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on November 7, 2016
This is a great firewood cart. I have to haul firewood up two steps into the house and then down seven steps, and it handles with ease. I carry about 2-3 times as much wood on the cart as what I used to carry in a bin. I can comfortably haul 18-20 pieces of split red oak on it per trip. If this cart were any larger it would be too much weight to comfortably maneuver, so it is exactly the right size for my needs.

If you like your firewood cut short you may have trouble with it falling between the two support poles. I was thinking about putting some planks or plywood between the poles, but I haven't had any trouble with wood falling out. I just stack the occasional short pieces in the middle. Most of my firewood is 14-15" and the cart works perfectly. Firewood 12" long or shorter would probably not work well on this cart unless modifications are made.

The tires are normal inexpensive cart/handtruck pneumatic tires, and the design even includes sleeve bearings for smooth operation. One of the tubing parts of mine has some imperfections with adhesion of the paint, but it is not bad enough for me to worry about repairing or replacing. Some other reviewers mentioned that the cart smelled bad coming out of the box. That is true, and the odor appears to be from the tires and the paint. Once the cart was out of the packaging I did not notice any more smell from it. All the nuts and bolts are cheap but prepainted. They look good and gets the job done adequately. If the hardware had not been prepainted I probably would have replaced it from other hardware already on hand. The cart is well packaged in a sturdy box and parts bagged to protect them from scratching. The assembly instructions are easy to follow, and it took me about 10 minutes to put together.
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on November 18, 2017
I contacted the company directly, via email, because one of the tires would not hold air, and it subsequently shredded. The first response was the basic go through 15 hoops, and buy another this, or that. Somehow, a different employee got ahold of my email and changed the outcome completely. Thank you Rebecca for living up to the expectations of a consumer, and going beyond, when it looked like things weren't going to work out. If every company on the planet would take a page out of Rebecca's customer service manual, there would not be more money spent on oversight, than on consumer goods. I have to give four stars, only because of the initial order, and initial reply, in the first response from customer service. I would either retrain, or fire, the first responder. They either passed the buck, or don't know the job. Otherwise, the product rocks... Maybe a little higher tire for ease of stairs, but other than that... perfect.
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on December 9, 2017
The is not a high quality log caddy. The metal tubing began rusting before it even was kept out of doors. I sprayed it with rust inhibiting paint this past spring, and thought that would make it all ok. BUT. This fall, when I loaded it up with split logs I discovered that one of the tires is flat. Tried to pump it up with air, but the valve is broken. Contacted the company and they just say it's beyond the return window. I would really just like to be able to get a new tire and I have sent another email to PlumStruck requesting such assistance. Hopefully they will help me with this.
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on February 15, 2014
Got a great deal on this to replace hauling multiple loads of wood in a canvas log carrier which I have done for years. It does all that and more! It is heavy duty and holds enough wood for an all day/evening fire for us (we use our fireplace recreational on the weekends so it is not what we use to heat our house). Because it has good pneumatic tires on it, it is easily maneuverable. I wheel it right into my house to unload it inside instead of carrying wood.

I will say after a couple weeks the wheels came off the axle. The wheels slide onto a solid steel axle and are retained on it with Cotter Pins that you insert through a hole on each end of the shaft and bend back. Whenever I have installed cotter pins I bend the ends back from each other after inserting them, and trim off any excess with Diagonal Pliers. If you do that with the Cotter Pins supplied the wheels are prone to come off. The pins supplied are quite small, almost inadequate for the application. I solved the problem by removing them and installing larger Cotter Pins, and leaving the long leg of the cotter pin STRAIGHT (not bent back around the shaft, only bend the short end back). It is not the best retaining design for a wheel on an axle for the use of this cart it works. I would recommend this cart for anyone who has weekend fires, or currently uses one of those Canvas Log Carriers for moving their wood.

Final note it comes with a cover that would be useful for keeping a load of wood on it setting outside in the elements. However I have a covered porch where I keep it so cannot speak to the cover or how this cart would fair in the elements.
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on November 17, 2013
I love this thing. I had been bringing in fireload by the armload, and this brings in enough for 3-4 days of full-stoked, day-long fires in my stove. It's sturdy, holds a lot of wood, and the pneumatic tires are a real plus, going up AND down stairs. I pretty much keep it inside so don't use the cover and cannot comment on it. I keep it right by the stove (safe distance away), loaded with wood; I don't even bother unloading it, and just use wood from it as I go. As for easy assembly, well, it is BEYOND easy. I lost the instruction booklet and could still assemble it (with a few false starts) just by looking at the picture, and I'm a person who can have difficulty assembling something even with a manual. I only vaguely knew what a cotter pin was, and couldn't understand how it worked, but I figured it out. Highly recommended!

UPDATE: I'm dinging it a star. The cotter pin fell out for one wheel and the wheel fell off. It's not a tough fix, but it's inconvenient. I think it'd be better if there were a more secure method way of holding on the wheel. I'm going to try to fix it with a split-ring keyring. Still, it is sturdy, holds a lot of wood, and the pneumatic tires are great!

Another screw fell out that had been holding together one of the long arms. I'm not sure if the screws on this just need to be tightened periodically or what. The unit has a very loose, wobbly feel to it (I haven't replaced the screw yet, I can't imagine that'll be too difficult). HOWEVER, I am not dinging it another star because it still works just fine. I use it every day, often twice, and those nice fat tires roll over snow, sticks, up and down stairs, and even being the staggering weakling that I am I can still haul it up and down steps. I do have to say, though, that this is not a particularly solidly-made product. Still works, though, and it's a lifesaver.
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on December 25, 2013
This wood carrier seems well made. We'll see how it lasts. I ordered this in June 2013 for a gift, but forgot to give it to the recipient because I threw the package in the garage because of the stench. I finally gave it as a gift this Christmas. The horrid smell permeated the house even before the box was opened. Once opened, the smell was overwhelming. It is never going to be left inside again. I can't imagine the poor souls who manufacture these not having serious health issues.

I have my concerns regarding its durability. I have owned several Chinese-made tubular steel with powder coated lawn and garden items (eg. hose reel cart) that appeared well made and sturdy. For the price of those items, I expected many years of maintenance-free use. My experience has been different. The powder coating shed worse than my long-haired cat. The steel bubbled and rusted so quickly that on one wheeled cart the axle collapsed leaving it immobile and unusable for reeling hose. A wagon's steel grate sides and bottom have rusted so badly that I now question their integrity for safely carrying anything but light loads. None of the pneumatic tires will hold air from one use to the next.

I don't blame the Chinese. I blame we, the consumers, and corporations who give us what we demand.

You are a patient soul if you've read this far. I have great expectations for this caddy. I will post updates regarding its durability.
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on December 12, 2010
This is a honeymoon review, since i've only been using the caddy for a couple weeks, but from performance so far it's a fair deal at the Amazon price, if you get free shipping. There's a trade-off with the wheels. Larger diameter wheels would be better for stairs and general mobility, but you get more wood on it at a lower center of gravity with the smaller tires. The wider tread helps. These are small, pneumatic tires calling for fairly high PSI, so expect to add air occasionally. In applications like this, manufacturers should be switching to airless tires. This is a narrow device (good for doorways, tricky for rough terrain). Tubular steel construction at this minimal gauge is a cheaper, but not better material, particularly if it gets water in it, and covering any steel device against rust is a questionable practice. If you must keep this caddy outdoors, plan on keeping the paint up (even though the worst corrosion will be from inside)and drilling a few small drain holes at key points. It will probably rust sooner than you like anyway. (The tubular steel elements finally rusted through on even my Garden Way cart---despite heavier gauge and galvanized finish---while the plywood was still sound.) i would like the front of the caddy to be about 6" higher, since i load it up pretty good and pull it (which is how you will move it in most cases), but i haven't dropped any logs. Also must report that the frame is already a little wobbly laterally on the axle, which does not surprise me based on the minimal frame design. i'll address this by bolting a wide cross piece (plywood if i don't have a steel scrap) to the two "feet" of the frame, securing it at four points to add some needed rigidity. Finally, the assembly is as close to idiot-proof as it gets, even though that won't be close enough for some. This is home-owner quality for careful, light-to-moderate use, but for that market, it's better designed and more fairly priced than many products. i don't know if that's saying a lot.
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on April 8, 2014
This is the 2nd one I have bought. I got the first one from Lowes a year ago and looked for a second one this year with no luck. Amazon! About the same price I paid at Lowes as they were getting rid of them. Where we live (California high desert -- about 3400 ft. elevation), we use propane instead of gas from a city source, so heating our home in the winter can be horribly expensive. We heat with a wood stove, which cut's the expense to less than half of what propane would cost. We moved the wood some distance from our house when a "friend" sold us a cheap load of wood full of termites and we had to have Terminix come take care of them... over $2000! (Didn't buy anymore wood from him!) These caddies are well built, hauling a good amount of wood, without a load so big you can't pull it. The tires that come with it are inflated tires, which after a year had to be replaced on our first dolly. My husband found some solid rubber ones that were for a dolly, and while it pulls a little rougher than the other, I don't have to worry about a flat tire with it! We use both caddies and it looks like they will last several more years.
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on November 30, 2012
As many reviews have mentioned, the cover does has a horrible odor, so I left mine sitting outside. After two weeks it still smells bad but I probably won't use it anyway so that's not a problem.

Putting together wasn't difficult but it's somewhat cheaply made. The first load that I hauled made the wheel on the right side wobbly. The wheels do not fit correctly on the axle, so I then added a couple of large washers, which didn't help much. It seems the wheel is bent and wobbles significantly in use. the tires are plastic with plastic valve stems. I don't expect this item to last long and will probably need the tires replaced within a year or two of use.

The design is very good. You can haul about two days of wood in one load. It is easy to move (with the exception of the wheel problem) and I can let it inside near the wood stove instead of needed another rack to hold the wood.

Would I buy it again? The price is pretty cheap when comparing similar items so for the price it's about what you could expect. With some modifications it could be a useful and long-lasting tool but I'm not so sure that I'd buy it again. Instead I would go the extra money and get something that was made with longevity in mind.
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on November 23, 2011
I purchased this on Amazon, it was the lowest price with free shipping. I received it in 2 days! One reviewer stated a strong smell. Belive me this puppy STINKS! I left it outside for 4 days before using, do NOT open in your house. The smell will make you sick. The cover is still hanging outside as I write this a week later. Besides the smell, this is the best thing ever. I am recovering from back surgery. This is wonderful I can load it up and bring it into the house and do not have to lift armfulls of wood any more. We have 3 wood stoves so belive me this is a great buy. I rated it 4 stars only because of the strong smell when opening the box and the fact it had to sit outside for several days. The tires are what seems to be so smelly but the cover absorbed the same smell. Do not bring it into your house to open. It is sturdy and if it even lasts only one season for me I will be happy. For the price I would buy it again and again. I fill it up from our stack of wood and have to push or pull it along our deep gravel driveway, then up one step into the house. I have no problem at all with it. I may make a liner for the frame so that the wood does not leave droppings in my house. It is a great buy! I will leave another review after using it all winter. So far WONDERFUL!!!!
After using this for awhile on a daily basis. I must say where has this been all these years. I will buy this item again and again. WONDERFUL works great. Smell is finally gone! just keep outside for awhile. Great buy. I don't know how we did with out it. Will buy another if this one ever dies. So far hard use and is holding up wonderful. Husband had knee replacement and was able to bring in wood 2 weeks after surgery using this great little dolly. 5 Star buy
I bought a second one and have also purchased another for a friend. It has had super hard work with full to the top loads of heavy cedar firewood. It is strong and is holding up great. YEP it stunk for a few days so leave the box and the whole cart outside for days until the stink goes completely away. I have worked this cart up and down a full flight of stairs and in heavy gravel with a load of wood. It has held up like a champ. I would definitely buy this again and again it has been a real back saver for me. I was able to load it and use it right after back surgery with no problems or strain on my back. Great buy!

Changed rating to solid 5 Stars! 2014
Still going strong after several winters of hard use and abuse. Up and down stairs, gravel & snow. This dolly was a FANTASTIC buy! Will buy another just like this with the softer tires if this one ever dies!
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