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on May 4, 2014
Well, considering that I've never heard of a band called Chevelle before, what really got my attention to this album was the cover art, and the fact that one of the singles was Take Out The Gunsman (being a huge fan of Stephen King's Gunslinger saga, I felt obliged to give it a shot). Said this, you're reading a review made by a guy who really didn't know what he was getting into.
The first 07 songs (all the start from Ouija Board to Choking Game) are all in my drive-to-work playlist, and I consider this a huge muscial feat in my humble opinion. Musical masterpieces to put some energy in a tired body =p
La Gargola goes a little bit down in the last minutes, but overall, really good songs. I'm going back to search the previous albums from Chevelle now.
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on May 5, 2014
Awesome cd just like all the others. Won't disappoint you. Cd came packaged nicely and I have no complaints for this purchase.
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on March 2, 2015
La Gargola is another example of why Chevelle is one of the best current rock bands
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on April 2, 2014
I purchased La Gargola last night, and have been listening to it steadily ever since, as I really wanted it to sit with me for awhile before I reviewed it. I actually would rate the album up to 4 and 1/2 stars (unfortunately, Amazon does not allow this). La Gargola is a mixture of many different elements, and in my opinion offers quite a bit that needs to be digested over a period of time, but it is a very good, if not excellent Chevelle album in my opinion. Just so others can see my vantage point, my two favorite Chevelle albums are Vena Sera and Hats Off to The Bull. Although La Gargola is not as anthemic/soaring as those albums, it is very unique, and very good in other ways, so I would rank La Gargola as one of their better albums hands down, and what I consider to be their most experimental to date.

There is a lot to take in with this, and a lot of different musical elements, so I will see if I can break it down a bit. However, the one thing that I wish there a bit more of on this album are the soaring anthemic vocals and hooks that I love about Chevelle. La Gargola does have its anthemic/soaring moments in the traditional Chevelle vein, but in my opinion is much heavier and a bit thrashier than past offerings. However, I have to say that La gargola is really unique and definitely pretty grooving in the Chevelle way (you can equal parts head bang and dance to the songs, the songs just groove like that), that we have come to know and love.

While there are undoubtedly influences of many different kinds of music genres in Chevelle's sound, I vigorously differ with any one who takes the position that Chevelle rips off any band. I find their music to be decidedly their own and consistently some of the best and most unique rock and roll out there, and I believe la Gargola, after many listens to be their most unique offering to date.

Ok, now to the actual songs.

Ouija Board- Excellent opening track- Very hard and grooving with some unique elements. I would rate this song an 8 to 8.5. I wouldn't say that the chorus is one of Chevelle's most melodic, but the song altogether is really very good. If my ears are not betraying me, there seems to be almost a little bit of a System of a Down vibe to this song. A near classic.

The ISland- One of my personal favorites. Hard and grooving with some epic riffing. I was grooving hard to this one. I think this one is likely to become a Chevelle classic. I would rate it a 9.5-10.

Take out the Gunman- I am sure most of you heard this. Definitely a grooving hard rocker in the traditional Chevelle sense. An easy 8.5 to 9 rating.

Jawbreaker- Another hard rocker. Some pretty good vocals. This one is also likely to become a classic or near classic for Chevelle in my opinion. i can just see a lot of Chevelle fans liking this one a lot. This is a pretty unique song, and i think it merits an easy 8.5 to 9 rating.

Hunter Eats Hunter- Not one of my personal favorites, but if I am looking at it objectively, it is a very good song. Hard groover, with some good vocals. Not as catchy or grooving as I'd normally like, but there is definitely a grooving element to it, and the quality of the musicianship on the song is apparent. I would rate this a 7-8, but I could easily see if other fans rated it higher.

One Ocean- Slower song, with unique elements. I think this song will be an instant Chevelle classic for those fans who appreciate more than just the harder songs. Excellent vocal work and the chorus is outstanding. I rate this a 9-10

Choking game- pretty hard rocker, and a grooving Chevelle anthem in my opinion. I think a near to actual classic. I would rate this 9-10. One of my album favorites. Great vocal work and musicianship.

The Damned- It's got some unique elements, and it's a pretty good hard rocker, but this track did not stand out for me in comparison to the others. I would rate this about a 6 or 7.

Under the Knife- A little better than The Damned but ultimately, it did not offer enough for me keep coming coming back to it. Although I would imagine this song will play very good live. Some heavy riffing and a fairly memorable chorus with some rugged vocals. I would rate this a 7 maybe 7.5.

Twinge- Another slow burner, that takes its time to build, but is an excellent track. I could see this one becoming a classic. Very unique and complex song structuring makes this a very good, if not excellent song. 9-10 rating.

So all in all I tried to get this review right, based on multiple listens. In short, I woud say the vocal work is very varied, and very good, with a little less emphasis on being soaring and more emphasis on emotion. The musicianship and talent in putting this album together is readily apparent. I would say go out and purchase this album, because there are not a lot of great rock bands out there, and Chevelle is at the top of the list, and most certainly deserves fan support to be able to continue to provide us with great music. More importantly, the album is worthy of purchase and provides some great music. Thanks for reading, and I welcome any comments. I hope you all enjoy La Gargola.
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on April 1, 2014
After listening to this album four times, I can already tell it is going to be one of my favorites. It seems a bit heavier (overall) than the last album "Hats off to the Bull", but still provides the same driving, real rock music that this world so desperately needs. At least eight of the songs will become mainstays in my "workout" playlist.

It's good that there is still a band that sticks to the music that they love to make, instead of trying to make music that they hope everyone else in the world will love.

And, if you have never seen this band live, do yourself a favor...
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on April 1, 2014
I have loved this band from the beginning. Yes it is more of the same, but personally that is what I want. All bands now a days try to reinvent themselves, but these guys stick to playing their great style of music. More bands should use this formula. Most of the time bands try new things and end up ruining themselves. Like the old saying goes "if it ain't broke don't fix it". KEEP MAKING THE SAME MUSIC CHEVELLE YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on April 9, 2014
I believed they had promised to be get back to getting harder in their last CD "Hats of To The Bull".

This CD is much harder. I love it. The song that sticks with me is Under the Knife. Pete is awesome to meet in person and his music is incredible both live and on the CD. Thanks guys for putting out such a great disc.
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on April 10, 2014
I have over the years been an on and off fan of the group. I lived in the town over from where they originated from and understand the cultural music standards of the times and even then when this group was starting out with their debut, it seemed a struggling effort.

I believe this band grows intensively with every new album. The growth is most known and prevalent between the "Sci-fi Crimes" and Hats Off To the Bull" albums. The evolution of their sound is slow, but steady and I believe that this album, "La Gargola" is a definitive album of a group of guys that have come a long way and deserve every bit of recognition. The sound from Chevelle has always been dark in tone and pulls from the singer's love of the band Tool, but uniquely they add a flavor of their own style. I disbelieve in the notion that they're a band that "Has songs that all sound the same." If one would take the chance to listen to their music and not be quick to judge, then they will find a strong group.

This album explores a much darker tone in my humble opinion and songs like the first two kick start the album with a ferocious wave of sound. The album has a slower one in a ballad sense, but is also a worthy track to add balance. A great, great album. I can't give it enough stars. Check it out!
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on April 14, 2014
First thoughts…

Stronger collection of songs. I wonder what they cut out and what might make it on to the “B sides” of the singles. In the past people have mentioned how much they remind them of Tool or A Perfect Circle and I could “kind of hear it” in the past. That being said, it seems much more apparent on this disc. I don’t say that in a bad way either. The flow of the music assault is top notch. They’ve rarely sounded tighter than they do hear. “Under the Knife”, “The Damned” and “Choking Game” really highlight the similarities while still allowing Chevelle to live inside the sound. The mastering is just right. Not low-fi under produced or super over done (which has been the case in both direction on some past efforts). Singles like “Take out the Gunmen” and “Hunter Eats Hunter” do a decent job of painting the picture of what to be expected with the release but you miss something in those songs that this collection also has. Songs like “One Ocean” and “Twinge” call out another side of what Chevelle does well: Open, washing sonics with a wistful sadness instilled into the music that you can feel. There are some other high spots on the collection as well that, I think, will appeal to listener across the board (not just die hard Chevelle fans).

IF you like Chevelle: pick it up I think it’s worthwhile
IF you are on the fence: Listen to it free on iTunes (currently streaming) or add it to Spotify
IF you’re so-so with them: Listen to “Take Out the Gunmen”, “Under the Knife” and “One Ocean”
If you don’t like Chevelle: I totally wasted like 5 minutes of your time.
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on April 1, 2014
Chevelle does it again. Great music, some what harder edged then their last effort, the excellent Hats Off To The Bull. Very solid from top to bottom. This one is in line for Album of The Year. If you like their previous efforts, then buy this one.
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