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on February 24, 2010
I played trumpet for years in high school and college, and I had an old Doc Severinsen model that I had a crystal clear beautiful sound with. Several years ago, I purchased an inexpensive trumpet and it sounded like garbage. I've decided to get back into playing again. Based on the reviews, I decided to go "cheap" and try this one. By "cheap" I mean as compared to the $500+ I could spend on what I knew would be a high quality instrument.

The other users are right on target about the valves being turned funny in the chambers, but that's easy to fix. Simply unscrew the tops of each valve chamber (not the stem itself), and turn them until they click. When seated properly, air should be able to be blown freely through the trumpet with all the valves up. If not, simply try turning them again. With a good eye you can line up the holes in the valves with the trumpet.

The trumpet ships with valve oil, and the slides are clearly well greased and ready for action. I took it out of the case, adjusted the valves as noted, blew through it for about 2 minutes to warm it up, and then produced a sound equivalent to my beautiful old Doc Severinsen. The valves work easily, the slides slide gracefully, and the most important piece is the sound quality is amazing.

As if all that wasn't enough, I ordered the item, and it was on my doorstep within 3 business days.

If you have a youngster just starting out, or are getting back into it like I am, or need a good concert quality trumpet without spending a thousand dollars, this is the horn for you!
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on September 26, 2012
My daughter was in need of a new trumpet for middle school. In elementary school she used my older King cornet and a Pan-American trumpet. For marching band, etc. we wanted her to have a new piece. I looked around at some of the rent-to-own trumpets (which are largely entry level Conn type). I played them (I played from elementary school to college). Meh. I thought perhaps I would buy one of the cheap import models that you see on Ebay and here. Then I ran across this model. After reading the glowing reviews I thought I would spend the $250 or so (basically a few of the rent-to-own payments) and try out this model. It comes in a plastic no frills case that seems reasonably well made and fairly light. the trumpet itself is attractive and feels average weight. Valve action is good. I did not disassemble, clean, and oil since it seems to be pretty well lubricated as-packed. There is a light machining/polishing mark on the final turn of the horn, but nothing that I would send it back for. It was purchased as an entry-level horn she can march in inclement WV weather, so a few light machine marks mean nothing. The sound is full and warm. I would DEFINITELY place the playability above the rent-to-own jobbies. I played both within a week of each other and this is the better horn. If you are in my position - a parent who wants to get the horn that will get your kid through High School band, this is the one. Go no where else, you don't need to hem and haw anymore. This is a quality horn that I wouldn't have balked to spend more on than I did. Hell, a used intro level Bach won't get you much more than this one. I know I seem like I'm gushing a bit. I read a critical review that suggested some of the reviews were plants. Well, mine is not. I have played many different brands of trumpets. This is not a Bach Strad, but your middle school kid doesn't need that. Now, I'm off to grab my daughter's trumpet to play some Children of Sanchez.
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on December 10, 2016
I bought this trumpet from Hyson for my daughter when she was in 4th grade. She loved it. However, at the end of the first year the trumpet developed a few small red spots on the finish. They were hardly noticeable but I didn't want them to develop into a problem, so I emailed Hyson with my concerns. The great reviews on Hyson's service department were one of the big reasons that I bought from them. Sure enough, the day after my email I received a response asking me to send pictures of the problem. I heard back from Hyson the day that I sent the pictures saying that they had never seen that problem on a LJ Hutchen trumpet before, but said that they would ship a new trumpet to me that day. A few days later we received the new trumpet, put the old one in the same box for the return, and it the new one has been great. When my younger daughter joins band in a couple of years I will be heading right back to Hyson's.
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on April 11, 2015
I purchased the instrument for my son a year and half ago. The unit is very good, no complaint from my son, or his teachers in school, or private lesson teachers. The thing that impressed me most is that the seller Hyson Music really stand behind their product. They patiently respond to my inquires, once for a dent in the case, and more recently about a frozen 3rd valve slide (which happened because my son never used it until this week). The music store staff offered me advice over the phone for this, with the option to ship it back to them, or repair it easily in a local store. He also patiently answered my questions, educated me about the instrument, mouthpiece, and potential upgrade as my son gets more experienced and more committed, all without pushing for sale, or upgrade to more expensive instruments too soon.
Bottom line, a very nice instrument, and a reliable, friendly seller!
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on September 15, 2015
Nice trumpet, but I do notice a bit of resistance within the higher range which is why I gave it 4 stars. Not sure if the problem is user error (I am just beginning myself as a former trombone player) or something with the trumpet. Overall pretty good product though, and definitely worth the money for a beginning band student! I actually did not like the stock mouthpeice and replaced it, but most kids would probably do fine with it.
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on September 4, 2016
Excellent starter instrument, approved by elementary band teacher in side by side comparison with Yamaha YTR 2335. You CAN believe all of the reviews regarding the quality of the instrument as well as the unbelievable customer service. We purchased this trumpet for our 5th grade son rather than renting (appx $30/month $360/year), as we had no desire to pay high amounts for an instrument that he may or may not want to play beyond elementary school. Just by chance, the day after the $250 LJ Hutchen trumpet arrived at our house, we were offered a used Yamaha YTR 2335 for the same amount. We were fortunate enough to meet with the band director, who happens to be a brass player, and she COULD NOT tell a difference between the two in structure, playability or sound quality. (When she polled other band directors throughout our very large district, many responded with "NO, NO, NO", simply because they hadn't heard of the brand, and because of the low price point...not good reasons, in my book, at be aware this may happen!) Because his teacher felt that both instruments would serve him very well, we left the decision in my son's hands (it's HIS horn after all), and he was torn... In the end, he chose the Yamaha, but only because it belonged to a young man who was joining the military and playing in the band! (Pretty cool, huh?) We placed a return request for the LJ Hutchen, and Jesse, the "J" in "LJ", himself called me to check that nothing was wrong with the trumpet. He did not try to talk me out of my decision, he just wanted to know how he could help. He was completely understanding of the decision, and was willing to move mountains to make sure my son was on the way to a successful musical experience. Should my younger son decide to play the trumpet, I WILL be ordering the LJ Hutchen brand, and I am looking forward to dealing again with Jesse, Justin and the team at Hyson Music to find the perfect 'high school/next level' trumpet for the older son!
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on May 4, 2017
Purchased this trumpet for my 12 yr old daughter beginning school band. We rented first half of year and rental was junk. This trumpet had many positive reviews so we gave it a try. It's gorgeous. She loves the three color tones. The sound quality and function is great. I asked her band teacher (nearly 30yrs experience as band teacher) to approve it before she kept it and he had no issues with it. He had specifically discouraged online instrument purchases so I was concerned but am glad we gave it a try! The case it comes in is lightweight and manageable for her as she is <70 pounds. Don't hesitate to purchase this horn!
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on October 26, 2015
Nice trumpet, beautiful case, and excellent customer services.

Bought this trumpet two months ago for my son who just joined middle school band and decided to learn trumpet. After evaluating options of renting or buying famous brands, we took the chance to buy this horn based on 160 good customer reviews.

It took about a week for UPS to deliver from east coast to west coast. The case looked nice, the trumpet was beautiful, and my son could blow out some sounds right away. He has been playing with it almost everyday for the past two months and still loves it.

I noticed there was a tinny piece inside the plastic bag and we figured out it's a broken decoration on one of the slide. Not sure if it's already broken during shipping or my son broke it when he took the trumpet out from the bag. It was not a big deal but I emailed the seller anyway. Surprisingly the seller not only sent us a replacement slide but also included a nice, complementary cleaning kit. They seemed extremely caring about the quality of their products and their customers too.
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on January 25, 2016
I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my son. It was one of the best purchased I made! The tone of this horn is SO much better than the one that had been issued by the school! I was totally blown away by the difference (as was my son) and his band teacher was impressed as well. I know it isn't a Yamaha but to get this quality sound at less than half the price? Totally worth it!
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on September 10, 2015
I don't think I can say enough good things about this trumpet. My son was starting beginner band and the band instructor was trying to push us to rent a trumpet for 2000+ total or outright buy from a specific vendor for 900. Having been in band before I knew the relative cost of instruments, and could easily have picked up the trumpet they were trying to sell at 900 for 400. Talk about a price gouge. Anyway, this being his first year, we did not really want to commit to a whole lot before we knew he would enjoy it. We looked around for something that would be in an appropriate price range, but also be a good instrument and stumbled across the LJ Hutchen Trumpet. After doing some research we ordered it, and love it. It sounds good and the quality of the sound is comparable to the trumpets his classmates have, if not better. All around satisfied with this instrument and would without doubt purchase again. Love it!
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