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Top Contributor: Babyon October 7, 2016
Save your nipples. Buy this.
In all reality I really needed this the first week or two after having my little one. The first few days were the hardest and this cream gave me a huge relief because as a new mom my nipples were obviously not use to a baby constantly suckling.. they got so sore and even bled (eek!)

This stuff helped me push through. It really helped my nipples heal in time for the next baby chow down.

Nowadays I only need it when I pump a lot. It's great to have and I honestly consider it a must have for new moms.

Hope this helps!
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This was recommended by a friend, but I didn't think it was going to be much different than Vaseline. Boy was I wrong. This stuff is AMAZING! It gives IMMEDIATE relief and lasts forever. The best part is that you don't need to use a lot at all! My nipples are so sore but as soon as I put this on it somehow goes away! The weird thing is that t doesn't just take away the surface pain it clears some of the "Aching" too. I'm so happy with this! If you find my review helpful please mark it so. Thank you!!
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on October 6, 2016
My new lip moisturizer. My daughter thinks it's gross to use "nipple cream" on my lips but after my lips became resistant to Vaseline and would burn and peel I had to find a replacement coming across this salve. It works wonders and a little goes a long way.
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I bought this after a YouTube personality I really like (Dominique Sachese) recommended it for chapped lips. I keep it in my nightstand and use it before bed, and really does work well for chapped lips. It makes your lips feel smooth, and lasts all night, even though I often breathe through my mouth because of my allergies. I will always keep this on hand! It's become a new staple.
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on September 1, 2017
Some time back, I had a poorly handled teeth whitening experience, and the whitening gel left my lips extremely dry, cracked, and painful. I tried several products that were supposed to remedy the issue, and finally found a Korean lip gloss that did the trick. But that product was difficult to get, and costly, and I decided to try lanolin as my future lip "repair and maintenance" go-to. What a great find!

One tube seems set to last me for a couple years, or longer. It takes the tiniest dab applied at night to leave my lips soft and healthy.

But I recently found another use for this product, and while it's slightly embarrassing to relate, I will do so because my review may spare someone else discomfort.

I've been undergoing exams and tests to diagnose and treat a painful GI malady, and one step in the process involved having a colonoscopy. Now, this is my third such procedure, and I remembered from previous experience that, for me, the worst aspect of the prep was the fact that after 2-3 hours of near-constant poos, my poor bum was raw and burning. Once before, I'd used Desitin, and the next time, Vaseline. Neither had sufficient staying power to do the trick.

Based on my experience with using the lanolin on my lips, I suspected it might be just what was needed. I applied a generous layer to the area in question right before glugging down my first glass of noxious liquid, and lo! The lanolin provided a protective barrier that even bilious waste couldn't penetrate. I can't say I ended the evening with a happy little bum, but at least it wasn't as red as a baboon's ass, and the discomforts of the experience were lessened considerably.

As it turns out, I will quite probably be saying goodbye to my colon soon, and as a result of the surgery, will likely have "issues" with diarrhea for a good while. This being the case, I intend to order several more tubes of this product, because I will surely need it!

I hope my experience and review will be of help to anyone else facing such uncomfortable medical issues, and that this product will help them, as it helped me, to avoid some pain.
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on February 19, 2017
I subscribe to a monthly sample beauty box. I received a product that was a tiny version of an expensive lip balm, one I liked so much I purchased the full size. For $16.00 I got a half ounce of that premium balm.

On that full size version, the ingredient list had a simple line: pharmaceutical grade lanolin. That was it.

So I wondered if I could get it cheaper, and a search here came up with this product, at much less the cost. I purchased it, and it is identical to the expensive product.

I guess that's the downfall for companies of having to list ingredients, isn't it. I never would have needed this the way it's advertised- I'm long past my breastfeeding years and now into my lips-dry-out years.

I put this product on nightly and my chapped lips are much softer. I'm using it as a cuticle cream now too -since I have enough to test.

It's a very thick, creamy clear balm with no scent or taste. It's a bit like vasoline but less greasy and oily. I highly recommend this balm for any of your dry skin needs. If it's safe enough for a breastfeeding baby it's safe enough for my aging lips! And I'm glad it's a more reasonable price!
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on May 17, 2017
Without this product, I would surely have gone crazy. Pure coconut oil works really well for keeping nipples from getting dry and cracked, but when you need to use the big guns, this product is great. I have been dealing with a baby with some serious nursing issues the past four months, and this product has been a lifesaver. The lanolin is super thick and incredibly moisturizing. Just a small dab warmed up on the finger and gently applied does the trick after a nursing session. I use it every time I nurse during the day, and use the Lansinoh Soothies with coconut oil at night, and I have avoided getting any cracks or bleeding. This is definitely a must have for nursing mothers, and I love that it is one simple ingredient, and safe for baby, no need to wash before feeding.
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on March 19, 2017
I bought this after hearing about this as the best non chapstick taking the internet by storm. It really does work well, and is the only thing that will actually soothe my dry, chapped, winter lips when they are at their worst. It's got some good staying power since it sits on your lips and slowly sinks in, instead of disappearing as fast as you put it on like some others. It also works great as intended for very dry cracked areas.
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on February 27, 2018
I like this cream. I have tried the mother's organic one and the medela, honestly I don't see a difference, they all help me. I just choose this one because it doesn't have much of a taste (I've heard the medela one doesn't taste good for baby) and if I ever wanted to, I can donate Miller which you can't do using organic creams. IF YOU WANT IT TO COME OUT EASIER: I know a lot of people complain about it being difficult to spread and come out of the tube. It works like this: if it is cold, it will be hard to spread and get out of the container, if it is warm it will spread easy and come out easy. So keep it in your pocket, put it under your leg during a feeding, or hold it in your hands for a second or keep it in a non cold place.
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on June 2, 2015
I've tried other brands of lanolin and nipple balms but I've always been sensitive to some ingredient or another. Not so with Lanisoh, this stuff is pure lanolin, nothing else. Works great during those first few weeks of nursing!

It is a bit stiff to get out of the tube, especially if you are in a colder climate. I found that holding the tube in the crease of my knee while nursing was sufficient enough to soften it up to get a bit out once I was done nursing. If I ever find myself nursing again after a period of not nursing, I'll definitely be buying this for myself again. I also recommend/buy it for all my friends trying out breast feeding.

Bonus: the leftovers work great as lip balm or to lanolize wool covers if you cloth diaper. Not a bit wasted in my house, I used the rest of the tube for both. Can't do that with other brands of lanolin, again because of the additives.
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