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on July 3, 2016
The trimmer actually works pretty well. It's the battery pack that stinks! The battery pack lasted just over the 2 year warranty and died. It has proprietary cells so no one can rebuild it. I'm stuck with buying a new battery pack for $105. There is NO WAY that I'm going to buy a $100 battery pack every 2 years! I'll go back to a gas trimmer that will last for several years. The unfortunate thing is that I also bought the leaf blower that takes the same battery. So now I'm without both a trimmer AND a blower.
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on July 4, 2014
***UPDATE June 2017***
(1) Still running strong after all most 3 years of cutting through St. Augustine grass here in Texas.
(2) I've had to re-string her 2x now. Not the easiest you'll ever do, but the 0.065 line from Lowe's works ok. Youtube has a few videos showing you how to do it, if you can't figure it out yourself. Key is you have to wind it really tight and line it up perfectly...or else it will jam. Lots of people probably buy the 12-buck 3-pack replacement spools, but I haven't needed to yet...and it will save you quite a bit of money if you can do it yourself.
(3) I received the blower counterpart to this for Xmas a couple years ago, along with a 40v battery. Battery life was an issue before if I wanted to do all my yard, but a 36v + a 40v gives me enough juice to whack my whole property and then blow out the driveways and sidewalks.
(4) Battery life still seems good. Dont' really detect much functional difference between the 36v and 40v batteries.
(5) Good news is you can buy the blower/whacker as a combo for even less than what I paid for mine.
(6) Using my dad's gas whacker with double 0.095 inch lines did make me realize how power you sacrifice for running this. It's an adjustment, no doubt about it.
(7) The trade-offs from a gas whacker for (a) quiet, (b) virtually zero maintenance, and (c) no gas smell makes up for it. I'm halfway through my 3rd full summer with this bad boy, and the only maintenance has been adding new string.

Bumping up from 4-stars to 5....because this really has been a great product!

****Original Review****

I've used my LST136 (w/ 36v battery) for about a full season now. Here's my thoughts so far....

*Significantly more power than the 18vNicad & 20v Lithium tools of a generation ago (as to be expected). If you were underwhelmed by the underpowered older stuff, join the club! But no so with this. I hear things are even a bit better when the 40v 'upgrade'....but I can't say for sure.
*The single-stringed trimmer is sufficient for household duties.
*The rotating shaft is EXTREMELY easy to use. Takes only couple seconds to rotate back and forth.
*Significantly lighter weight than any gas trimmer I've used.
*Noticeably quiet.
*Charges reasonably fast
*Battery test button seems pretty accurate.
*No problems with the automatic trim adjuster.
*Set battery and go -- no worries about gas smell, mixing gas, tuning the carburetor, etc.

*Takes longer to edge same yard. A single-string (.65) trim works...but it doesn't cut through stuff nearly as fast as your .95 trim on an Echo, Stihl, or Hitachi. I suspect it probably takes me on average 33% longer w/ the 36v cordless than with the gas trimmers.
*Battery life good, not great. My house is about 2000 sq/ft with about a 6000 sq/ft yard. Not huge by any means, and yet I can't do the entire yard on one charge. The way I get around that problem (w/ one battery) is that I typically alternate front/back trim each week. But even with that adjustment, I figure it still uses about 80-90% of the battery on Levels 2/3.
*Battery will get hot if you use it constantly on. And then if you try to charge it after running it hard, expect the charger to allow a 'cool down' period before it can charge.
*Tim 'the Toolman' Taylor would NOT be impressed!!

If you like yard with a sharp "edged" look around the borders, this might not be the trimmer for you -- it will take quite a bit of extra time (and extra battery life) to get that kind of look. But for the 'Average Weekend Joe' like me, I find it suits my current lifestyle pretty well. I did maintenance/landscaping for 4 years while in grad school, so I know my way around power tools. And there are days where I do miss having an Echo or Stihl in my back pocket when I need to plow through my edges quickly. But for what I need it to do, it get's the job done. And I figure most of the extra time it takes to use the B&D is time I'd be spending making trips to get gas, general maintenance and tuning the carburetor, and the like.

I plan to add the cordless blower and trimmer in the future, which was the main reason I bought this to begin with.
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on May 3, 2014
I bought this product a year ago, and I couldn't be happier with it. I have been replacing my gas-powered lawn tools with electric or battery-powered tools recently, and have been looking at a battery-powered trimmer for years. But I was always concerned about a lack of power or short battery life. There were so many positive reviews for this product, so I took a chance. I'm so happy I did!

This thing really does chew through very thick grass and weeds. I am very impressed with the power. The battery also lasts at least 45 minutes on a charge, plenty of time for me to do everything in my yard. The adjustable power setting is such a great idea, and I use it every week as I move from trimming grass around trees to thick weeds at the back of the yard.

Some of the reviewers had problems with battery life, and I had a bit of concern, so I waited to review this product until after winter storage. I followed the instructions and kept the battery in the charger all winter. In fact, I have kept this battery in its charger constantly since I bought it a year ago, and keep it stored in my basement to avoid exposing it to extreme heat or cold. Two weeks ago, I used the trimmer, and it is just like new. Same battery life as when it came out of the box.

It was a bonus for me that this also can be used as a lawn edger. I was very skeptical about whether or not it would do an adequate job. All I can say is, "Wow"! I used it every week last year, and my old lawn edger (the kind that is a single-duty edger, and won't do anything else but hog space in my garage) is collecting dust. I plan to give that away this summer since the trimmer is all I need. Again, it is very powerful, and I can literally edge my lawn with it in 5 minutes, a job that used to take 30 minutes with my edger as it frequently jammed with dirt.

Another thing I was skeptical about is the automatic line feed. That works like a charm, constantly feeding the line out when needed. Never a glitch.

Thanks to B&D for making another quality product that makes my life easier.

June 2015 update: this is the third summer I've used this product, and it is still outstanding! No problems whatsoever. The battery life is just like when I first bought it. I still keep the battery plugged in the charger year-round in the basement. This is one of my favorite yard work tools.
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I've had this for 35 months now and it's still working like the day I bought it.
My yard is very large and I've yet to run out of juice. Even when I don't mow for several weeks it still has plenty of power to chop through thick growth.
Sometimes I get a flashing error light in the charger, but re-seating the battery fixes it every time.
Very pleased with the performance of this unit.
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on December 13, 2013
Reading reviews of this product left me unsure whether to order, given the number of reviews citing problems with the automatic line feed feature. But one review mentioned that, when this problem was encountered, B&D shipped a redesigned spool head, which worked perfectly. It seemed logical to conclude that newly stocked items would have the redesigned, improved head -- and it seems, based on several day's use of this trimmer, that it does. I've experienced none of the line feed problems cited in previous negative reviews -- including excessive line consumption or failure to advance without stopping and restarting the motor.

With that point out of the way, I'd like to point out the many excellent features of this well-designed trimmer. It's remarkably light, even with the battery installed. The adjustable shaft enabled me to configure the tool to my height (6'0"). The battery charged, as advertised, within an hour. I've used the tool twice to trim grass around the foundation of my 3,000 sq ft. home on a 0.3 acre lot and edge the lawn along the driveway and curb -- and I've never even come close to running out of battery power. For light duty on a relatively small lot, this tool strikes me as ideal -- choosing it over a corded model is a no-brainer! Thanks to the adjustable shaft and light weight, I highly recommend this tool for all users, including women.

With winter coming (I'm writing this in December, 2013), this tool won't see much use until spring. If my experience changes, I'll post an update.
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on August 22, 2013
Updated 8/5/2017
After replacing some parts it worked ok for another year, but then broke again. They just use too much plastic in places where they should have used metal bearings.

Updated 7/30/2016
After using this for three years, I now feel the same way about this product as I do the hedge trimmer. Both were great and convenient when new, but their quality is lacking. The cup that holds the string has come loose from the body so it no longer works. It also seemed to feed string very inconsistently when it was working. Sometimes I'd go through a whole spool of string before I even used up one battery charge. Other times it seems like it wouldn't feed fast enough and I'd only have about 3" of string rotating. I'd prefer the old bump method of string release as it seems more predictable.

Original Review:

For 12 years I've been using a gas powered trimmer to take care of our 3/4 acre lot and hating every moment of it. Struggling to get it started, mixing gas, problems with the string getting stuck, annoying noise and vibration, they all made trimming a chore I'd put off until it was often too late.

So when I bought the Black & Decker 36 volt hedge trimmer and loved it so much, I thought I'd purchase the matching string trimmer too. Glad I did. This works way better than the old gas trimmer and makes trimming almost pleasurable. For most of what I'm trimming I have been able to use a setting of 2-3 and I get about 20-30 minutes of battery life. Since I have another battery from the hedger, I can do about an hour's worth of trimming at a time. That's usually enough for time for me to get done what I need to get done. It's so easy to just grab it and trim a bit that I find I can easily trim a bit during my lunch break. No more putting on the hearing protection either, which is really nice. The length of the shaft is adjustable, and at 6'-0", I find the full length is useful. My old trimmer was so short I had to lean over a lot, making it hard on my back. This trimmer is light and well balanced.

The only nit I would mention is that sometimes the string doesn't feed as much as it should. But it's easy to open, pull some more out and keep going. Much less hassle than the feeding mechanism on my old gas trimmer.
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on June 11, 2013
I am a residential user who tired of the two-cycle gas engine trimmer I've had for years. Two-cycle engines require that fuel be mixed with a special oil. They are sometimes difficult to start and are extremely noisy, noisy to the point of hearing damage so ear protectors must be used.

I've had this cordless unit for about a month and have used it several times. The speed is adjustable so a lower speed does not deplete the battery so quickly, nor does it cause the line to wear as fast. I find that a mid-level speed is adequate for lawn grass. I can finish my yard trimming in 15 or twenty minutes which only uses half the battery charge according to the charge-level LED lights on the battery.

The unit also has a feature that guides it when used as an edger. I have not used it as such so cannot comment on that abiltiy.

Another nice feature is the plastic line guard. My previous trimmer, the gas model, had a guard which would allow "plant guts" to be thrown all over my boots and pant legs. I was a mess after each use. This B&D guard prevents that almost entirely.

My only problem was actually caused by my misunderstanding of how the charger worked. After finishing the job I would immediately put the battery in the charger and then got an indicator light warning that there was something wrong. After calling B&D I discovered that I should wait for the battery to cool off before charging. So, I now give it a couple of hours before putting it on the charger and have had no further problems.

Yes, this tool definitely deserves a BUY rating from me.
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This is one great weedeater. I have gotten to the point where i just cant stand cords anymore. I hate the tangles mess and the time it takes to get all setup to do a project with the corded tool.
This tool has litium ion which holds a charge a long time and has a built in led power guage to let you know when it needs charged.
I had a long move and had this in storage for three months. Thinking I would have to recharge for use I pushed the guage button and all four led's lit up letting me know it was still at full charge. That was impressive.
Nice and lightweight as well. The variable speed is cool and will allow you to use as much or as little power as needed for your job instead of high power for everything.
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on September 10, 2013
After buying a far-too-expensive and gas-powered trimmer, I suffered buyer's remorse. It was heavy, hard to start and, (I'm shamefully admitting), too powerful. I was under the testosterone-fueled illusion that gas-powered=better. Not so.

I was surprised when I tried my neighbor's older Black and Decker "Grass Hog" model. It was lightweight, battery-powered and just right for the job. I had to get an identical model. Sadly I found they are no longer made.

After reading great reviews about this updated model, (The LST136), and seeing it looked very similar, I began to research. Consumer reports rates this as their 2nd best Battery-powered model for 2013 (being beaten by a competitor with a $650 pricetag -- NO THANKS!). Seeing this one's MSRP was under $200, I began to eagerly shop. Every place I looked was backordered on this guy, which only fueled my fire as I could see it was a popular model! Amazon came through, and had it in stock... and cheaper than most!

This thing is a workhorse. It's got variable power, so you can optionally "dial it back" and save on battery power, and the quick-flip edger was everything I hoped it would be. It's hard to get too excited about having to do yardwork, but with the right tool, I was pretty stoked to get out and clean up my weeds, and this thing didn't disappoint. In short, all the positive reviews you're reading on this thing hold true and I don't have a lot to add.

My notes on the battery life:

On a full charge, the battery gives me about 45 minutes of trimming at full power. (I don't dial it back... I'm still a guy, after all.) That said, my yard requires about double that time. The battery charges pretty rapidly. I haven't timed a full charge, but twenty minutes on the charger gave me about 15 more minutes worth of power. Impressive. Even so, I did buy another battery so I can always have one waiting in the wings. This worked out perfectly.

I am very happy with this toy -- I mean tool. I am still laughing at the fact that I'm practically giddy over a yard tool... but there you have it.

This thing rocks.
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on June 1, 2013
I recently bought this trimmer because my Ryobi gas trimmer was causing me all types of headaches. I love the power of gas trimmers but I am tired of dealing with them. I have owned previous Black & Decker chargeable trimmers and have not really been impressed with the power or battery life. So on to the pros and cons!

-Power! I was really impressed on the the ability to adjust the power on the trimmer based on the job. I kept it on 3 pretty much the whole time and had no issue. I haven't found a reason thus far to pump it up all the way.
-Adjustable! I am 6'0" and when dealing with older electric trimmers I would end up bending over and hurting my back the whole time I trimmed. It made yard work less enjoyable.
-Easy conversion from trimmer to edger. The edger feature works great and made yard work that much faster.
-Easy to use! It is light weight and easy to turn on and adjust allowing my wife who would previously not go near my gas trimmer to finally start trimming the yard! I have business trips that I am frequently on and previously she would not trim the yard. Now that we have this trimmer she does not mind.
-Charging! Extremely fast compared to other batteries. It usually takes about 45 minutes to fully charge my battery. Not only that if you let your battery sit on the charger because you forgot about it, it wont screw your battery up.

-Battery life. Depending on what power setting you set your trimmer on depends on how fast your battery drains. I usually set my power setting to 3 and get about 30 minutes of use. That is enough time for me to trim and edge my front yard which is about an 1/8 acre. I have not bought a second battery yet so I usually hook it on to the charger and enjoy the outside weather till it is done charging.

Overall I really love this trimmer and I am glad I purchased it. I could not be happier with it. I really only had one thing I didn't like about it which really wasn't a big deal to me because I am not in a rush. If you are looking for battery powered trimmer I would give this one a go. I can finally give up the gas powered tools with B & D line up of 36v tools.
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