Customer Reviews: LIBRE eBook Reader PRO Digital Text Reader - PDF, TXT, ePub, RTF, PRC, MOB, FB2 - GIF, BMP, JPG - Format: Audio Formats - 5" Display - 100 Books AEBK01F
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on May 29, 2011
I bought this for my students to use in school. I love the fact that it is NOT WiFi or 3G connected, so they can not use class time on internet game sites. It comes loaded with all the classics I use in my class, and I can add works to it via USB from my computer. Every student should have one of these for school or college.
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on October 24, 2011
A good little reader for someone who doesn't want wi-fi or all the bells and whistles like some other readers. You can download txt, epub, and pdf books easily from your computer to this ereader. It is lightweight and easy to use. My husband and I both have one and we are very satisfied with the reader.
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on August 14, 2012
**Still Newer**
It's amazing I've only owned this for about 3 months and how far I've come with it. I found a free program called Calibre that will reformat any ebook to whatever format you want. I convert anything my friends give me or I download to rtf using this program. It's fast and efficient. Each book I put into an author folder, "last name, first name" and then into a genre folder. I've found Calibre chokes on things like the Charles Dickens complete works I downloaded from Amazon. It was just too big for the program to handle. I can't open the original format version on the Aluratek Libre e-reader. Calibre can't convert protected files either. But otherwise it's an amazing program, which also has a search feature that will search multiple book sites all over the internet for you at once. You just have to be careful not to download free books from foreign sites that are rights protected in the U. S. I've found a 16 GB sd card is plenty big because I'm not using this for music any more for the reasons I expressed elsewhere here. I think I have about 5000 books on it and still about 10 gb free space. I've messed around with other e-readers in stores and for the price, easy interface and flexibility, this is the best, in my opinion. I even bought a cheap, other brand, color, back lit unit, but found I prefer reading without the back lighting and couldn't get my movies to run on it. Until I get an iPad, this is the best. And I imagine I'll still want to read on this most of the time. I'll update if I find I feel differently about it.

Now that I've been using the Aluratek Libre Pro for a week, I thought I'd add some important information to the front end of my review.

Mac issue: When I connected the device with an SD card installed, I was never able to get the card and reader to eject properly. I bought a multi card reader for $5 and loaded the SD card separately. I definitely recommend doing this. Songs and books load onto the card a lot faster when not going through the reader.

I started out downloading a bunch of free books from Project Gutenberg. I chose the epub versions because they were the smallest files and the Libre instructions said it could use them. They opened OK, but I found the bookmark function didn't work and the books always opened on page 1, regardless of how far I read. I trashed all the epub files and started over with txt files because the instructions recommended txt. The functionality was there but, unfortunately, they lost their formatting when I opened them in the Libre Pro. A paragraph was now a multitude of separate lines. No matter what I did to the txt files, I couldn't fix the formatting when opened in the Libre Pro.

**After some more experimentation, I stumbled on this "best method" of downloading books from Project Gutenberg:
1. Select the HTML version of the book you want. The book will open in your browser complete with art and formatting.
2. Select all and copy
3. Open Microsoft Word to a new document.
4. Paste the book in MS Word.
5. Save as an RTF document.

There are probably other methods, but I found this method and the RTF format allowed me to retain all functionality and formatting. Not only that, the files opened on your computer look a lot better than the other formats.
**End New**

I was looking for a cheap Mac compatible e-reader with no frills. At $38 when I bought it, that's exactly what this is. If you're used to Mac products, this unit feels nearly as solid in your hand and the user interface is nearly as simple. It's definitely stripped down as far as features, but everything works extremely well and as intended. There are two page turning controls, one on the front for when you have both hands and one on the side for one handed page turning. The side one is a bit tight, so I find sometimes I slide it and nothing happens and other times I flip two pages by mistake, but it's still a great feature to have. I use it all the time.

If you've never owned an e-reader before, as was the case with me, it's time to take the plunge. In just two days of owning this it changed the way I think about books. I have a whole shelf of classics that are all public domain and probably all available for free. I intend downloading them all, selling the books and freeing up the shelf and my life. Before two days ago, that would have been sacrilege. But coupled with my Goodreads account, it's now possible to have a "read" books folder on my drive and an easy virtual bookshelf on line.

The drawbacks:
1. The PDF reading function ignores pictures, graphs, etc.
2. Going into your book library is slow, if you are used to Mac speeds
3. You can't type notes into it
4. No back light option

But what do you want for 38 bucks?

I find I read faster on this than with a paper book.

The 100 books are all from Project Gutenberg, so you could download these for free yourself. The up side is someone already did it for you. The down side is you'll probably be transferring them to your computer to make room for your own Project Gutenberg selections. I ended up renaming them all because they are named only with their titles. If you plan on having more than 30 books, you'll definitely want them named first by author, then title or you'll go nuts trying to find anything. I'm also finding I'm creating folders on my drive to divide books by genre to make them easier to find. These all went into the Classics folder to start.

If you add a 32 gb sd card, you can use it as a music player with plenty of tunes and plenty of room for your books. I haven't done that yet, so I can't say how well it works. >ADDED 8/28/12< I finally bought an SD card and tried out the music player. It's pretty clunky. You can't really see more than a dozen tunes on the screen. There's no good way to scroll through the tunes and they aren't listed by band name. "Scrolling" is really slow, in fact impossible if you have more than a few albums loaded. It's only really useful for shuffle style listening.

Overall this is an extremely good buy.
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on March 9, 2011
I enjoy my Libre; it has plenty of storage space, and you can expand with memory cards. It's also easy to manage files; plug the memory card into your computer and rearrange at will, then plug back into the reader. It doesn't hold a charge long if you leave it turned off, so if you only use it occasionally, be prepared to read plugged in or charge it before you take it along. I recommend it; easy to use, easy to read, and easy to take along!
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on June 12, 2015
I bought a few of these as gifts for kids. Depending on the color and seller, you can find these new as low as $25, and as high as $75, all here on Amazon... For $75, absolutely not. For $25 -- it's OK. This is NOT an e-ink reader, it has a grayscale LCD monitor. No backlight. There is a glare, not too bad, but a bit annoying in bright daylight. It is readable in bright light and bright sun, although in the sun the text is washed out a bit and flickers rapidly. You cannot notice this flicker in lower light conditions, but in bright sun it's definitely there, like an old tv, just shakes and flickers. Since it is NOT an e-ink device, the battery life is pretty poor -- probably about 2-3 hours of reading is what I get out of this on a single charge. It charges fast, but so does my Nook and Kindle, and they last weeks. It does support SD card expansion, which I have actually tried and works with 1GB - 8GB cards. The internal storage is dysmal, 100 MB, and most of that is taken up by the pre-loaded classics. You can add another 10-15 non-illustrated epub books to that. For me it's ok, because I don't see why you need to carry 500 books with you at all times, either you're the world speed reading champion, or you've been stranded on the island from "Lost"... but to each their own. So, yes, you can read ebooks with this, but it is not going to be a pleasure to read like with a regular book or an e-ink reader like the Kindle, Nook, Kobo or other. My advice is, buy a Kindle, you can even find them used for $30-40 nowadays, but if you really want to have an ebook reader (besides your phone or tablet which you probably already own), this is the one for you. Or as cheap gifts for kids who will likely never look at it again, like me.
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on January 6, 2012
This e reader does the job it's stated to do, its not e ink so it don't make much sense comparing it to that technology.It came with a little envelope type case, hand strap, ear bud and an adapter which can recharge my e book using my usb connection on my laptop or plugged directly into the wall socket(110v). There really were 100 books and from skimming through a few and reading Sherlock Holmes to the end, they seemed complete.
This version did not come with the 2 gig SDHC memory card so I bought my own, an 8 gig,it plays mp3 and audio books but not to loudly(probably need to get a better quality ear piece), has the book mark feature and switches of to conserve battery life if you fall asleep, while reading.
I've loaded a couple of pics and it looks cool in black and white, but my main use for it is reading novels,self-help books and biographies.Technical diagrams don't show up too hot on this,but it don't strain my eye like the back light on my computer, and it reads most format PDF,TXT,Epub etc. Most books I have are in adobe digital format and on one review someone mentioned "calibre e book management" a free software that assist in converting some books into a more compatible format -not copy-wright protected stuff!!
Battery life for me is about two and a half days, but I don't read continuously, daily living requires my attention,so 3-4hrs a day if i get time, and mp3 music do tend to run it down faster as well. I've had this reader since
April last year,-bought it through a family member- and its still going strong, may buy something bigger for reading text books but its not an urgent need.I enjoy my e reader and if you're looking for something affordable and easy to use its a great choice!!
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on October 27, 2012
I bought this for my 10 year old daughter who loves to read. This works great for her and is much easier for her to carry than the 2-5 books she was lugging around all over the place. The battery seems to last her 3-5 days before i have to hook it up and charge it, although it would probably last longer than that as she never runs it completely out of a charge before she brings it to me. All in all this is a great starter e-reader for a younger kid. I didn't want to spend the money to get her a kindle right away not knowing how well she'd take care of it so i started her out with something cheaper to see how well she'd do with it. So far i'm impressed with the item. It's done everything we expected it to do and has worked like a charm.
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on February 17, 2013
I will say first that I'm used to Kobo ereaders, but mine died recently. I wanted something in a hurry to take on a trip, & I was able to get this for credit card points, so it cost only shipping.

It's okay. Not great, not even good, just okay.

My biggest problem is that there is almost no available storage. The first time I connected it to my laptop & checked to see how much memory there was, the Libre was nearly full.

I have the same problem with book marks some one else had- it won't save bookmarks if the ePub format is used. I already had hundreds of ePub books saved to an SD card, & I have no intention of getting another card just for a different format. However, if I shut the Libre off without bookmarking the book I'm reading, when I turn it back on, it automatically opens to the page I was reading. This does limit me to reading one book at a time, which I find frustrating.

The "page turn" control is on the left side, making this a good ereader for a left-handed reader. I'm not left-handed, & I'm still getting used to it.

I haven't used the MP3 player. However, pictures are displayed clearly & sharply.

I will use this for the present, but I will eventually go back to Kobo, which is compatible with Linux.
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on December 20, 2011
I bought this used, and although the box was broken and severely damaged, the item itself and accessories were perfect. Has 100 books already installed on it, came with power cord, USB cord, earbuds, and even a neoprene case! Only problem I found was under the title "Adventures of Tom Sawyer" was the Old Testament of the Bible! No explanation for that one.... Although I only glanced through a couple books, this is the only one I found like that.

Ease of use is incredible. No need to read the manual, it's self-explanatory... which is PERFECT for my 10-year-old I bought it for.

All in all, if you are looking for a low price kindle-wannabe, and don't need wifi, color, or touchscreen, etc. then this is perfect. My son will be very happy this Christmas, and it will make his backpack MUCH lighter!
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on June 20, 2012
Just purchased this for $51.99 from this seller and now see price has dropped - wonder why????
Anyhow, I love it and have read several of the pre-installed books. The battery does need recharging often, but so far it is no big deal. I don't have Wi-Fi and do not want advertising, just plain ol' reading for me. It is simple, pages turn easily, print clear. I have not tried adding any purchased books or books from library and will get an SD for that. Hope this lasts, as for me it is the best gift I could have given myself.
Update: 3/30/15 I am still using this wonderful e-reader. It has served me well. I download books from the library and have been enjoying reading about people, places and things through this e-reader. Just love it.
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