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on October 19, 2011
This drive has been a pleasant surprise across the board. Based on my testing I'm planning to use several for disaster recovery and for local disk expansion (esp for Adobe Lightroom which won't use catalogs on network resources). I can't really find any faults. [See my 3TB Minimus review for comparison.]

It's fast:
The challenge with large drives is having adequate bandwidth to move large data volumes to what they're attached to. USB2 is a real bottleneck for drives over 1TB. It takes hours to move big loads. For this 2TB drive it would take a day and a half to fill at typical USB2 port speeds.

* When connected to USB3 it tested over twice as fast when communicating to a high-speed NAS server over gigabit Ethernet vs. when connected to USB2. In this case I installed a USB3 ExpressCard in my Lenovo T61 laptop for testing to a ReadyNAS U6+. I was seeing >25MB/sec sustained for a 25GB mixed-file-size test.

* Back and forth to the Lenovo internal drive the speed was significantly lower and USB V3/V2 difference was slightly less than 2x. Surprisingly this external drive on USB3 is faster than the internal laptop drive (no slouch, a WD 250GB 7200rpm), so when used as a local drive there will probably be little to no compromise in speed.

It's enclosed and connectors/buttons are robust:
Unlike previous WD Books I've used, it doesn't have air vents. The case is mostly aluminum, and it feels solid. It only gets slightly warm when running flat out. However it isn't rated as rugged so it shouldn't be bounced around or exposed to moisture. Having read about issues with connectors on competing products I wanted to avoid those problems, and everything about this is well designed. It does have an odd USB data cable you'll want to keep track of... it's not like the 20 others you already have. One end (at the drive) is a new "USB 3.0 Micro-B" format while the other end is the old boxy Type-A format you know. It will connect to either V2 or V3 USB computer ports

It's small:
For a 2TB external drive the case is reasonably compact, and they stack nicely. It has soft rubber runners on the bottom. OK, it also looks nice if that matters. It's much smaller than some equivalent external drives (they advertise it as smallest in desktop class), but is not as small or as lite as "portable" class drives.

It comes with a power supply (mandatory in this case):
Having been burned in the past trying to source enough power from USB ports to power external drives I always use separate supplies when I can. In this case one comes in the box (same is used for both 2TB and 3TB.) [Nov2013 edit: This is not a "portable" class drive which typically uses USB power exclusively; rather it *requires* an external supply.]

It's silent:
It virtually makes no noise. The blue light on top blinks when it's doing something, but that's about the only way to know. It doesn't have usage bars or LCD readouts.

It's easy to set up:
It runs a quick simple little application to configure it, and then it's ready to go with 1.8TB usable space in Windows.

Mine have a Seagate ST2000DL001 9VT156 (2TB 5900rpm) drive, a member of their green Barracuda series. Spec sheets on the ST2000DL003 are probably close. Operating temp 0-60C.

Update 14mar2012:
* I have four drives I use almost daily with automatic scripts. No problems, no fails.

* Case where I'm backing up NAS (on 1Gb network) with LaCie (attached to Intel_i7 USB3): Copy speeds run between 40-50MB/sec sustained between the LaCie and the NAS server, twice what I was seeing with the older laptop (no big surprise).

* Case where I'm backing up Intel_i7 desktop SSD with LaCie: Copy speeds from the SSD to this USB3 drive run 92MB/sec for a mix of 40 large files. This might be as fast as you can expect these drives to run.
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on September 26, 2011
Only had it since August, but it appears to be a solid drive. A tad slow (I believe its a 5,400), but it is quiet. I've had no problems with it. I got tired of short-lived Seagates and WDs (WD should be ashamed for continuing to sell their "book" drives--I had three fail after two years).

I'm hoping Lacie will prove to be a solid performer. I don't mind paying a bit more for a good drive.
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on September 13, 2012
I have always been a big fan of LaCie products but three recent purchase have changed that.
Two USB 3.0 external hard drives that I recently bought, a LaCie Minimus 2 TB and a 1TB Rikiki USB 3.0 have both had failures of the input where the cable attach to the hard drive case.
At first the drives would sporadically unmount for no reason. Then the connection on the Rikiki completely failed.
I needed the data on the Rikiki immediately and was forced to extract the internal drive from it which voided the warranty.
The Minimus 2TB is still in use but if it is moved, even slightly, the plug will lose its connection to the computer.
My contact with LaCie leeds me to believe that they are aware of this problem but are evasive about it.
I'm very sad to see a company that produces such beautifully designed products fall so short on what's inside.
I hope they realize the mistake and make corrections but I can't take a chance with their drives again.
By the way, the hard drive, when remove from the case, was a Western Digital, which works fine.
The third product is the LaCie eSATA Hub Thunderbolt. It has issues too:-(
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on June 28, 2012
First let me tell you the pros and cons of this device, then I'll describe my specific experiences with it. If you don't like to read though a long review then, in short, I love it and just ordered another one.

- Very Small
- Love the look and the metal case. It doesn't even even show finger prints.
- Super quiet, I can't hear it running
- Has on on-off button for power savings. Button vs switch is easier to toggle
- Very fast spin up after power on. Hit the power button and it's almost immediately ready to go.

- Wish it came in sizes bigger than 2TB
- Haven't been able to try the USB 3.0, but that is an issue with my early USB 3.0 motherboard I suspect. It seems to constantly keep losing and regaining the connection. Like I said, I don't think it has anything to do with the drive, but I don't have another 3.0 computer to try it on, so I can't speak to that.
- This isn't so much a "con" but there isn't an access light on the front. In fact there are no lights on the front. I think that looks better personally, but to each his own. The USB and power adapter connections, as well as the power button with light, are all on one side (the back, though I guess you could turn it around if you don't mind cables in your "front". Like I said, not really an issue but some may may take issue with it.
- Custom, and useless IMHO, LACIE software was installed in a separate partition on the drive. I deleted the partition to reclaim the little bit of space.

I got this drive for my HTPC in order to store my older DVD and video collection that I wasn't going to convert to BD. In completely filling the drive with data (within a couple hundred megs), loading the collection, and playing movies it has functioned without complaint. It seemed quite speedy in its performance and is more than adequate (even running with only USB 2.0). After a few months of use (turning it on and off after each use) it seems a solid performer that you can just plug in and not have to worry, it just works. I liked it enough to order a second one to fit the rest of my collection on, which is why I wish it came in sizes greater than 2TB. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get a great external HDD for any use. Though I don't travel with it, it's small size would be a plus for that crowd as well, and everyone can appreciate the very solid feel of it's all metal exterior.
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on October 9, 2012
I own 4 other LaCie drives and didn't expect trouble, so unfortunately I didn't test it as soon as I got it. I was having a bunch of super 8 home movies converted into digital files and needed a drive for the vendor to backup to. But when the files where ready, I plugged in the disk - just to register it - and it wouldn't mount. In fact, it made a screeching noise and went quiet. After replugging it in, it made a quiet beeping noise, which I've since learned signals a DEAD disk. Well, just great.

It was too late to return it to the Amazon seller so I emailed LaCie. After a few "form" responses, I was told to call about shipping it back. It's still under warranty, but I'm not sure what good that does. They keep trying to get me to "upgrade" the warranty. Why, I don't know. It NEVER worked and I want a new one! SIMPLE. But, now I have to pay to ship it back to them. Not happy at all about that...

Meanwhile, I have to go buy another disk to use for my project. I'm going to try Western Digital this time!
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on November 8, 2011
I've had it over a month now, I almost didn't go LaCie again but I'm such a huge fan and this drive delivers. I installed a USB 3.0 Card Buffalo Technology DriveStation SuperSpeed USB 3.0 PCI Express 2-Port Interface Card IFC-PCIE2U3 just for this drive and it is so much faster and better than my racked LaCie drives. Plus you really can't beat the quality, capacity and price. When I replace my other drives I'll be getting one of these again to stack on top of the other one. It's small, looks so cool, SO quiet, I never hear it like my other ones.

I highly recommend it and for those that get a bad one, every product has bad ones, just get a replacement before you blow it off. It's worth it. I've had every kind of external you can think of and try to replace them on a yearly basis so that I don't lose sensitive work data and pictures, etc... LaCie has been the best by far so far... I do have a WD for traveling, kind of a throw away, but I'm falling for LaCie more and more each time I use them.
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on December 25, 2012
LaCie drives generally get good reviews as being high quality products and that's what you expect for the higher than usual price, even on Amazon. I bought the drive to use primarily as a backup drive for use with Time Machine which seems to work fine. But I have three issues with the drive: First, it requires a power supply plugged into the wall. Most drives at this price draw their power from the USB 3.0 port and do not require a separate power supply. Second, it is about twice the size of other 2 TB drives. Third, it is loud. I have a 2 TB drive in my iMac which I cannot hear unless I really put my ear to it whereas, I can hear the LaCie from across the room. As long as it does not break down then I consider that it's okay.

UPDATE: This drive just failed after only 10 months of ownership. The power supply has failed. No power. Very unhappy customer. I wish there was a way to get my money back. I won't ever buy another LaCie drive.
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on January 12, 2011
Just got this hard drive a couple of days ago and it suits my needs perfectly! The setup assistant auto formats the drive for you right when you plug it in. I'm using this drive as the time machine backup on my new Macbook Pro 17" and it was super easy to get it up and running. The added feature of USB 3.0 gives me the option to upgrade to superspeed USB if I choose to in the future with a LaCie USB 3.0 Expresscard/34, but for now USB 2.0 speed is just fine. At around 100 bucks, the price was just right for 1TB of space and USB 3.0 together in one package. Have not had any issues thus far with the drive itself. I would recommend this product.

Update 2/15/13: The drive still runs like a champ! Never had any issues with it since I got it. Highly recommended!!!
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on March 24, 2015
Worked flawlessly for nearly 2 years ( iMac Time Machine) then thought it had died. Nearly replaced it while trying to contact customer service by direct phone calls and emails that received either nothing or a form email suggesting I go back to the La Cie website.
I tried for several days without success in reaching anyone at La Cie and was looking for a replacement when got response from a tech advisor who apologized, went through the same 9 yards to reboot that I had done, diagnosed the issue as a failure with the power pack. I received a new power pack without charge and the drive is restored.
I am sharing this after others have complained about the terrible product and customer service.
Added comment; November 2015; unit failed abut after several tries of unplugging and replugging, it is working. The icon for the disk has changed but it is uncorrupted and all data intact except for a few hours with Time Machine unable to connect. I did this after 20 minutes with customer service rep who was so inept at taking information, e.g.registration,serial number, credit card numbers (I was ready to pay $15 for help) that I lost trust and cancelled my request. f Am ordering a new power pack because am sure that is the only problem.
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on January 19, 2012
We have an iMac with about 160GB HD. The drive has since filled with movies and songs and I was looking for a small, quiet, external USB 2.0 drive. This fits the bill. It is small and fits out of the way behind the computer. When the computer wakes up, so does this drive meaning that it is always ready to be accessed. There is no loud fan, and the spinning of the drive is hardly noticeable. A small blue light is all you really see. Installation took only a few moments and there were no hitches. The box gets slightly warm when being used. This supports USB 3.0, but I am using only USB 2.0, which is plenty fast to play movies and songs real time.

So far, perfect and I would buy again. I did notice a $20 price jump from when I purchased it here just a few days ago. I might sit and watch the price and jump on it when it gets close to $100.
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