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on September 10, 2011
An exemplary show of quality and capability at a reasonable price.

Mid-term (Six-month) and Long Term (One Year) updates are at the bottom.

The Praise (Stuff that's good)...
- Exceptionally comfortable; it's easy to forget it's there
- Very decent sound quality for both stereo media and phone calls
- Buttons are all easy to find by touch
- Long battery life
- Very nice feature set
- Extremely easy to seat in the ears
- Haptic call alert

The Raze (Stuff that's bad)...
- It's easy to forget it's there
- May not work as comfortably for some people with loose, long hair
- Bass highly dependent on the seating of the bud in your ear
- Multi-connection mode connects one profile to each device only

The Haze (Stuff to consider)...
- As with all stereo Bluetooth media, the device's implementation of the Bluetooth stack affects the results
- Relatively noise-cancelling, so be careful in sound-critical environments
- Sealed ear bud design... This is not for everybody
- Like most Bluetooth headsets, it has no Mute button

I've got experience with the Motorola S9-HD, so this is not my first BT Stereo headset. I will say that this is my best experience with one however. The first thing to address is that this headset takes a week or so to get used to. People without long hair will have an advantage putting it on and taking it off of course, but it takes a bit to become a pro at how to use and place the ear buds. It's also important to note that people with long hair that is let down may have problems if they habitually brush their hair back past their neck. The wires from the neck band to the ear buds will catch with your hair.

The headset is a torc-style neck band with a pod on either end of a rubber-sleeved memory-alloy neckband. The neckband may feel flimsy, but the memory alloy is strong and takes use without problem. Ear bud wires exit the outside of the pod near the top, back where your ears would be. The ear buds clip into moderate-strength magnetic cups when not in use. Sliding clips hold onto the band and the ear bud wires to allow for length adjustment.

The left pod is slightly heavier and bears the phone "Call Control" button (Including an indicator light ring), microphone, volume buttons, power switch, and Micro USB charging port, which is covered securely by a sealing cover when not in use. The extra weight of this pod tends to cause the headset to hang slightly lower on this side during use. Interestingly, this seems to improve voice pickup quality.

The right pod has the AVRCP (Audio/Video Remote Control Profile) control buttons, with pause/play and track controls. This is Advanced AVRCP, so depending on device capability the controls can be very thorough.

The switch for the power button means that the headset does not turn itself off when it's idle for too long, which can be a definite benefit for the average person who doesn't get or make a phone call every hour. Despite this always-on state, the battery life is phenomenal.

The buttons on the unit are easy to feel and big enough that it's almost impossible to fat-finger them. Basic button functions are easy enough to remember that it shouldn't take more than a few uses at most to become very familiar with them.

The one disappointment is that there is no mute button. If you are on the phone, it is necessary to access the phone's controls to mute it. While very few Bluetooth headsets out there have mute buttons, I think that LG could make an absolute killing with an HBS-710 or something similar that had a headset-based mute function.

The headset overall is very comfortable. After 15 minutes or so, it's easy to forget you're wearing it, especially when you have it in "Standby" (ear buds parked in their cups). This can be a great thing, but can also be a bane if you forget they're there when their non-presence would be a better thing. Examples of this include scratching the back of your neck, taking a shower, or swinging a bag strap over your shoulder.

Despite assumptions to the contrary, after thorough testing by several friends and associates (many of whom were loathe to give the headset back to me), I can officially say:

This headset works JUST FINE while jogging or exercising. The only person who was able to have any problem had to do five cartwheels to get the headset to fall loose. I have found it to be more comfortable overall and more stable in fact than the behind-the-head style headsets (Like the S9), and the neck-torc with short wires works much better in general than long-wired clips or neck hangers.

Unlike many headsets that have a specific radio-shadow issue depending on the device positioning, I have not found any problems with this one. My S9-HD hates it when my phone is in my front pants pocket, for example, because the Bluetooth antenna is in the back. This headset is happy and uninterrupted regardless of where the device is. The reception quality is actually quite impressive, uninterrupted even across 20 feet and through three walls from an HTC Evo 3D transmitting Stereo music.

I join others in saying that I'm no audiophile, but the stereo sound quality on this headset is very good. It's important to consider that it uses closed ear buds. If you are not already comfortable with ear buds, especially ones that block your ear very thoroughly, this may not be for you. The headset comes with two different sizes of bud cups to fit different sized ear canals, and they are both very squishy, so should work in most ears.

The headset has two basic EQ modes, Normal and Bass. A good, tight fit is absolutely critical to achieve any semblance of bass response, but when placed correctly the bass is definitely decent and the Bass EQ mode enhances this nicely for people who enjoy a good low frequency response in their music.

Sound quality on calls is impressive both receiving and sending. The microphone is located on the end of the left pod, just below your chin normally. Unfortunately, it does point out, so wind noise can be more prominent than with some headsets, but very few headsets deal with wind gracefully.

The ring signal is a standard base-tone set, however the headset has haptic feedback for incoming calls in the form of vibration. Even in loud environments, this vibe alert on your neck will get your attention with ease even if the ear buds are not in your ear.

Separation of the power function from the Call control button allows for easier use of call controls. There are more call controls than most people memorize easily, including transferring the call to the handset and handling call waiting.

One review claims that it's easy to hear past the ear buds. When they are in the ear canal properly, this is definitely not true. When off in the ear, they are sufficient to muffle conversational speech. When on, even loud sounds are drowned out easily. It's up to the user to be aware of their surroundings and I strongly encourage the use of only the LEFT ear bud for phone calls while in the car. (The microphone is on the left and if the right ear bud is in use and the left one is docked, it creates a tunnel sound.) Obviously user safety is important in environments where hearing is a good idea.

Multi-connect functionality is different compared to some headsets, and due to the lack of clarity in the manual, I am loathe to test because it doesn't indicate whether it is an ongoing status. When multi-connecting, it will specifically connect one device as the telephony connection, and one device as the stereo connection. I honestly can't remember which, but I have previously used a stereo headset that allowed two devices to be connected and use either profile they liked. In that case, I was able to connect to the phone and the computer, listen to music on the computer, and receive a headset call from either the phone or from the VoIP phone system. In this case, when listening to music on the computer, calls must come from the phone, and no music can come from the phone when it is connected A2DP to the computer.

General to -all- stereo Bluetooth headsets: The device's Bluetooth capability is the complete determinant on capabilities and performance. On some devices and even some -apps- on some devices, the use of Bluetooth will cause the audio to differ substantially in quality and often in sync from wired headphones. The sync on some devices will mean that trying to view a video with the Bluetooth headset is night onto impossible as the sound is way off from the video. This is dependent on the DEVICE and its firmware, not the headphones, so know your device before getting stereo Bluetooth headphones for video viewing or any media use. One important device example: Most iPhones will pipe all audio through the headset, including alerts and system sounds. Changing the audio output/source is necessary to put alarms and alerts back though the phone when any headset is connected.

Overall this is an extremely nice headset and will work well for most people in most cases. The specialty cases and caveats are mentioned above. Several guesses that people have taken in other reviews were directly researched to address. For the price, these are a Must Get for anybody who wants wireless freedom.

Medium Term Update
Jan 11, 2012
This review was originally written in September 2011 after I had the headset for about two months. To help people decide on the longer-term aspects of the headset, this update is an evaluation of how it is doing so far.

The conditions:
Worn daily on weekdays for a minimum of 12 hours a day. Often squished by the collar of a leather jacket, abused by a cat who thinks I shouldn't wear it, removed with one hand, and occasionally caught on things when I don't pay attention. Snowed on, blown by the wind, and rained on a few times and subjected to outside temperatures ranging from 98F to -2F (37C to -19C). In use for a minimum of 40 minutes of calls a day and an average of three hours of music a day, up to six hours of music.

Cosmetic (Appearance, wear on surfaces and materials, etc):
---> Pristine
Structural (Non-electrical attachments, structural stability, etc):
---> Perfect
Base Electrical (Wire connections and condition, button operation, light function, battery):
---> Perfect
Complex Electrical (Radio, processing chips, output, 'intelligence', etc):
---> Perfect

Normally I'd expect to have some wear and tear on the headset. There have been a number of accidents that it should not have survived through. With the excellent price value, I love the headset but replacing it with a new one would not be a wallet breaker, so I admit I haven't been as kind to it as I should be.

Casing is secure and unblemished on contact surfaces. Wires are supple, well-attached and secure, including electrical operation. The neck band, despite it's frail feel, has withstood more abuse than the average person would give it. Batteries continue to charge quickly and last well. Sound quality remains superb.

Medium-term verdict: Five Stars maintained.
It's survived better than a champ. With all it's been through, it still looks and operates as well as day one. I've not been this astounded by such quality construction in decades.

Update to the update: One commenter has alerted that they had wiring problems after a short time. I can see this as being possible, since the wires are exposed, and just like a bruise on your leg that you are unsure how you got, a yank on the wire could be easily forgotten. While I do know that mine has undergone some accidental abuse that made me worry for it, I can also say that it's easy to put the wires under strain that isn't as obvious at the time. Heavy jackets, long hair, car seatbelts, backpacks, messenger bags, etc, all have a chance of catching on the cable. Pets may also find the wires chewy and delicious. I can only give my experience with it, but please do feel free to comment or start a Discussion using the Discussion feature on the product page to let people know about your experiences.

One Year Update
Sept 20, 2012
Wear and tear and the rigors of the world. Alas, everything breaks down eventually.

That is not the case for my headset so far. Over a year later and still going strong.

Two headsets at my disposal to inspect, mine and my wife's. She has managed to get the wire clip caught in her hair enough times to permanently remove it, otherwise both are in pristine physical condition still. The plastic is still smooth and shiny with nary a scratch. The buttons work perfectly and are responsive. Wires are intact and in good shape. The ear buds are pliable and comfortable.

The electronics functions are starting to show the standard wear and tear of middle age. The battery life has dropped by the pretty-expected 10% or so, but the Bluetooth chipset and functionality of the headset is remaining strong. Even with reduced battery capacity, I can still use it for eight hours of music at work and two hours of phone calls to boot.

Usage profile:
- Paired with an Evo 3D phone.
- An average of 10-12 hours of use per day for music and phone calls.
- My music desires are fickle. The control buttons get a LOT more use than average.
- Long hair has been a minimal issue for me, but it still reminds me to be careful at times.
- Though I strongly don't recommend tempting fate, the headset has survived being caught in a drenchpour of rain.
- Winter's approach will soon renew the abuse of being under a jacket. I will update when I have more on that.

Nowhere close to a pampered life, this is a real workhorse and an absolute joy to own. Given the price, their persistent quality and ongoing survival is a tremendously pleasant experience. I know that they will die -eventually-, as everything does, but I'm already prepared with four more of them to hopefully carry me into the years to come.

End of Life Update
It finally died to having the wires nommed by the cat. That was about a month or two ago now and I am on one of the new pairs already. Still pleased with the new pair. I decided to try to the Tone+ (the successor to this) and ended up going through two of them that both had the same Bluetooth radio problem, so despite its improvements, I cannot recommend it (you can see my review on it as well). I'm sticking with the Tone for now and we'll see if the Tone+ troubles are rectified.

End result:
Continuing to use a new pair! Still love them!

Many questions are asked and answered in the comments to this review, and if you have one that isn't, I'm here to answer it for you if you ask!

As always, I will update this review if and as new information becomes available and I will attempt to accurately answer any questions from my standpoint as a user of this device. Please feel free to let Amazon and me know whether this was helpful to you or not, since it helps me improve my reviews.
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on February 16, 2013
At first I was happy with this unit. The first week, I would have given it 5 stars. (I use it with an iPhone 4.)

After 7 months, it keeps losing the Bluetooth connection. It has gradually been getting worse and now I just can't stand to use it anymore. I think it is the battery, but I'm not really sure. It's just not worth debugging it. Note that the battery is not replaceable, so when it stops holding a charge, you have to throw the entire unit away.

There is also an annoying problem with "half-duplex" when using the telephone, i.e. if the other person is talking and you interrupt, they cannot hear you. The sound is only going in one direction and the system switches that direction very fast when the other person starts to talk, so normally you don't notice. But if you are on the phone with someone who is very long-winded, you really cannot get a word in until they pause.

Read the other 1-star reviews of this product (there are many) before deciding whether you want to buy it.

I have gone back to using the cheap wired headset that came with the iPhone 4. It's much more reliable than this headset is. I don't think I will buy any Bluetooth replacement at all unless I can find one with no complaints by owners after six months. The first week you've had it, you really have not had enough experience using it to describe it fairly. (The same is true of magazine reviews, which test a new unit for a few days. They don't test units that are six months old.)
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on September 25, 2013
These are a comfortable Bluetooth headset alternative to those "Borg style" ones that just fit on one ear. I use them to listen to music from my iPhone all the time. They are so comfortable that I often forget that I have them on until some curious person asks me, "What's that around your neck?" or, I take my shirt off at night and accidentally throw them across the room. (My wife chastises me about that.)

One thing that I really like about them is that they shut out ambient noise well enough that I can carry on a conversation on a city street and hear the calling party clearly.

One thing that I dislike about them is that if you wear a tie, they appear very nerdy outside your collar. If you don't wear a tie, you can partially conceal them under your collar; although that can be tricky with a button-down collar because it makes it difficult to reach the control buttons.

They have lots of neat features when used with an iPhone. For example you can get into voice command mode by holding down the "off-hook" button for a second, then you can voice dial. And, when you receive a call, the collar vibrates. A single charge is good for an entire day of use, and if you leave the device off it will keep the charge for several days.

I've had these headphones for a couple of years now and they continue to perform well.
review image
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on July 19, 2012
I'd been looking for an active headset that I could use for running/trail running even through a slight drizzle. This served as a great headset, although not exactly for what I had in mind.

As a headset - this is quite nice, has great sound quality, all the controls you could need are conveniently located on the 'necklace'. You can link multiple devices via bluetooth, but only one phone that you can actually connect to for a call. I have 2 phones, so I end up being able to use the other only as an MP3 player with this. For everyday wear, it is very comfortable, and even easy to forget you have it around your neck. o far has shown great reslience to moisture and sweat (and I sweat a lot!)

The fact that it can't pair fully with my 2 phones is a bit annoying. But even more annoying is the fact that when running on a trail, or after some long distance running, the 'necklace' starts to hurt my collarbone - it is somewhat heavy, and keeps bobbing up and down, very noticeably on trail running. I can resolve this if I wear a polo T-shirt, and tuck this under the collar. But I'm not so sure I want heavy trail running wearing a polo T. If there was some mechanism of clipping this to your T-shirt to prevent it from jumping up and down and repeatedly striking your collarbone, it would get 5 stars.
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on September 11, 2013
The sound quality is lacking a little bit. I would like an option of a button to hear the current time over that. Another difference is that with the 730's you cannot turn the volume down all the way with the headset if you are listening to music (on the 700's you can..I miss that). The very bad with 730's is the Bluetooth range (it really sucks compared to the 700's). I paint in various factories all over the U.S. & I generally throw my phone (Galaxy S3) on the charger all day & just stream music 8-10+ hours a day. With the 700's I can get 300-500+ feet away from my phone in an "open factory" no walls blocking my Bluetooth. I tried the 730's in the same building & I was lucky to get 50-100+ feet away & the signal would start to cut in & out. I know if you have walls between your phone & the headsets that it will greatly reduce your range.
I bought the 700's over a year ago (summer 2012) & they still work great I just had problems with the magnetic ear buds & the clips that hold the excess wires on the top of the headset, but after a couple of months they stay on there fine. I paid $50 for the 700's & I bought the 730's as a back up to my 700's for $45 earlier in 2013.
I just decided to use the 730's as a lawn mowing/yard work headset & just leave my S3 in my pocket & they work fine.
LG needs to go back to their testing or older Bluetooth for the range on the 700's.
If you can have your phone on you or within a short distance then go for the 730's. I don't think you can really beat the price for what you get.
I've never had any issues with calls on them. They work great with Pandora, because you can skip/pause/play.
I used a paint marker on the 700's to get rid of the annoying orange & button icons since I work in company's that require hearing protection from time to time...besides the blue flashing status light they can't really tell that they are a headset & I've never gotten in trouble for wearing the various company's that we do work for.
Hope I didn't ramble too much...the battery life is excellent on these also, but if you don't use them for a week or 2 you should just throw them on a charger & charge um up (love that they are a micro you can use your phone charger on them with no problems).
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on September 15, 2016
I have had mine for 4 years now and they are still going strong. I stream music about 2 hours a day and get 3-4 days per charge. The sound quality is good but I am not an audioFile so a don't look for perfection and for the $40 I paid I don't expect it. The build quality is good but the part that goes over your head is a little flimsy. Mine is still in perfect shape after 4 years but I take care of my electronics and store my headset in a separate compartment in my backpack.

As far as connectivity goes, with the 3 phones I have owned (an Iphone, 4, 6+ and a Nokia Lumia) since I have had my headset, it has been great. The sound and song controls (ie: jump back and FW, pause and play) are great, as well as the phone answer. I have had many phone conversations with these and have never been told about voice quality issues. One other thing that comes to mind, when I leave the headphones on and there is no music playing or phone conversation going on, they go into hibernation mode. This has really helped conserve my battery charge.

Aside from the flimsy head band and the fact that they don't fold up, I would say that they are perfect.
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on September 3, 2013
Have owned this headset for almost 3 months now. I use it every day, A LOT. Mainly while working to listen to music or while cleaning house, cooking, etc.

The fit is VERY comfortable. I had a Motorola over the ear BT set before this LG set and it was horrible uncomfortable and sound quality was junk. I bought this LG set for my brother for his birthday and fell in love, so I bought myself a pair. They fit comfortably for hours at a time, and the volume was great - I could hear my netflix or music over water (washing dishes) or vacuum or traffic while running. The neckpiece is very light, most of the time I forgot I was even wearing them. I pretty much put these on every morning, and then took them off at night to charge. Very comfortable.

Battery is fantastic. Rarely did I need to recharge during the day. You cannot use while they are charging, not a big deal to me. Charge time seemed fairly quick as well - less than an hour for a full charge. I had lapses in charging and used them for 2 days without having to recharge.

All in all, I absolutely LOVED this headset.

Why 1 star? Less than 3 months of ownership and the magnet/earbug piece popped off when I put the headset down on the table. Just a normal putting them down, there was no slamming of them involved (just to be clear). The end of the earbud popped off at the manufacturing seam so the speaker itself is now exposed. Yes, could probably glue it somehow but since it's definitely a manufacturing defect and clearly under warranty no way! I called LG support and the rep told me they wouldn't cover this under warranty - I could send it in at my own expense but most likely they would just send the same pair back to me and not replace/repair it. WHAT?! I was furious!!! I got on LG website and used live chat for the same issue and that rep immediately gave me an RMA # and instructions on obtaining a repair. I'm not all that hopeful at this point that LG will actually honor their warranty though. So 1 star and if by some miracle LG is actually a stand up company I will increase my star count after I get a new pair or get my pair repaired as it should be.

POOR POOR customer service!!!!!!! I work for a major corporation myself and our customer experience is ALWAYS a top requirement for us, always put the customer first! LG has horrible horrible customer service, and if they don't honor their warranty I will never purchase LG again.
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on June 5, 2012
I have tried numeerous bluetooth stero headphones, trying to get the perfect mix of sound quality and convenience.

Convenience - These are top notch, and a brilliant concept. I love the fact that I can just put this headset on around my neck, and leave them on throughout the day. I wear collared shirts to work, so the headset is mostly concealed by my shirt. I am a large guy with a 22" neck, and these fit just fine. My 11 year old son also wore them one day in the car, and they fit his narrow neck just fine too. These truly are one-size-fits-all.

Design - I must give props to the design team here. This is a very unique take on the stereo bluetooth headset, and I applaud them. They need to address a few issues on the next model of these though. The magnetic clips are fantastic, but could stand to be a little stronger. My earpieces spend more time disconnected from the magnet than they do connected. Not a big deal, since there is only so far they can stray because of the wire length. They need to make the cables more durable. I have worn mine daily for only a little over a month, and I have wires exposed at 3 different points. The cable insulation can rub off VERY easily. I have had to resort to "liquid electrical tape" to reinforce those areas. This could also be partly remedied by a re-designing of the departure angle of the cable from the body of the unit. The cables come out of the unit at almost a straight 90 deg. angle instead of a lower angle, causing more stress on the cables.

Battery Life - Stellar. I consistently get 9.5 to 10 hours of continuous listen / talk time. Are there any other bluetooth headsets out there with a 10 hour talk time rating?

Call Quality - The call quality is not that bad. It takes getting used to having a phone conversation in stereo, but I got used to it. All callers said I was very easy to hear, but that a lot of background noise could be heard.

Sound Quality - The sound quality was just mediocre to me. Don't buy these if you want a full sound stage for your music, or if you consider yourself an audiophile. Buy these for the convenience and the massive talk / listen time. the phone calls sounded great, but my music (many different styles) sounded shallow, lacking any low-end sound stage. I even jammed the earbuds in to my ears tightly to see if there was any more bass that could be heard. None that I could tell.

Controls - Very easy to learn and use. This is the first time that the button placement makes sense to me. Basically all of your call controls come from the left side, and your music controls are on the right. I love the fact that there is a slide power switch instead of a "push & hold" power button.

Summary - I like these alot, but I don't think they are going to last very long. The exposed wiring through the cable insulation makes me think these will have a very limited life-span. Overall, I like these much better than my Plantronics Back Beat 903+'s. I like the ear buds on these versus the traditional "on-ear" style of bud that Plantronics uses. Get these if you want a convenient wireless headset with copius amoutns of talk/listen time, but aren't that concerned with overall sound. They sound good, but not near as good as other wired earbuds.
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on June 25, 2013
I ordered this a couple of weeks ago to try out. I was looking for a way to listen to my music while working out without the wires, and I also needed to go hands free with all the driving I do. This headset scored for me in both requirements. Although the shipping took longer than I've ever experienced with Amazon, the headset has far exceeded my expectations!
The stereo/ music streaming: I am not an audiophile, but I feel l that the sound quality is excellent and well balanced. The ear buds fit nicely and more importantly very comfortably in my ears, and they definitely block outside sounds. When I have the music on, there is a lovely concert right in the middle of my head and nothing else. The device paired perfectly and easily with my android phone and my pc at the same time, so that's fine.
Range: Wow! I just set my phone on the charger upstairs and tested the range by walking all over my house and I'm so impressed. The only place it cut out was in my front room and only for a couple of seconds as I was moving in there. When I stopped, there the music was. This is way cool, because now I can listen to my music and take calls while I'm working in the kitchen. My house is not huge, but it's not tiny either.
As for driving! Perfect, I simply leave the right bud docked and use the left one for calls. The buttons are easy to use, and the sound quality again is excellent.
The device is so comfortable, I do forget I have it on! I really like that it vibrates on an incoming call, because I can leave it on but turn the sound off on my phone so that I can be a lot less obvious if I need to take a call. I don't need to have my phone out and can simply excuse myself if it's an important call, or just ignore it. Very, very nice feature.

A couple of other things - I love how fast this charges, and how long a battery life it has. I like that it takes a standard micro usb so if I need to charge and for some reason don't have the original usb, I'm not hosed.

I do wish the magnets that hold the buds were a bit stronger, they tend to fall out a bit too easily with extra movement, but that is a minor thing.

Overall, I give this product the best rating I can because it is exactly what I was looking for and is an excellent product.
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on October 21, 2013
First off, go with these over the 730's if you're on the fence because there have been MANY reports of the newer model having a very short range to the phone. I can walk into other rooms of my house with my phone stationed in the window and get perfect reception.

If you're in doubt in general about buying these don't hesitate. You get the best of both a Bluetooth headset for calls as well as headphones. Taking my phone out of my pocket with my wired headphones every time I wanted to change the volume or track was, quite short, a pain in the ash. With these on I can change tracks, volume or hit the call button to take a call or voice command a call out on the fly.

I do recommend putting a small piece of electrical tape behind where the wires feed through the clips because I can picture the wires becoming bare there over long use if not.

One of the best 50 bucks I have spent. The overall quality of the sound may not be like your 200 dollar studio headphones but they definitely deliver a full range of clear sound.
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