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on September 14, 2016
This is a nice little amp and does what it is supposed to do. It's very compact and sounds good. Just note: the common complaint is that it frequently does not work and when this condition occurs, the blue light on the front panel pulsates. I believed my first purchase was defective when this occurred and I returned it for a replacement. However, the condition was similar on the second replacement amp I received as well. After further reading, I discovered this condition is not uncommon. Others who've purchased this amp identified that the problem lies in the supplied AC Power supply. It is a 12V 3A which is insufficient for this little amp. It needs a more robust 5A power supply such as the "Intocircuit LCD 60W 12V 5A Adapter Charger for Benq LCD Monitors" which can be purchased on Amazon for around $7.40. Once I replaced the power supply, the condition no longer occurs. The blue light on the front panel glows steady, and it powers on and operates as intended. Sounds good for such a tiny and inexpensive little amplifier.
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on January 19, 2013
This is a fine little amp for the price, but there are still quality control issues that need to be resolved; thus, buyers should be aware that getting a lemon now and then is a distinct possibility.

I have read some reviews stating that this unit was shipped without a power supply, and I've read of other QC problems. My unit is mislabeled on the back (or is wired backwards), so that the LEFT speaker channel is really the RIGHT, and vice versa. In addition, as you can see in one of my pictures, the power supply is mislabeled. Actually, the company misspelled its own name -- Asian Power DECICES Inc. instead of Asian Power DEVICES -- not a deal breaker, but a heads-up to buyers to be wary. I wonder what the Chinese expression for CAVEAT EMPTOR would be.

I bought this amp for its kitsch value, but I have to say that it is probably the best amp ever produced in this price range (small flaws aside). It pumps decent sound at reasonable volume, and the unit seldom even gets warm to the touch... certainly never hot.

Some have complained that this unit is so light that it slides around the tabletop or desktop when one tries to adjust the volume or tone... I'm not sure how that's a manufacturing issue, or how this can be considered a negative. Should the manufacturer add a steel plate to the bottom of this unit just to make it heavier so that it doesn't slide around? I merely attached four Velcro dots to the bottom and stuck it to my desk (see my pictures). Voila! Problem solved. Or, you can use the four slots in the amp's ample frame to screw it down if you're using this amp in a shop setting.

I'm running two 8-ohm two-way bookshelf speakers from this amp and I find that I get all the volume I need, with truly clean mids and highs. If you try to pump too much bass from this puppy, however, you will get distortion... better to add a powered sub if deep bass is your goal.

Overall, this little amp rocks and is an excellent value for money. If it hadn't been for the mislabeling issues, I would have given this unit five stars.
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I like this little amplifier, it's not exactly perfect (distortion at the higher volume levels), but for the price and the size, at this point I would definitely buy again.

I mounted this outside in a plastic enclosure to weatherproof it. After sealing the wire holes and securing the amplifier to the enclosure, I was very pleased with what turned out. The intent is to basically leave this outside 365 days a year, and this amplifier drives two rock speakers on opposite sides of the garden.

Set up is quite fool-proof. I do find I have better sound overall when I use the RCA inputs vice the 1/8" connector directly to the output of the iPhone/iPod that we use, but I assume that's because of the attenuation provided by the RCA inputs.

I am not impressed when I really crank the volume. There is definite distortion past 80/90% and I haven't been able to mitigate that with adjusting the volume on the device very well.

That's by no means a show-stopper because the intent of using simple rock speakers is to have ambient music in the background, not push a couple Mach II's (five points for the reference).

The single biggest complaint I have is the power supply is obviously fickle. If it moves around, just a little bit, the power goes on and off. That's a bit disturbing. I've compensated by laying down some silicon ensuring that nothing moves around, but it's not ideal. The power connector looks actually worn after the initial set up, which is unimpressive.

All and all I really like this little guy. It's not perfect, but it works. The picture is of the very simple enclosure that I placed this in. I couldn't see doing this another way that would allow me to keep a separate amplifier outside all year long. And this plus the speakers, was still significantly less than a set of wireless speakers (plus I get to use what I've got).

Other thoughts: I would NOT use this to replace my home stereo, and the little blue light doesn't bother me at all. In fact, since it's outside, it's nice to know when one of us left it turned on.
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on December 27, 2013
I have been using the Lepai amp for almost 2 years. There are good and bad things that I noticed. Below is my summary of the Lepai mini amp:

1) This amp is really inexpensive. If you cannot spend more than 20 bucks then you may want to take a close look at this amp.

2) The sound quality albeit at low volume is pretty decent. This amp uses the TA2020 chip set which does offer quite low distortion at low volume.

3) The amp has tone controls so you can fiddle with the sound to some degree.

The BAD:
1) You'll be hard pressed to drive a pair of low-sensitivity or 8-Ohm speakers to decent volume with this amp. With an 8 Ohm speaker, you get clean sound to around 5 Watts only. If you crank the amp up to 10 Watts you'll already hit 10% distortion. With 4 Ohm speakers you can get up to 10 Watts per speaker. In fact, the wattage rating of this amp (2 x 20 Watts rms) is truly false. The power supply that comes with this amp gives 2 Amps at 12 Volts. At a power efficiency of 90% you'll get 2 x 10 Watts rms at the most. However, if you have some fairly small speakers then you may be fine. Otherwise, spend a little more and buy another amp.

2) This amp DOES NOT connect to many newer TVs which often no longer have analog RCA outs. Instead you'll either need to get an SPDIF-to-RCA converter or an amplifier such as the Amphony 250 or similar model that has an optical input which is compatible with TVs. My TV luckily does have RCA outs but be sure to check if your TV does.

3) The enclosure of this amp is fairly bulky and not exactly high quality. I opened up the enclosure and found that most of the interior is empty. What a waste of space! Also, there are some gaps and areas where Lepai could have spent a little more attention to detail in terms of quality. The knobs are fairly basic too and tend to come loose.

4) The rear speaker connector easily snaps out of its socket and doesn't accept thicker speaker wire easily. So you'll have to stick to fairly thin speaker wire.

To summarize, if you really cannot afford more than $20 on an amp then the Lepai is a decent choice. But don't expect the amp to drive larger speakers.
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on December 7, 2014
Had a pair of 1987 vintage Bose 2.2 speakers that I wanted to use in my basement. Looking at 2-channel receivers to do the job when I came across the Lepai amp. Mostly use an IPOD Classic 6 80 mb and IPAD as source for music, XM/Sirius, and Internet radio. Didn't want/need a tuner or remote so it looked like the Lepai filled the bill. It sure did. Drives the Bose speakers effortlessly at 1/2 volume. A few comments on reviews a read while researching this product. 1) My amp had the "CE" certification. 2) Came with a 13.5 volt/3.0 amp power converter. 3) No RCA/mini cord with my amp. 3) Amp is quite light in weight so I attached it to wood block for stability. 4) Blue light on front panel is quite bright, but this is not an issue for me since I use it in a lit basement. 5) I prefer the sound in "direct" mode, bypassing the bass/treble control. Great value for the price.
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on December 18, 2015
This fell short of five stars for two reasons:

Something in the case is loose. It doesn't effect its performance... but I also don't know what it is. It could be someone's tooth. It could be a loose component or a screw. Four stars.

The finish is rough. Although it's not pictured here, there are four screw holes drilled into the mounting flange on the sides. One of them is rough and covered in burrs. I'd still be able to screw it down to something with no problems. It's just rough looking (and feeling), which is not a five star way of behaving.

Other than that, it's great. I kind of dig the minimalist look. I grew up with giant AV receivers being the norm. I didn't even know stereo amps got this minimal. I (like everyone else) bought this to go with the Micca MB42 bookshelf speakers and it performs admirably. Drives them loud enough that you have to turn them down. Or loud enough to shout over.

I haven't tested it via the line-in port; just through the RCA inputs. I'm... sure it's fine.

I was all set to buy a new power supply, given the horror stories I read in everyone else's reviews. This one shipped with a 3A power supply. I even peeled up the sticker; there's nothing underneath it. I may still upgrade the power supply in the future, just because, but I don't think there's any problems with the one it came with. Your mileage may vary.

I'd buy it again, and I'd recommend it to someone else looking for a great deal on an amp.
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on March 4, 2017
My amp was bought on Amazon from Parts Express. Great little amp for the money. Don't expect miracles and you will love it.

I disassembled it to get a look at the construction. Solder joints looked good and only minor flux residue here and there.

I did notice some scratchiness in the bass, treble and volume buttons but discovered that the bass and treble potentiometers did not have their shells grounded but the volume did. So, I extended the ground wire soldered to the volume pot over to the bass and treble pots. After doing that, the scratchiness was gone. I suspect it was to to making and breaking ground from the faceplate to the pots as I moved the knobs. It also seemed to make the whole amp sound better with less hum but I did not do any scientific before and after tests.

I did test the supplied TH201505 12V 3A power adapter for voltage drop with the amp volume maxed out. I only saw a ..35V drop from min to max volume. I believe this adapter will be more than adequate for the job.
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on August 9, 2016
If there were more than five stars, I would give it! for the price of this amplifier, I did not expect this power and sound quality.

I've been using this amp for the past 1.5 years every day to drive two 20W 4-ohm Bose drivers. I got to admit the sound quality is incredible, and it never failed me! and i've been using the same power adapter that they supplied.

Also I am amazed at the low noise level. When there is no music playing, I often forget that I left the amp on because its so quite.

1. Its not a powerhouse but its a powerful little thing. you'll be surprised how much power it can give (using a good power adapter, or even the one it comes with)
2. Low noise - there's practically no noise all the way up to 90% volume. thats incredible! if you do hear noise, check your input.
3. Blue light - thats a great plus for me because it reminds me to turn it off when i'm done watching TV. since there is no noise, so you can't really hear that the amp is on, so the blue light is a great indicator!

1. Adapter can be better - even though I've been using the adapter that it came with for the past year, I believe a more powerful adapter will give a bit more power. but since I don't need more power, it works well!

If you're an average joe like me who likes to enjoy good quality sound for music and movies - this amp is for you!
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on March 7, 2015
Before I ordered this, I saw all the discussions about it coming with an under powered 2 amp or 1.5 amp power supply, so I ordered a 6 amp one at the same time. However I noticed that mine came with a 3 amp power supply instead. I don't know if that was just a fluke or if they have changed the power supply they are sending now. It sounded about the same with both power supplies, so I probably could have saved 8 bucks and not ordered the 6 amp one.

I am setting up a workout room in our new house and I wanted better sound for the TV / Chromecast that I set up in there. The TV's speakers are pretty weak when streaming music through the Chromecast. I had two brand new 6 1/2 inch Pioneer 2-way car speakers sitting around, I got them for free with a Crutchfield order but never needed them. So I ordered a couple 6 1/2 speaker boxes and then ordered this little amp to power them.

I'm no audiophile, but I am really impressed with how clean and loud this little amp can drive those speakers. The workout room is about 16' x 16' and the music is plenty loud at only 5 or 6 (out of 10) on the volume knob. The tone control was great for fine tuning the sound too. I was considering adding a powered sub to the room too, but after getting the Lepai set up first I am no longer in the market for a powered sub. It isn't going to rattle the whole house, but it has plenty of bass for me.

I will update if it burns out quickly or something, but so far I am really impressed with how well it performs, especially given the cost.
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on December 20, 2014
This worked exactly as intended.
I had the following project in mind for this:
Take a standard, copper-wired, non-powered subwoofer and convert this for use with a better home theater solution that has an RCA subwoofer output. I was hoping to re-use what I had instead of spending $89 on a powered subwoofer.
- Use existing wiring - no wires could be visible.
- Use current, non-powered subwoofer as a powered subwoofer

We had internal wiring that was just plain ol' speaker wire as that was what the original Home Theater subwoofer used.
We upgraded to a nice Yamaha system with an RCA plug and required this to complete the connection from the home theater subwoofer jack to the subwoofer via in-wall wiring.
I actually ordered this and two "IEC 18 AWG 1-Feet Speaker wire with RCA Male Black" adapters. I used one of these from the home theater system to the wallplate (I attached a little extra wire and some banana plugs) and one from the wall to the amplifier. The copper speaker wire then connected right into the amplifier (I actually mounted the amplifier to the back of the subwoofer with 4 wood screws - very simple!).

The end result was fantastic! We even compared it to the Yamaha powered subwoofer ($89 on Amazon), and it sounded every bit as good - for only $30 in parts!

Anyway, for those of you in a similar situation, this is a great solution for converting a non-powered subwoofer and using existing wiring.
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