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on January 22, 2011
I had done research on many LED-LCD HDTVs before deciding on this one. To be candid, the reason I got this one was primarily around the price for the features. I was pleasantly surprised that I could get this TV for less than some of the others, Samsung, in my wish list. This had features that the more expensive TVs did not such as 240Hz and Internet connectivity.

The seller is a company called Vann's and I was very happy with their customer service rep. I had wanted the TV expedited and I called them to work out the details. They refunded the extra money when they told me they only ship via ground. At first I was disappointed, but then pleased when they indicated it would still arrive within 3 days. The TV arrived right on time and FedEx had called the day before to let me know it would arrive the next day. The box had another larger box with padding to protect the TV - very nice touch. I would definitely order from Vann's again.
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on February 13, 2011
This being our first Flat screen TV, we wanted to make sure we got a good one. We did a lot of research before we chose the LG Infinia. We wanted 240Hz and slim LED. We started looking at the 42" and ended up choosing the 47". We went a little above the budget we set but it was well worth it.
The LED picture is superb and the screen does not give off any heat.You are in the room with whomever is on the screen.The picture is clear, crisp and the colors are incredible. It was easy to set up. The only thing we really had to change was our cable service. We needed to get the HD box from Comcast instead of what we had. After that it has been one great movie, Superbowl and TV show after another.We are thrilled. We are over 60 and that we could even set the TV up was amazing to us( without the Geek Squad). We have not set up with the internet yet. We are saving that for another day.Too much success in one day may do us in.
This was actually the first big ticket item we have ever ordered off the internet and couldn't be happier.
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on February 3, 2011
I'm not a TV expert by any means but I did my research before buying this TV. This pretty much gives you what most reviews have said about this. The picture quality is amazing, the controls are easy, and the swivel base is very useful for connecting things behind the TV. The bad piece is that the TV is extremely reflective. You will want to watch your darker movies at night with the lights turned off. Another bad piece is that LG supplies really poor screws for the base. I had read enough about this that I was very careful putting it together, but the screws strip very easily. Also, just FYI, this TV is much heavier than its 47inch LG counterparts. The only thing I could think of was that LED local dimming makes the TV heavier than the edge lit TVs but like I said I'm not a TV expert :)
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on December 24, 2010
The skinny is you won't go wrong if you order this set.

I may be wrong, but, I see 3D as a gimmick. If you want it, better find another set as this set does not have that feature.

I would love if the LG Netcast service had a option to check Facebook...what can I say, I'm hooked. ;-)

Setting this TV up was a snap. I took it out of the package, plugged in the cable and ethernet, set my time zone, and that's all you have to do. It's a snap. The picture is great, although I did change the "picture mode" to "vivid" as I liked the way that looked. Anyway, I'm happy with the purchase. FWIW, We bought both the 47 and 55 inch sets.

My only gripe, is that I wish that they had included a single, more richly featured, programmable remote control. They give you two remotes, a mini remote that does just the basics, and a full remote. I would love to be able to add my Tivo and cable features to their remote.
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on October 21, 2010
OK let me start by saying that this TV looks amazing. I have mine on the stand it that looks great. Overall very sleek and stylish. In a bright room, the glare may be an issue, but if I turned the lights off behind the couch, its fine. the glare is only an issue in dark scenes. But thats not the least of worries in dark scenes...

The idea of the LED local dimming is excellent. I bought the TV thinking it was an additional feature, but in normal TV and bright scenes the local dimming works well - especially when there is only a small portion of black and the rest is lighter. However when you watch a horror movie, for instance - The Strangers, which is very dark with few light portions, the blooming around the lighted spots is ridiculous. I had to turn the local the dimming off when watching this movie last night. The response rate is great, but it is definitely noticeable when the LEDs switch on an off as the camera moves. Also, on very bright screens, like an Apple commercial for example, from certain angles you can see the grid of LEDs lighting up. There are very subtle darker lines in between the rows of LEDs which is starting to annoy me. With that said, for almost everything besides extremely bright and extremely dark pictures (with a little bit of light) the picture is outstanding. I've seen the edge-lit LEDs and definitely notice the blooming on those as well during the same extremely light and dark scenes, so its a matter of personal preference.

I would highly recommend this TV, plenty of inputs, awesome picture -just that one annoying issue on extremely light and dark scenes.
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on February 7, 2011

47" TV, it's 1" bigger than 46
The color control is amazing! I love using the picture wizard to calibrate.
Internet enabled, great! Can stream media from computers.
Headphone out for hooking up computer speakers
Great price for the TV
Little to no heat felt.
Low power!
Great looking on pedestal.


Wish I could access Facebook and Internet sites via browser.
Antenna/Cable plug is vertical?
Missing a set of screws but fixed by buying better screws at Lowe's
The set of screws that did come with it were stripping even with slight tightening pressure, screws at lowe's were MUCH better! and perfect fitting.
Manual could be better(contains other TVs).
Wish wireless adapter came with TV.
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on January 9, 2011
I bought this TV when it was deeply discounted. I read up on all the reviews of TVs and found this one to be one of the best. I decided to go with it instead of the 4500 version because of what I've read related to clouding that can occur.

It basically was a plug and play. I don't quite have all of the mechanics down related to the issues of movement - I noticed last night there was some pixelating of herbs when they were being shook dry - I imagine I can set that differently.

I did hook it up to my computer just for giggles and it's an amazing screen.

Is there glare? Yes. Is there reflection? Yes. I have a window opposite it - you can't really reconstruct your home so I deal with it - just close the curtains. It works fine.
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on January 21, 2011
Bought this LED HDTV during black friday. When i received this product and it did not include any stand for the TV. I was forced to call amazon to help reorder the stand for the tv. Amazon has great customer service, they called for me, but LG asked that I called, which i did. Even though LG is a great electronic company, the employees are nice but the wait was too long. It took about 2-3 weeks for the TV to arrive at our house and another 3 weeks to wait for the stand which was not rushed at all. It took almost a month for us to finally be able to set up the tv. Other than that, the TV works fine, here are some of my pros and cons for the TV.

LED makes screen bright
Appearance looks good
includes two remote (one that looks like for kids)
Has netflix and wireless ready
Plenty of HDMI ports

Bulit in speakers not too great (i didnt expect it to be)
Swivel stand only can spin about 45degree.

Overall this TV is great, just make sure you have external speakers for bluray movies =)
Be sure to check if they include everything they are suppose to!
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on January 23, 2011
I've had this LED TV for almost a month now, and I do have to say - it's amazing. I do have to agree with a lot of other reviewers that the screen is really reflective. Knowing this in advance I purchased the LG LSW200BG wall mount. This wall mount is pretty amazing too. It allows you to have the TV almost flat against the wall or you can pull it out roughly 8-10 inch. to get at the hook ups. You can also swing the TV left or right and tilt it up or down. Angling the TV down a little helps with the glare. Sorry for the review on the wall mount, but if you are concerned with glare, this is the way to go. Shop around for the wall mount, I found for half the price that amazon wants for it. Again, I'm very happy with the TV.
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on January 26, 2011
Wanted to add a unique review here regarding the previous reviewers.
And that is a thank you for pointing out the issue with the mounting screws. Since I was aware of the complaints regarding the screws I was very careful in using a philips head driver that was new and not worn and made sure to apply appropriate torque without stripping the head or causing other problems. The TV could use more screws to mount the base but with the warning I was able to set the screws with out any problem.
As for glare/reflections, yep it's got it, but so did the older tube TVs. I'm ok with it.
Really enjoy the TV.
So thanks to you reviewers and for Amazon for providing the forum for such an information exchange.
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