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on February 21, 2015
Great series but so disappointed that it's no longer available free for Prime members. I watched one full season and the first episode of season 2 and suddenly it is no longer offered on Prime! Won't pay to see the rest. One of the reasons I pay for the Prime membership is for the benefit of free streaming of older movies and TV shows, and this series is 4-5 years old. Really a good series - was recommending it to friends on Amazon Prime but won't if there's a cost.

Please go through the customer service links and request this be made available on prime again. I saw in another review, that someone was told by Amazon, that if enough people requested it, they would renew their agreement to offer it free with Prime membership.
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on April 22, 2016
I have NEVER seen anything that I loved more! You fall in love with the characters and they truly become your friends! It breaks your heart to have it end! The characters are delightful, the stories are heart felt and the scenery breath taking. It is a sweet show with values, caring, real experiences and interactions that speak to your soul. It had 7 1/2 million viewers when it aired on PBS originally....and people were devastated when they didn't renew the season. That says a lot of what is valued, and needed in our television viewing world of violence, immorality and tasteless performances. You will thoroughly enjoy the experience.
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on May 17, 2016
Picturesque series with many familiar faces including Brendan Coyle (Downton Abbey 's Mr. Bates) among the cast.
The episodes take place in the late 19th century in two small neighboring English country villages. Lark Rise is rustic home to the working class and Candleford the town of the upscale merchant class and local gentry. Distinctions are made between the residents but they intermingle often to supply much of the light drama. Most episodes are somewhat self contained, there is an issue or problem which is usually resolved by episodes end while various other plotlines continue throughout the series. Everything is fairly simplistic, narrated by the young heroine from Lark Rise who moves to Candleford to assist her spinster cousin, the town's Postmistress (a younger Jessica Fletcher type from Murder She Wrote) around whose post office much of the action swirls.
In all its light fare, family friendly, with good acting and some beautiful scenery for those that appreciate their English costume period dramas.
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on May 10, 2016
Surprisingly well done period piece pertaining to late 19th century England rural-village and small-town day-to-day life. The surprise comes in the form of the incisive insights the series offers into the culture and social mores of the people in the places and times portrayed. The series only gets better as it progresses, chronicling the life of a young girl, along w/those around her, as she grows to become a self-sufficient young woman in England as the country slowly begins to enter the Industrial Age. Supporting research for series production and presentation is superb. Recommended as well worth the time invested in watching...
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on February 4, 2017
Sometimes I think this is even better than Downton Abbey even though this has a much "sweeter" character to it. Really fantastic stuff if you long for the England depicted in many of Ralph Vaughn-William's musical compositions.

They should have started off every episode with "The Lark Ascending" IMHO. I have never seen anything that captures the flavor of what I imagine rural England to have been like in the 19th century. I doubt if it was quite this idyllic but allow me my fantasies.

Every season of Lark Rise to Candleford is essential viewing for all Anglophiles. Great acting, stunning cinematography and a really great story line throughout.

I thank Amazon for making Season 4 available on Prime Streaming Video!
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on May 24, 2016
A feel good community of british character actors extolling the lives, loves, and challenges of mid 1800's england. Lots of tales and a few twists with quirky characters that gets it's hooks into you and you're spellbound by the everyday life of a simpler time in the world. If you like more upbeat plots than drama with some dry witty observational humor tossed in situations then you'll love Lark Rise To Candleford.
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on April 22, 2015
I love the people from this show but I'm having trouble watching it on ALL my devices...

Several months ago perusing through my amazon instant video on my kindle fire I came across Lark Rise to Candleford. It was free at that time with my trial Amazon Prime membership. Absolutely fell in love with it. Amazing character development. However, as I got busy and was unable to watch a few weeks, and then my trial membership expired I literally chose to renew my membership to watch this show, thats how much I loved the show. I finished season 1. I
A few months passed and then i had trouble finding season 2...suddenly this show isn't free anymore with Prime membership.
I eventually got rid of my kindle fire. I got Amazon's app on my Xbox as I prefer to watch my shows on a bigger screen...and I went ahead and purchased the Lark Rise to Candleford for $ I'm on my Xbox and searching and searching for Lark Rise on here...and can't find it!!! :-(

If Amazon could reassure me that it is indeed part of their Xbox content that would be wonderful... :\
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on June 7, 2016
I love this series so much. I am watching it again for the third time through now and it just gets better and better for me. Some of the characters are bit over the top (to me) but this makes their idiosyncrasies more endearing. Laura and Dorcas are outstanding but my favorite character is Queenie. One of the most fun things about these British dramas is seeing the same actors in very different roles. Such a delight!
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on December 14, 2016
I am in the middle of the second season, and I feel that I live amid all the familiar characters who live in Park Rise and Candleford. They are families, neighbors, some come and go, some come and stay, most are hard-working laborers, some shop keepers and small business owners. They are so believable that it is sometimes difficult to realize that these episodes are simply imagined by a talented writer. Every evening I look forward to the antics of the people of these two towns. I can highly recommend this series of stories of life and love and adventure, happiness and sadness . . . . . life.
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on June 6, 2016
I thought the series of Lark Rise to Candleford was a very entertaining series, I felt the series started off with a very intense series of events as well as carrying through the same level of curiosity all the througn the entire series.
I enjoyed the entire series from the beginning, all the way through to the end and I thank you for bringing this series into my home!
Thank you very much,
Diana Berne
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