Customer Reviews: LX Desk Mount LCD Arm
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on March 16, 2010
I was probably one of the first few people to order this product after it was released last month. There are quite a few similar products out there but after extensive research, I chose the Ergotron because:
-It's more flexible, and has more "joints" than most other ones.
-Stainless steel and black look VERY sexy together, and will make any table top look more sleek. It also matches perfectly with my Dell monitor (see photos I posted).

After a few weeks of usage, here are my pros & cons:

-Large freedom of movement in all 3 planes + rotation. Some other units have only 2 movable joints so raising it up would force it to move back as well, for example. This one has total freedom.
-Very strong and sturdy; I feel comfortable putting very heavy monitors on it. Moving the monitor around feels fluid and sturdy.
-Beautiful black & steel finish - it becomes a piece of eye-candy on your desk.
-Extremely Easy to install & uninstall.
-Definitely saves desk space.

-Slight vibration if the table vibrates. When I shake my legs while sitting down, I can see the monitor itself vibrating as well. However it's very minimal and not too noticeable.
-The built in cable management system is lackluster. It's difficult to get cables completely hidden. But in my opinion this is a minor issue as black cables are not noticeable running along a black arm. (see posted photos). Also, I am using my own velcro cable-ties as the included plastic ties are worthless.

CONCLUSION: A very well designed, well thought-out product by Ergotron. It performs its intended function flawlessly and is pleasing on the eye to boost. Yes, there are some minor cons but they are insignificant compared to the pros. As a buyer who has done tons of research, I highly recommend this mount.
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on December 6, 2010
Around the net, (and among these reviews,) there were some small reports of people using this somewhat-known LCD arm for their cintiqs -- and despite the 21UX's heavy weight of 19 lbs, it holds it hanging in the air with ease.

Upon receiving the LX, I was skeptical because hey, the Cintiq 21UX is a mammoth and heavy display, weighing in at 19 lbs. The LX has a capacity rating of 20lbs, and it extends 2 feet. I'd be trusting the construction of it to hold up my $2000 tablet in the air safely! So you can't blame me. However, after receiving the LX in the mail, it was definitely far better built than I thought it would have been. No plastic parts -- all 100% (heavy) metal. It came with mount hardware to clamp onto the edge of your desk, or drill through your desk for inner-surface placement. I tried it on the edge of my desk first, and while the clamp held firm and showed no signs of falling off, let's face it, I'm taking no chances here. I also wanted a little more "universal" flexibility in accessing the cintiq, so it being off to the opposite edge of my desk was a little too far away. Thus, I measured out the optimal spot to drill a hole in my desk and mounted it SOLIDLY through the top. I have an IKEA Gallant corner desk, so I drilled it through right where the curved-corner area is. Drilled and bolted in place, there's absolutely 0% change of the clamp failing and falling off the desk, and the arm can reach both sides of the desk easily.

(I'll be submitting some user pictures so you can see my Cintiq setup with the LX. Check them out!)

So now with my 21UX on the LX, it allows me to "float" the 21UX in front of me, lowered to hang half-off the edge of my desk. It's basically in my lap by this point, offering me optimal ergonomic usage. I find myself no longer slouching when I draw, and I can withstand much longer sessions of drawing in my chair. It's nice that I can *float* the cintiq to where I need it, instead of moving to where it needs me to be.

Another reviewer here on Amazon wrote that the LX had a hard time holding up his 21UX, and it would slowly droop over time from the weight. I'm wondering if he carefully tightened the primary tension bolt at the top of the arm? I had to put a lot of tension into the arm, at roughly around 85% tightened. But at that amount, the LX holds the 21UX unbelievably firm, in the air or lowered onto my desk in drawing position.

Really you can't go wrong with the Ergotron LX. I'm literally using it with, probably, the toughest thing it will ever have to go up against. I feel safe with my 21UX mounted to it. It's that solid. Sure, there's a little bit of wobble if it's free floating -- but it's nothing that appears concerning, not like the thing's about to break or something. In fact, the Ergotron wobbles less with the Cintiq on it than my NEC monitor on its stock stand. How's that for overbuilt?

It's really worth the investment for all 21UX owners who want some greater control over this behemoth. I even recommend it as a top-notch (and good looking) option to those looking for articulate arms for their normal LCD monitors, or hell, even your 12WX if you got one. Ergotron makes other attachments for the arm, such as extenders and a laptop tray. You can really make it work for your workspace well. It's nice being able to simply push the Cintiq out of the way to be up next to my primary monitor when it's not in use. It's nice to reclaim some of that desk space since the Ergotron mount has considerably less footprint than the Cintiq on its stock stand.

Stop looking, get this mount. You won't find a better one for this weight range.
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on March 27, 2010
I loved the original LX monitor arms, and when I needed to buy another one, I was excited to try out the new version of the LX arms (which just came out in early 2010). After trying this updated version, my feelings are mixed. I still believe this is the best LCD monitor arm out there, just as the original version was. It functions very well. The movements are smooth and it holds my 19 lb monitor just fine. (And, after 3 years of constant movement, my old LX arms are still good as new.)

But, I have one major complaint about this new version. The old LX arms came with a mounting pole that was about 14" high, meaning that you could adjust the arm's STARTING position to be anywhere from just at desk height to a full foot above the desk. This meant that you had a wide variety of height options depending on how you use your monitor (because the arm can move about +/- 7" from the starting height). However, with their new version, Ergotron has drastically shortened the height of the desk pole, and for the life of me, I don't know why. Even when I adjust the arm's starting position to be at the very top of their new mounting pole, my monitor hits the desk long before I lower the arm to its lowest point. And, as someone who occasionally uses a 24" monitor in portrait mode, I can't even use this new arm. I'm also not ultra-crazy about the new look (polished aluminum & black), although I'm sure many people think it looks nice.

Ergotron, if you're listening: Please bring back the longer desk mounting pole (or even sell it as an accessory). I see that you make a new dual-arm system that appears to have a longer version of the new mounting pole, so I know you could do it.
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on November 22, 2011
I first bought the cheaper Ergotron mount (neo flex), but ended up returning it since it is more for stationary positions than for moving monitors around regularly. The joints on the Neo Flex would come loose as soon as you would move the monitor a bit and required constant tightening after changing monitor positions.

But the LX mount is perfect! It moves in virtually any position and easily stays positioned without needing constant tightening of the joints. Each joint is adjustable for tightness, and it doesn't come loose as you move the monitor around. One of the ways they accomplish this is with springs within the mount.

I was able to mount it on a Human Touch Perfect Chair (i.e. a zero gravity recliner). I had to modify this LX mount to allow for downward tilt. There are tabs on the bottom of the tilt piece (the component that connects directly to the monitor) that limit the range of downward tilt. By simply removing these tabs by bending them back and forth until they broke off, I was able to get over 45 degrees of downward tilt. That ended up being more than enough downward tilt to support the optimal viewing angle (i.e. dead on, parallel with the face) in the zero gravity position of the Perfect Chair.

While I would have preferred more downward tilt when it came out of the box, with a small modification I made this into the best monitor mount on the market. My ergonomic, zero-gravity computer workstation wouldn't be complete without it!
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on March 28, 2011
This is a very good quality item that has done wonders to reduce the clutter on my desk, but be sure to carefully take measurements of the height you need your monitor before buying. This arm did not go up as high as I need it to, and I'm average height (5'7"). When it says the arm goes up 13 inches, that means most typical monitors (mine is 20") will be only about 10 inches off your desk at the base. Not high enough if you are sitting/standing with correct posture.

My husband cleverly fixed this by cutting a block of wood to fit underneath the base of the unit to give me the height I need (essentially, the clamp encompasses my desk and an inch-thick block of wood). Other than the limited height range, I am very happy with the product.
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on December 20, 2012
I got one of these for my Cintiq 22hd, and I don't know why anyone would want to use a Cintiq without an arm mount like this. I've never used the included stand that came with my cintiq, and nor would I care to. The ergotron does everything a person could about want, better, faster, and easier. I can recline in my chair and pull the Cintiq into my lap, tilt it back and lay a picture book on 1 half of the screen *to ref draw from it*, or rotate my screen to stand vertical giving me a humongous tall drawing area, or even lifting the stand to put my screen up high so I can stand while drawing if I am in the mood for such, or move the screen to face any-which way in my living room as I see fit.

A good arm mount like this just isn't for Cintiqs, everyone should have one of these who doesn't have a huge screen display! I can easily pull the screen down right into my face for reading small text in high res, move it up and tilt it to face downwards at me while reclining back in extreme comfort while gaming or watching movies, and easily push it back when I need to get up. For drawing this thing is awesome. Being able to pull my screen right into my face is so handy for drawing as I look to study small details., but it's equally impressive for entertainment use. I at all times can have the screen exactly where I want and even positions I never even considered. Should people have this much power I wonder.? Are we ready as a society?

The various sections of the arm are adjustable with the included tools, to make it as loose or as tight as you'd want. I did have to adjust the tension of each piece a little bit. Some were too tight, others too loose. Again this was easy to do, just follow the instructions and look at the diagrams carefully. I have seen no evidence of sagging or weakening, it's just as stiff as the day I got it, and even if it did start to loosen up, I can tighten the tension screws more. I have it tight enough that I don't move the screen while pushing the stylus pen on it, and yet loose enough that it takes very little muscle to put it into any position I want. Moving it or rotating to aid in drawing is so easy, easier then how it would work with the Cintiq's official included stand yet it also does so much more then it ever could.

Wacom should partner up with these guys and include the Ergotron with all tablets light enough to work well with them. Speaking of which, I got a 22hd not only because it's cheaper then a 24hd, but also because I knew it would be a better fit for the ergotron and how I'd use it, in addition to being under the max weight limit. This ergotron arm is so strong, and I could easily tighten it up to support even more weight. It would not surprise me at all if it can work well with the 24hd if you took off its' monstrous 60 pound stand, but technically even then you will still be over the weight limit.

The clamp base has holes in it, so you can also drill screws through it to make it more secure. I have not drilled any screws to reinforce it, nor would I want to. Like all pieces of this arm, the clamp is very heavy sturdy steal, and very tightly has been clamped into place. I tried to see if I could make it budge or make it slide around, and I can't. This is a much more solid stable clamp then the pictures show. The Cintiq and arm mount are not going to slip off and fall over unless my entire desk does. As stable as the ergotron is, there is a little shake as I press more firmly and work quickly with the stylus, but this isn't an issue imo, and a very small price to pay to have such a mobile screen.

My only complaints after a month and a half of heavy use, is I do think the instructions could have been.... better. And having a hallow part in the upper arm section to hold the cables, but to me that really isn't a big deal at all. I haven't used other lcd arms, so I can't say if this is the best one the market or not, I just know that for my needs this thing is legendary.

I knew I'd love this product, but I didn't know it would be so good that I wished I could rate it higher then a 5.
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on July 24, 2010
I had already setup my home office with an Ergomart desk mount and keyboard tray plus a Peerless wall mount, and was very satisfied with the hardware. However, my wife's home office configuration required that her LCD monitor and TV be mounted side by side. I was tempted to do it with the Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm - Mounting kit ( desk clamp mount, grommet mount, 2 articulating arms, 2 extension brackets ) for LCD display - screen size: up to 24" - mounting interface: 100 x 100 mm, 75 x 75 mm - desktop stand, but decided on two Ergotron LX Desk Mount mounts instead....both being slightly cheaper than Ergomart products. The setup turned out to be excellent. Installation was a breeze, and because the mounts did not share the same base, there was much more flexibility in positioning the TV and Monitor next to one another. The hardware is light weight, but well built, and adjust easily; it is not as heavy duty as the Ergomart arm that I use, but more than adequate for the 19" and 22" LCD wide screens that my wife uses.

Although the hardware is great, the experience of purchasing them was not. I originally ordered two of these through Amazon, where the seller was Tech for Less. They were advertised for about half the price of other sellers, which should have made me suspicious. When they arrived, they were Ergotron's no longer sold model 45-184-194, not the much newer model 45-241-026 advertised. Tech for Less said the error was in linking their SKU number with Amazon's, and that the error has now been corrected, paid for the shipping to return the items, and has given me a full refund. Tech of Less' Customer Service was great. Since Tech for Less didn't handle the model I wanted, I purchased two more from another seller, and finally got what I wanted. As of this writing, Amazon is now selling them directly and since the error has been corrected, I have no reason to believe that my buying experience will be repeated with this product. But Amazon, please do what you can to prevent such experiences in the future!
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on December 3, 2010
I bought this item for a 27" monitor that was 18 lbs. That's under 20 lbs. as required, but larger than the 25" maximum as written in the specs for the arm. Installation was a breeze and I have had no problems with the oversized monitor. I wouldn't go over the weight maximum but it's probably safe to push the size envelope.

The arm is extremely sturdy, if failure were to occur it would be from the desk it is mounted to breaking and not from the arm itself. I am very pleased with the functionality. Adjusting the tension in the joints was very simple and now the arm will easily bend and move to whatever location I need and hold the position once it's placed. I am considering buying a second arm for another room as this first has been so handy.

I'm an engineer and am kind of picky about quality. That being said I recommend this product.
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on July 1, 2013
This stand definitely lives up to the reviews; its craftsmanship is sturdy, and the design seems solid. Its always a little nerve racking mounting a very expensive cintiq (I have the 22hd) on anything other than what was built specifically to hold it. In the end, however, I forget that I ever used anything else. It feels extremely natural to pull the screen down to your lap and work on it at any angle you feel like. I was amazed to find that it held my desired angle even when I was drawing on it (which is the whole point of course).

There were two disappointments that I had with the device. The first is that the instructions came somewhat shredded. Almost in a comical fashion. I basically have the outside borders and the middle has been ripped out. Its not floating around in the box somewhere either. Its just gone. Now, this isn't a particularly complicated device and moreover the directions can probably be found online somewhere, it was just annoying. The second problem I'm having is that it wont keep the monitor more than about two inches off the desk. This cintiq is heavy, almost at the limit, but it seems like it should hold to a place I move it. That said, I dont ever have to raise it and it holds extremely well in all the drawing positions I use, which are usually pulled forward into my lap, so its not even a big enough deal for me to search online and see if the fix is somewhere in the missing chunk of instructions.

If you use a 22hd with the stock stand, you need this in your life. It feels so much more natural, like the way a cintiq is meant to be experienced. I get full 360 degree rotation at any angle I like, and for that reason alone I can't imagine going back to the stock stand.

PS. my setup actually has the arm attached to the table on the right side of my desk instead of the back of the desk. It works just fine. I'll upload some pictures as well.
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on December 3, 2010
This is an awesome product, plain and simple. The install went smooth with relatively easy to follow instructions (though the drawings were laid out in a pretty odd order) and sits nicely on my desk.

Personally I used it for my Cintiq (which I don't have set up fully since I need to order a DVI-I extension cable, since on my last order I was sent the wrong cable) and it works perfectly, BUT... it feels like the Cintiq, despite still having a couple lbs of weight before being at the Ergotron's max supported weight, is really pushing the Ergotron to it's limits.

The way I have my desk set up, an ideal situation would be two Ergotron LX desk mounts with an additional Extension arm for each to make them reach further attached to my 2 monitors, but unfortunately I don't trust it to support the weight of my Cintiq with an additional arm (the further away from the base, the more stress that will be placed on it).

My only other concern would be that no felt was included, so with a heavy monitor attached to a desk can easily scar the desk, I'll be picking some up and attaching to it myself so my desk doesn't get ruined should I decide to remove the arm at a later date.

I guess I write this review for two reasons:

1) Ergotron LX is an excellent adjustable arm and I would recommend it to anyone with a Cintiq that has thought about the investment in the past.

2) I also write this as a note to Ergotron developers: there is a definite market need for us Wacom Cintiq Users. If Ergotron made the arm support a few more lbs (30 would be ideal) while having the reach of the LX + an additional extension arm, you'd have one HELL of a product for artists and drafters that use the Cintiq line of pen tablets. So, Ergotron, if you ever come out with a product like that, marked somewhere in the 200-400 dollar range, I'd be interested in buying one (or two). The distance is very important, because ideally, we'd bring it to our chairs so we can reduce stress on our backs while working (leaning forward or even sitting straight up and reaching arms out to the desk is incredibly painful after years of work).
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