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on April 9, 2014
I purchased two of this model and have returned them both. The weather sensors are cheap junk and do not accurately measure either temperature or humidity. While that's disappointing, I did not purchase an "atomic" clock to get accurate weather information. What is unacceptable is that the hands are not properly aligned. One the first clock, the hour hand was between the 1 and 2 when the clock set itself for 1 PM. On the second clock, the error was less evident, but at noon the hands were still misaligned.

There is a large rubber-like gasket that sits between the glass and the frame -- it was misaligned and mangled in both clocks.

The clock did catch a signal and apparently set itself once, but there is no indication as to whether the clock has a signal and when it last reset itself.

So, between the terrible quality control, the useless weather sensors and having no way to ensure accurate time is being displayed, there is very little of value here.
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on February 24, 2016
Clock arrived with two chips of paint missing near the top and bottom. I've included a photo of one of the chips. No huge deal. If they were any bigger or more of them I would have returned it. One star removed for the cosmetic boo-boos. The material of the clock is plastic but it's stylish looking.

Instructions are a little off. It states to insert battery, close the battery cover and then push the button to set the time zone you're in. The problem is, the button is on the inside so don't do like I did and replace the battery cover only to have to undo it again.

It was about 2pm and the clock immediately went to 4pm on its own. Within 20 minutes, it synced up to the atomic clock in Colorado and the clock set perfectly to my time zone. It's been working great ever since. I can see the clock from the pool and while doing yardwork now. I really like it!
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on December 13, 2016
We purchased 2 of these for children's bedroom clocks. They look great on the wall and will be easy to teach kids to tell time since they are large (though you do have to add a paper 4 and 8 if using for that purpose). It is also nice to see what the temperature is in their rooms. Can make a better guess on what blankets they need or weight of PJs to put on at night. They are a little grown up, for a kids room, but kids will grow into them. We purchased one of these for our kitchen a few years ago. We haven't to needed to change the (one AA) battery the clock needs very often, not even once a year. Keeps wonderful time!
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on September 11, 2014
This is my second atomic clock from La Crosse Technology. The first was excellent, and worked right out of the box. This clock was a disaster. When the battery was inserted, instead of setting itself to the default 12, it set itself to 10 and 1/2 o'clock with the minute hand on the 12 and the hour hand midway between 10 and 11. Well, it looked like an easy fix, so I removed the six screws on the back of the clock and removed the plastic lens! exposing the face of the clock. I physically moved the hour hand to the correct 12 and put the clock back together and placed it on the kitchen wall. After about 20 minutes, the clock received the long radio wave signal from Colorado, and reset itself to exactly FOUR hours behind the correct time. I am in the Pacific time zone, daylight savings. I then pressed the daylight savings time button on the back of the clock and it reset itself to exactly TWO hours behind the correct time. The clock stabilized at two hours BEHIND the correct time.

I called customer support, and was promptly told that I had invalidated the warranty by removing the screws and opening up the clock. I was told that the clock mechanism (the circuit boards) was probably defective...With nothing to lose, I reopened the clock and physically removed the hour and minute hands and replaced them to the correct time. The clock has stabilized and has given the correct time for the past three weeks. The only question that remains is will the clock automatically fall back one hour when Daylight Savings time ends in October.
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on May 13, 2017
Purchased Aug 2016 (currently May 2017). The clock set time immediately and worked great for about 5 months then kept gaining time. I removed battery and reset. Still gaining. Yesterday I put a brand new battery in it and manually set the clock to the correct time and zone. About 12 hours later now - the clock is gaining time again - 10 minutes fast now. Guess its going to the garbage. (and yes I faced it towards colorado for MORE than 24 hours).
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on November 22, 2015
We have had this clock for slightly less than a year now, and suddenly it is about 10 minutes slow. We of course changed the batteries, did a factory reset, set the proper time zone, with no luck. 1 year warranty ends in a week--I emailed and called La Crosse Technology's customer service and have not yet received a response. We would need to pay for shipping anyway if we wanted it repaired even under warranty, so really not worth it.

Lots of positive reviews out there--not sure how many of them are posted after a year or two of use. Hope everyone else is having better luck than we did. We're steering clear of La Crosse Technology products from now on. We have atomic clocks from SkyScan and Marathon that have worked for years--we will look for their products for a replacement. (Photo shows La Crosse clock that is 10 minutes slow versus a Marathon digital atomic clock.)
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on June 6, 2017
Love it! Works great and no issues setting it up, other than I pressed the wrong time zone button and got stressed that I was not getting the right signal from the atomic clock. I little press of the ET button and the clock magically moved forward an hour, and I was all set! Very easy to set up and the clock looks great. Big and easy to read. I have it on the side of my shed so it can be viewed from the pool. It is the perfect size and easy to read, even from a distance. Because of its location, I cannot really see the temperature or humidity dials, but that's my fault. So far the clock works great and I really like it. I love the fact that it syncs with the atomic clock, rather than always relying on Apple for the official time.
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on May 31, 2015
For the money, an excellent piece. Looks great, set itself within an hour and even temps/humidity meters are right on.

07/06/2015 Now it's beginning of July, so this is almost a 3 month after purchase. And truthfully I am amazed. Over the past 15 years her I have gone though these units (different models) and every time, something would fail. Knockin on wood, so far this thing has seen some wicked weather and still almost perfect on the money, time wise as well as temp and humidity. So far, so great

04/26/2017 Going on 2 years, so far as accurate as it gets, about all I have had to do is do a battery change and clean front cover. Am absolutely in awe how well the clock works, all winter and all summer!
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on September 5, 2014
Purchased this new with great expectations. Didn't work cuz it didn't work. I had bought through an auction a rather distressed model from same manufacturer. Repaired its case with Epoxy weld and its worked fantastic these last two years. Liked the accuracy so much that I thought it might be nice to get one for a sheltered outdoor location. Purchased this unit . It does look nice and temp/H features seem to function reasonably well. Made every attempt feasible to get it to run properly(3 different new batteries, tried all website helpful hints, 3 different clear N/E locations,etc.)..All to no avail. Clock would seem to pick up signal but would never reach correct time. Even setting to "Just keep time"(manual setting method) failed. It liked to be mostly 6 minutes slow or just not keep up...Now my bummed up 5$ Atomic picked up a signal within hours of installing the battery and has kept perfect time for nearly two years(and ticking!).. Impressive clocks indeed, just not the one I received. This model comes in two variations, one all plastic, and one with a metal case. My bummed/accurate unit had a metal case..perhaps that makes some difference .
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on April 26, 2017
Received the clock with it reading 11:58. The hands never moved off that time, regardless of what I did. I worked all the "fixes" that I read about and waited days and weeks moving the clock from one location to another. Finally I called La Crosse. They had me do a couple of things, they didn't work, and then said that they would send me another clock. They did. I put a battery in it and the hands spun to 4 pm immediately. I hung it on the wall and 10 minutes later it was reading the correct time. Great clock (the second one). Great customer service. One star removed from perfect because of the failed first attempt. I still have the first clock and I suppose I could use it for the temperature and humidity readings...
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