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on September 5, 2013
This TV is fantastic. This is my third different brand in our quest for a 39 inch TV to fit my cabinet. I've had the Toshiba 39L1350u(hated it), the Vizio E390i-A1(like the picture but man was it buggy) and now the LG.

We love the LG. I know the 39 inch is only 60hz(compared to the Vizio which is true 120hz) but at only 39 inches, we have not seen any issues with motion blur at all. To the contrary really. Also, the colors on the LG really pop too. My wife and I both think the picture is noticeably better on the LG. We are very impressed with the picture so far.

I can't comment on the audio as I run mine through a separate receiver.

The "Smart" part of the LG is very nice as well. It has pretty much all the major apps you can want, including Amazon(which it looks like was added just recently) and MLB.TV. The Netflix interface is ok. It lacks the Adult/Kids separate interface, which my daughter liked on the Vizio, but they do have popup listing of categories, which includes kids ones she can choose from. The Amazon interface is nice(simiar to the Roku and light years better than Vizio's quarter screen size window). LG has a TON of smaller apps/games to choose from. I feel like it will take us a while to go through all that they offer.

All in all we are very happy with this TV and it looks like we found a keeper.

Quality picture that really pops.
Good black Levels too.
Solid Smart TV section with LOTS of choices.
Apps within the Smart section seem solid.

I hesitate to put this in the Cons section but it is only 60hz which could be a con to some.
Attaching the stand to the base was awkward. They have you put the screws in from the top, not the bottom like most. It makes keeping a screwdriver straight enough to screw in the front screw tough.
Remote that came with doesn't allow any control of other devices. The Magic Remote which they tout and does control other devices costs (significantly) extra.

**EDIT 9/12/2013 Simplink(for ARC) needs work**

As an update, the only real issue we have is SimpLink and trying to use ARC(Simplink must be on to use ARC). It REALLY needs work and some extra controls. I have tried 3 different brand receivers(Sony, Yamaha and Denon) with this thing, on every one, Simplink thinks when you turn the TV on, it should trigger the receiver to switch to TV audio, no matter what. Just because I turn the TV on does NOT mean I am going to use the LG Apps at that time. This needs fixing immediately.

Also, once in the Smart TV menus, I cannot get it to trigger the TV audio when I start an app like Netflix or Amazon. However, when I LEAVE/EXIT an app, it DOES trigger the TV audio switchover. This is COMPLETELY backwards and again needs fixing.

As it stands now, Simplink/ARC is completely unuseable with this TV due to the control issues. LG needs to do some work on how Simplink interacts with non-LG products.

BTW, for those that don't want to shell out for the Magic remote but do have an iPad or Smart phone, LG offers an app that can become a mouse pad/keypad of sorts when you are in the smart TV section. Once in the smart TV section, with the app running, pull up the mouse pad screen and the screen acts as a touch pad with mouse control, as well as a keyboard when needed. Makes things alot easier.

** EDIT 9/26/2013 Ended up returning it **

So, I ended up returning this TV. I REALLY wanted to like this one, as the colors and smart TV portion of it was great. However, what made us return it was we kept seeing strange occasional stuttering. It was weird. We could watch, say a tennis match or football and things would look great, but then we would see another scene and someone would move a certain way and the movement would stutter badly for a second or two, then be fine. It happened at times you would not think. You could also see like a frame skip in scenes with slow horizontal panning.

We played with every setting under the sun, but could not eliminate it. After a while it just got too frustrating.

We ended up going with the 40 inch Samsung UN40F6300. The Samsung is 120hz and we are not seeing the stuttering like on the LG. While the 40 inch doesn't quite fit in our amiore, I am adding a slide out tray which will give us the ability to pull the TV out and just swivel the Samsung a bit to put it back in the cabinet.

I will say, the Samsung Anynet(for ARC) plays a LOT nicer with my receiver(Denon) than the LG Simplink did. The audio switches perfectly on and off when entering/exiting apps.
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on December 2, 2013
We bought the 39inch TV during Amazons pre Black Friday sale. Thanks to Amazon Prime, the TV was delivered on Saturday morning. Shortly after delivery we had it mounted it on the wall and turned on. After the initial language/network setup, we were told an update to the Smart interface was available. After about 5 minutes the update was done and we were presented with LG’s Smart interface. We though the interface was clean and easy to navigate (This is our first Smart TV, third LCD TV). The first thing my wife did was try YouTube, which worked as expected. Then she tried Netflix, which also worked as expected. The apps loaded quickly and without any issues. The picture quality is excellent, the sound is pretty good. The sound is a bit tinny but probably more noticeable because I've read some of the other Amazon reviews before buying. My wife does not notice and/or care. We’ll probably add a sound bar at some point. We have not tried any of the other apps yet but so far we’re pleased as it does what we wanted most (TV, Netflix and YouTube). It looks sharp mounted on the wall, can be viewed at an angle, and has no glare even in a bright room.

We decided on this TV over the 40inch Samsung (UN40EH5300) for two reasons: 1) It has a matte screen vs. a glossy screen. We both find that glossy screens have way to much glare, especially in a room with the blinds open. 2) Because no one really complained about the apps not working, unlike the Samsung reviews.
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on October 31, 2013
A couple of years ago, I purchased a 46 inch 60Hz LED-LCD HDTV Smart TV. I also bought a smaller Vizeo for my bedroom. The LG was so easy to set-up and connect to my wireless router. The Vizo was quite difficult. This week I ordered and received the 39 inch to replace the 26 inch in my bedroom. Like my 46 inch LG, I had this 39 inch LG TV assembled and up and running in less than 10 minutes. I have had 13 surgeries over the years, and most were back and hip surgeries, so the weight of items are always an issue. These LG LED-LCD TVs are so lightweight that I have no problem with assembling or putting them where I need them. I am not a gamer, so the 60Hz is fine for me. In fact, I have no idea how clearer the picture would be with 120Hz.
I highly recommend LG TVs. I am beginning to think I should buy stock in LG since my TVs are LG as well as my refrigerator and washing machine. Their products are great, and I highly recommend.
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on February 16, 2017
We bought this as a gift for my dad, and right as the warranty ended the bottom inch and a half of the screen go in and out of focus. It was literally one month after the warranty expired and they refused to fix it. So we called customer care, and complained. They offered an extended warranty to fix it, but we had to pay up front. When their people came to look at it they said it was too expensive to fix and LG didn't want to refund us for the extended warranty that did nothing. After much yelling and refusing to give up, they finally refunded us. Since the T.v. was expensive I haven't been able to buy my dad a new T.V., so he's been dealing with it being blurry on the bottom. Now, it won't stay logged into netflix, and when I called them to see what was going on, Netflix said it was a LG problem and has been happening with all the LG T.V.s.

Tl;Dr: Worst customer service, waste of money, will never buy again. I'd rather buy off brand then have an LG product.
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on January 30, 2017
Purchased December 6, 2013, I have loved this nice little TV until two days ago; radiating for four inches, at the top left corner, has become dark and there's also a left of center blob in the middle of the screen that pulsates lighter to darker every few seconds.

I'm 3 years and 1 month into owning this TV and while almost all features are 4-5 stars, the picture already going out with no manufacturer warranty at all is a huge let down. LG has no credibility with me, my friends and family or co-workers at all any longer. When a company like LG engineers to fail on this quick level and offers absolutely no warranty, it's clear we have to use our $'s for products better.
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on September 5, 2017
Yes, it's true; while it was nice while it lasted, ultimately this TV died after a mere 3 years. It started with minor dark spots that were only noticeable over bright white colors (notably, hockey) and soon thereafter the backlighting failed. When I turn the TV on now I get the LG logo and then it turns to black. I contacted Tech Support, they ran me through a hard reboot (unplug TV, hold down power button for 30 seconds) which did not solve the problem. I made it known that I had never owned a TV that died this quickly. The support representative said a manager would call me back "the next day at 3:30 Central Time."

Well here we are a week later and no call. I contacted them again and they were absolutely no help and took no responsibility for their product. I will NEVER buy another LG Product for as long as I live. I am glad this happened before we bought an LG Washer and Dryer set that my wife wanted. Will not give this company another dime after how poor the product was, and, more importantly, how poorly I was treated by LG support.

Do. Not. Buy. LG. Period.
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on November 16, 2013
I am not a pro when it comes to all the fancy things a tv can have inside of it. To me a tv is good when it has a great picture, and a good voice level. This has both of them included.

I am not sure if it is the 'true motion' or what but this has probably the best picture quality in a tv than I have ever seen. I got this for my brother for his birthday present. When I connected my ps3 to it the graphics and gameplay were much smoother and clearer than on my sharp aquos and I envy him for having a better tv because of it!

The tv is fairly priced especially when compared to standard hd tvs this is a smart tv so you can use internet/apps on it. Pretty much you get more for your money buying this tv. It is easy to use and easy to setup and LG has been becoming more and more of a part of my home. They have good products that will surely last a long time. 3 HDMI Ports, which seems to be becoming the norm but still enough for the blue ray player, hd receiver, and the gaming console.

All in all I can easily say that you will be happy with this tv. The picture is well worth it.
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on July 18, 2013
This is my first smart Tv and my first LG. I usually stick with Samsung for my Tv's and monitors as I have had a good experience with them. With that said I have never seen a better picture on a Tv and it's very bright. So watching during the day time or a well lit room is no problem with this Tv.

I would also like to note that I am a big gamer. One of the major things I was looking for when doing research was how responsive the tv was playing video games. And I am very happy with how good my Xbox 360 and Ps3 work on it. I even hooked up my computer to it to play some of my steam games.

Something I don't like about this Tv is the Tru-view or Tru-motion system. I think that's what it called. With this mode active it makes your movies and tv shows look like they have very strange camera movements. For awhile I thought it was just the way the Tv processed the video. But thank god I was able to turn off that feature.

Something else that I am kinda annoyed about with this Tv is it does not have the Amazon Instant video App. It's not available to download as well. But yet it has most of the other ones. Personally I have a lot of movies purchased on Amazon so this is especially annoying to me. So I have to waste one of my 3 HDMI ports for my ROKU box. If they added Amazon instant video I could remove my ROKU altogether.

The smart Tv features are an interesting feature to me. It's my very first Smart tv and I love the idea. I am also a power user on the computer so by hooking up my computer to the tv. I am tempted to just use the computer over the smart Tv system. Especially on things like Youtube. I really don't like the interface for youtube on this tv. I understand they are just trying to make it easier for the user but I prefer Youtube as it is on the computer. Also searching for things with the basic remote that comes with the Tv kinda sucks. I've been considering getting a tablet to interface with the Tv's Bluetooth it make searching easier. But again I have my computer hooked up with a wireless Keyboard and mouse. So it's almost pointless...

The speakers on the Tv are not to bad. I prefer a richer fuller sound so I have hooked up my old 5.1 system to the Tv. I am considering getting a sound bar for it. As I am hearing some good things about them.

All in all I am happy with my decision to purchase this Tv. I did a ton of research to make sure it was compatible with my gaming and Tv watching interests. I read a ton of reviews and no red flags poped up about this Tv. LG really needs to add the Amazon Instant video App as it's a huge issue for me.
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on December 16, 2016
Analog board failed after just 2.5 years. Started to fail after two years with dark spots appearing on the screen, then just with no display and three blinking lights on power-up. Capacitor failures--cheap parts?

It also had an insanely long delay between selecting input modes, requiring a "confirmation" click for rapid transfers. Since we used the remote from the cable company as our primary remote, the confirmation/select button wasn't available. This problem was not present on our earlier 42" LG, purchased in 2010 (which still works fine).
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on September 30, 2016
I used to love this TV. Then the backlights went out. We tried replacing the LED power supply board, that did not work. That's all we can really do with our lack of electrical training. It lasted less than 3 years. UNACCEPTABLE. I will NEVER buy another LG tv again. EVER. We spent way too much money on this tv for it to die within 3 years.
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