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on October 6, 2016
I got this for both gaming (because the bottom of my laptop tends to get hot) and school work (because I like sitting on the couch and my lap is too low)! The second I put this on my lap I fell in love. My laptop has little skid-proof spots on the bottom so no issues with the sliding some people mentioned. Worth the price! I wanted something simple and comfortable but didn't like the prices of the other lap desks. This is absolutely perfect. I raved so much about mine that my boyfriend bought one too so now we can game side by side on the couch!!
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on August 8, 2016
This lap desk is quite useful, and the quality seems to be sufficient to make it last a long time (if that changes after I have more time to use it, I'll update this review).

Note that this lap desk is smaller than some other brands/models, which I didn't realize when I bought it. I'm still happy with it, but since my others are larger, I was surprised at first. This actually might be a great benefit, namely in case the space you have available isn't very large (such as if using in a chair with arm rests that limit the space available). And since there are no raised edges, it's no problem that the keyboard I'm using right now as I use this lap desk is a bit wider than the lap desk (my keyboard is a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic 4000 model). I really like the totally smooth top surface that makes using things that are larger than the lap desk surface no problem to use! They can just hang over the edge without an annoying lip on the edge making it unbalanced: very nice. And I've come to enjoy the smaller size than my others in one particular location where I have an arm rest that is right up against my body.

It was also nice to see, although not really very important, that the manufacture date on the tag tells me this was manufactured in April of 2016 (I'm writing this review at the start of August, 2016). I like new stuff, and while it probably doesn't matter (especially since this is made in China, as with so much other stuff), but it's possible that a much older unit might be more likely to have more dangerous contents. On the other hand, the tags make very clear that inhaling the filling material in case the cloth on the bottom pads breaks is extremely dangerous. But the cloth seems very solid and unlikely to tear without something very sharp like a knife or scissors pressing into with some force. At the same time, the cloth is extremely soft!!! It's extremely comfortable against your skin, being kind of fuzzy and plush; very pleasing to the touch.

Another nice thing I wasn't sure about at first, but now know is great, is that the padding on the bottom is in two rows, rather than being one large pad. My other lap desks are similar, but they have one large solid pad. With the two rows of this model, that means less surface area against your skin, which is actually wonderful whenever the environmental temperature or your body temperature is hot. It allows a lot more air flow than the solid ones. And yet (this is what I worried about at first, but unnecessarily), I've not felt like I needed more padding. It's extremely comfortable with just the two rows of padding, and doesn't need a larger, single pad at all to feel comfortable and like nothing is lacking.

I highly recommend this lap desk, only noting that if you need a large space for some reason, such as if you need to fit a mouse or trackball on it, then it might not be large enough. Just note the dimensions and determine how much space you need, because there are larger lap desks out there that might suit your needs better. But that's not a "flaw" or even a "problem," just a feature of this model that can be an advantage when you don't want your lap desk to be too large or heavy.

One last thing: this lap desk is noticeably lighter than my others, making it much easier to pick up and move around! This actually can matter a lot to me, since I'm disabled and sometimes lifting my other lap desks that weigh more can be difficult or even painful when trying to lift them at a difficult angle (such as when having to twist and bend to reach one). This one is light enough to not present that problem, so it's a particularly great choice for people without a lot of strength, whether temporarily or permanently, including those who might be ill or handicapped in some way, or perhaps when recovering from illness, surgery, etc.

Overall, I can't think of anything wrong with this lap desk, and I'm a picky person! I'll update this review if something changes, but as of now, after using it a little while, I have no reservations recommending this particular brand and model (unless you're someone who chooses to only buy products made in your own country, which I respect, but which didn't factor into my purchase or this review).
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on February 8, 2013
OMG! This item is perfect for those of us who have less lap than we used to in those "good old days!" It fits on my legs securely and DOES NOT SLIP! I can hold my laptop or tablet level while typing...OMG!

My teen grand daughter has taken to "borrowing" it since it arrived. The bottom has permanently attached stuffed pillowing that has a "channel" or "canal" that runs horizontally from one side to the can kind of see it in the picture. This allows air to move under the table and keeps the device cool.

There are two little "pockets" for stuff at either side of the top as well. The convenient handle in the middle makes it easy to port this little gadget around too!

It comes in some nice grand daughter wants pink and my grandson wants blue. My adult daughter is eyeing a black one.

Oh! You can also use it as a writing desk or dining table for quick eats or snacks! I love this thing! It fits neatly under my 17" screen its neither too small nor too large. PERFECT!
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on March 23, 2017
Arrived broken. The top portion of the handle was broken into. This was clearly a design flaw. Sitting on your lap you could feel the plastic bowing in the middle at the stress point which is probably why it broke. I doubt it would have stood up to constant use. Not sure if this was a return or just poor workmanship but evidently it was not going to work so it was returned. I do NOT recommend this laptop desk. The cushioning underneath was flimsy and the plastic on top was cheap. I ordered another laptop desk and am very pleased with it. Try Sofia + Sam Mini Memory Foam Lap Desk available on Amazon.
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on September 20, 2012
This lap desk is nice in the regard that it is light and has a tube cushion on top and bottom rather than one big cushion that would be uncomfortable on the lap. The desk is small, which for me is nice because I use a wireless mouse that sits on the arm of my chair. It would not work for anyone wanting to use the surface of the desk for a mouse unless their lap top is really tiny.

What is disappointing is that the surface is slick. There is absolutely nothing to hold the computer in place so the first time I set it down, the computer started sliding off and would have hit the floor had I not caught it.

I solved the problem by grabbing a piece of that rubberized shelving paper specifically made to keep things from sliding around so all works fine.

True, this is a low cost option so one can't expect top quality, but it's reasonable to expect some safeguards for the computer given it is a portable desk, such as at least a textured surface in the center to more securely hold the laptop.
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on June 5, 2017
Serviceable lap desk with squishy microbead pads on the bottom. The plastic of the desktop is moderately flimsy and the plastic lip all around the underside gives it a cheap feel. I was surprised at how cheap the product feels. But this is clearly a tradeoff since the board is so lightweight! However, since I have been using this desk to do my computer-based homework, I have eliminated my overheating issues. The lap desk is a serviceable solution. It also works on multiple lap configurations, like if I tuck my legs under me and set it on the uneven "lap". I was pleased at how stable the product is!
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on January 26, 2017
I am really impressed with the LapGear MyDesk. It's lightweight and well designed. It fits comfortably in my lap and is very stable. The surface is slippery, but I took the advice of another reviewer and used a piece of shelf liner when I am using my tablet. The hard surface works just fine when I'm coloring on it. It's large enough for pages from a full size adult coloring book to fit. Highly recommend this lap desk.
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on April 20, 2016
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on February 12, 2016
I purchased this as an accessory for an HP Stream Laptop, 13.3 inch model. It's large enough to have space for the laptop itself and an included mouse, without making the space feel too cramped. The slots in the top to hold a phone, utensil, or whatever else are quite useful, an interesting feature that one doesn't see included with many lap desks.

The bottom of the desk, as pictured, has two cushions, filled with a comfortable filling that isn't too squishy. I never felt that my laptop was in any danger of slipping off the surface, which is textured just enough to have enough grip for anything that isn't my mouse. It's comfortable to keep on the lap for a long while, and adds a bit of elevation to whatever one is working on, as well.

For the price, it's quite a good value. Lightweight enough that it doesn't add much to any project that one would hold on their lap, but sturdy enough to provide a reliable workspace.
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on July 1, 2017
I really like the size and set up of the handle and pockets of this lap stand. It fits my 15 inch laptop with just enough extra space. I don't mind the texture of the top or lack of a ribbed edge to catch pencils or other things from rolling off, my laptop has grips so it works fine. My only pet peeve is that under the whole desk is a nice and soft material just like the cushions, but under the pockets it is just hard plastic. This is fine when I am just sitting with it on my lap, but when I am reclining the hard plastic hits my knees. If they were covered with the soft material it wouldn't be quite as annoying. I like the product, I just can't give it 5 stars because of the hard plastic hitting my knees...
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