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on April 23, 2011
First off, I really like this camera. Mainly I wanted to share some helpful tips with others that may be considering this for purchase.

1. This is a night vision camera. If you use this outside in the daylight colors will appear different than they do to the human eye. This is normal. (It looks like my trees are Cherry Blossom's in full bloom. Kind of cool.)

2. They hard code an IP address in the camera and expect to see your home network in the 192.168.0.X range. If it's not, (like mine, it's a 192.168.2.x net) then you may have difficulty getting to the camera from your PC to set it up. I simply backed up my router configs, changed it to a 192.168.0.x network, reset my PC's networking, and I was able to browse to the camera and set it up to where I wanted it.

3. This is an indoor camera. If you plan on pointing it out a window it will work pretty good during the day, but after dark the infrared lights will reflect back off the glass and blind the image. This is normal for this type of camera. You can still point it out the window, but you'll need to do something like cover the existing LED's on the camera and purchase an "infrared illuminator" (there are several on Amazon) and install it outside the window, covering the area you want to see.

4. I have 64 bit Windows7 and could not get the little CD to work for me, but was able to configure the camera just fine via my web browser after I got through the initial networking stuff mentioned above.

On the CON side, I'd have to say that it would have been smarter to simply make the networking DHCP and not have hard coded the IP address. I'm sure a this has confused folks into thinking that their camera was dead on arrival. I'd also like to have an easy way to turn the built in infrared LEDs off if I want to use an external source. That's all the negatives I have though. Great bang for your buck.
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on April 23, 2011
I bought a non-PTZ camera to watch my puppy while I was away at work. It's a nice camera but I found that I needed to be able to pan or tilt to see anything beyond the set view. I was skeptical in PTZ cameras being so cheap in price as usually for a good quality one they would be hundreds more. I took a chance on the loftek one and I was very impressed.

I opened the box and everything was there including a little CD for drivers. Well I have a slot loaded CD that can't accept these so I surfed the net to try and find the drivers. no luck. So I wrote support and with a few hours they wrote back saying please send us your regular email and we will send you the drivers. I was skeptical that they actually would but I sent my email anyway and waited. The next day I checked my inbox and low and behold there was a compressed file with all the goodies in it to get me going. Setup was easy and the PTZ option is great. I even setup audio to be the "voice of god" for when my pup is being bad or on the couch. The audio feature works but only with IE.

Now that the dog is pretty well behaved I'm going to move this to an external camera for security. I then told myself, bummer I wish they had white because black really sticks out, at least on my home. I wrote to them and asked if they had any white ones. Within a few hours they replied they would in a couple days. Sure enough I get another email in 2 days stating they now have em on Amazon. Amazing. I ordered 2 more just because the support experience was so good. The price can't be beat and the CS is great. This is my first review ever and I felt I really needed to do it because this experience was by and far the best experience I've had dealing with a company and their product support.
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on November 15, 2011
I am giving this camera five stars because its performance is by far the best of the three relatively low-price surveillance cameras I've tried recently. It has a few peripheral flaws that I cannot bring myself to deduct stars for because they are fairly easily resolved.


The image is probably as good as it gets for a cheapish VGA-resolution camera (640 x 480 pixels). The infrared optics and electronics required for nighttime imaging do not seem to detract at all from the color fidelity of the daylight image, which is excellent. Unlike an even cheaper IR camera I tried, greens are not gray, grays are not green, and blacks are not red. All colors are as they should be.

The monochrome nighttime image quality is also the best I've found so far, much clearer and MUCH better detail than on the cheaper IR camera, even though its resolution was supposedly the same.

The 36 IR LEDs give bright, even illumination over the entire viewing area and up to at least 30 feet (which is as far as I care about), with no noticeable concentration of light in the center as the 11 LEDS on the cheaper camera did.

After initial setup with an Ethernet cable to the router (which is mandatory), I have used wireless connection exclusively with flawless results, in several different locations up to 80 feet from the router, inside and outside, with several interior and exterior walls and now even a massive triple-flue brick chimney in between.

The case of the camera is very impressively hefty and rugged. I don't doubt that it is as weatherproof as the manufacturer claims. The IP66 rating is indeed impressive. It means that NO solid particles can enter the camera body. Period. There is no dust fine enough to get through the seals. It also means that no jet of water at any pressure from any direction can enter the camera enclosure. It might be susceptible to liquids only if completely submerged.

Which leads me to the flaws:


Although the camera enclosure is impressively weatherproof, the electrical interface is not weatherproof at all, and it is permanently fixed to the camera through a singly hefty cable about a foot long. That cable ends in a receptacle for the Ethernet cable, which has two thinner cables about five inches long branching out the back, one to a connector for the power supply and the other to a small push-button reset switch. So any installation that takes advantage of the camera's ruggedness is going to have to provide separate and equal protection for those very vulnerable electronic connections, UNLESS you can bring the cable directly indoors within a foot of the camera. I can't do that, so I'm having to rig up another enclosure for them that will be mounted next to the camera. A little better attention to the design of the electronic interface would have made the camera's IP66 rating more easily exploited.

The mounting bracket is one of the worst I have ever had the misfortune to wrestle with. I'm too angry at it right now to say much more, except that getting it adjusted and stable is a nightmare.

The included software - as other reviewers have noted - is lame, as is most of the documentation (which completely ignores the mounting issues I just described). Clearly the manufacturer invested all its development budget in the camera itself, which at least was a wise choice. The camera really is so good that I still refuse to deduct even one star for these deficiencies.


After a couple of hours' research, I followed another reviewer's lead and got Blue Iris software to control the camera. It is fantastic, and it's well worth the cost of $30 (support for one camera only) or $50 (up to 64 cameras). It makes setting up flawless motion detection, viewing video clips, zooming, panning (only in SW with this camera, but also in hardware with appropriate cameras), etc., a breeze. It has built-in support for this camera, and the only thing I haven't been able to do yet with it is adjust brightness and contrast, for which I had to use the included IPCamera Soft software. I did not have Blue Iris yet when I set up the camera's network interface through the Ethernet cable, so you may have to use the included software bundle to do that too. But that part is well enough documented and easy enough that it's okay.

Finally: the color. Maybe color names have different meanings in China, but I never in a million years would have described this camera as "silver gray." It is a lovely lilac color, a definite, unmistakeable LILAC, without any hint of gray, although it IS a sort of silvery lilac. It is a beautiful color, but macho types will not be showing it off to their beer buddies.
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on June 8, 2014
*Camera is sturdy and has some weight to it, good material for outdoor
*Image is clear but very narrow
*Can be managed Wireless except in bad weather, you must plug network cable

*Wide view angle is terrible, the width coverage is nothing, narrow narrow it's like viewing a straight tunnel view area.
*Customer service - worse i've seen, they simply won't contact you either via phone or email.
*Manual - Useless, content is blurry, information not accurate, configurations are incorrect, no help on the website. data sheets are abstract, you are basically on your own when configuring to work with your network and or your smart phone.
*PC Software - Terrible! very poor, no audio, no recording, interface features are limited, instructions for software setup are useless.
*Android Phone App - Useless! a space hog on your phone. It only shows the image, no audio, no recording and the app shuts down after 10 seconds while running, there are only maybe two generic apps out there compatible with this camera model and I tried them too, no success, crappy. You might as well log into the cameras via a browser, the only way you can manage this cams remotely.
*If you have AT&T U-verse, they will refuse to open a port for your router, so no port forwarding. They will force you into buying "Connect Tech" to open ports, then once you purchase it, a technician will say "att does not allow any ports opened on our network except port 80" I spent 4 hours playing tennis between u-verse and connect tech so....another drawback.
*You might as well get an ftp to upload your images and research a third party software that is compatible with this camera model to get all features necessary to monitor remotely.
*Power cable is very short, you will need an extension cord.
*I will be returning the product and purchase one that has more integrity, quality, customer service, compatible with other apps out there, real instructions, better software, overall a better camera.
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on October 2, 2012
Edit 3/31/14: The replacement camera I received after one had filled with rain is now dead. We had an exceptionally cold winter for the southern United States. Problems started around the beginning of winter with the camera disappearing from the network occasionally. Near mid-winter the camera was MIA about 50% of the time. I noticed it would be working during the daylight hours when it was warm but would stop responding around midnight when the cold would set in. Now, with winter over, the camera no longer responds at all. I haven't taken the time to determine if the problem is the power supply or the camera. I'm hoping it's the former. I still have one camera working (for 2 years now) under a patio roof that has never had problems. Even so, I can't recommend these for outside use. I've changed the title of my review from "Not weather proof, but good support" to "Not suited for outdoor use, but good support". I've changed my star rating from 4/5 to 2/5 since I've had two cameras die in 2 years.

The original review is below.

I have two of these cameras installed outside. The first is mounted under the patio roof and is working well. However, this location seems to block WiFi. I installed a second wireless access point close by, but it didn't help. When I swap the other camera to this position, it has the same problem, but works fine elsewhere. Therefore, I ran an ethernet cable directly to this camera - problem solved. This camera has been on continuously for about 3 months. The image has developed a small blemish. I thought it was dirt but cleaning the lens didn't help. I'm still not sure if this is from the camera itself, but it doesn't really affect anything.

The second camera was originally installed on the exterior of the house, directly exposed to the weather. WiFi worked fine in this location, but after ~ 2 months the camera picture started going in and out until it was barely ever on. I inspected the camera and found it had filled inside with water from recent rain showers. I emailed Loftek's support and was asked to take a photo of the defective camera which I did. Without any further questions I was given an RMA number and asked to mail the camera to some place in California. Once the camera arrived, they immediately shipped me a replacement (new) that I've since reinstalled under an overhang in the same location. It's working fine now for a week. My positive experience returning the defective camera is what prompted me to write this review. Even with one water-logged camera, I would feel confident buying from this company again.

Here's a summary of my opinions:

1. Customer support = 10/10. Quick and courteous. Search the reviews and you'll see they even leave comments. This is a company that cares about how it is perceived.

2. Weather proof = 5/10. Should be fine in a covered location. Definitely keep out of the rain, etc.

3. Picture quality = 8/10. Really, it's what you'd expect for 640x480 resolution. Colors are adequate.

4. Night vision = 9/10. IR LED's won't cover your whole yard, but work great in small spaces. IR filter is a plus.

5. WiFi = 7/10. Works, but really depends on shielding and noise sources around the camera. For dependable connection, I highly recommend hardwiring IP cameras.

6. Aesthetics = 10/10. Looks imposing to criminals.

7. Software setup = 8/10. I had no trouble. The last one took me all of 5 minutes to configure. It helps to have some networking experience though.

8. Motion detection = 9/10. Simple and effective. Emails me 5 frames at each event. Detection works better than Zoneminder, in my opinion. However, I've noticed that during motion events, third party recording software (Zoneminder) is denied frames, which is a shame. Best to use one or the other, not both at the same time.

9. Durability = 10/10. Metal body feels firm. No mechanical problems to date.

10. Features = 9/10. Has a lot of configuration options. I didn't give it 10/10 because there's no built-in way to disable the manufacturers DDNS service (though Loftek has a program on it's site that can do this). And, there is only a few 3rd party DDNS service providers in the pre-programmed list and no way to add more, which is a little restrictive.
review image review image review image review image review image review image review image
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on December 13, 2011
Great product definitely 5 stars. This is an amazing little security camera. I recommend reading all the information in the two manuals that come as part of the cd--first. It works best for me to get an overview of what they want you to do. Going step by step is like leaving bread crumbs in the woods-it is always better to get an overview of the forest before you start the journey.. I normally use Firefox browser, and yahoo mail. For this project use Internet Explorer to access your camera, and I created a special Gmail account in google chrome for all camera related email that is sent out over the web when triggered.

The instructions with camera is great. If you stumble on something like "port forwarding", remote email etc--utube has wonderful videos on every obstacle you might encounter, setting things up. I'm not a computer programmer, and found that everything went smoothly. This is a great opportunity for the novice like me to learn about routers, and computers.

Setting the camera up with the "quick set up guide" is easy. "Port Forwarding"--you need to be able to log into your router and follow directions. There are three excellent videos from Loftek that are great visuals. The hardest thing for most of us is following directions. Every once in a while it really works. If you don't believe it look at the cereal boxes in your kitchen-they rarely are opened like the manufacturer recommends--I've seen them opened upside down.

I have Nikon software for my "point and shoot camera"--I love the way the Loftek csx 2200 puts the photos into a file with my other photos. If a burglar spots your security camera and destroys it---to late.

Plan to only use adapter not batteries, and if you are planning to have your cxs 2200 more that 50' from main computer-hard wire only by extending ethernet cable directly from router. You have to experiment. If you have a laptop that stops working as you move further from the router-so will the camera.It depends on the router signal strength.

Burglars go for guns and jewelry so I placed the wireless ,IP camera in a gun room facing door.The wireless camera is only 20' from main computer in the next room. When someone opens the door they are already videoed and caught on still shots, sent immediately to my Gmail address. If they find my main computer and decide to cart that off the information is already in cyberspace and can't be stopped.

I ran ethernet cable through my attic to the opposite end of the house for additional out door cameras that monitor driveway and rear door. This camera has two way sound so you can speak to the intruder and he can speak back instructing you as to how he wants his body shipped and to whom.

There is no zoom function, but I accept that--it would be a great tool. The focus on the camera can be adjusted by turning the ring around the lens. The pan, tilt and ability to take video and stills can be done from anywhere in the world, on any computer.

The night vision is great--total darkness looks like daylight. The picture quality is very good if you adjust the focus.
Remember this is a security IP camera not a video camera with a DVR.

My only moment of pause here is the regret that an American company didn't design and produce this wonderful razzle-dazzle gadget. Hats off to Loftek-three cheers for China--WAKE UP AMERICA.
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on September 2, 2013
So this camera takes a few minutes to get all figured out, but once you setup your router correctly its a champ! I've moved several times and all I have to do is have it get a new IP address and then I can access it through my phone (using a 3rd party app).

The camera has a microphone and a hookup for a speaker, but I've not played with this feature. My primary use is on the basement door so I can verify that I locked it when I'm in bed. I've used the camera for a variety of uses before the door checker like: Dog Watcher (stupid dog gets on the couch and howls so he is now in the kennel), Time Lapse of snowstorm, motion capture of cars driving by (and people walking). Basically this camera does what I want to do and the price is nice.

I'm planning on getting a few more of these to help ensure the garage is shut and other home security like things. I have the camera auto-upload any pictures/movies to a remote FTP site and then review and display accordingly. I can also setup the camera to send emails and such, but at this time I've not had a need.

If you want a wireless camera with a speaker then this isn't the camera for you. You can hook one up, but I didn't have the need. Price is nice and night vision well.
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on August 29, 2014
Here are some basic thoughts on some things that could help everyone set this up. Also, I will intermingle my thoughts on this.

I am a mac user. Technologically competent one, I think. To start, you need to change your IP on your router to set up the device. You can change it back later. The firmware supports different IPs. I have mine setup on 10.0.1.x. Works well. But! You do need to change it to match the default IP setup to get it going. I suppose you could plug it into the computer and create an adhoc network to complete this, but I didn't try doing that.

To help with this, I would not try their weird IP camera tool. It doesn't work well on the mac. Instead, go to Foscam and download their IP camera tool for mac. It works with this flawlessly. I already had it and tried it. Good nuff.

When setting it up on a mac make sure you do a couple of network changes to your router. I did these on my airport extreme and they worked well for outside viewing on an iPhone app. Hopefully this will help you guys as well. To do this properly, you will need the wireless MAC address of your IP camera. This is different than the MAC address while it is plugged in (the hardware MAC address). So you will need to unplug the ethernet cord of the camera after you get the wireless network setup on the firmware camera page. Next, use Fing on your iPad to do this, or the Airport app on your iPhone will work if you download that. They are both free. Once you see the camera and write down the wireless MAC address you are set to go. I think it shows up as some sort of ipcam or Shenzhen Ogemray Technology.

So to be clear. You need:

IP Address where you want the Camera to reside (
Port where you want the Camera to have access through (Port 8090 would work) *These HAVE to match what you put into the firmware of the camera setup!
Wireless MAC address

Go into your AirPort Utility and click on the tab for Network.
Click on the edit button under DHCP Reservations.
Enter the reservation for your camera. Since I was using 10.0.1.x. I choose 80 just for fun. Make sure you aren't reserving an address that you are already using. *Note: Whatever you select here should be the same as what is entered in the firmware Network screen for the IP camera.
Enter the MAC address and enter the reservation under IPv4 Address. So it will look like Hit Save.
Slide down to Port Settings and click the Edit button under it.
Enter a description. I used something incredibly imaginative! Camera.
Then enter your same port number (8090) in the next two Public Ports.
Next, enter the private IP address that you just reserved. If you did like I did, enter
Then enter the same port number (8090).
Hit Save.
Hit the Update button.

Let your router reboot and you should be ready to use your iPhone to link to your IP camera!

Some settings I had to play around with depending on the app. For example, Periscope Pro had to have the actual outside IP address of the router with the correct port number.

Some of the apps just require a little bit of playing around to make it work because they are all a little different.

I hope this has helped a little with those frustrated mac users! If you have a question, ask and I'll see if I can help!

Having said all this. I have to say that now it is set up, it is a good camera for the price. I would not classify this as an intuitive camera to setup but if you want to save some money and don't mind playing around a bit, it is worth it in the end.
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on August 3, 2014
I got this at 24% off with coupon code SKPJG9RT from dealnews dot com. As other reviews have stated, setting up requires wired and then wireless procedures. For wired set up, I got stuck for about 5 minutes between steps 2b and 2c. It turned out that no inputs were required for device information, all I had to do was to highlight the device after it was found, for mine, the device name was 005hdix, then the IP address and other network jargon were automatically filled in. Wireless set up was straightforward, do remember to remove the LAN cable from the camera after wired set up, otherwise it would not go wireless. Colors and night vision performance are acceptable. If you use it, be sure to change the admin password, as I found an unverified exploit code at After two days, the camera and the ac adapter felt a bit warm, my guess is around 130-fahrenheit. Once I figure out how to weather-proof the power plug, I will mount this camera outside. Btw, the cable sticking out at the end of the camera is about 1.5-foot long, the power and reset-button cords are about 5-6 inches in length; complete control of features requires using Internet Explorer, as Firefox, Chrome won't do. If the coupon code works, I would buy more to install at least four around the house. Using IE, the user interface can view either one, four, or nine cameras.
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on September 4, 2013
I came back to write a review after a year or so of using this product. I can say that this camera is an amazing item at such a reasonable price. It does take a moderate knowledge with computers and internet to fully optomize but to get it to do basic functions, very minimal. I used it initially wirelessly on Uverse internet. The router was approx. 30 feet through 3 internal walls or so and it was pretty "glitchy". I then decided to hardwire it and am very pleased with that decision. The camera functions as i hoped. The nightvision is very clear and easily to identify anyone, or thing. The setup for motion detection was slightly confusing and still is a bit off but id rather it be overly sensitive than not work at all. The camera pans and operates on a daily basis and emails me every day due to bugs. I thought this might become annoying but i have come to like it due to knowing its functioning properly every day. The look of the camera is sleek and because of where i placed it, its hardly noticable.

Prior to purchasing this camera, i reviewed and researched many different kinds and brands. I cant tell you whether or not this one is better or worse, but with previous experience in different kinds throughout the years, this one has to rank near the top...especially cause of cost savings.

Im actually on here now to order another one to use in the nursery for our twins that are due in a few months. That should tell you how reliable i feel this camera is.
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