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on November 15, 2017
I watched this from start to finish in just over 4 days (had some free time on my hands LOL) That being said, should be enough for you to know that it's worth watching. Sure, there are some parts that make you want to scream because you would have done something differently. But overall, the acting is pretty good and the plots keep your interest going. I would watch it again and I was upset to learn it was cancelled in the 5th season.
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on August 23, 2014
I've watched seasons 1-3 of Covert Affairs and Seasons 1 and 2 I rated 4/5 stars while Season 3 clearly breaks through the barriers that had caused me to hold back making this show among my favorites as they storyline matured and I no longer felt like I was watching a show without depth. Season 3 left me looking forward sad at the prospect of only two more seasons to watch and an unknown state of the current show. Bottom line is the writers have Annie graduate into being a full fledged operative as I would expect in a good spy story as she bucks the system and follows her instincts which are proving to be an asset in spite of them having caused her to be used in the first two Seasons. Season 3 we see a fully armed agent driven to go out and take on the issues others stand back from. The betrayal of season 2 has left her hardened and stronger but still a likeable main character you can't help but pull for and each show wanting you to see the next. Watching seasons for the first time via streaming allows the viewer to get more engrossed than when waiting week(s) between episodes. That has caused me to enjoy shows I likely would never have watched if not for streaming, but then there is the added benefit of being able to watch it when I want (and have the time) instead of when they choose to put it on that has simply given me access to more shows. Covert Affairs graduates to fully developed in Season 3 with story lines moving quickly on every front. Personal, professional, international, and then the development of some of the sub-plots that until now were clearly a part of the show but now all the pieces are in place so that the details behind the stories and "where the bodies are buried" from the past are now becoming relevant to the current story, and with each show more interdependent with the story to date with each new piece of information. That is the key to Season 3 being a step forward as much of the back story line subjects are now becoming clearly center stage as they reveal being part of what has gone on in our main characters story to date. But like a good story we only know a piece at a time with each revelation making the interest rise and the desire to watch the next episode go up. Season 3 has launched the show into one of my favorites and one in which I have high hopes for the story lines both developing and being played out as the past, present and future come together to make the show more intense and engaging than the first two seasons. This also serves to bring some balance by making many of these back burner stories turn out to be linked to what has gone on in Annie's adventures to date. Now simply hoping that the trend continues and I get to enjoy the same level of enjoyment going forward as Season 3 brought me to. The show can turn in an episode, and frequently does, which is now what is making it a thrill to watch.
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on December 13, 2014
This season is more gritty & has an on-going storyline, somthing that was really missing in the first two, it is clear that the show's producers hired new writers this time, I always felt the writing was a bit weak in seasons 1 & 2, not here, this season has a "24" like feel to it, Piper Perabo who is approaching 40 is still smoking hot & proves that age doesn't matter if you take care of yourself, she also has executive producer credit here as well & once again doesn't disappoint as CIA operative Annie, & yes this time she carries a gun & uses it, again somthing that was lacking in the first two seasons, Annie gets a new boss but only briefly, her new boss is played by Sarah Clarke who has an agenda all her own & pretty much plays the same character she did on "24", Annie also experiences an unlikely romance which I am sure Perabo had a lot of input in that is unpredictable & has many surprises, after a lackluster Season 2 I almost gave up on this show, but this season definately changed my mind, now I only hope Season 4 stays on the same path.
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on July 6, 2015
It starts off slow in season one. I watched one episode and I didn't care to continue watching it. Pacing of the show was a little odd and slow for an action/suspense series. Pacing is really important to a show, it's one of the elements that grabs our attention and keeps our interest. The chemistry between the actors wasn't fully there either. Some shows are so well made with a great ensemble that the chemistry is there from the start.

However, I decided to give it another try. Watched a few more episodes and it got much better. I gave the show three stars because the plot, characters, and action sequences are ordinary: it's good but it's not great.

I also do not like Auggie. I've enjoyed watching the actor who plays Auggie in other series, but something about this character doesn't seem believable. No matter how brilliant he is, with a disadvantage like that, it's difficult to imagine he could do so much and so effectively. The writers and producers made it too easy for him. And all the attractive women swoon over him--really? There has to be a greater element of truth (believability) in order to sell it even if it is fantasy, a make-believe tv show, otherwise it takes the audience out of the story, out of that fantasy.
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on September 23, 2017
Classic, well done, fast paced spy show. Reminds me of a bit of Alias with Jennifer Garner but not as dark and violent. Piper Perabo plays a strong, intelligent, thoughtful, charming CIA covert operative. Strong, interesting cast of characters. Well thought out story lines. Not predictable but can be in some episodes. Well worth your time to watch!
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on October 23, 2015
Annie, is a CIA agent who hits the ground running right out of training. Piper Perabo, as Annie, plays a smart, overachieving spy who sometimes has to confront her personal fears. For the most part she is determined to tackle any problem by immersing herself in the heart of the matter.
Her character is balanced by a great performance by Christopher Gorham, as Auggie, your friendly neighborhood blind tech-guy, a reassuring voice in the insanity of the "Agency". You have Joan Campbell, played by Kari Matchett, their boss, a troubled career woman accustomed to having to find her own means in a job traditionally held by men.

For those of you thinking it's just another spy show, you've got another thing coming, just as we did. It has the action of all the best action films and a sensible subtle humor.

We don't plan on missing a moment of COVERT AFFAIRS. Watch it. You won't regret it.
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on September 11, 2014
I'm on season 3 episode 14 and is really thinking about stopping here. At this point season 3 is so far fecthed, unbelievable and predictable that it's sickening.

This is a tv show about the CIA, from what I know/heard, for 1. No one out of the CIA is to know who you work for. NO ONE, especially family.

2. If you are caught the CIA will deny that they know you. If you die then your just dead, no help from them, no money, no support NOTHING.

Why in the world would someone with low security be allowed to take top secret files out of the building so that they can persuade a "civilian" to help them capture their loved one? Most definitely think that would NEVER happen.

What CIA agent is allowed to ignor orders from their boss and still have a job? Annie ignored so many orders from Joan and Author but is still CIA!? After the first time she should have been MIA.

Know I'm no CIA agent but I truly believe that there is no way in (you where) that after being captured by Russians and held for weeks that the CIA will allow you to continue working without being interrogated by superiors., the FIRST DAY BACK. No way... I doubt they'd still be CIA.

This season stinks. First season was great. Second season was good. Third season? It's barely okay. Had the producers made it seem more believable, as close to CIA as possible, or maybe even FBI for the matter, it would have been as good as the first season. But nope, they wanted it to be so "good" that they messed it up so badly.
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on November 21, 2016
Completely unrealistic situation with gorgeous Annie in dangerous combat after getting shot in the chest and having her aorta dinged,it made me nervous watching her jogging up stairs and punching the body bag as if rigorous exorcise would heal it. But she got back in the field mastering men with seduction and karate to find and take out her assassin. Who cares? It's fiction. If anyone thinks the CIA is that good at getting bad guys, how come it took so long to get Osama Bin Laden? Except fpr that I gave it four stars because I love the characters and binge watched the whole season as I did the previous ones.
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on February 1, 2017
Covert Affairs through four seasons has been interesting. The first two seasons were the best. The third season the story lines became somewhat unrealistic. Unfortunately, even with the prior episodes reviewed, the lead character lost credibility. As an example, the killing of Mr. Wilson and then her disappearance for three months. Story line treated that disappearance as though it was merely a few days and alluded to a medical difficulty.

I believe that Piper Perabo has done a great job with being a "female James Bond" but the writers haven't supported her.
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on December 8, 2016
I really like the first 3 seasons. I thought they were well done. I like the first 2 minute intro to the episodes. I thought all of the actors did a good job. I liked the personal touch with the sister. I thought they should have continued that. The last 2 seasons were okay. The last couple of episodes irritated me to the point that if there had been another season I would not have watched it. Some had started doing extreme close ups of the actors. Cutting from one actor to another in choppy ways. Cutting off the tops of the actors in close ups.
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