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on November 21, 2011
I like the simplicity of this remote. Even without the pointy-cursor thing. The pointy-cursor thing - I'm not impressed. The pointer on the screen is rarely where the remote is pointing. If you are expecting Wii-style performance, you will be HUGELY disappointed. The idea of playing LG App games with this is laughable - it is just not that accurate or responsive. Hopefully a firmware update in the future improves this.

I was not aware you needed the USB port on the back of the TV, and you velcro a 2"x2" square thing to the BACK of the TV. I discovered this after spending a lot of time mounting the TV and nicely tucking the wires for the TV and soundbar. It all had to come down. That sucked. Also the spot that is vaguely described on the instructions for mounting the little square thing, interferes with the TV mount I purchased. So I had to mount it slightly above the prescribed spot. I wish they included some logic/rhyme/reason as to why they want something that is connected by a USB cable in a somewhat specific spot. Or at the very least, provide some alternative spots for mounting.

But, like I said - it still functions great as just a simple clean remote. Great for kids or wives that hate the whole A/V system routine trying to get the TV to work. Kudos to Amazon for including this with the LG 47LV5400 (Fantastic TV, phenomenal value).
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on July 7, 2012
The remote is so nice and worked 100%

the package contains the following:
1- Remote with English keys
2- RF Dongle
3- Velcro Patch (to mount dongle on tv)
4- USB Cable
5- Wrist strap
6- Quick Installation Guide
7- User Manual (mini disk).

The accuracy of the pointer is so nice, its very easy to control, if you are sitting or if you are laying down, its so accurate with your hand movements.

Product is 100% LG, Materials are so nice and durable.
The balance of the remote is so nice,

The local dealer asked for 140.00$ for the remote, i got it from amazon with 15$, what a huge save. 125 Save!!!.

I recommend this product for people interested

God bless (well done people)
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on December 9, 2011
First I'd like to mention that I got my remote free with my TV... and probably wouldn't have bothered to get it if it wasn't free.

It is a very neat concept, but the cursor is really somewhat inaccurate and wanders a bit. The directions for installing the thing were incredibly vague. I still have no idea if I attached the velcro in the right spot or not, the cord on it is pretty short so my options were limited... but don't really care at this point to fix it even if it is wrong. I know it is plugged in properly at least... simple usb.

I use this remote when I misplace my other one, or when I want to feel "magical". Overall, Meh.
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on November 25, 2013
It's an interesting concept...kind of like a Wii remote.

Not great execution, however. While it works as advertised, it doesn't register fine movement reliably. This means when you're right next to where you want to click, with just a tiny bit more to go, it stops. That is, until you move it more, and the pointer goes past where you wanted to click. This can get quite agravating, much like giving directions to someone with absolutely no sense of direction and poor short term memory.

It also seems to shut off the motion sensor if you use the click wheel on the remote. Maybe. Or, there's some 'trick' to it that I haven't learned, and have no desire to learn.

Remote controls should not be complicated enough for an operating manual.

In other words, this makes a great stand-by remote in case you lose the main one.

Almost Recommend.
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on March 13, 2012
Saw this remote online and thought It'd be a nice addition to the LG-55 TV I'd recently bought. I did wonder why this remote was not included with the TV. I later learned that some LG TV models do include this remote and some don't. Anyway, back to the remote. I found nothing magic about it at all. I didn't care for the way it installed on the TV, or the way it worked. I thought it was very tempermental in it's behavor and lacked the responsiveness I thought it would/should have. All in all, if it was included with the TV it would be okay, and I mean just okay. I found it no where close to worth the money they are asking for this remote. I returned it and bought a universal remote that does what I need it to do on my TV in addition it controls all of my components in my Home Theater system and it only cost about $10.00 more than the Magic remote. Took me from 6 remotes down to one remote. Doesn't have the magic motion feature but I found it a fair trade off considering the LG Magic Motion Remote only controls the TV and not very well at that.
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on November 29, 2011
Received the Magic Motion remote for free with a xxLV5400. It does make it much easier to navigate the menus and for typing but is limited in that it is not programmable and doesn't always seem to be aligned. I have a soundbar for controlling volume and cable box for channels. This makes half the buttons on the remote useless. It would be nice if I could program the Magic Motion remote to control different devices for the channel and volume buttons.

The printed quick start guide is vague on the placement of the RF dongle. The mini cd holds a slightly more useful guide. It varies by model and if you are using the wifi dongle but you should be looking for lightly etched corners in the upper right corner of the back of the TV. I had to use a flashlight to see them in a decently lit living room.

I also have an issue where if I bring up the cursor, then point beyond the edges of the TV and bring it back it seems to be off alignment. I could be pointing to the dead center of the TV and the cursor would be way off to the left. If I let the cursor time out and try again it goes back to normal. Tried re-pairing and didn't seem to help. Not a major issue but a slight annoyance.

Overall I would say it's adequate considering I got it for free, had I paid ~$52 for it I might be upset.
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on February 15, 2012
It only worked for about 3 weeks. While it was working I was not impressed. It had limited functions and I found myself going for the regular remote repeatedly. It does not replace the regular remote. Basically a gimmick until they improve and expand the functions. It has absolutely no programmability or way to input codes to control anything else. Now that it doesn't work I don't miss it much and have procrastinated about going to the trouble of getting it returned/fixed.
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on September 3, 2013
Updating my review.

Ordered Aug 22 - received Sep 10. Not bad at all since it is being shipped from China. I was frustrated earlier after seeing the projected delivery date. But to my surprise it came earlier than expected with USPS carrier. The remote seems to be great and excellent value for the price. Don't worry about the Chinese letters as there are only 5 buttons. My 5 year old started using it without any help. Giving 5 stars


Ordered Aug 22, 2013 .. checked today and it says will be delivered between sep16 and October 2, 2013. More than 1.5 months. Probably the seller ordered to manufacture it after taking my order. If you are ordering for next quarter it is good otherwise it is not worth it. You get what you pay for.
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on December 19, 2011
Sleek, monolithic, simple and purposeful. In the age of minimalism, this remote serves as a perfect example.

This remote works in a similar fashion to other point-and-click interfaces with home media such as the Nintendo Wii or PlayStation Move, but it's not exactly the same - instead of an IR sensor, this remote utilizes software built-in to the TV and so requires a TV which will support it. Because it's software-based, the response isn't always as fluid or natural as IR sensor remotes. This is most noticeable when running LG's SmartTV applications like Hulu Plus. Press the Enter key while watching to bring up the interface and move the remote down to the pause button and you'll notice that the movement is choppy and slow.

When the TV software isn't pulling double-duty like that, the remote is very accurate and responsive. It makes typing for search and TV settings easy and much quicker than using a conventional remote. I'm not sure I would've purchased the remote on its own if it hadn't been bundled with my TV, but I'm glad to have it.
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on May 15, 2012
i thought this remote came with the tv, but it didn't. it cost $60 then so i didn't bother, but really wanted it. bought it when it went on sale for $15. wouldn't returned it if it was worth the trouble. the motion control works ok, but sensor resets center when you hit the edge of the screen (annoying), it uses an extra usb port so i had to unplug my hard drive since the other usb is the wireless adaptor (annoying), and their is no "back" or "premium" buttons which i use all the time (very annoying).

it does what it says it does. but in their attempt to "simplify" the whole thing, they went a little too far.

If you want a remote to play apps on your tv (who does that anyway?) or you get tired of using the directional button to type in words on netflix or the brower, put down $15 bucks. otherwise, the other remote is way better and free.
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