Customer Reviews: LG Electronics PB63U LED Projector (2014 Model)
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on March 21, 2014
Tested all 3. LG was better than both on features (tv tuner, wifi, auto keystone). ML 550 had focus issues which is ok for movies but not for reading. LG and Qumi did not have focus issues period. LG outshines Qumi in brightness and comparable to ML 550. LG only projector with manual color correction. ML looks good but a bit oversaturated. Qumi a bit too cold. LG was the obvious choice for me especially since it was 100 bucks cheaper than either Qumi or ML 550. All 3 projectors were 500 lumens.
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on June 20, 2013
I got this projector mainly for traveling and for big screen movies in the house. It's VERY portable and comes with convenient carrying case for travel. Startup<5sec, cooldown<2sec, only uses 60w power, LED life will outlast me most likely. The 500 lumens and 720p video quality at 15000:1 contrast is perfect for any room that is dim or moderately illuminated. Don't expect it to look good in the middle of the day with windows open letting light in but in a dark or dim room it will blow you away!!! Color is outstanding and there are many settings to tweak it to your liking. It is such a small unit that you can't expect good sound quality and that's why I use a Big Jambox or plug into surround sound speakers if I want a true experience.

As for connectivity, the WIDI is AWESOME and will mirror my laptop in HD with ease (I have 2nd gen i7-2670 w/ HD3000 and GT555m Optimus). My 1.5TB external hard drive plugs directly into the projector via usb and will play content in every format that I've tried so far without the need of a computer (except 3d formats must come from a computer). Standard HDMI for gaming. Has other inputs that I'll never use.

3D works great with Stereoscopic player software (settings: layout=SENSIO Hi-Fi 3D; viewing method=software pageflipping) and SainSonic DLP link glasses. Computer output must be 1024x768 @ 120hz (so essentially a 576p resolution in 16:9 movie aspect but still looks extremely sharp and crisp)

Cons: charger weighs more than projector, that's it.

I highly recommend especially if you move around a lot or travel or have a dark room that needs a large 100" screen.
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on December 16, 2013
First of all, let me clear out what this projector is, and what it's suitable for (and what it's not!):

What is it?
It's a relatively small and portable LED projector, among the brightest with this technology (500 lumens!), with a lot of input possibilities and great quality.

What can I do with it?
You can project almost anything you want, from almost every source you can think of, in a relatively big screen in a darkened room. And it's great!

What is it not suited for?
- You cannot expect it to be as bright as normal (not led) projectors (2000+ lumens), so:
- You cannot project a screen somewhere in the open in the middle of the day
- You cannot even correctly watch a film in a room without closing the curtains and darken it somehow
- It is very bright for it's class, which means it's not so small as other projectors and needs a separate power adapter (other projectors draw the current from a usb plug). So you have to think on carrying bag for the projector, and not bring it along in the same briefcase as the laptop (by the way, it comes with one great and suitable bag, which is a very nice detail).
Having said all that, I believe it's a wonderful projector and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to watch films at home or have a portable projector for presentations.

You won't be disappointed in this aspect. In fact, I never seen a projector more versatile in this aspect, it has hdmi, vga, rca, usb and antenna inputs, and it also has wi-di! It has a built-in media player, so you can connect a portable hard drive and watch movies directly with the remote control. If you want to connect your computer or player you can do it through the vga, rca or hdmi, but if you don't like wires the wi-di works great! If all that is still no not enough you can even connect a chromecast and play netflix movies directly.

Image brightness
As I said, this projector falls short of normal projectors in terms of picture brightness. That means you will be disappointed if you try to project a big picture in a lit room. If you're planning on presentations, you should think of a darkened room for a relatively good experience.
But for normal uses it's absolutely great!! I tried the smaller projectors (100 lumens or less) and it really is a pain to watch movies seriously. You have to be in a completely dark room to remotely enjoy watching them. This is not the case. Even on half-lit rooms the image is bright enough for enjoying a good movie or for presentations. I use it to watch movies at home at night and it feels like going to the cinema!
Image and audio quality
The image is absolutely stunning! It has the drawback (like every portable projector, by the way), that the projected image size depends on the distance to the wall/screen, and you cannot zoom in and out. But it's something most of us can live with. The focus is easily adjustable, and the wheel is not at all loose, so you can trust your projector to maintain it's focus (other projectors have focusing problems when they heat up, but this doesn't seem to be the case).
Of course, the projected image quality depends on the source, but in the case of a blu-ray film I found it even better than my old epson "normal size" projector.
It has built-in speakers, which is great for it's size and can get you out of trouble, but I would recommend to use external speakers (standard audio-jack output) for a better experience.

As I said earlier, this is not one of the cheapest led-projectors which you can put in your pocket and connect it directly to the usb, and it doesn't run on batteries. It has a big power adapter, which allows for a much brighter and generally better picture. Aside from that, the carrying bag is really nice and I can bring it everywhere I want, unlike a "normal" projector.
It also can be mounted on a standard camera tripod, which is very practical to adjust the projector's position without much trouble, and this point totally beats up normal projectors.

LG is one of the oldest brands of led-projectors and it's evident. The projector built quality is excellent, and you can see it's a very evolved model, with much more functions than the competitors, all working flawlessly. It's true that it's more expensive than many of them, but for the price you can't get a better deal.
You could buy this projector for it's versatility, and I don't think you can find another one like this one in that aspect. If you are serious about film watching but you want some portability as well this is the projector for you. Other projectors like the Qumi Q2/Q5, the Aaxa P300 the optoma ML550 or the asus P1 are either too expensive, not so versatile or not so bright.
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on March 15, 2014
Ok, I thought I knew what we were going to be getting when we placed our order. First, the box included a beatiful carrying case with pockets for various accessories, cables and the projector itself. Then looking at the unit, the picture of the back of the projector is a bit grainy, so I thought that it had a composite-in jack, come to find out that it is actually a coaxle in- connector.. This projector, is actually a TV! Not like my previous LG projector that I had for years while I was overseas which was just a projector (AV, HDMI & VGA). Furthermore, I read one review saying they wish there was a keystone function, which made me nervous, but to our delight we learned that it doesn't need manual keystone buttons because the unit automatically adjusts for keystones, usually takes about 1 second and the image auto-adjusts to whatever angle.

Needless to say, we are really impressed with what we found in the box!!
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on September 21, 2014
This is actually my first projector so I can't compare with other projectors. However, having watched some titles with this, I can't go back to TV or my laptop ever. I mainly ordered this to watch movies in darkroom and 500 lumens is really enough. Its fan noise is much silent than I expected. I love its quality of image that like film not like LCD. To anybody who wants to enjoy the latest CG movies or dynamic actions, I don't recommend this product. To anybody who really likes mini theatre, I highly recommend this tiny amazing projector. Anyhow I truly love my own mini theatre with this and I definitely appreciate today's great technology.
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on November 17, 2014
I've been unable to find a compatibility list for the included Wi-Di dongle; does not work with my Kindle Fire and probably won't work with other Miracast-spec devices.

Great projector though. Small, quiet, bright for it's size. No support for horizontal keystone adjustment; only vertical. Needs to be horizontally-centered towards the projection surface.
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on April 28, 2015
I bought this unit after reading some stellar reviews and doing extensive research. I got this unit simply for the picture quality, so this review will not consider the built in tv tuner etc. Firstly the good, the unit is tiny, comes with a fashionable handbag that might pass as a "ladies handbag". Picture quality is great and you can tweak the picture parameters to your heart's content. The auto-keystone feature works very well too.
However the bad outweighed the good in my case. I got this projector for my game room thinking the long lifespan of the LED Bulb and the "bright enough" picture would make a great replacement for my LCD TV there. I had the projector mounted at 12 feet for a diagonal image size of 112.5inch. Which is in line with projector central calculation. However the image was fuzzy, as in you can tell that its not fully in focus. The max projection distance for this projector with a usably crisp image is around 9 feet which would create around 85" screen. The projector is plenty bright for a 12' throw distance but the lens simply isn't designed to throw from such a distance. I bought the projector for a large screen experience and unfortunately 85" isn't a large enough screen anymore. I also had a Vivitek Qumi Q500 at hand which is used in the kids room. Comparing side by side, the Vivitek has some distinct advantages
1) Picture is crisp at 12 feet for around 122" screen.
2) Brightness is similar but Vivitek has a slight edge.
3) Vivitek fan doesn't go one like a tiny wind turbine all the time.

1) Has a warmer picture out of the box. Some may like this
2) Auto Keystone works as advertised, it adjusts the image to whatever angle you tip your projector without too many visible artifacts.
3) Has a TV tuner (I didn't test this but seemed like an interesting choice for people who would like to watch TV in a near dark room)
4) The wireless display adapter comes bundled. Most other vendors charge for it.
Finally, the most annoying issue of the LG is its focus shifts as it warms up. Since I had mine placed on a wall behind me, I found myself constantly refocussing this projector and this is simply not acceptable.

Ultimately, the LG is going back, I really wanted to like it. I got it at a great price as a warehouse deal. But even with plenty of light output, this unit isn't sharp for large projections. If small scale projections are what you need, there are plenty of offerings from Vivitek, Optoma etc that can do better.

As for me, I settled for a Vivitek Q7 which is noticeably brighter. Is crisp at 12 feet and has an equally effective auto-keystone. The Qumi Q5 is a comparable model to this unit and that handily outperforms this one as well in image quality in my humble opinion.

Even though the unit performed as expected, it simply doesn't set the bar in any particular category and as such, I am giving it 3 stars.
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on September 23, 2014
This little thing is amazing. It is an HD tv in a white plastic case the size of a paperback book. Clear pic, great color. I had to darken the room to use my old incandescent Epson which was rated at 2200 lumens. This 500 lumen unit seems as bright and is so much clearer, so much sharper. A new Epson bulb cost $150-$200 every three years and would dim over time just got frustrating. Read about the logarithmic nature of lumens before you spend $1200 on an incandescent projector.

The only drawback, and this is not nothing, is that it has no zoom. You will have to place the projector precisely to fit the size of your screen. I'd like to be able to put mine on a cushion on my couch. Maybe a ceiling mount? I'll figure this out. It is sooo worth it.
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on December 23, 2014
For the investments, the projector provides a very large, sharp image anywhere you care to point it. The picture is fantastic, even projected on a salmon colored wall (largest in the house). It's also great for business presentations; I've used in in large and tiny rooms and clients love it.

The fan does have a tendency to run loud if the projector is in use for several hours. It doesn't bother me in business presentations because people are so focused on the content being broadcast and at home we use a mono cord to hook up the sound to a Bose Soundlink II, so we don't really notice the fan until we shut everything down. It's so lightweight and portable, we've even entertained people stuck in bed by projecting on the ceiling. Comes with a very handy carrying case.

Now, if you're looking for a wireless projector, this one is not going to be hassle free because it is not built it (Why not LG?). It gives a super sharp picture with Apple TV, which you can use to connect a computer wirelessly, so it probably would work with Raku, Chromecast, FireTV (can't say from experience, however.)


I do wonder why LG decided to go with WIDI instead of WiFi, but I'm not an engineer so it will remain a mystery. However, after 3.5 hours of research on the web, I was able to get the WIDI dongle to work with an HP laptop running Windows 7. For those, who are interested in trying the solution that worked for me (without having to read endless articles):

Using the computer you intend to use to broadcast to the WIDI dongle, search for Intel MWT and Intel My WiFi Dashboard. Download and install these two free software from Intel. In the case of the Intel MWT, you should see a link on the Intel page to "Automatically install your wireless driver and software."

Then download and install the Intel WiDi App ( There are several versions supported on both Windows 7 & 8 so the trick is to download and install the version that will run with the dongle you are using. In the case of the LG dongle that came with the projector, version 3x is the only thing that will work with it (this according to LG's website). (With the newer TVs and adaptor, version 4x does work with other WIDI devices and it does have the capability of looking for legacy hardware but it couldn't find the LG adaptor. The flaw is in the adaptor; you would think a firmware update would be called for.)

Launch the My WiFi Dashboard, select the projector and what you see on the wall should be what you see on your computer.

Hope this helps. (I'm knocking a star off because LG claims the projector can be used wirelessly with the provided adaptor, which ultimately does work but not without more hassle than its worth. We generally use an HDMI cable or the Apple TV)
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on October 30, 2014
I'm the Director of Exhibits for a children's museum and I purchased one of these projectors to replace an older model Epson in one our exhibits. Being my first LED projector, I wasn't sure what to expect. But, I was totally blown away by the picture quality. As I showed other employees, they could not believe it either and I was showing them on the tan walls in my office. Many have said they want to buy one now for their homes now. I have since purchased 2 more for our exhibits and our Director of Education has purchased 2 as well. Low heat, great picture, low energy costs, long LED life - you can't miss. I have to say, I also purchased a lower cost Asus S1 model, but there is no comparison. You might have to pay about $140 t0 $150 more for this one, but it's way worth it.
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