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on October 11, 2011
As a new mom with a VERY heavy milk flow, I have tried several different breast pads over the last few months. Here is my overview of each:

Johnsons baby nursing pads - 60 Ea: These are my FAVORITE pads for daytime use. They will not hold as much as Ameda, so they aren't as reliable overnight. However, they are very soft and comfortable against tender breasts, They also have a nice shape that is more discrete than other brands. I also love that they are not packed in pairs or singles, just all lumped in the box together. Yes, this means they are not as "sterile" as the other brands, but they aren't a haste to unpack each time you need a fresh pad, and you don't risk waking up baby with crinkly wrappers. They do have an adhesive to keep them secure in your bra. Also, they are the only pad I know of with a nipple indentation, meaning they are a little less abusive to already sore nipples.

Ameda 50 Count Noshow Premium Disposable Nursing Pads: These are the most absorbent pads I have found. In fact, they are the only ones that keep me dry overnight. However, they have no shape to them at all, and are extremely obvious if you wear a thin bra. They have no adhesive, so they will move around in your bra. Also, they are packaged in an extremely crinkly wrapper, so if my baby is asleep I have to take them in another room to open, so as not to wake up the baby (and he is a heavy sleeper!)

The First Years - Lanolin Disposable Breast Pads 30 ct.: These are the best pads for early stages of nursing, when the lanolin will help soothe sore and cracked nipples. They are very cool and comfortable on your nipples. However, they do not hold quite as much as the Ameda. I did find that these needed to be changed pretty often to avoid feeling damp. Also, the edges of the pad are scratchy and can be a bit uncomfortable throughout the day.

Lansinoh 20265 Disposable Nursing Pads, 60-pack: These are a good all-around pad. They will hold a good bit, but not as much as the Ameda or J&J. They do have an adhesive strip that will help them stay in place in your bra, and are a very good value to use long term. Be sure you get the "soft" version, as the older style is much more scratchy and uncomfortable.

Evenflo Comfort Select Nursing Pad, 48 Count: These pads are very absorbent, but not very comfortable. They have an itchy material inside that tends to stick to cracked nipples when removed. They also are very obvious through thin bras.

Gerber Breast Pads - Variety Pack 100 Count: WORTHLESS. These pads do not absorb even a single let-down if you have a heavy flow. They would instantly soak through and my shirt would be wet. Also, they have no shape so they will bunch up and show through your bra and shirt. They also have no adhesive, so they will move around. Overall, completely worthless for a heavy milk flow.
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on July 22, 2013
these have 2 adhesive strips on the back, a "honeycomb" absorbent surface (as described by lansinoh), and massive holding capacity. it just swells up like a diaper.

regarding softness: it feels like a tissue... not puffs, but a regular generic tissue, or like cheap toilet paper that you find in public restrooms. so, depending on how sore and chaffed you are, you could find it soft, or you could find it like sandpaper.

regarding dryness: it's definitely helpful if you've got leakage issues. it'll absorb a lot of liquid so you won't have milk-stained clothes, and keeps you pretty dry. when and where the pad is saturated, you'll probably feel some dampness. there's no comparison with the reusable cotton pads, though. with the cotton pads, it's like keeping a wet washcloth next to your skin - and then you have to worry about yeast infections. these probably should be changed if you feel like they're damp, but definitely not as often as you would have to change the cotton ones (if you have leakage issues).

regarding "bunching": it really depends on your boob shape, i guess? it doesn't really move around or get bunched up. i wouldn't wear it with a sleep bra and a thin, tight shirt and expect it to look smooth. it's a lot smoother than cotton pads, though. (though again, depending on the cotton pad... and the shape of your ladies)

bought this to try it out. went back and got the pack of 4... if the leakage is no longer an issue before i use them up, they're always good for a baby shower gift :)
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on April 6, 2017
I've tried several different brands and nothing compares to the quality of this brand. I won't buy anything else.

-Truly does not feel wet on the outside. With other brands the moisture would leak through
-Wicks moisture away from my skin
-Individually packaged
-Shape conforms well to body.
-Not bulky

-Adhesive is pretty much useless especially when you're moving your bra to nurse. The pad just crumples up anyway.
review image
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on December 28, 2016
I'm nursing my second little one now. And I've tried a lot of different nursing pads and while I haven't found a perfect one, these are as perfect as I can find. I love them! And they are the most comfortable which is the most important to me, well that and the amount they hold in as I have a strong let down and will quickly soak any pads but I've never soaked through these.
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on September 3, 2015
So I was dead set on using washable nursing pads and got a few different brands to try out. I ended up getting a box of these by accident bc I had included them in my cart with a bunch of other things I wanted to get before baby arrived, and forgot to remove them. Lucky for me! I soon realized that these were, for me at least, the perfect nursing pad. Washable ones were great for a short time but when the milk really started flowing, these were the only pads that would work. They have a sticky back so they stay in place, where as the washable ones would sometime slip out of place during feedings. They are SUPER absorbent, whereas the washable ones I had ended up leaking through after just a short amount of time wearing them. Yes I could have changed the washable ones way more often and avoided that but honestly the majority of the time I was so tired I could barely remember to put them on in the first place. These ones are not noticeable under clothing at all, at least for me. I also wear them with my nursing sports bra when I go workout and they have worked so great I forget I am wearing them. At first I figured I would just use up the box so they wouldn't go to waste but I have continued purchasing these pads ever since and I am several months into breastfeeding. I still switch back and forth, but am so happy with these that I just wanted to put my review out there and say how great they are.
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on December 28, 2015
Let me start by saying that I have 4 children and have nursed them all, so I can assure you, I have tried MANY brands of nursing pads. These blow everything else away. They absorb more than something that thin could be imagined to, they're comfortable, and they even have little sticky tabs on the back if you're worried about them moving around. I don't think I've ever really bothered with those though, you nurse a newborn so often that you're constantly pulling them in and out anyway. Besides that, your boobs are larger than normal and so they don't really shift around much. They don't leak out the back or the sides, and unless you leave them on much longer than usual (overnight when you're engorged) they keep the moisture in and your nipples stay dry. The only issue I ever had with that was using it to its maximum capacity, and then I was a tad damp feeling. Bottom line, don't bother putting any other brand on your registry, you're probably going to end up being a long term purchaser of these, and it's easy to send your husband to the store for them. "Just grab the purple box, babe." Done.
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on January 30, 2016
I tried a number of different nursing pads and in the end I kept coming to these. I wanted to be sure that my area was always clean and I also wanted protection in case I did leak. I found that these were great with capturing any leaking and did not have any accidents. I will say that I did not produce a ton of milk compared to other people but I found it most helpful at night when I noticed that is when I would leak the most. I also like the nursing pads since they did not create a lot of lint. The washing pads that I purchased did leave lint behind especially if I had any leakage. I would end up wiping myself down before even nursing my son since I did not want him drinking down lint. I also liked that the lanisoh had strategically place adhesive, ensuring that during nursing or at night, the pad did not move from there it was supposed to be. Keeping the area clean and lint free ensure that when it was time for feeding, I did not have to worry about letting my son latch when he needed to.
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on February 15, 2017
I wish this pad was wider... This pad is small, so it is hard for the nipples to stay right in the middle of the pad because I constantly move...
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on January 13, 2015
After having 3 babies and breastfeeding each of them I think I had tried every type of nursing pad.....until I came across this one! Nothing is worse than leaking onto your shirt in public. These nursing pads are not only comfortable but extremely reliable.
They have adhesive so you can stick them onto your bra or nursing tank. If I had any complaint it would be that sometimes they would lose the stickiness and shift, but this was also after a lot of activity, not a normal day of being around the house. My first two children were easy to breastfeed and my body adjusted quickly to how much milk they needed and how often. My third child was a little more trying. After my milk came in he seemed to have a hard time emptying my breasts. This was fine if I was at home and had time to pump anything remaining, however, if I didn't have time or wasn't at home or somewhere I could pump, I would begin to leak soon after I stopped breastfeeding! These pads never let me down. Never once did I leak past the pad. The best thing about these - they pull any milk away from your breast. You don't feel wet or bothered from leaking. I'd recommend these to ANY mom - even if you aren't breastfeeding after your baby is born, these are perfect for using until your milk has dried up.
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on October 17, 2015
With my first baby, I was able to use reusable nursing pads, for the most part, without any leakage issues. I had hoped to do the same with my second baby, but my body had other plans. I leaked A LOT and none of the reusable pads could handle the job. So, I turned to disposable pads. These are the best of the three brands that I've tried. They are very comfortable and highly absorbent. Except when they've shifted out of place at night, I've never leaked through them. They are discreet under clothing as well. They are the only disposable nursing pads I will buy. My only complaint with them is that they come with so much packaging! It seems unnecessary that each pad is individually wrapped in plastic. I already feel bad that I'm creating so much waste just with the pads themselves; but then there's all this extra waste that really isn't needed at all.
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