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on April 25, 2012
On my first order I received this product and plugged it in right away. The screen lit up nice and bright then within about 2 minutes the screen started to fade then burned out. Ok, so random bad product no problem, Amazon is always great about returning products so I sent it back and got a new one right away. The 2nd product I received, I plugged in and put the two sensors outside (rain and wind/temperature). Both sensors were auto detected by the reciever, it worked great and looked really nice. I plugged a SD memory card in with photos that worked great as well. Picture clarity was nice, remote worked ok, setup wasn't that complicated and I was happy.

After maybe 2 weeks I noticed the unit would shut off occasionally and the sensors would drop off. I checked the setup options to make sure the auto shutoff features were disabled and they were. I changed the batteries in both sensors thinking maybe they shipped with weak batters. The sensors kept randomly disconnecting. This is after everything worked perfectly for ~two weeks in the same physical location. I checked on-line on the product website and it suggested making sure the sensor and display were close by and only had one wall between them. So I tried moving stuff around and still noticed the unit kept randomly shutting off and the sensors kept disconnecting (at this point sensors were only about 20 feet away through one wall). Finally I kept the unit and sensors within 10 feet of the transmitter in the same room (inside) and it stays connected most of the time, but the display still occasionally shuts down randomly and sensors disconnect, albeit it less frequently.

I'm going to call the manufacture and try to get this unit replaced or find an alternative solution. It's really a shame because it's a nice weather station if it worked properly. As is I feel like it's ~$200 down the drain. Perhaps I had two units from a bad batch, or I was just very unlucky. It happens occasionally. It could also be some form of electrical interference from another device. Although possible I think it's unlikely as I've had previous La Crosse weather stations at this same location and the remote sensor would operate perfectly for about a year without issue until the battery in the outdoor sensor went dead. If you opt to purchase this unit I do recommend watching carefully after your initially purchase this station. If you see any strange behavior, return it before you 30 day Amazon warranty runs out. I'll post an updated review after I see how La Crosse Technology responds to my support request.
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on March 13, 2013
I have been using this product for a couple of days now. It certainly is a beautiful display. However I question its temperature accuracy very much. I have several wireless sensors for other weather products (I love to experiment). The outside temperature sensor of the lacrosse unit is grossly incorrect. The current temperature at an airport less than half a mile from me is 81°, the lacrosse weather unit shows that it is 104.5°. All of my other weather sensors are showing 81 to 86°. The remote sensor for the wind and temperature is mounted in the clear on a 10 foot mast well above the ground.

The indoor temperature is reasonably close within a couple of degrees. The wind sensor seems to be working fairly well and within reason. I have put in several new batteries in the remote temperature sensor with no change in the accuracy.

I have sent lacrosse and email questioning this gross inaccuracy but they have not responded yet. Judging by other reviewers comments I might not get an answer or I might get the standard email saying change batteries.

I will wait a couple of days and see what their response is. If I don't get a satisfactory result of the issue I will have to send this unit back to Amazon. It is simply too much money for the gross inaccuracy of the outdoor sensor.

One of the things I was most concerned with was the range of the wireless sensors however I found that to be very adequate. The display of photos, the calendar and weather related data is very appealing but the inaccuracy of the external temperature sensor is simply not tolerable.

To say I am disappointed with this product would be an understatement. Far lower priced products are very superior if you want accuracy as opposed to beauty.

Update March 15, 2013:

I gave it up. The outdoor sensor was just wildly inaccurate. Changed batteries, changed location etc., no improvement.
Returned it to Amazon today. Hated to give up, it is just a beautiful display. Placing an order for a Davis 6250 today.
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on March 9, 2012
I have bought this weather station because our family every time is interesting in current weather conditions outside and inside(!) also.
We have had two weather station before this La Crosse Technology 308-807 Colour Professional WS, one of which was Bios's product and the second one was also La Crosse Tech's weather station. The Bios WS we didn't like at all - it worked slowly and had old-style and non-readable graphic interface. The previous La Crosse Tech's weather station was also professional, but quite simple and non-colourful display - we have broke it during the house renovation. So, we decide to buy a new one. Our choice fall onto La Crosse Technology 308-807 Colour Professional WS. It was really easy in installation that also save time to do this. Colourful display we like so much because it's very informative and understandable. Also, regard at trend on the WS we can make a predictions the future weather in 12 hours advance (because it tell us). So, it's good professional weather station with friendly interface.
I have just one remark that in nice weather outside during the night the WS shows sun(it's ridiculous!), which is not relevant to the night. I presume that would be better in good weather conditions to show the moon instead the sun during the night, but it's questions to the manufacturer.
So, La Crosse Technology 308-807 Colour Professional WS is really good weather station that we enjoy a lot. I'll recommend it if you decide to buy it.
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on September 13, 2012
If you are looking for a unit that correctly displays the indoor temp, then do not buy this one. When it appeared that the indoor temps were higher than actual, I placed it on a table between an older Lacrosse unit and an Oregon Scientific unit for 12 hours. It consistently read between 1.5 and 2 degrees high, so back to Amazon it goes. Clearly, Lacrosse did not take into account the heat that the unit itself generates, even though I would have expected them to recognize the issue and adjust the readings accordingly. Not very well thought out, Lacrosse.
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on April 2, 2013
Since I've had a La Crosse product before I assumed this one would be just as reliable and didn't read the reviews, I should have. The first one I received died 2 minutes after being plugged-in. The second one turns itself off randomly, but is able to be turned back on by pressing the power button or unplugging it, waiting a few minutes, and then plugging it back in. I was also unaware that this weather station can only use the big bulky 3 in 1 sensor it comes with. Even though there are numerous 915mhz sensors that La Crosse sells, they won't work with this station. And, the best part, the outdoor sensors lack anything approaching accurate. The temperature sensor is off by anywhere from 10-15 degrees from hand held gauges I used to test it and the wind speed was off by 9 mph on average. Save your money and patience and just look for a different manufacturer.
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on January 2, 2013
Well, I like this weather station. I've had it for about a month now and it works fine so far. I also bought three other ones for my brothers and father. They all love theirs too. I don't understand how the wind chill reading is calculated though. Most of the time, the wind chill reading is the same as the outside temp reading, which I know can't be right if its 40 degrees and the wind is gusting at 20mph. So, not sure about that, but sometimes the wind chill reading is different than the outside temp. So, that's why I want to know what factors are taken into consideration in calculating the wind chill? I had some issues initially with the wind direction, but that's just because my boyfriend didn't read the directions when he put the wind mane up. But we've since fixed that. So, so far, I would highly recommend this weather station to others. I think its AWESOME!
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on August 1, 2012
We actually tried to purchase this weather station originally from the manufacturer, however they told us it wouldn't work in Australia because of the different electrical voltage. They were wrong. With a dual voltage 110 - 220 transformer all we needed was a plug converter to swap to the Australian configuration.

The weather station is superb - great in colour, easy to read, very accurate - couldn't be happier.

But the real first prize goes to Amazon - slight malfunction with the first unit we were sent - Amazon were exceptionally quick to rectify the problem despite being 1/2 way round the world and within days we had a replacement including delivery costs....wish we had more businesses like this to deal hassle just exceptional service...thank you Amazon.La Crosse Technology 308-807 Color Professional Weather Station with Digital Photo
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on March 18, 2013
we've had this less than a week so far and this moring the display was turned off.. not sure if someone hit the button or a timer or something it just seemed wierd to me and the wind speed reader is hard to find a good place to put it cuz we mounted it to our deck but the boards block a lot of wind when it blows from the east but that we kinda expected that when we put it there. kinda no way around that lol.

the display is very clear and a nice easy read out. easy to figure out and set up. comes with a nice a little remote control but its super easy to navigate through the setting with or without it. temps seem very accurate
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on June 29, 2013
It does work very well, gives me outdoor temp with the outside section mounted on the second story roof and bace mounted on the wall down stairs.
Only have two complaints,
(1) the display set at lowest light still emits a great deal of light, I can see the light 40' away on my bedroom wall, it works as a night light for the bedroom allowing you to see anything left on the floor, thanks I guess??
(2) THIS WALL MOUNT MUST BE PLUGGED INTO THE THE WALL OUTLET FOR POWER, but outside sensors are battery operated.
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on December 4, 2012
Transaction occured smoothly, and the product looks great, however, I felt deceived by its technical capabilities. The thermostat gives readings to the first decimal place, however, I have learned that an acceptable unit at La Crosse can be off by as much as 4 degrees F.

I became suspicious when my wife complained of being chilly, and checking the La Crosse unit it read 71 degrees F. I checked the thermostat connected to my heater, and sure enough the heater read 68 degrees F.

This unit comes with 2 thermostats (one in the base unit, and one on the external module), so I brought the external thermostat module into the house and set it up right next to the internal themostat along with a hand held device that I had. Sure enough, the La Crosse was 3 degrees F higher than both of those devices.

I tried working with La Crosse customer service to resolve this issue, but after buying all new batteries for all devices (which already had new batteries), and sending it to La Crosse for repair I was told that the 3 degree difference was within tolerance and therefore did not require repair. Now, in addition to being felt deceived, I now felt as though La Crosse wasted my money for batteries and freight costs at my expense.
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