Customer Reviews: His Lady Mistress
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on July 25, 2010
A 15 year old girl is the caretaker for her abusive, addicted father after her mother's death- when he gets very violent she hides in her room, then hears him shoot himself, finds body of Dad after he put pistol in mouth, is "cared for" by a stranger who leaves food for her after he mistakenly curses her for being a grave robber.. fast forward 5 years, she's being abused by relatives who make her pretend to be dead and give her a new name, she fights off her own cousin's attempted rape almost daily, the stranger comes back and asks her to be his whore, she says OKAY! to get out of her situation, he finds out who she really is and gets pissed, forces her to marry him, he then abuses her with intense humiliation, rejection, control, and way over the line insults - she "weeps silently" and makes beautiful sketches for him, and falls in love with this creep. Even the sex is uber creepy- he "pleasures" her but denies himself since he won't allow himself to have kids since he'd feel too guilty since his brother would no longer be the heir, and its his fault since he was born a half hour sooner..oh except for the first time when he though she was whore and got her pregnant.. and she thinks she is ugly or something because he wont even take his manly release with her body.. Then she does not realize she's pregnant from the first time for a long time and of course when he finds out he is really mad even though he did it and then he suddenly thinks its a great idea but hmm, how to convince her he doesn't hate her and despise her since that is all he's been doing, what a pickle for him... She is going insane from his insanity so she sneaks off to play cricket with some kids, he sneaks off after her and follows her and watches her from the BUSHES because news flash he is a PSYCHO ! Meanwhile she blames her self for EVERYTHING, esp. Daddy's suicide, even though his journal shows he was an opiate junkie, and our manly hero is just a hot mess all around. He also tolerates his Aunt's very nasty behavior toward her as well, as if there were just not enough abuse heaped upon teeny little anorexic Verity.

You end up hating him ,really- and you want to yell run Verity RUN. Now his twin brother seemed to get it far sooner and was much more nice, that would have been a great plot twist, leaving the nutbag all alone, while she and the bro had a bunch of cute kids to play cricket with. The formula for a good romance is humor and fun, and to not let the misunderstanding go too long, or for the fear that keeps people from realizing they LOVE each other to manifest as scary behavior. This book will wear you out. And you know Verity needs a quick divorce and some kind of inpatient rehab for her eating disorder and PTSD therapy. I had to read this on a plane, it was all I had- and next time will re- read the Skymall mag instead.
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on September 12, 2009
So, I gave this book 4 stars mostly on the merit that it was free and it entertained me for a few hours.

I'm new to the romance genre so, a few things bothered me.

-Couldn't this whole book have been a lot more simple if these two adults could just have a sit down conversation? The whole book was just one big failure to communicate!

-Wouldn't it be pretty difficult for the Faringdons to just pretend that Verity died and then just invent a person for her to be and try to hide her all the time? Wouldn't it have been easier just to kill her?

-I'm no doctor, but I'm pretty sure the fact that Verity ate very little in those first two months, got socked in the gut by a cricket ball, and whatever aerial acrobatics she had to do while being persued by Godfrey at the end equals braindamage for that kid or a miscarriage. It all just seemed a little unlikely to me...

Also, why did they have to sock homegirl in the stomach with the cricket ball...It didn't develop the story further, so couldn't the author just had the thing land at her feet?
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on September 17, 2009
The death of her father left, Verity Scott, in a state of distraught...but in these trying times she befriended a gentlemanly soldier named Max...and her father just happened to be his commanding officer. Five years later, Verity finds herself working as a handmaiden and Max mysteriously reenters her life. She discovers that he is the Lord of Bakehurst...but realizes that Max does not remember her...and sees her as a lowly maid. Yet, it is the poor way she is being treated that drives Max into her arms. When Max finally does realize who she is, he insists that they get married. The story goes back and forth like this as Max looks to embrace her then decides to push her away. Will they get married or will their passion for each other drive them apart? This was a very well-written historical romance....I would also highly recommend JoAnna Wylde's novel Price of Freedom: Price of Freedom another incredibly well-written book.
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on September 12, 2009
I don't know who I hate worse, myself for having read this book, or the characters contained within it.

The hero (and I really wish I didn't have to use that word to describe him) is a self-absorbed, arrogant, insensitive jackass, and those are his redeeming qualities. If this story were set in modern times I might suspect he would be diagnosed as a sociopath. How the heroine (who quite frankly seems to be two sandwiches short a picnic herself) puts up with him and loves him is hard to fathom. Her few sparks of courage should not be misinterpreted as a sign that she will grow a backbone.

There were far too many misunderstandings to be believable and his realization of love would have come "too little, too late" to make any difference to any woman with an ounce of self worth. Although it does work here because the heroine does not have an iota of self worth within her delicate psyche. They are the perfect match made in H E L L.

I have to admit the author does know how to set a scene and write vivid descriptions, she falls short in creating sympathetic characters. Unfortunately I would not read another of her novels to find out otherwise.
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on May 5, 2010
But my main problem? The author goes out of her way to describe the female protagonist as a defiant sassy woman, but never follows up this description with action. In the majority of the story, Verity is either crying, mourning, or tearing up. She never speaks- she whispers, sobs, or whimpers.

I understand that the character has been beset by hard times and suffered from a dark past, but come on; what romantic heroine hasn't? Her mewling doesn't make me want to root for her, it makes me completely unsympathetic to her plight. If I'm not sympathetic, I'm not invested. When she and Max (finally) get their happy ending, do I care? No. It's completely unearned. Verity never rises out of her depression to recapture her former willfulness. Instead, Max swoops in and saves her and resolves her of any wrongdoing she may or may not have committed. She doesn't fix her own problems and that resulted in a frustrating conclusion.

tl;dr Verity is a wimp. Do not want.
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on August 11, 2009
I was disappointed by this book. I got it as a free Kindle book and glad I didn't pay for it.

This hero is the biggest jerk.... He hates all women (of course) and only uses them for pleasure (of course) and thinks all women want his money (of course) and constantly thinks the worse of the heroine... and interprets every action as being evil.... until the lightening bolt from the sky and he caves in....  like that... and realizes how wrong he's been and how much he loves her.... and can he hope to salvage his marriage....

Oh... and heroine.... she's not good enough for the hero... never.... because of some small indiscretion committed by her ("He will hate me when he learns the truth," sob...)
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on August 10, 2010
Wow this book really left me feeling depressed. The hero throws out some serious verbal abuse which annoyed the hell out of me. By the end of the book I found myself wanting Verity and Richard(hero's twin brother) to be together. Don't read the book if you want a feel good read, since this book will only leave you feeling hollow and depressed.
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on May 24, 2010
I love historical romances. That being said, glad this one was free or I would have been really mad at myself for having to pay for it. It had some okay parts....but honestly, talk about two pig-headed, stubborn, unable-to-handle-basic-communication lead characters - I about wore out my thumb flipping pages because it just went on waaaaaaayyy too long! Most of the time the main character was so busy being pathetic I couldn't figure out what the "hero" saw in her.
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on June 5, 2014
The hero and heroine were both so wrapped up in their own pasts and what they felt guilty about. Personally, it was just another typical romance novel to me. Which is not a bad thing.

There were only a couple things that stopped it from being 5 stars. One, the aunt. Did it have to take the book for Max to finally tell her to shut up? She was the worst person I think I have ever read in any historical romance, just for the stuff she was saying about Verity and how she was so ready to condemn her in society. Second, Verity should have had a miscarriage. She got hit in the stomach hard enough to get the breath knocked out of her, and she got toppled off a carriage. Not only the physical stuff, but she barely ate and was so stressed the whole time.

I did enjoy the book. I will even admit that I had to wipe a tear here and there, but that may also be because I am pregnant and hormonal.. who knows.

I would not let the negative reviews deter you from buying this book. It was a good rainy day read!
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on June 26, 2010
I don't understand the high ratings given this book. I'm a long-time romance reader, and I'm not really too picky about what I enjoy. I was looking for a new author to try, and gave this a whirl. I was extremely disappointed. It is predictable, repetitious, contains all the genre's cliche characters, and if the heroine cried one more time, I would have thrown the book at the wall. There are moments of quite good writing, and maybe with a tough editor this author could put it all together and produce a fine book. I'm sorry to say that there are many wonderful romances, but this isn't one of them.
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