Customer Reviews: LG Optimus G Pro, Black 32GB (AT&T)
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on June 4, 2013
I used to have a Samsung Galaxy S2. Then the S3 and now the S4 came out. I didn't want the same thing anymore. I wanted something different, something bigger so I don't have to squint my eyes or pinch to enlarge pictures or texts. It was a toss up between the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or the LG Optimus G Pro. At the time when I was up for a new phone the LG Optimus G Pro wasn't available. I waited. Then May 3rd came, the pre-order day. I pre-ordered the LG Optimus G Pro so that I can get the free Folio case with it. Based on the specs of the LG Optimus G Pro, I knew I wanted the LG over the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 because it was slightly narrower, has full HD screen, and faster. I definitely made the right choice. So far I have nothing but praise about the LG Optimus G Pro. Too bad they don't advertise it or market it as much as Samsung. To those reading this review, I can tell you that you won't be disappointed with this phone. It zips through everything, anything. No lag. And best of all it comes with 32GB internal disk space to start, not like the more expensive Note 2 with 16GB. Android is Android, and if you can get a phone that can do what you want without any issues then you have a winner. LG has a winner, the Optimus G Pro. You can't go wrong with this phone if you want a phablet with bells and whistles and lasts you all day long with its long battery life that charges about 1.5 hours on a full charge. What I really like about this phone is the multi-color home button that flashes teal green when you have emails or notifications. Cool. I'm getting used to its size. I think I might stick with this size for my next phone too. Hope this helps.
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on June 24, 2013
+ 5.5" screen @ 1080p. Bought it because the huge screen helps avoid carrying multiple devices, is easy to read and amazing
+ Android 4.1.2. Not 4.2.2 but still good. Won't notice much difference
+ Display is gorgeous and useful
+ dual record camera is actually useful e.g. concert recording
+ $99 deal
+ 4G LTE from ATT is actually blazing fast. (around NYC)
+ 4G speeds are good.
+ has IR sensor so you can use it as universal remote but not as feature rich as HTC One's or Samsung's which has TV Guide integrated.
+ smooth phone, no lag, not choppy
+ Qslide (multi-tasking) is limited but could be useful
+ LED light around home button is extremely useful
+ excellent battery life - I charged phone all night. Next morning, used it in the bus for my 55min ride and used it to browse and read Pulse news. After the ride, it still showed 100%. I was amazed. After moderate whole day use, it had dropped to only 74% in the evening. Left it like that overnight and next morning it was only 61% (only 13% drop overnight). Auto-sync was on along with Power save.
Charges very fast - 1.5 hrs from 0 to full charge.
+ default wallpapers are actually very beautiful for a change
+ has removable battery and I added my old 32GB ext card to add to the 32GB internal storage!! (64GB total storage!), again, all for $99 base price!
+ Input methods are amazing - you can type, talk or use your handwriting to have it recognize the words. Talking works well in a quiet env. Handwriting is a hit about 80% of time. I found Samsung Note 2 more accurate here in OCR. Still, it is very good.

- didn't come with any SD card
- didn't come with the MHL cable which my 2 year old Samsung Infuse 4G did. C'mon.
- NFC tags have to be bought (possibly from LG) for some useful features
- sound quality isn't as good as HTC One which blows every phone out of the water. Actually iPhone's quality is better than this.
- Not sure if Activation fee of $36 is waived or not with ATT.
- strangely speeds drop to E (edge) speeds. Never hit 3G when 4G is not available? I'd expect it to drop from 4G to 3G or HSPA+, not Edge.
- Original LG charge cable sometimes says "Slow charging because of cable USB/TA charging current wrong" or something. Very odd.
- connected to my car USB and this is the only phone which makes my stereo say "USB Not supported".
- after transferring videos to my NAS, only this phone's videos play with audio but with black video image. i.e. there is no video but only audio plays. Not sure if it is recording in some proprietary format or has some DRM that blocks it unless you use their LG transfer program. Have to research.
- ATT bloatware cannot be removed unless you root

Overall, a solid improvement from my Samsung Infuse 4G.

Edit: The device doesn't support UMS (USB Mass Storage) option which means if you use a linux machine, you cannot see the storage of the phone and mount it as /media/SDCard as before. There are only options for MTP sync or PC Software mode which doesn't mount it properly in Linux. So the solution is to get mtp tools on the linux (mine is ubuntu) desktop to fix it.
Helpful instructions - [...]
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on January 18, 2014
I bought this phone for $19.99 and am extremely happy with it. For one penny at the current price, this is a steal.

I switched from an iPhone 4s which I had used for two years, and, which had served me very well. However, I wanted a bigger screen, 4G speed and "landscape" view for maps, and, I didn't have the money to upgrade to the newest iPhone. So, I bought this Android device, instead. I don't regret the switch, at all.

Screen size -- a gorgeous 5.5", close to best-in-class with 1080p and 401 ppi resolution, great clarity, brightness and colors. An absolute joy to use.
Battery life -- Stellar; you will easily get through the day with heavy usage. A big improvement over the iPhone. If you reduce the screen brightness, you can squeeze more life out of the battery.
Phone size -- Yeah, it's big, but, it still fits into my jeans front pocket. The large size of the phone also means that it's easier to grip, and harder to drop, because you have a better grip on it. I haven't dropped it once in over 3 months of use.
Processing power -- Quad core, 1.7 Ghz, more than powerful enough for everyday tasks and occasional gaming. Can be switched to dual-core as an energy-saving feature.
Storage space -- a generous 32 GB, with an extra 64 GB available if you add a Micro SD card.
Removable battery -- this was the closer for me. I like the fact that the battery is removable. This allows you to carry a spare around (although, with the great battery life of this phone, you really don't need to do this), and, further down the road, to eventually replace the battery entirely when the re-charging capacity is reduced, thus greatly extending the life and functionality of your phone.
User interface -- Very easy to use. LG's "skin" for the Android operating system is not overly gaudy or showy. There are a bunch of pre-installed junk programs, but, you can delete most of them. Most everything on this phone can be customized to fit your preferences.
Camera -- Quite excellent. I actually reduce the picture resolution from the default 13 megapixels (which creates ridiculously large image file sizes) down to a more reasonable 8 megapixels (which creates picture files of roughly 2 megabytes in size).
LED-lit Home button -- Very cool. There is a multi-color LED backlight surrounding the home button, which can serve as a notification.

Speaker -- Adequate, but, not great. Sound quality is fine for speakerphone calls, but, it could be better. Worthless for listening to music.

Call answering -- A minor gripe, but, still worth mentioning. The call answering gesture is the most idiotic that I've seen on a smartphone -- instead of simply tapping "Answer (a ringing phone icon)," you have to do a swipe of the phone icon that is actually more tricky to pull off than it should be. Really stupid.

Apps that I recommend:

Inomail Lite -- the best e-mail program that I've used. Very similar interface to iPhone's e-mail.
Google Voice -- Allows you to make free texts, using a Google Voice number. -- Great dictionary.
Opera web browser -- The best Android browser, in my opinion. The only one that lets you easily create website bookmarks, amazingly, and, which has browser controls at the bottom of the screen.

Note that, as of 1/18/2014, AT&T has revised the smartphone plans on its website to the decidedly more costly "Mobile share" plans, but, if you buy your phone from Amazon, you can still choose the cheaper "Nation Talk" plans. Here's why I don't think the Mobile share plans make sense. Yes, they offer unlimited talk and text, but, I never came close to using my 450 minutes a month, and, with rollover, those unused minutes are available to you the next month. As far as texting -- I chose to pay per text with my Nation Talk plan, and I simply use Google Voice texting app to text for free. There are other apps that allow you to do free MMS texting. If a few texts are sent to me via AT&T's SMS texting service, I pay 20 cents per message (30 cents for pictures), which doesn't come close to the $20 charged fee for unlimited texting. Here is my breakdown of available plans:

Nation Talk 450 (2-year contract):
450 talk minutes (with rollover) - $39.99
3 GB of data - $30.00
20 cents per text, or, $20 for unlimited texting (better to pay per text, and use the Google Voice app for free texting)
Monthly total - $69.99, plus taxes and fees

Mobile share plan (2-year contract):
Unlimited talk and text
2 GB of data - $40 ($70 for the next tier, 4 GB)
Connection fee - $40
Monthly total - $80, plus taxes and fees

Mobile share plan (no contract; bear in mind that you will pay the full purchase price of your smartphone, potentially hundreds of dollars):
Unlimited talk and text
2 GB of data - $40 ($70 for the next tier, 4 GB)
Connection fee - $25
Monthly total - $65, plus taxes and fees
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on June 6, 2013
I was looking for the best upgrade to a Galaxy S3 I had been using. I didn't want the S4 since it was too similar to the S3. I gave the HTC one a try for about two weeks but wasn't impressed, I mostly didn't like sense 5 and wasn't willing to live with it. I happened upon the LG Optimus G Pro online and it looked like a note 2 knock off but once I saw it and used it I found I was wrong. The features are very cool and the multi windows are great. The screen is gorgeous!!!
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on October 9, 2013
I honestly, can not say anything bad, about the LG Optimus G Pro Smartphone! It simply, is awesome. The size of the viewing, is large, larger than a Galaxy S4. It works and is easy to use. My daughter is so in love, with this phone. I added 32GB extra memory, so that she could take more pictures/videos with her phone, of her grandson ... My great-grandson.

Setup was so easy. Basically, turn on your phone, after inserting the micro-sims card and extra memory. After that, you simply personalize the phone, to what you want and don't want. I did, make sure that there was a good Anti-Virus program/app installed, with an Android phone, that really has become a necessity. The rest of the apps were the ones, she wanted and uses.

First of all, by buying this phone on Amazon ... I was able to save $50, from AT&T's online store. Which allowed me to buy a phone protector and the extra memory. I am extremely pleased, with this purchase and this phone. Important question ... Would I purchase a Smartphone from Amazon, again? Yes, in a heartbeat!!!
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on July 5, 2013
I came from an Samsung (1st gen) Galaxy Note so a lot of what I write will be with that in mind. What I was really looking for was the maximum screen size I can get away with but solve one of my annoyances with the GNote: its width. Ii was simply too wide to comfortably use without really stretching my thumb to reach the other side of the screen without some hand contorting. Other than that, I utterly loved the GNote, The size didn't bother me as far as fitting in my pockets (quite easily) or how it made me look talking on the phone. That said, I use my phone heavily with Google Map/Navigator as I'm driving. I have it mounted on my center console and the size is perfect for me to glance at and get a reading on the traffic conditions around town. Yes I can do that with smaller phones but I'd have to focus really hard and squint. Obviously dangerous the longer you need to take your eyes off the road to look at the screen. The iPhone 5 was horrible in this sense (I use one for work). It's plenty sharp but at a distance, that sharpness is for naught. The Galaxy S4 was something I was seriously looking into (along with the HTC One). It was a slight decrease in size and it definitely solved my width problem. And at a distance, it was a bit tiny but acceptable. But the lag in the UI on the S4 turned me off. I'm sure it was because of all the gesture bells and whistles, but I'd rather have it simple and snappy. The plastic construction didn't bother me at all and I really don't know where people get off calling it cheap looking. Looking at the HTC, I was impressed by the design, but felt that it made far too many compromises that I wasn't too keen on. The non-removable battery, the same size chassis but with a smaller screen as the S4 and the Ultra-Pixel camera was not my thing. I'd rather have more resolution than low-light performance. I take pictures of building facilities and network infrastructure so it's nice being able to take pictures from afar and zooming in for the details. I can't do that with the Ultra-Pixel, of course this is a personal preference. Younger people who like taking pictures in clubs and restaurants might prefer the HTC One's camera.
As I was zeroing in on the S4 as my choice, I visit an AT&T store to play with it and I see the LG Optimus G Pro a few phones down the line and it instantly intrigued me. It was all the same hardware setup as the S4 (with lower clock speed) and the One but a larger screen. It is plastic like the S4, doesn't look at flashy but the screen is beautiful After a few more times of visiting the store and playing with it here's what I find:

The Phone is fast. Although it has a slower clock speed, it zips around all of the UI elements with buttery ease compared to the S4 which stutter all over the place. Just for an apples-to-apples comparison, I started Google Maps on both and performed a battery of tests: scrolling, zooming, satellite and map modes, searches, etc. Again the S4 stutter pretty bad. The GPro was amazingly smooth.
The size of the GPro was just about as close to ideal for me. Again, mileage may vary. If your priorities are different then this phone might not be for you. I do a lot web browsing, maps, email, note taking, picture taking; pretty much everything but talk on the phone.
When I first got the phone, it seemed that the battery didn't last much longer than my 2yr old GNote. I was a bit disappointed. But this was while I was doing a lot of App installation and tweaking the phone to my needs. This would definitely be considered heavy, heavy use. I quickly rooted the phone and also uninstall/disable AT&T bloatware. Starting the 3rd day when I really began using the phone normally I realize the battery life was not only much better than I first thought, it was stellar. With light to moderate use, the battery was at 8% after 49 hours. I was blown away. It may be a combination of de-bloating as well as a conscious effort at power management that allowed it to last that long, but no matter how you spin it, that is some staying power. I couldn't even make the GNote last half that long just on standby.

The screen is amazing. Crisp, great in outdoor and moderate sunlight. The details are pretty ridiculous. Coming from a AMOLED plus screen, this unit definitely displayed truer colors, even against the S4. Not to say the S4 screen is inferior, but they sure have different strength.
One thing I do miss about the AMOLED screen was how dark the blacks are. This IPS LCD display never truly comes close to true black. I use my phone as an alarm clock next to my bed. With the phone in night mode, the GNote was so dark that literally all you see is the dim time displayed over a pitch dark screen, very pleasing. With the GPro, the background is a blue-gray that's just bright enough to be slightly annoying.
Sound quality on this, in both the speaker and the headphone output is mediocre at best. The DAC unit in this phone is pretty basic. It really is no match for the advanced DACs that are installed in the S4, the One or the iPhones. The fidelity is pretty muted and there really isn't a global EQ adjustment that you can use to improve this very much. The pre-installed Music Player does have some Dolby optimization, which does improve overall range, but it only exist in that App, not in others like Google's Play Music. Thankfully, this isn't a big priority for me. If you listen to a lot of music on your phone, you may want to take a listen before buying.
With my GNote, I was constantly looking to improve the phone's software. 3rd party ROMs and Modifications was the way to get it. The last thing to consider is the Development community's support of this device. I was hesitant because of this because, quite frankly, LG doesn't get the kind of love that Samsung and perhaps even HTC gets. So as of now, you're not going to find a lot of 3rd party development of Mods and ROMs. Making things even harder is the fact that this phone as a locked bootloader. Both issues will very likely be remedied soon, but it might take a while. This would have been a bigger issue for me if it weren't for the fact that the Software on this phone is so well put together (aside from the bloatware). I have no doubt that eventually, I'll be looking to experiment with other Roms, etc. But right now, I'm in no hurry.
One of the coolest bonuses is the built in wireless (Qi) charging feature. It spurred a little project of mine to come up with the best charging car mount setup. I custom made a little setup using an LG WPC-300 charging pad, adding some embedded neodymium magnets. I'm loving it so far.
I started my smartphone experience with a Treo 700W (Windows Mobile), then several iPhones, Galaxy S2 Skyrocket and then the Galaxy Note. I'm as brand agnostic as you'll find and I believe I gave all the current phones a fair shake before settling on the LG Optimus G Pro. I still use an iPhone 5 at work, but it feels like I'd rather pull this phone out of my pocket when I want to look something up.
Overall, I'm very, very happy with this phone. It just plain-jane enough to not bring a whole lot of attention to itself, but has the power and elegance to impress the only person that matters: me. Getting it for $99 on sale was icing on the cake.
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on March 15, 2014
I am a technology junkie and typically upgrade every few months chasing the latest technology. The last few phones I've owned include:

Galaxy S4 (Verizon)
LG Nexus 5 (AT&T)
Galaxy Note 2 (Verizon)

I stopped using the Note 2 and gave it to my son who is in college. I found myself missing the real estate of the larger screen but didn't want to take it back from my son.

I was going to go after the Note 3 but would have to purchase it off-contract and $700+ is insane for a phone.

Screen size - even though it has a 5.5" screen similar to the Note 2 this phone is noticably more narrow to hold in one hand.
Wireless charging works great
Wicked fast - I use Nova Launcher Prime and never a hesitation

Much prefer the stock Gmail app to the LG skinned app
While there are some nice touches in the skinned launcher, I prefer stock Android
Not many third party case options for protection
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 20, 2014
I was looking for an upgrade from my S3. My top choice was the LG G2. And if I was patient enought, I would have waited for the Samsung S5. But across all AT&T stores the LG G2s were completely sold out. Not only that my sales rep told me that he himself was on a waiting list and had already been waiting three weeks for it.

He highly recommended the LG Optimus G Pro as an alternative. I was very hesitant because I was not looking for a big phone because I like to Swype with one hand. But he told me that it was very similar to the LG G2, only bigger. I gave it a try and I'm glad I did.

Here's what I absolutely love about this phone:

1) It's fast. In fact it's noticeably faster than my S3. There is no lag whatsoever.

2) Battery life is stellar. This is my fourth smartphone. I've always hated the fast battery drain that is characteristic of most cell phones. That includes even the most popular phones such as the S3, S4, Nexus 5 and HTC One. Based on the reviews the LG G2 has the longest battery life of any phone out there right now. However the LG Optimus G Pro is in the same league. I would estimate that I'm getting a day and a half to two days out of each charge.

3) Swappable battery. The added flexibility of being able to replace the battery while you're on the go is incredible.

4) Thin and light. For what it is, it doesn't get any better.

I debated between waiting for the S5 or going on a waiting list for the LG G2. Getting the Optimus G Pro was a calcuated risk based on the a zealous sales rep's recommendation at the ATT store.

I am glad I took his advice. And by the way the concern about getting a big phone and not being able to Swype with one hand was easily addressed given that you can resize your keyboard and slide it over to the left or right.
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on July 23, 2013
LG phones are very underrated since they don't have the same big brand name recognition like Samsung, HTC, or Nokia. But they do something to their android phones that the big boys don't. They leave it pretty much stock like how it is suppose to be. Their UI is so minimal and makes sure the phone is not a lagging mess.

The Optimus G Pro is in the phablet category and it performs way better than the Galaxy Note II. Less weight, heft, and not as wide just tall. The battery life is phenomenal and basically you want this phone then a Galaxy Note II. It is superior to the Galaxy Note II in every way.

Screen - Beautiful and accurate colors with lots of detail. The Galaxy note II can't touch this screen
Processing - No lag and the CPU is vastly superior to a lot of phones including the Galaxy Note II
Ram - Same 2GB like most high end phones
Storage - Comes with 32Gb on board. Not even the Galaxy Note II comes with that much on board.
Sound - Hands down great
Camera - 13mp with dual record and dual camera
IR Sensor - can control other household electronics from the phone.
QSlide - multi tasking at its best

Just a phone built for that person that doesn't want Samsung Touchwiz or HTC Sense UI enhancement that just slows a phone down and makes it lag like all get out.

Did I mention that it has Qi charging built into the phone for out the box ready use to wirelessly charge.
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on November 15, 2013
I bought this phone recently due it's reviews and I also played around with it at an ATT store before purchasing. I will be as honest as I can be so that people can get an accurate review. My first impression was that the screen on this thing is absolutely amazing. I have compared many other smart phones screens, and this phone has one of the best. Big, bright and crisp. HD content is out of this world. Sometimes I feel like I'm not even holding a phone. Build quality is excellent. The bezel around the phone is super thin, making it smaller to hold.You can feel that it's a nice and sturdy phone. Battery life is excellent. I don't know what phone the other reviewers had when they said that this battery is not that good. It is excellent and lasts a very long time. I'm a somewhat heavy user and it lasts me all day. The speaker on this phone is bad, but not horrible. It's too pitchy with it's sound. But it is satisfactory. Placement of the speaker is on the rear, so if you are playing music, you can't lay it on its back. LG should have placed the speaker in a diff area on the phone. Camera is pretty decent. Takes good quality shots. When I compared to my other phones, it was not as detailed, but still very good. Auto focus was a little slower as well. Video is excellent. Video was nice and clear with great 1080p. LG's UI is very good. I could find everything I needed without any issues. I don't know why people were bashing it. It's simple and easy to use. Everything is layed out just fine. The phone has quick memo and lets you write on the screen with your finger just like the Note, but without a stylus. To be honest, I'b prob never pull that stylus out anyway. Much easier with your finger. Phone can multi task and you can move your applications around on the screen (resize, transparency) as you wish. This phone has so many options in its user interface that it's crazy. Call quality is excellent. The home button is a little too thin for my taste, but my fingers go used to it. All of the other buttons where just fine and I am able to find them quite easily. The phone has 32GB of onboard storage and an Micro SD slot to expand for 64GB more. More than enough space than you will ever need. There is no lag on this phone at all. Its processor is super fast. You can tell right away when you launch apps and use things on it. It also has an IR Blaster to control your TV and cable boxes. I have to say that the IR blaster was super easy to set up. Literally less than a minute. I thought the phone would be too big, but I got used to it. I had no issues using it with one hand. In conclusion, I must say that this phone is excellent. For the money, you will not find anything even close to it. I picked up my iPhone 5 after a few days of using this LG Pro, and I could not believe how superior it was to it. I'm a stubborn Apple guy and didn't want to switch from Apple. When I looked at my iPhone it really felt ike I was looking at an ancient outdated phone. One you get one, you will see what I mean. You will not go back to Apple. Again...The 1080P screen on this phone is AMAZING! Although the Note 3 has slightly better specs, this phone comes very close with its beautifull screen and IMO and it's screen is better since it's an IPS. Plus it's like 200-300 cheaper. If your on the fence on this phone, don't worry. Buy it! You will not regret it one bit. This phone has not been advertised as much as Samsung and Apple, but it should have been. I'm really suprised more people don't know about this phone. I only found this phone because of the CNET reviews. If it had a better speaker, I'd give it a 5 rating. It's a great great phone.
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