon on the main screen, and then hold down the number of your speed dial. Speed dial #1 is your voice mail. Note that when you access your voice mail you get charged minutes. Speed dials also appear as individual buttons on the screen on the second page. To get to the second page you need to swipe your finger across the main screen right to left.

(4) I changed the font of the display. This option is accessible by hitting the Menu icon, then 'Settings', then 'Display', then 'Font'.

(5) I changed the ring tone. To get to this setting you need to go to the second page of Settings. Start with Menu, then Settings, then slide your finger right to left to flip the page, select 'My stuff', then 'Sounds'. The phone comes with 12 choices for rings tones.

(6) You can activate and deactivate sounds by using the volume button. To do so you need to press and hold the lower portion of the volume button. You will get a brief message on the screen "Silent activated". If you press it again you will deactivate silence and get "Silent deactivated" message.

The phone is operational without adding an SD memory card. The phone comes with some (relatively small) amount of internal memory. Information about your contacts, calendar, tasks & notes are stored in internal memory. If you are planning to take photos or videos, or listen to music, you should add an SD memory card. Note that your contacts, calendar, and tasks will continue to be stored the internal memory. I purchased this SD memory Sandisk 4GB MicroSDHC Memory Card with SD Adapter.

1. SD memory card slot is located under the battery. This means that you first need to remove the cover by sliding it down. The first time I had to remove the cover it was a bit difficult, as the cover is very slippery and has no groves to hang on to. I finally was able to do it by using the grippy material used to open cans. Photo #4 shows me removing the battery cover. The grippy material generated enough friction that the cover finally slid off. After removing the cover, you need to remove the battery.

2. The memory card slot is on the left side of the white SIM card. The gold bars on the card should face down towards the gold bars on the phone. The memory card goes under a metal holder. You need to lift the metal holder, place the memory card, and then lower the card holder, and push it down until it snaps in place. Note that lifting the holder for the first time requires some force. I used a tiny screwdriver to give me leverage to push it up. Photo #5 shows the holder in up position, so you can see what you need to do to insert the memory card.

3. After the memory card is in place, you need to replace the battery and the phone cover, and power up the phone.

4. Now, you need to set your default memory to external, and tell the camera, the video recorder, and the voice recorder to use the external memory rather than the internal memory like before.

5. To set the default memory:
- Tap the following sequence MENU - Settings - Phone - Memory Info - Primary storage settings
- Tap on External memory (red check will appear)
- There will be a FORMAT button at the bottom of the screen, tap on it
- The phone will ask for a security code, enter 0000. Once you enter the security code, OK button will appear on the bottom of the screen. Click ok. Format takes about 1 second.

6. To set the camera:
- Tap Camera icon on the main screen holding the phone vertically, turn the phone to horizontal position, as you turn you will see camera control setting appear on the screen.
- Tap the gear icon which is on the lower left side of the screen.
- The memory setting is on the second screen of camera settings, so you need to tap the slider on the right hand side (it will say 1/3, first page out of three) once you tap it will change to 2/3.
- On the top row you will see a square called 'select storage'. By default it will look like a cell phone, once you tap it will look like a memory card.
- Hit OK to save your change

7. To change the video camera:
- Tap Camera icon on the main screen holding the phone vertically, turn the phone to horizon position, as you turn the camera controls will appear
- Tap the gear looking icon on the bottom left
- Now you need to switch from camera to video, which is done by sliding your finger from camera to video camera icon on the right hand side slider
- If you do it correctly, you will see a red button appear where the video camera is. If you do it incorrectly, you will take a photo. It took me a few tries to get the pressure and location of where my finger slides correctly.
- The storage setting is on the second page of the video camera, so you need to page down on the slider by tapping on 1/2.
- Tap on 'Select storage' icon, and make sure you see a memory card, rather than the cell phone icon.
- Click OK to save your change

8. To change the voice recorder
- Voice recorder is on the second page of Settings. To get there select Menu - slide you finger right to left to page - tap on Voice recorder.
- The top option is 'Storage', tap on it to change cell phone icon to memory card icon.
- Click ok to save your change

Overall, the phone feels nice, the screen is easy to read, when I made a few "test" phone calls I was told that I sound very clear. This is NOT a full featured smart phone like Android smart phones or iPhone, but it a very cost efficient way to have an emergency phone which can do a bit more than just phone calls.

Ali Julia review

Update 3/9/2013: My original review stated that the thing that I like least about the phone is that its speaker phone is not loud enough to hear well without putting the phone next to your ear. However, since then I discovered that there is a setting which turns on the speaker phone, and with the setting on the phone functions well as a speaker phone. To turn on the speaker phone press on "speaker" icon, this icon will appear when you are connected to the other side. To turn the speaker off, click on the "Speaker" icon again.
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on April 9, 2012
So far so good. Just received the phone, super fast delivery (only 3 days incl. Sunday). I transferred my phone number from my previous Net10 phone with no problems. Had my new phone working within one hour. Setup was easy and phone seems to work fine.

Just one work of caution: I tried to set up my Security Code so that I could lock my phone for obvious reasons. There seems to be a factory code installed on the phone, because when I tried to enter/change the code of course I didn't know the factory code nor was it listed in the user manual (which is VERY basic). After three unsuccessfus attempts of entering a code I locked my phone and had to enter a PUK code which of course I didn't have either. I ended up going to the Net10 website wich luckily has a forum section, and apparently I'm not the first person who made this same mistake.

If you've locked yourself out of your phone DO NOT attempt to unlock the phone and enter some random number thinking you'll enter the PUK code. After 10 unsuccessful attempts you will permanently lock your phone and will have to replace the SIM card. Go to the Net10 website and from there onto their forum page. You'll have to register as a member before you can request help from an admin. I received a reply within 10 minutes. They will ask you for your SIM number in a private message, but in order to reply in a private message you will have to have posted at least five new posts on any forum page. Not sure why they require such a thing, especially when you have such an annoying problem and need help NOW, but you will have to make those posts before you'll be able to send any private message back to the admin person. Once you can reply and you send that SIM number it wont take long and they will send you that PUK number to unlock your phone. They will also send you your factory security code (mine happend to be 1111), I was able to enter it and then change it to something of my choosing. Now I can safetly lock my phone. Hope this info will keep someone from making the same mistakes I made.
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on January 6, 2013
I have spent so long searching for a touchscreen phone that wasn't actually a smartphone. I am so glad I found this one! This is a really great phone if you just want something basic, but a little nicer than the usual basic flip-phones or 'stick' phones. I really like the touch screen, and I like that it is really small and thin. It has all the regular features that I've come to expect from a cell phone, like clock, calender, alarms, camera, calculator, games, etc. It also has a video recorder, and a voice recorder. The camera does not take very good pictures, but then again, it's a cell-phone, not a camera, who cares. I don't know about browsing the internet on the phone because I refuse to pay money for that. So basically, if you're looking for a basic phone that doesn't look totally out-dated, this one is for you! If you're one of those people who thinks they need to pay hundreds a month so that their cell phone can run their entire lives for them, well, look elsewhere.
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on October 29, 2012
I received my phone in 2 DAYS, could not believe how fast the shipping and delivery was. Well I have to say that after researching touch screem phones and prices, I went with the lg800g at Amazon expecially because they have the best price and due to my past experience with their vendor, which has always been EXCELLENT to say the least This is a great little phone, I started using it as soon as I got it, was also plesantly surprise how easy it was to transfer my phone # & minutes online thru the net ten website. To anyone still on the fence about purchasing this phone, don't hessitate if you are someone like myself who wants basic, but with perks, you can't go wrong with this choice. As far as the other reviews which mention the phone locking up in the middle of call using a computer pront, its a little annoying, but will research online to see if anything can be done about this.
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on January 31, 2013
I have only ever had Net10 as my pone service and my last phone was built tough and I loved it. However it was lost so I had to get a new phone.

I chose this one thinking I'd upgrade to a touch screen and hey, I can snap pictures and videos too. The part I was really looking forward too was having an actual keyboard to type with.

This touch screen is terrible! I have to deliberately push the screen hard. A regular computer keyboard is easier than this touch screen. I never seem to click the correct key or number if I'm dialing or even the correct contact in my list. I hate this touch screen so much I'm shopping for a new phone and will be doing more research this time before I buy.

I will even be willing to go back to my normal flip phone with no keyboard and stop texting I hate this touch screen this much!
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on August 12, 2012
I have been looking for a cell that has the ease of allowing me to text without all the complexities of the high tech phones that my grandchildren love. As a grandmother, I really don't need all the bells and whistles. I just wanted something that I could communicate with my family when I'm out in my camper traveling the country. I had one of those fancy phones with Virgin Mobile phone service. The only ones who used the 'bells and whistles' were my grandkids and I soon discovered that Virgin Mobile was worthless in most campgrounds - where I needed it the most. I decided to go back to Net 10 - which we had used throughout the West with no problems - and selected this phone. I now can say I am a HAPPY CAMPER!!
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on June 23, 2015
As long as you don't expect this to act like an Android or iPhone, it's a good buy.

We had thousands of unused minutes on an old bare-bones Net10 phone that was misplaced. This phone was the replacement. Although Net10 is not exactly known for their customer support, activation was remarkably uneventful. The old Net10 phone was on the T-mobile network, this one arrived with an AT&T SIM card. Using the Net10 website, I was able to deactivate the old phone and add this one as the replacement. There were some hoops to jump through, and then I discovered the need to have the old phone number ported from T-Mobile to AT&T. I expected at least a day of waiting and some sort of hassle, but the Net10 website initiated the process and within an hour I had a working phone, with all of the minutes carried over from the old one!

The bottom line: This phone is better than most $29 phones, and you can get on the AT&T network via Net10 for a lot less money than it costs to go through AT&T.
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on March 26, 2014
I had a more complicated phone but returned to this model due to its ease of use (my original 800G had been lost). All I need is a way to make/receive calls, occasionally take pictures, access voice messages and auto dial frequently used phone numbers. I cannot figure out how to delete unwanted icons from the main screen, but that is an operator issue not the phone's. I would highly recommend this cell for anyone who wants access to basic features without a lot of complicated and extraneous options. I believe this was the last 800G from this particular supplier's inventory, so I don't know what I'll do when I get to the point I need to replace it.
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on September 14, 2012
Yes, it is easy to keep track of your minutes, etc....especially since EVERY SINGLE TIME you go to use it, you have to wait several seconds after the screen announces how many minutes you have left. Great feature for irresponsible kids, I guess. It is convenient for those who may only need to use it in emergencies, as I started with the $20/ 200 minute card, and they give you up to 90 days to use them up. Rules are quite clear, and there appears no hidden small print. Texts appear to be only 5c. (I am going to keep buying the cards at the store, and not mess around with "auto renewal" monthly things at their site, as people here seem to complain about it, though you may save a few dollars doing it online.)

Boy---if you even TRY to use the very limited internet on this phone, each attempt, if you get on or not, alerts you that some more minutes were chewed away. Haven't even been able to check my Yahoo! email. I click what is apparently the link, after logging on...and it resets back to the original search screen, chewing away minutes. Sigh.

I also chose Net-10 because it SAYS it rides on major carriers, and as such you get the same 10c/min. coverage, including in roaming opposed to the small print on Trac Phone, which says that if the phone is out of service area, in 'roaming' the phone will not work (!). Alas, the one place I'd hoped I'd get signal--a building I work in on the weekends, that is notoriously bad for most cell services--it does not work in. "Antennae" and 4 bars showing...but it states "No Service!"

Largest complaint is the &%^! virtual keyboard. I have NO idea how everyone here is applauding this feature! I'm a female, and the virtual keys are so small...I have to continually backspace to correct. I'm fussy about spelling, and I'm so tired of correcting my mistypes that I've given up looking after my spelling. ...I'm finding myself holding it in one hand, and using one index finger only to slowly, carefully tap out a message. ...I'd type a text faster on my old 9-digit phone keypad! Also, I find the screen not sensitive enough, despite what everyone is saying. I click on a contact, it is then highlighted so it must have registered...yet I have to keep pounding on it. Ugh.

Sound is good on this phone, though. Lots of neato gadgets and widgets you'll quickly find useful, for those like me coming from the dinosaur era of early cell phones, who are not used to such frills. HOWEVER, what do all the camera/music/widget advantages have, if one is aggravated by the basics? I didn't buy the phone for widgets.

Also, I do agree it seems sturdy. I dropped it about three feet onto a slate slab, and it *seems* okay. Although, the fact that I dropped it may be due to the small, sleek, slippery shape of it, which I think someone else mentioned. Ugh--I'm ready to tape duct tape around it, to give it some grip.

UPDATE: Looks like it was only with that $20/200 minute card that texts were 5c/min. ...I now have the $25/750 minute for 30 days card, and texts are 10c/min.

UPDATE: It also chews away 2.5 minutes, just for "retrieving" messages sent from certain types of technology--smart phones or whatever, I'm not savvy on what--in addition to another 1 minute for opening that same message.

Continues to be exceptionally slow in response time, after tapping on virtual keyboard. Ugh. Sometimes it doesn't even respond, upon tapping and tapping on your selection. ALSO, in cold weather its exceptionally bad.

Often, upon loading minutes from a top-up card purchased at a store, I get a message of "system unavailable at this time" or some such thing. ...It could be several minutes...or several HOURS before I am able to add minutes to my phone! Unreal.

Yes, the "plan" is simple, but the technology sucks. Nowadays, there are competitive plans out there, with better phone choices.
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on April 10, 2012
Nice little phone, but I keep finding things I don't like. It has a silly screen-lock that can't be turned off and is very annoying. The phone also doesn't have call-command. It has very few APPS and they are hard to find and many don't work.
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