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on November 26, 2015
We already had two of these in the house. Been using them for about three years now... Still works like they did when first bought them. So we added another one. The only complaint would be that the thermostat setting may not be exactly accurate, but you'll figure out a setting that works best for you. It may be a degree up or down from what you're used to. It really isn't that big of a deal.

Unfortunately, we recently had two of these units to suddenly stop working. One of them was the one purchased recently. After reading other reviews, I have decided it isn't worth my time to contact customer service. Most folks have indicated it is pointless. I attempted to repair one hoping to find a burn fuse, but that wasn't the problem. Don't let the size fool you, there isn't much inside these heaters. The components inside a hairdryer is about the same as what's inside the casing of this heater.

I still have two of these units that are operational, but because of my recent loss of two of these heaters, I have lowered my rating from 5 stars to 3 stars.

It seems that this model in Black is the one that the longest. You may want to avoid this Gray model.
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on January 7, 2016
Bought this model since I already have 2 different Lasko model heaters, thought this one is a little bigger and will heat up the room faster and it did, but the thermostat is broken in this. I set the temperature to 72 in the room, the heater kicks on and heats the room, then slowly the temperature increases and shows that the room temperature is 84, even though the room is at 70, then the heater turns off since it wont kick back in until the room temperature is above 84 which is not, so the room stays cold.
Used it for my kids room since the heating is broken in that room, poor things were frozen the next day. Tried it for few days with different settings but there was not much to change since it is quite straightforward.Returned it for an exchange and the second one had the same issue, Lakso customer service asked me if I was setting the temp properly, I told her that I am already using lakso products for few years and i know how to use them.
I returned it for a refund since I didnt want any more headaches.
Maybe there was a bad batch which I got it from.
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on November 13, 2015
I reserve 5 stars for really exceptional items, so that's the only reason I didn't give this a 5, and I couldn't give it a 4.5.
I received this in Sept. and hadn't had a need for it until recently. Here in southern MO the temp dropped down below freezing a couple of nights recently so I fired this heater up and prayed for the best. The only other source of heat was a DeLonghi EW7507EB oil radiator I purchased at the same time that I put in my bedroom (I'll review that on its page), the Lasko I placed in my living room.

This is an old drafty house with horribly leaky windows and doors, so I expected I might have to fire up the propane heater if it got too cold in here. My living room is a huge 13' x 40' open space, and the kitchen open off it at one end and a short hallway to the bathroom and second bedroom at the other (my work/storage room) which have no heating sources set up in them. I have the Lasko set up near the doorway to the bathroom hallway, and my computer area (where I live) is against the far wall, at the long end, at the opposite end of the room.

Come the first really bad night where I could feel a nip coming on in here, so I checked the thermometer outside and it was 28°, Daaaaauuuummmmn!

I turned the Lasko on and set it to 72°. After a couple of hours of running I could hear it periodically cycling on and off as it reached its temperature setting and shut down the heating element. And it was comfortably warm for me sitting at my computer at the opposite end of the room from the heater. In fact I just checked my outside thermometer and it's presently 30°. I have the Lasko set at 68° and I'm toasty warm and the heater is cycling.

The one reason I think people complain these heaters don't warm up the place is they forget: HEAT RISES. So if you have tall ceilings all your heat is collecting up there. I have a 8' suspended ceiling so it's not that high up, but the heat STILL collects on the ceiling. I don't sit on the ceiling. I have an oscillating fan in the opposite corner from the heater angled up towards the ceiling, set on low, to circulate the heat around the room. It works great. If you have a ceiling fan then you're even better set up. Here's a tip for the ceiling fan though: Reverse the spin so it blows upwards. This will force the heat collected up there to flow outward, down the walls, and across the room while sucking the cold air up. Also you don't have a breeze from the fan blowing on you. There's a switch on the housing of the fan to reverse the direction.

To sum up: I'm very satisfied with the performance of this heater. I was unsure if only having one would adequately heat this place, or whether they'd find my dogs feasting on my frozen corpse come spring, but I think I'm safe. I expect once I insulate these leaky windows and seal some major air leaks in this place this heater should suffice through the worst parts of winter. Sorry pups, I'm off the menu.


I've been using this heater for almost two weeks now. The nights have been dropping down to freezing and below most nights so I've been using this heater to keep warm in here.

I have to admit it's doing an admirable job so far. During the day the temp warms up, and the heater will shut off from its nightime setting, but I usually physically shut it off during the day. In the evening when I start to feel a little chill I'll turn the heater on, set it to 72°, and let it run for about an hour to collect a ball of heat above it near the ceiling. Then I'll turn on an oscillating fan angled up at the ceiling to circulate the heat. I can feel the warm air flowing around me and the temperature change in the room almost immediately. After a couple hours I can turn it down to 70° and it maintains a comfortable temp all evening. When I go to bed I'll set it to 68° and turn the oscillating fan off and it keeps the room warm through the night.

All in all a lot of heat from such a small package, and it's actually exceeding my expectations.
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on April 1, 2018
I've actually had this heater now for 6 years and counting and has served me well ever since. It can heat up a room rather quickly if you set it to the high option and although it makes some noise from the fan it uses, it's honestly not that bothersome. One thing I would recommend to be wary of is where you put it since it does stand upright with a slim design, if you bump i back or forward it can get off balance depending on the force. Then again the design is meant to be near a wall so don't put it in open space. It can perform well on its auto setting but preferred to regulate it manually between high and low since the usage has been mainly in the living room space and setting it on high does the job way quicker than by temp. If you're looking for a strong heater with space usage in mind, I'd definitely recommend this.
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on February 25, 2015
I have two of these, one in the living room, and the other one in the basement. I highly recommend a visit from an electrician before using this regularly to save yourself the experience I went through. My living room circuit was overtaxed by this heater with all the electronics in there. I ended up with a smoldering outlet and a visit from the fire dept. Thankfully, the outlet only smoked a lot and there were no flames. We then had to get the electrician to put each unit on its own circuit. I run these all day and turn them off right before going to bed. This heater is great at getting my living room very quickly to 72, then I have to turn it down because I start sweating. The one I put in my basement doesn't warm as intensely as the living room, but it is sure better than the previous heater I had. The basement is a very open space, on high, the max it gets the basement to is 66. With my home's forced air, it only got to 43 previously. I love that I don't have to be right in front of it to get the benefit. If you are considering this, keep in mind it does better in rooms with more walls. But definitely get the electrician out first!
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on November 15, 2017
Love these. Great supplemental room heat. The digital settings provided are reliable and accurate. Shuts off at desired temp. I have been buying them for my lodging business for 8 years. I own about 20 of these now. So far I have never replaced even one yet due to malfuncion of any sort. I do live in the south and see winter day temps high 30’s and nights 20’s. We use them as primary heat in individual bedrooms and never get complaints. The things I love about them: forced air blower/curculator, nice upright appearance and space saver, safty grill guard, and thermostaic auto shutoff. Great Product!!
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on September 25, 2012
This works better than other ceramic heaters I have used; the airflow is great, can be directed up or down without having to prop up the heater, and is surprisingly quiet. I bought it very early in the season because we're still using the AC part of the day at the office, but my office is way too cold (the HVAC is poorly balanced) so I run this heater a few minutes at a time to take the chill out of the air. It is much more effective than the small cube-shaped ceramic heater it replaced. I also tested it out in the bathroom in the office (we had to turn the heat on in there) and it heated the bathroom very quickly. It worked so well I decided to order a second one (the Lasko 7600000 which is a similar unit but in black, and boasts a remote control and ionizer that this model lacks. The heating unit is otherwise identical) for home.

Update: Now that it is winter, I use it daily in my office. My office is a 450 square feet, corner office with drafty windows, and it does warm the office.

I do want to add some cons to this review:

- No tip over detection, as others mentioned. It does shut off if it overheats but tilt detection would be better if there are little ones or pets in the house.
- No way to set a delayed start. That would be an excellent addition to this heater.
- The shut off timer is a bit cryptic. It works in binary format, where one light (the bottom one) is equal to one, middle one to two, the top one one to four. So, you need to remember when setting it for three hours for example, the bottom + middle light = 3.
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on March 16, 2012
At first look, if you were gauging by the size of the packaging, it gives the appearance of a good sized space heater. It is rated 1500 watts but doesn't give the btu equivalent so it is hard to determine how well it will heat ahead of time. In reality, this Lasko Cyclonic Ceramic Heater's heating element is relatively small as it really is the top portion of the unit. The bottom two thirds of the unit is hollow space within the casement making it top heavy and potential risk of being tipped over. I have this space heater in a enclosed 10 x 10 room in the lower level. The lower level of my house is about 10 degrees colder than my upper level due to poor heat return vents - better desription is a lack of a cold air return vent in the lower level. Trying to heat the enclosed room from 55 degrees to 62 degrees at high, took more than 2 hours. That is, it took the unit's thermostat over 2 hours to register 62 degrees. The unit's ceramic element heats up and there is a built in fan that draws air to heat and then blow this heated air into the room. The fan just doen't seem to draw air adequately to heat so the heat seems trapped up near the ceiling until it builts up sufficiently and fills the room's lower portion. The room's air is drawn into the heater from the bottom of the unit as can be seen from the picture of the unit and the opening for the air isn't really that big. The lack of a good air movement design hampers the unit's heating capability. The nice features of this unit, thermostat with auto heating settings, are wasted by the mediocre functionality.
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on May 7, 2014
Fortunately this is a very good heater. I have a large room with high ceilings and it provides a quite remarkable degree of warmth. It's cord gets only slightly warm even when left on overnight operating on it's effective thermostat settings. It is very quiet so does not disturb my sleep.
The missing star is because of the design. Visually it is retro-stylish, BUT the controls are badly placed, requiring putting my face directly into the adjustable hot air vent and tilting the heater it so I can read the buttons. There is unaccountably, NO REMOTE control for this unit. I have a smaller Lasko Tower which does come with remote!?!? Put those buttons on the top and this is definitely a 5-star product. Also as noted by others, the power cord seems determined only to settle under the right leg whenever it's moved and the legs are tippy on an uneven floor.
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on January 2, 2015
I like to put this in the room with my dogs. Sometimes my house gets a little chilly and it adds peace of mind that my dogs aren't too cold. I have it set up so when the temp drops to a certain point it kicks on. I LOVE that. I may be pleased by simple things but this thing is just great.

I just got my energy review back and I was worried because it seems like this thing is on a lot and I know they use a lot of power. I actually somehow have used less energy with it running on temp mode than I did without the heater in the house. I guess it makes the dog area warm, and heats the main room (attached) a little as well so the main heater doesn't work as hard.

Who would have thought.
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