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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon August 24, 2013
I purchased this direct from Amazon and not from a third party seller along with the La Crosse Technology 512B-811 Large Atomic Digital Wall Clock with Forecast & Weather (Which is not in color) because I wanted to place these in two different areas in the home (one on a wall) and I also wanted to compare the two devices to see which I liked better. I do wish that Lacrosse would make a color weather station that would allow for wall mounting which is the main reason I purchased a second one for mounting on a wall in the bottom floor of the home.

The setup was relatively easy and similar to most digital clocks, however, not without a problem. For some reason, the external sensor had difficulty connecting to the station upon initial set up. This actually happened for both devices that I purchased. I followed the directions and waited and nothing. Finally after trying this a few times, the external sensor finally connected. I don't know but maybe it just takes some time to get the system to recognize it. Just a side note though, if you do buy more than one of these, make sure you select different channels for them to operate off of or you might be wondering why they aren't functioning as you are expecting, especially if you buy different types like I did. The sensors are different for each and detect differing things and may not work properly without setting up on different channels. Luckily there are 3 channels to choose from on each device.

The display is bright and easily readable but is difficult to read at differing angles, so it is best viewed from straight on. The clock, date and temperature is easy to see with the humidity a little smaller and not as easy to view. It would be nice if this weather station was a little bigger. I guess it goes back to my wish that this could be wall mounted as well. A couple things that I wish it would include would be the atomic clock feature that it doesn't have and I also wish it would automatically adjust for daylight savings which it also doesn't.

As far as accuracy, I am satisfied so far with it. I don't expect this to be as accurate as a professional weather station, especially in this price range of 40 to 50 bucks, but this seems to be fairly accurate within a degree or so on both inside and outside temperatures.

Only having this a few days, I cant say how accurate the forecasting is, but so far, the display has been exactly what the weather has been outside. Again, I don't expect this to be 100 percent as even the weather channel isn't 100 percent.

Overall, I can say that I am enjoying the weather station with the couple issues I described about keeping it from being 5 stars. This device is best for an office or desk use, which is where I am using it. I will say I am impressed enough that I am considering these as gifts for this holiday season.

Update: After having this a few months, I wanted to add that the forecasting seems to be fairly accurate, although not perfect, it seems to be fairly consistent with the forecast on TV on both devices I bought. Both devices are fairly consistent with one another within a couple of degrees (one is in the back of the house and one is in the front.) Unless you want to spend for a professional weather station, then for the average home user this works well enough. I bought one for my mom as a gift for the holiday and she loves it. I will say my original annoyances stand with the lack of atomic clock, not being wall mountable, initial difficulties of pairing the sensor, etc... I have since discovered you have less issues with pairing if you follow the directions exactly even when changing batteries in one or the other. Pull the power and battery out of both when changing batteries and the connection is much easier. I will add a couple other small annoyances, the lack of DST automatic adjustment, which for a device that keeps the date, there should be a button that allows for automatic adjustment and the fact that you do have to pull the batteries in everything to get the sensor to link, which of course means reprogramming the station. I will say that if you are wanting a professional level station, this isn't it but for what it is at the price, after several months of use both devices are still worthy of 4 stars.
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on January 30, 2013
after reading about similar units and observing family members older models I decided on this one because it can be plugged into ac (adapter is included) and kept lit all the time. everyone is asking me where I got it... we are all impressed with the bright color display and with the variety of icon related weather predictions on the upper left of the screen. has time/day/month/date/at all times..inside/outside temps including humidity at all times.. other choices with touch of rear buttons. only drawback is I wish I could have hung it on wall. it is designed to sit on a shelf or table. I did not have a table in the spot we wanted it to I purchased a small mirror shelf which worked out very well but I did not notice it could not be hung up at the time of purchase.
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on December 9, 2014
OK, so maybe I just don't get it. But how can La Crosse sell an outdoor thermometer, that cannot handle outdoor weather? I purchased this unit, and the outdoor transmitter quit sending data within days. I dug into the instruction manual, and found that the unit is not weather proof, and must be placed in a protected location. Really? Is the best they can do? A simple rain shield could not be that hard to engineer for these experts.
I am very disappointed, no, actually I am angry. So beware, if you cannot keep the outdoor sensor completely dry at all times, don't buy this unit.
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on April 27, 2016
Nice looking widget, clear and bright display, easy to set up. The outdoor temperature and relative humidity (RH) sensor seems to be quite accurate, by table-top comparison over three hours to several other thermometers and hygrometers. The indoor temperature sensor seems to be equally good (we're talking about a few tenths of a degree F), but the indoor humidity sensor reading was off by about 10% RH. The clock seems to keep excellent time, as you'd expect for an "atomic clock" radio-based system. I am not too interested in the indoor humidity accuracy so I decided to keep the device. The "weather forecast" display is still a mystery. The display changes (the sun turns on, clouds come and go, maybe it rains a little or a lot, and once in a while a daisy shows up in the grass) but there doesn't seem to be an obvious correlation between the display and what is happening outside either now or later. Kind of amusing to watch, though. Probably the display expense would have been better spent on improved sensor quality.
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on June 3, 2013
I was skeptical when I ordered this device but I am amazed how accurate it is. I calibrated the temperature sensors against a highly accurate darkroom thermometer and they read about 2 deg F high, good enough for Government work...Hard to find a good place outside for the external sensor but on a cloudy day, it is also about 2 deg high, again, well within expected tolerances. What really amazes me though is how the clouds/rain/sun indication actually seems to be in agreement with reality. When it's cloudy, I see clouds, when it's partly cloudy, I see sun/clouds and when it's raining, I see clouds/rain...
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on March 12, 2017
Purchased just over a year ago and, until recently, have not had any problems with it. Always worked well, never any problems. Now, about two weeks ago which happens to be on or very near the one-year anniversary of purchasing it, it is now wonky. Sometimes when I touch it, I can hear a small static charge then the clock's time zone display goes back to Eastern (I live in Mountain time zone). It will occasionally reset itself, too, back to the default date and settings. Now I am constantly having to reset either then time zone or all the settings, so looking for a new clock now. It's too bad that it had to start malfunctioning as I would have gladly given it a five-star rating.
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on October 19, 2015
This little weather station is very sweet - colorful, easy to read - makes checking the temp something to look forward to. Well, it does for ME! It's a happy little thing...

NOTE: I paid full price for this item, and I was NOT compensated in any way for this review!
review image
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on November 6, 2015
The temperature sensors work great and I assume it's accurate. The unit is able to let me know how I should dress before I head outside.

My reason for giving it three stars:
However, I bought this clock hoping that the atomic radio would allow the unit's time to be set automatically. Unfortunately, because I live in NYC, which (A) has lots of radio pollution, and (B) means I live in an apartment building almost impenetrable to radio waves and (C) is 1800 miles from Ft Collins, Colorado, the radio in this unit can't pick up the atomic time automatically.
La Crosse's recommendation is that you put the unit in the window so that it can sync the time with the atomic clock in Colorado but not only is that a hassle, it just doesn't work for me. Why not make a stronger radio in the unit? Or build the units so that they accept external antennae?

In today's web connected world, La Crosse could make a unit that uses WiFi and their clocks could sync via NTP like most other web enabled devices in the world do today. They could expand their market to parts of the world that can't use WWVB.
My two cents.
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on January 10, 2014
This is an UPDATED review. Below is my original review with information on getting the outside sensor to sync with the base unit. The outside temperature reading on our original weather station was not accurate and I was going to return it for a refund, but my wife liked it so she wanted me to get a replacement through, who are the best online retailer on the internet! We received the replacement and both the indoor and the outdoor temperature readings are accurate. I'm now thankful my wife wanted to replace it and not return it for a refund! It's a beautifully colorful and very informational weather station.
ORIGINAL REVIEW: We just received this weather station. Set up is pretty straight forward but I did have trouble initially getting the base unit to recognize the outdoor sensor. I tried numerous times taking out the batteries and letting the units set for 15 minutes. I was using the online set up instruction (the print on the included directions is so small), so I used the link near the bottom of the instructions to go to the La Crosse website FAQ for the model 308-146. There they tell about a "factory restart", So I tried it and low and behold it worked! Here are the "factory restart" directions: 1. Unplug the the power to the base unit 2. Take the batteries out of the base unit and outdoor sensor 3. Push any button on the back of the base unit twenty (20) times 4. Let both units set for 15 minutes 5. Follow the included set up instructions and it should recognize the outdoor sensor In our case it did immediately I hope this helps! There were many reviews where this was the problem and I didn't see anyone mention the "factory restart"
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on November 6, 2013
I've owned this item for about 6 months now (Summer and now heading into Winter). When I first got the item, I thought it was great. Worked as described and looks nice, so I bought a second one. Then things went downhill.

The sensor needs to be really close to the device to work. I'm talking, within eye sight distance (maybe up to 30ft). I put the first sensor out on my balcony and had the main device in my bedroom which is only a distance of about 50ft or so, without a direct line of sight. It worked well in the Summer, but now that it is Winter it is still reporting 60+ degrees outside when it's really as low as 30s. The second device I have is upstairs and has it's own sensor set 15ft away and never even picks up the signal. I don't know what's wrong with that one. In addition to the sensors being wrong, I get dropped temperature readings quite often now (blinking temp means connection is bad).

The Time clock did have trouble connecting and updating some times, but this has gotten exponentially worse since the cold weather started. Like I mentioned before, the temperature never goes below 60s when really it's 30s outside. Also, the weather picture seems to be stuck on rain no matter what the weather is outside. I did notice the time updated automatically at daylight savings though... So it works there.

I use the charger to charge my phone overnight and it works well. I give it a thumbs up for that.

I recommend putting in the batteries on the back of the device because the second you unplug it or lose power, you have to set it up all over again (which just means waiting the 10min or so for it to reconnect to the atomic clock). I would DEFINITELY not rely on this as an alarm clock.

I would not recommend this product unless you live in a consistently warm climate. CA or FL maybe.
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