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on March 21, 2016
Summary: The same Land before Time I remember watching as a kid. Lots of sentimental value for me.

The Good:
- Same land before time that I remember watching as a kid.
- It doesn’t seem like this was digitally re-mastered in any way.
- This movie is the perfect length for watching with my toddler son (about 1 hour).
- The story of “Land Before Time” has a great emotional arc to it, and it is easy to get invested into the characters.

The Bad:
- It might be a *little* scary for kids the age of my toddler son, though he was really into the movie. Though maybe a kid that watches television more often than my son might be able to differentiate between what is happening on the screen and what is happening in real life a little bit better than my kid.
Context: We normally don’t watch television at all during the week, and generally only watch a movie on the weekend in the evening after dinner.
- My wife hates Sara the triceratops, personally I have no issue with Sara as somehow I have associated that character with a childhood friend of mine in preschool and elementary school that was by the same name.

Other Thoughts:
- So… I remember watching this as a kid on VHS long before my family ever owned a computer, and before my family was basically homeless (we lived at my grandparents, in a barn, rented cabin, and in a tent for a while after living at this house). I remember sitting maybe 5 feet in front of the tube TV with the volume fairly low (sister and brother napping) to watch this movie at that first house I remember growing up in. Each time I see “land before time” it takes me back to that moment, it was fun watching this with my son.

Demographics: I am 29 years old, male, live in Minnesota USA. My son is 2.5 years old, my daughter is 6 months old.
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on March 29, 2016
The movie is the best. A classic. And this Blu Ray release does absolutely nothing to honor that.

Bad transfer. No commentary. No documentaries. There aren't even LETTERS on the menu (instead they seem to have opted for bizarre pictographs, presumably so this disc could be released in every region without even having to change the menus).

It breaks my heart. This movie was foundational for me and absolutely holds up, but the lack of care on this disc makes me feel like the last fool to care about The Land Before Time.

The only reason this isn't a 1-star review is that at least you get this spectacular movie. For those of us who still care enough about movies to buy them in an archival format with crisp transfer, and look forward to the features contained within them, this movie might as well be bought as a digital copy.
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on December 29, 2015
I just want people to know what the quality of the picture will look like. I was unsure if I should purchase because of the reviews, but I took the plunge. I will let you know that this is not a "restored" Blu-ray version of the movie, like most of us are used to seeing with all of Disney's re-releases of old classics. It's "remastered," which means that it's been cleaned up digitally, but it's not the sharp HD quality most people expect with the label "Blu-ray." I was very discouraged at the start of the film, because the first few scenes are very fuzzy looking. A constant grain follows through most of the film, and the colors seem off at times. However, I found that other shots were surprisingly crisp and beautifully colored. So this Blu-ray is a bit of a mixed bag. I would have liked a full restoration (and this film definitely deserves it), but this worked ok for me. Just don't buy this expecting restoration quality. The beautiful artwork on the cover is deceiving :)

Of course, the movie itself is incredible. I remember watching this as a kid and purchased out of nostalgia. My brother and I, who are now both grown adults, watched this last night and had a grand time. I almost cried at two separate occasions. It is a beautiful film.
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on May 27, 2017
I must have watched this so many countless times as a small child. Every theme in here resonates with growing up. There is death, life, love, comedy, and everything in between. An all time classic matched by few films.

Unlike the Secret of Nimh, this release is in very good shape, and the resulting bluray might blow your mind if all you have are memories of the VHS. The audio is finally uncompressed and sounds crystal clear. They did a wonderful job with this one. A first rate recommendation.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon October 11, 2015
I LOVED THIS MOVIE AS A CHILD! It holds special meaning, to me, because it was my cousins favorite movie and he died when he was 8. That was 16 years ago. They played the theme song, at his funeral. I was excited to get this for my little girls and hoped they would love it as much as I do. Needless to say, they watch it every week, and some times, every day. They love it and now we get to share in this treasure, together.
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on November 9, 2015
My DVD arrived on time. I was hesitant to watch this film again. It's hard to believe that the 80s have now painfully morphed in the awning of the 21st century. The utterance of "adult" still shocks me. An adult? An adult still thinks that Ducky is the coolest of the funny-looking new herd? As remembered, The Land Before Time is a nostalgic tear-jerker. I know plenty of people; and young boys alike who had to swallow hard during the confrontation with Sharp Tooth following the Earthquake. If you're like me and you grew up with boys/brothers interested in gnarly weathered green plastic dinosaurs thrashed all over the floor with reckless abandon for those dared into the disasters that made up their half recognizable bedrooms; then this film is for you. When I was little I abhorred Cera. I actually thought of her as perfect villainess in a way; however watching Land again as an adult, I quickly realized when you're a kid, being brave is really more of evolution in many ways, and normally one that you don't never see coming either. Although I find Cera a bit annoying for my liking; Land proves once again that being brave means being kind in face of cruelty and resolute in the face of tradegy and unimaginable loss. I guess one can look back on this film and smile knowing that hope springs enteral. One thing is for certain Land is still timeless in its emotive glimpse into all things Jurassic.
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on March 30, 2017
Gotta love Little Foot !!! This edition is great. Good bonus features and the picture is great. Would recommend this good ole DVD to any one who would enjoy showing their kids a great old movie that has a wonderful message about friends and family.
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on January 25, 2012
I remember watching this when I was younger and enjoyed it. Now that I am an adult, I still enjoy this movie as I am a huge fan of dinosaurs -- mostly T-Rex, though. That said, during the last half of the year last year, I found out my 3 y.o. nephew was, too, a HUGE fan of T-Rex and dinosaurs. I asked my sister if she ever rented this movie for him to watch, but her being as forgetful as she is, never did. I took a chance and bought this movie for him (as well as my nieces who are too young to hold any attention to this) for Xmas. Turns out, he had watched this movie on Xmas day 5 times, and 4 to 5 times every day since then. To say he enjoys this film immensely is an understatement! I think this film also shows a positive message about friends arguing, but how to work through those arguments, teamwork, as well as a little glimpse on what may have happened to the dinosaurs. If a child in your life is a ridiculous fan of dinosaurs, you simply cannot go wrong with purchasing this DVD.
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on June 26, 2017
My 2 year old grandson loves this movie. He was initially scared by Sharptooth (T-Rex), but later enacted the scene where Littlefoot and friends trick Sharptooth into falling into a pond -- so I guess he's not THAT scared! He watches this over and over, and is learning the correct names of the types of dinosaurs (courtesy of his uncle), so it's a little educational, too.
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on February 6, 2016
This touching adventure is a tour de force for children of all ages, as it alternately tugs your heartstrings, then has you biting your nails.
The adventure follows an unlikely alliance between five young dinosaurs making their way westward from a dying terrain to a plush Great Valley. During their journey, they encounter dangers from the Sharptooth (T-Rex), as well as a power struggle for leadership between Littlefoot and a proud, contentious triceratops, Sarah.
This heartwarming story tenderly incorporates the bonds of friendship with the trials they must work to overcome, accentuated with a musical score that is just so spot on!
Without doubt, Don Bluth's Land Before Time is a timeless classic that belongs right up there with those of Walt Disney.
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