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on July 8, 2014
I thought about giving it 5 stars,but i had to be honest with myself.The TV is a very good buy.Price wise and picture with many nice features.
It picked up internet WI-FI No problem.Has two great EASY BUTTONS foR Quick menu ans settings on remote controller.It even has an
My Apps. easy button .
So what is the problem?
Well it does not come with an Easy set up manual .I figured it all out but because i have heavy background in electronics.
I like the control remote picture is awesome and parental control features.Easy to set picture settings.I don't recommend you use the
Energy saving picture mode unless its in bright area.(Dims light according to ambient light)
I'm over 60 my eyesight did not like it.
All in all im very happy,just right size for bedroom (The bigger the screen the further away to view for best performance and optimal eye care}
I recommend minimum 6 ft for this one.
1080pi is great no fuzzy corners.
Netflix and others work great.
I say buy it.
From leg to leg its 34 inches and width off each leg is only 9 inches so if you have a drawer or cabinet thats more than
35x12 you're fine
recommend you get the 2 yr trade insurance,very affordable ,i did.

if you're looking for a gamer tv,be real no 60hz will satisfy you.this is a good tv/netflix etc. tv just that,no more no less.
no easy instruction set up manual for remote control and over all setting.
you can get pdf on web sight.
usb that really works
easy wi-fi set up

final important notes:
like all smart cell,and tv's,you are agreeing to share with manufacturer you're viewing habits witch they use to send promotions to you're email.always have a second email name for these.
always research web for reviews on all electronics there are consumer report pro's out there.
just type mame and model ans word review at end.
100 off us can get a good unit next guy may have a flaky one,thats why always buy prime membership for warranty.
amazon prime is best there is.
no one pays me,i buy 90%off all my stuff here,never failed to stand by me.
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on May 29, 2015
Don't waste your money. Bought this tv a little over a year ago and it has started to randomly cycle power. At first I was asked if there were any other devices added since that could cause interference. Then when that wasn't the cause I was told to plug the TV directly into the wall socket. I pointed out the surge suppressor was there to protect the TV and the set top box didn't have any power problems even though it was plugged in to the same surge protector and wall socket. This is a known problem on the LG site. When I contacted LG I was told that the TV repair would be covered. However when LG support contacted me they said it was out of warranty (by about 2 weeks) and they would not fix it. If you decide to buy this TV be prepared to buy an extended warranty or throw your money away since you'll only get about 1 year of use from this model.
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on July 14, 2014
i did not buy this from amazon, but i got it from Dell. I love amazon, but dell's deal was better at the time i got it.
I can post picture of my invoice to prove i do own it, if anyone questions the validity of my review.
I'm writing this review just to warns other of what i found out.

As for the tv, it's good and a decent price for the features; looks nice and has all the basic functions. smart apps is great, netflix and hulu. All is well. Those things are pretty standard now so nothing big.

on to the MAJOR FLAW.
Started watching some movies, and i notice something strange. During scene transition from brightly lit to dark scene, the tv DIMS and BRIGHTEN; globally (the entire screen). It does this every time. It dims to the point where you can barely make out any details in the dark scenes. As you know with movies, details is everything in darken scenes. It's purposely done so for you to focus on the details.
so first, i thought it was Energy-saving features. I go and it off, no energy-saving. IT still does it! No matter which input i'm using, irregardless of the source.
I thought that was strange. So i googled LG TV Dimming, lo and behold… i'm not the only one. what the heck is going on.

It turns out you CAN'T TURN IT OFF!!
visit this forum/link avforums.com it's a large and highly respected forum for all things audio and video

This "feature" is hardwired into the firmware. It's been there for all LG tv's since 2010 (from the date of user complaint)
It's seem LG done this to either be able to "claim" higher contrast ratio or better energy-efficiency. Either way, it completely ruins picture details in dark scenes.

1. rename your HDMI input on the tv to PC. this will circumvent the dimming "feature". This only works if your source is at 60hz. Some blue ray player is lower, and it won't work.
fortunately for me my main usage is via pc for input and nothing else.

2. someone said use an inverter from HDMI to DVI. only works if your LG tv has an DVI input.

Other brand does this as well, but they have updated their firmware to allow end-user to turns it off completely. as of yet LG won't allow it or even admit this is a FLAW and not a "feature".
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on June 4, 2017
42", full HD 1080p, 60Hz, smart LED flat-screen TV by LG Electronics, in model 42LB5800. The TV comes with a stand and smart remote, and weighs approximately 20 lbs. The smart TV feature allows for easy access to Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and other content directly from the TV.

We purchased this TV for our master bedroom. We hung it on the wall so did not use the stand. This TV is modestly-sized and would be a nice addition to any small or medium-sized room - it looks neat and isn't bulky. Screen resolution is good, sound projection is loud and sharp, with no internet connection issues.

We've had this TV for 2 years and haven't encountered any issues so far. Would definitely recommend.
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on February 27, 2015
I purchased this TV in October 2014 and in February 2015 a vertical line appeared directly down the middle of the screen. I called LG and after having to talk to someone and then send them a photo of the "line" they scheduled a repair service. 2-3 days later the repair people showed up and repaired the TV. However they brought an opened box that looked damaged and the new panel was installed onto my old backing. It didn't work and they had to take some parts off my TV to install on the new panel. The part they swapped out had hand writing on the back of it so someone knew there was a problem. So now I questioned is it LG, the middle man who supplied the part or the actual repair people purchasing inferior parts? Because who would know after all this "new panel" needs to only last 8 more months and then I own this TV. This LG replaced a Samsung that the panel also died after 2 years which replaced a Philips that I am still using and this old set doesn't owe me anything. So my conclusion is it is a crap shoot and I wish you good luck because your chances of getting a defective TV these days is higher than most people think. Furthermore to set up and get the repair done takes more time than most people have to spare. I was lucky because I have a flexible schedule.
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on April 13, 2015
A bit of a complicated setup, and there are are two buttons on the remote that are too close together, so you will--MANY TIMES--hit the wrong button while trying to set it up.
That's the only negative thing to say about this TV.
It is brilliant, otherwise, and worth twice the money. Really great screen and easy "best picture" setup. Have owned 5 different flat panels, costing up to $2250. None of them is this good.
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on January 1, 2015
this is a great looking television the picture quality is top notch and the smart functions work very well. it has widi direct to share video and images from your smart phone even without a network connection which is a nice touch. Im using this television primarily as a monitor for a 2014 retina macbook pro and I couldn't be happier. Once I selected the predefined notebook label for the hdmi connection I got full resolution. text is crisp and clear. Its a very nice finish that matches the unibody macbook perfectly. I seen in another review some guy complaining about the tv dimming automatically which makes watching dark scenes in movies unwatchable. This does happen however its not some design flaw its the just the energy saver feature which by default is set to automatic. If this bothers you you can simply go into the setting and turn it off. Overall I couldn't be happier with this purchase.
review image
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on February 3, 2015
Both my girlfriend and I are beyond pleased with our new best friend. We'd never had an HD tv before and she commented on how "weird" it was because everything looked so "real". When we were shopping for tv's she wasn't thrilled about the aesthetic appearance of this set, but once it was in it's place in the armoire, she's commented on how nice it looks. As for me, that was only one of the reasons I bought it. I wanted an HD picture, the hdmi and usb inputs, the Smart tv capacity, and few more things I've forgotten. Either way, it's exceeded my expectations. My only regret is not getting a larger one. But alas, that was not up to me. My girlfriend didn't want a tv that was the main focal point of the room. However, she likes the new tv so much that she too wishes we'd bought a bigger one. But of course, I won't gloat that she was wrong and I was right. Oh no, that's not my style.
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on September 7, 2016
I bought this tv one year ago and honestly for the price and the size it was a good buy. The pc/game mode works fine enough.

The biggest issues are:

- global dimming: absolutely no way to turn this off. As a gamer this is particularly annoying because if there's a dark section in a game it dims the backlight/brightness. As of right now there's no way to turn it off. The way to go around it is to set your black levels to full and fiddle with other settings, but with so much stuff having limited black levels it's still a glaring issue and I fail to see its use and why they left it there.

- screen distribution: color/picture on the TV isn't evenly distributed. Doing the test revealed as such, where a monotone color isn't the same throughout the whole tv. There are glaring spots/vertical rectangles. This once again is annoying when I'm playing a game and looking at say the bright sky and you can tell there are rectangles throughout the blue sky.

It's by no means a bad tv and I've learned to deal with the issues. But at this day and age you can find something better at the price point and screen size. So I can't recommend it.
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on September 7, 2015
The sound is terrible but the picture is great. HDMI stopped working about 9 months after purchase. This is a known problem with LG Smart Tvs - just google it. I've read that sometimes LG will come and fix it even though the warranty has lapsed otherwise the fix is literally baking the motherboard in the oven. I'm not sure why I even bought this tv when a firestick or a nexus player does the exact same thing in terms of "smart tv" functionality.
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