Customer Reviews: LG Electronics 84LM9600 84-Inch Cinema 3D 4K Ultra HD 120Hz LED-LCD HDTV with Smart TV and Six Pairs of 3D Glasses (2013 Model)
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on June 11, 2013
I set up the television four days ago. First, you can find it on the internet for less than $11k. The Sony tv's have come down about $1k after being on the market for two weeks.

I received mine in a heavy boxed crate that took about 1/2 hour to take apart. This tv is a beast. It takes two strong men to carry as it weighs 155 lbs without the stand.It is large and bulky.Secure it on the stand and it weighs 180 lbs by the time you place it on a stand. The stand swivels 6-8 inches so you can adjust the viewing and get behind the tv for easier access.

Set up- the magic remote works great. Think of it as a mouse that you can use to get through the initial set up and on-going use. The only issue I had with set up was getting my WiFi to work. It took me 5-6 tries before it recognized my network. Adding components is a simple process. I upgraded my components (Samsung BD-F7500 DVD player, Denon AVR-X2000 receiver, and Mediabridge cables. The DVD player and receiver are capable of 4K and 3D throughput and upscaling. The only other issue, my Comcast cable box didn't like the 4k cable- video quality was great but sound quality was downgraded.

Results- My seating is 10-12 feet from the tv. I think this is ideal for this tv. The general rule is seating take the height of the tv times three. This tv is nearly four feet high so 10-12 feet would be right. According to some sources, reduce the distance in half for 4k tv. I don't recommend as it feels you are in the front row of the movie theater.

Blu-ray (regular, 4-k mastered, and 3D) viewing is exceptional. People have used terms such as lush, brilliant, astonishing, and 3D qualities (when not it 3D). I would agree. I have never seen a tv or a movie theater this good. My family agrees. There is no doubt the upscaling makes a big difference. I was watching on a Samsung 61 Inch LED which I thought was excellent before. No comparison. Compare the 4k with any non4k on upscaled media- the 4k tv will blow it away. I played around with the color adjustment and found the Vivid to my way of liking. Other than the crystal clear picture, the color range has more shades and is more brilliant than any tv I have seen. One reviewer, made the comment that off angle viewing led to considerable drop off. I haven't notice much.

I viewed the recently released 4k mastered original Spiderman. These are a bit of a ripoff. The original is 4k but the purchased copy is maybe 2K according to my DVD player. Even so, the picture is exceptional- crystal clear and brilliant colors.

3D viewing is a huge bonus. I have never been a fan and would never have bought a 3D tv. This tv will blow you away. It comes with six pair of passive glasses. You can buy more them for $3 each or less. The picture quality is cleary 1080P quality at a minimum. The 3D effects are amazing. I viewed 6-8 top 3D movies (Avatar, Jurassic Park, Titanic, MegaMind, and others). The viewing is exceptional. I have seen a number of 3D movies at the theater and almost always go away dissapointed. Not so with the LG. The 3D effects are smooth, precise and "in your face." The passive glasses are a big plus compared to the active glasses. Cheap, lightweight, and easier on the eyes. The active glasses shutter on and off real fast. Your eyes can't see them but I think your brain senses something is not right. I know active glasses fatigue my eyes.

Comcast cable HD viewing is fine but not exceptional. I don't know if there is any noticeable upscaling going. The cable viewing is better than comparable large sets. However, it begs the question when will 1080P to 4K viewing be available for the consumer.

If you looked at the tv, you have seen a huge bundle of features built (Google apps, Smarttv, etc.). I won't comment on those as I as still trying to wade through these but that is not why you would by this tv.

Cons- Lack of 4k content. I have talked about this with LG customer service and they are waiting word from the Korean headquarters. I have tried downloading 4k content from YouTube with limited success. LG has provided some additional instructions so I will try again. It looks like others (Sony, Intel, Red, and Apple) might take the lead in 4k and LG will follow but it is too early to know.
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on August 27, 2014
Well I just got my new LG 84LM9600 TV and it is awe inspiring. For one thing owning a $20K TV is something I never would have imagined no matter how much money I had. It just seems wrong. But the deal of getting something worth $20K for $6K was just too good to pass up. I’m still in wonderment about the market forces that permit this to be. Particularly since I see Sears and others still has this TV listed for over $20k and LG’s site continues to show an MSRP of $19K. I don’t want to ask too many uncomfortable questions for fear that someone might ask me to return it… OVER MY COLD WITHERING BODY!

But I digress… The thing is built like something worth $20K solid and weighs a ton (180+ lbs) but is comparatively wafer thin. If an ipad was proportionately this thin you could use it as a page in your loose-leaf folder and not even notice its presence.

I’m still probing its features. I usually take my time exploring the deep features of my gear and the remote wand makes it easier to navigate than any TV I’ve owned before. I thought the passive 3D looked great but then I realized it could get even better. I can’t wait to see Avatar in full 1080p per eye 3D. The TV came in a huge wooden house of a crate but turned out to be a snap to open just remove the screws from the top and back panels and they lift right off to reveal the monster box that contains the TV. Be sure to invite a few of your strongest buddies to help you to maneuver this baby into place. I use it as one of two sets on an HTPC and I’m just realizing that I need a new mouse for this baby with much higher dots per inch (4000+) to traverse this much real estate. I couldn’t be happier.

P.S. I bought mine from They did call me after I ordered for insurance but was all well under the next best price I came across so I bit. 4/5.
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on September 5, 2013
I've been working on my home theatre for about 8 years and now it's complete . Now it's a true theatre. The 84LM9600 is in a word just simply jaw dropping. Me and my friends just keep watching it and saying wow.the other day we watched avatar on it in 3d and it was a better 3d experience than we had at the theatre when it first cme out. It was like watching for the very first time. It makes me want to rewatch my entire bluray collection all over just to see what it will look like on this amazing tv. I am so glad I got this set. It comes with some great per loaded apps like amazon so you can take advantage of amazon prime in a whole new way. If your considering this 4k tv you will not be disappointed. And you will blow your friends away when the see it in action. Everything from breaking bad to football is simply amazing like noting you ever experienced. I couldn't be happier.
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on October 7, 2014
Bought this with understanding it would be up-gradable to HDMI 2.0. As you can see here in this article John Taylor promised there would be a solution for early me:

"In the meantime, we are reassuring the early-adopter consumers who have purchased LG's first-generation Ultra HD TVs that we'll have a solution to handle 60Hz 4K content in the future." - John Taylor, Vice President Public Affairs and Communications."

This was a year ago. Several calls and emails into support and up the chain were simply blown off until finally they admitted that if you bought their early 4k TV (at $16,0000) you can go F yourself.

Sony, as promised, came through with a firmware update. Samsung, as promised, also provided an upgrade path. Funny how they found a way and didn't ignore their high end customers.

Never again.
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on September 17, 2013
At first, the resolution wouldn't go up. Everything was connected properly but it wasn't upscaling. Then we tried a 3D movie and bam! It was all there, gorgeous. Best image I've ever seen.

After that, it worked right every single time. With iTunes, Netflix, Comcast, Blue Ray... whatever I threw at it, it totally delivered.

Movies and even TV look like a gigantic, moving, well printed photo. Really. And I'm not even talking about 4K content, just HD content, upscaled. Colors are bright, motion is crisp. Can't think of a single criticism.

The 2D to 3D feature is cute - makes regular tv and movies have a certain dimension, mind boggling. A good trick, but probably not worth the hassle of wearing the 3D glasses. Especially if you already need help to see the real world like me. But real 3D movies look impressive, even if you are not a 3D fan, like me. I heard about how you can use the 3D feature and glasses to allow two people to play videogames, full screen (each person using one of the channels. If you are a gamer, go for it. Sounds like fun.

An advice: for your first movie, try Life of Pi and you will be up for a treat.

PS: I have never done a review here. But this one deserves it.
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on November 11, 2013
I got this set about 1 week ago. This TV takes you to a new level in entertainment. My biggest interest in getting this TV was to watch sports, but any show completely changes your experience. The picture is so big and so clear and that you feel like the people in the shows are right in your room. You feel part of the show. Something both my wife and I noticed this after watch the first show. Sets of this size that are 1080p have to be viewed from a farther distance or you start seeing the individual pixels. Since this set up scales the 1080p to 2160p quite well you can sit much closer bring the content into your room.

The edge back-lighting issue the Pros seem to complain about as the only drawback to the TV's performance appears to be fixed. Blacks are Black everywhere on the screen.

As for the 3D Experience, LG uses the passive process, so the glasses are light weight, comfortable, and inexpensive. The passive technique uses every other line of the 1080p for each eye, meaning your picture is 1920 by 540 per eye. But since this TV is 2160p the 3D is the full 1920 by 1080p. So the short coming of this technique is solved.

I have just started exploring all the Smart TV features of this set, but I did notice you will want a hard wired Internet connection as the WiFi is just not fast enough to stream HD content.
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on September 16, 2014
Had the TV for almost a year now so thought it was time for a review. The screen still looks big, even after looking at it for a year. Still works like new. My biggest gripe is the remote, you have to shake it to activate it and then scroll left to right, and up and down to get the control to point correctly. I was expecting 3D effects like in the theaters, but it is not nearly as powerful. I would buy again, but not if my primary purpose was for 3D. The 2D to 3D conversion works great, just noit impressed with the natural 3D.
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on June 16, 2016
I purchased this TV and unfortunately couldn't make the next 6 months of my mortgage payments, but hey the TV looks great plugged into the Gazebo at the park and the box it came in makes a great big extension to the Gazebo! It's the perfect size for a spare bedroom when random people come to visit. It's also 3D so i can have a fireplace or just play the SIMs on it. It feels like it makes my new home so much bigger.
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on February 23, 2015
The 84lm9600 can be updated to HDMI 2.0 at a cost of $499. A service technician is required to come out. Contact customer service to set up an appointment.
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on December 19, 2015
very nice tv however; Amazon send me the wrong model LG Electronics 84UB9800 84-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D LED TV (2014 Model) with is better
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