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on January 19, 2013
This is a fine little amp for the price, but there are still quality control issues that need to be resolved; thus, buyers should be aware that getting a lemon now and then is a distinct possibility.

I have read some reviews stating that this unit was shipped without a power supply, and I've read of other QC problems. My unit is mislabeled on the back (or is wired backwards), so that the LEFT speaker channel is really the RIGHT, and vice versa. In addition, as you can see in one of my pictures, the power supply is mislabeled. Actually, the company misspelled its own name -- Asian Power DECICES Inc. instead of Asian Power DEVICES -- not a deal breaker, but a heads-up to buyers to be wary. I wonder what the Chinese expression for CAVEAT EMPTOR would be.

I bought this amp for its kitsch value, but I have to say that it is probably the best amp ever produced in this price range (small flaws aside). It pumps decent sound at reasonable volume, and the unit seldom even gets warm to the touch... certainly never hot.

Some have complained that this unit is so light that it slides around the tabletop or desktop when one tries to adjust the volume or tone... I'm not sure how that's a manufacturing issue, or how this can be considered a negative. Should the manufacturer add a steel plate to the bottom of this unit just to make it heavier so that it doesn't slide around? I merely attached four Velcro dots to the bottom and stuck it to my desk (see my pictures). Voila! Problem solved. Or, you can use the four slots in the amp's ample frame to screw it down if you're using this amp in a shop setting.

I'm running two 8-ohm two-way bookshelf speakers from this amp and I find that I get all the volume I need, with truly clean mids and highs. If you try to pump too much bass from this puppy, however, you will get distortion... better to add a powered sub if deep bass is your goal.

Overall, this little amp rocks and is an excellent value for money. If it hadn't been for the mislabeling issues, I would have given this unit five stars.
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on April 21, 2015
Problem solved.

I see these reviews about this and that power and distortion, no.

Just turn the output of your chosen device to 1/2 volume.

The problem people are having is that the output of the device is distorting at INPUT, not at OUTPUT.

This amp is being almost as loud as my 100 watt former amp (remember that doubling wattage only increases loudness by 3 dB). Because I'm running a clean IN by setting my volume at 1/2. Don't control volume at your phone or laptop, this is old skool, SON and LADY. You need to put the volume on your device at 1/2. Then you run it to the amp, and if you want to change the volume you have to get it up and change it on the amp by turning the knob clockwise (louder) or counter-clockwise (quieter). So set your volumes and lie back and listen, this amp will let you do that. It cares. Whoever made this, cares about sound. I ain't playing. I grew up with a 20-watt Kenwood my Dad bought that was state-of-the art for working class people at that time. He paid a ridiculous amount. It sounded good, but it did not sound as good as this.

Point is, you run 1/2 volume INTO this amp and it can run FULL volume OUT.

I'm running this on a pair of Dr. Hsu speakers (the bookshelves). Now granted, these are pretty much the best speakers ever made for 189 a piece, but the point is that this amp runs them so beautifully.

There are two ways to run this amp, and you need to understand the differences.

If you run it through the MP3 port, it will have one sound.

And if you run it through RCA cables, it will have another sound.

The mp3 setting is good for tight spaces, as it wants the speakers closer together and has a very focused center midrange sound. A little gritty, but very pleasant. I'll get into this amp's smooth bits in a sec.

Through RCA cables, it's a bigger sound, and you have to accomodate it by spreading your speakers wider. It's a better sound, but the mp3 input is good too.

So to experiment with these from your phone you would need two cables: one for RCA in on the amp (the CD-type inputs), and one for mp3 in.

So for mp3 experience where you experience the amp's mp3 input, from your phone or laptop, you would need a 1/8 stereo male to 1/8 stereo male.

For RCA experience (in my opinion, the better-- finer, smoother, better bass, better resolution, better stereo separation, as long as you set your speakers appropriately) you need 1/8 stereo male to RCA right and left (red and white or red and black).

By "set your speakers appropriately" I mean, your speakers are involved in the acoustics of your home.

And on the mp3 output it wants them closer together, it's a more intimate sound. So mess around placing your speakers until they sound the best.

Everything will already sound good, this amp kicks A. As long as the output volume on your device is set at 1/2. Otherwise you will overdrive the amp and it will sound like spinach.

If you run to RCA (CD INPUTS), you need to set your speakers differently because the whole stereo separation and everything is so different.

It'll sound good no matter what, but mess around with moving your speakers for the most pleasant sound. This is basic acoustics, and nothing to do with the amp except that by careful speaker placement you can run this thing like it's some kind of Goddess.

This amp really performs, and one of my favorite things is the switchable EQ.

For old recordings of things from analog, say, the Bee Gees, I turn down the treble and turn up the bass until I SWEAR it sounds like when I used to hear it on my friend's mom's record player or her 8-track in the car, that smooth, lowered treble, uppered bass, and just mellow, sweet, and liquidy.

I have purchased three of these and hope to purchase at least that many more. I give them away to people, it's a great piece of kit.
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on April 19, 2013
After reading some of the other reviews I checked the ac adapter right away. It had a label marked Lepai AC ADAPTER OUTPUT: 12V 2A. I could see that there was another label underneath, so I peeled the silver Lepai label off and the black label underneath was marked TennRich AC ADAPTER OUTPUT: 12V 1.5A. I checked the amps on the adapter and it was 1.5A. That is why the amplifier is underpowered. I posted a picture of the adapter. Right now the picture is at the end of the list of pictures. It's just bad business to falsely relabel a product! I will try and contact the company and see if they will ship me a real 2A adapter.
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on September 14, 2016
This is a nice little amp and does what it is supposed to do. It's very compact and sounds good. Just note: the common complaint is that it frequently does not work and when this condition occurs, the blue light on the front panel pulsates. I believed my first purchase was defective when this occurred and I returned it for a replacement. However, the condition was similar on the second replacement amp I received as well. After further reading, I discovered this condition is not uncommon. Others who've purchased this amp identified that the problem lies in the supplied AC Power supply. It is a 12V 3A which is insufficient for this little amp. It needs a more robust 5A power supply such as the "Intocircuit LCD 60W 12V 5A Adapter Charger for Benq LCD Monitors" which can be purchased on Amazon for around $7.40. Once I replaced the power supply, the condition no longer occurs. The blue light on the front panel glows steady, and it powers on and operates as intended. Sounds good for such a tiny and inexpensive little amplifier.
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I like this little amplifier, it's not exactly perfect (distortion at the higher volume levels), but for the price and the size, at this point I would definitely buy again.

I mounted this outside in a plastic enclosure to weatherproof it. After sealing the wire holes and securing the amplifier to the enclosure, I was very pleased with what turned out. The intent is to basically leave this outside 365 days a year, and this amplifier drives two rock speakers on opposite sides of the garden.

Set up is quite fool-proof. I do find I have better sound overall when I use the RCA inputs vice the 1/8" connector directly to the output of the iPhone/iPod that we use, but I assume that's because of the attenuation provided by the RCA inputs.

I am not impressed when I really crank the volume. There is definite distortion past 80/90% and I haven't been able to mitigate that with adjusting the volume on the device very well.

That's by no means a show-stopper because the intent of using simple rock speakers is to have ambient music in the background, not push a couple Mach II's (five points for the reference).

The single biggest complaint I have is the power supply is obviously fickle. If it moves around, just a little bit, the power goes on and off. That's a bit disturbing. I've compensated by laying down some silicon ensuring that nothing moves around, but it's not ideal. The power connector looks actually worn after the initial set up, which is unimpressive.

All and all I really like this little guy. It's not perfect, but it works. The picture is of the very simple enclosure that I placed this in. I couldn't see doing this another way that would allow me to keep a separate amplifier outside all year long. And this plus the speakers, was still significantly less than a set of wireless speakers (plus I get to use what I've got).

Other thoughts: I would NOT use this to replace my home stereo, and the little blue light doesn't bother me at all. In fact, since it's outside, it's nice to know when one of us left it turned on.
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on December 7, 2014
Had a pair of 1987 vintage Bose 2.2 speakers that I wanted to use in my basement. Looking at 2-channel receivers to do the job when I came across the Lepai amp. Mostly use an IPOD Classic 6 80 mb and IPAD as source for music, XM/Sirius, and Internet radio. Didn't want/need a tuner or remote so it looked like the Lepai filled the bill. It sure did. Drives the Bose speakers effortlessly at 1/2 volume. A few comments on reviews a read while researching this product. 1) My amp had the "CE" certification. 2) Came with a 13.5 volt/3.0 amp power converter. 3) No RCA/mini cord with my amp. 3) Amp is quite light in weight so I attached it to wood block for stability. 4) Blue light on front panel is quite bright, but this is not an issue for me since I use it in a lit basement. 5) I prefer the sound in "direct" mode, bypassing the bass/treble control. Great value for the price.
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on June 5, 2015
I purchased this as a test for possible use in the future. When it first arrived, there was no power supply. I contacted the seller and they were apologetic and quickly sent one, which arrived a week later.
I have left it powered on for about a week now, occasionally playing music and sound effects through it, and the sound is pretty good. No qualms there. I don't know if there is a problem with the volume potentiometer or what, but when I am adjusting the volume right channel cuts out regularly. If I press the knob in I can get it to stop cutting out. This could be a deal breaker for future purchases for me, as I was hoping to use them for audio installations that are up for multiple months. I will update after a month to see if it has any other problems.
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on March 4, 2017
My amp was bought on Amazon from Parts Express. Great little amp for the money. Don't expect miracles and you will love it.

I disassembled it to get a look at the construction. Solder joints looked good and only minor flux residue here and there.

I did notice some scratchiness in the bass, treble and volume buttons but discovered that the bass and treble potentiometers did not have their shells grounded but the volume did. So, I extended the ground wire soldered to the volume pot over to the bass and treble pots. After doing that, the scratchiness was gone. I suspect it was to to making and breaking ground from the faceplate to the pots as I moved the knobs. It also seemed to make the whole amp sound better with less hum but I did not do any scientific before and after tests.

I did test the supplied TH201505 12V 3A power adapter for voltage drop with the amp volume maxed out. I only saw a ..35V drop from min to max volume. I believe this adapter will be more than adequate for the job.
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on August 30, 2013
I can't help but be amazed at how small this amp is, how loud it can get, and how little it cost!. Bought this to mount in my car, because the stock head unit doesn't have an audio input, and it's functioning beautifully. It runs on 12v DC, so I was able to wire it directly to the car's ignition switched radio line. Set up a couple of 4PDT toggle switches to select between the stock head unit and this amp driving the speakers. Made a small hole in my dash and mounted the amp in there (the black case is held on by 3 philips screws and 4 torx screws, the size of which I no longer remember). The metal faceplate looks really nice in-dash. Got a cheap RCA cable, hooked it up to the amp, and passed it out through a small hole in the dash. Now I can be using my stock head unit, then hook up my cell phone and toggle a pair of switches to enjoy my own tunes.

Overall, with the front and rear speakers in serial totaling 8 ohms of impedance per channel, the sound quality is pretty good and it can get as loud as I want it to be. However, if I were to do it all over again, I think I'd get 2 of these amps instead of 1 and wire up one amp for the back speakers and the other for the front, thus giving each variable volume control.
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on November 22, 2015
I've used a number of these as "utility" amps with great success. They're small, beautifully packaged, and work perfectly. The controls have a nice, solid feel - smooth acting pots, nicely finished knobs, a good feel to the power switch. Silly little things, I know- but if you've ever used some of the other cheap amps on the market (Radio Shack?), these just feel right and work perfectly. I haven't tried to measure specs, but that would be like examining what goes into sausage. Better to just say this works exactly as it should, and as we'd hope.
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