Customer Reviews: The Last Exorcism [Blu-ray]
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VINE VOICEon January 12, 2011
A little light on the action and (very) long on the story, The Last Exorcism is still a pretty effective Horror movie. While the trailer gives the impression that the movie will be entirely about a demon-possessed young lady on a rampage (I think there's a pretty famous movie like that out there already), it is equally about the final exploits of one of those hoaxy healing ministers who after years of performing (fake) exorcisms starts feeling guilty and decides to expose himself and the trade for what it is through a documentary.

While the movie clocks in at under 90 minutes, it's still a little long and could have been done in a half hour episode of Tales from the Crypt. That format unfortunately is not available for filmmakers anymore (and certainly wouldn't have been as profitable). So little known Director Daniel Stamm found a cast of little known actors and created a full length feature that for the most part was pretty entertaining.

The gist of the story is that this fraudulent healing minister shows up with his TV crew at a farmer's house who claims that his daughter is possessed. The healer aims to document and to disprove the idea of possession while at the same time going through the exorcism motions to simultaneously expose his whole racket. But our minister may have found not only his first real case of possession on this particular farm but also his faith.

To all the critics of this movie, and there seems to be a lot of them....What were you expecting? An Exorcist remake? Go watch The Exorcist again. The Last Exorcism puts a pretty cool spin on a story of possession, and the B cast does an excellent job of leading the viewer through this creepy tale. Definitely worth a spot in your rental queue if you're into the genre.
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on January 16, 2011
THE LAST EXORCISM is a "mockumentary" in the style of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, chronicling the last exorcism performed by Preacher Cotton Marcus (Patrick Fabian), a televangelist who has made himself famous by performing psychosuggestive exorcisms on credulous subjects. After reading of the death of a child by exorcism, the Preacher renounces his stage-managed performances and embraces medical science. During the course of the film he demonstrates his "demonic" sound-producing equipment and a battery operated smoking crucifix.

Marcus brings a camera along to the home of his last "possessed" adherent, a young girl named Nell, who lives on an isolated farm with her hostile brother and gun-toting father. Farm animals have been found mutilated on the premises. The father is convinced that Nell has killed them. He wants to shoot Nell in order to stop any more evil from occurring, but Preacher Marcus convinces him to allow the exorcism. Although it initially seems to work, soon increasingly bizarre things begin occurring. Marcus is convinced that mental illness is to blame, but the Bible-intoxicated father insists on another round of exorcism.

As the story progresses,the viewer is left to wonder if the father, the brother or the daughter is the perpetrator. The family seems severely dysfunctional, and Nell appears to be a victim. For the first half of the film, it isn't even clear whether this IS a documentary or not. As most of the cast is little-known, the film's director maintains this fiction for a long while. It is only near the end that the question is answered.

I did not expect to enjoy this film, but it was oddly compelling and quite convincing. The close of the film lacked the large payoff that seemed promised, but THE LAST EXORCISM is certainly worth seeing if you are a fan of the genre.
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on November 18, 2010
I saw this movie with a buddy shortly after getting back from a couple differant flights. I was pleased with the movie(Being an avid non theater kinda guy, 9.75 for one ticket!?!) and felt it was well worth the 10 bucks. My buddy didn't like it, Upon questioning later he said in so many words "Because I didn't want that to be the ending, I wanted to see more". I agree, If there is a sequel I will definatly see it if I'm not busy. I'll elaborate on what some of the other negative reviews said.

-Shakey Camera and Dizzyness. I had absolutly no problem with it, I hardly noticied it after awhile into the film. Though, I have been drown proofed, water boarded, jumped out of helicopters 70 feet above the river, done the "run and puke", etc. I don't have a problem with dizzyness unless I am severly dehydrated. I felt the camera shakeing that was there really added to the "realism" of what the story was trying to convey onto how "We" see it. And, for your typical movie goer, I would think add a flavor of "OMG" while walking back into thier dark empty house. Also, My buddy has none of the military or paramilitary backround that I do, he had no problem with dizzyness or the camera "Shakeing".
-The ending. Everyones an individual; with that said, I disagree. I really enjoyed the ending, and my buddy would to if they elaborated on it(Sequel. I'm sure some people will yell something about Capatalism. I'm sure most of them have a shiny rock on thier finger or thier wife does...) The people that didn't like the story and/or ending to thier movie remind me of the people who at the end of the Sixth Sense went "Oh Come On! He never notices the exit wound!?!".
-It being a "fake" documentary. Really? You felt the need to post that? If this really happened you wouldn't pay 9.75 to see it, It'd be all over every major news network. If you arien't thrilled with them putting out "fake" documentarys, Why did you pay to see this? And if you didn't pay to see this, Well, Can you complain about the brakes on a stolen car?
-Bad acting. Well, Then i'm curious what qualifys as "good" acting. I thought the acting was outstanding, Especially considering that the girl playing Nell did all that crazy bending of her body naturally. That is not special effects. Considering I've dated some pretty flexiable girls and I am double jointed myself, I cringed at a scene when they attempt to make a "deal with the demon".
-Not scary(enough). Well, The theater I was in everyone I had eyes on jumped several times. Myself included. It wasn't "I'm afraid to go to my car" scary for anybody that I saw. You weren't scared, so what?

So to finish, See this movie at your "Own risk". I thought the movie was good, Not great. I made this review to help put in perspective some of the negative reviews. Many people(like my buddy), went home immediatly afterwards mad about the ending. The ending doesn't leave any more plot holes than any other movie, probably less. Rent it for a couple bucks, See it. If you don't like, move on. Don't say "That was a waste of 3 dollars and an hour and a half!". You could have been doing any number of productive things. I've seen 17 year olds who complained less during log PT. I wouldn't say its a diamond with a flaw, More of a perfect pebble. Hopefully, You enjoy it.
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on February 3, 2014
An evangelical minister allows a documentary crew to film him at a time in his life when his faith is deeply shaken. When summoned to conduct an exorcism on a farmer's daughter, the minister's faltering faith plays a key role in the preceding. There is also mixed feelings within the family which is obviously dysfunctional. It is a pretty good movie, a weird twist at end.
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on November 3, 2015
I thought that THE LAST EXORCISM was one of the better done movies in this genre of demonic possession. I was very surprised because I hadn't seen any of the actors in anything before and they all did a very good job with their characters. I thought the leading male that played the Pastor was excellent and also totally believable, as were the members of the "Sweetzer Family".It was a clever plot with plenty of suspense and I never would've guessed the ending, which was great, surprising and memorable!
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on February 17, 2012
4 Stars = Classic

Ok, we all know there has been a glut of mocumentary films after the original, "The Blair Witch Project," which I found entertaining. It delivered some good atmosphere of dread & suspense, but I don't worship the digital camera it is made from. I've found several movies in the same vein I like better, "Cloverfield," "Monsters, "Troll Hunter" to name a few. I've found many I did not, like "Paranormal Activity."

This film falls in to the better category for me, with excellent acting, pacing, story, script, & one creepy performance by Ashley Bell as Nell Sweetzer, who may be possessed or not? You'll have to wait & see. Also, Patrick Fabian as Cotton Marcus, puts on a admirable acting job as the flimflam minster, who makes money off of ignorance & misery, but his karma may be catching up to him.

The ending is some what ambiguous, like the "Blair Witch Project," but it is a hell of a ride getting there!

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on January 4, 2016
For the longest time I hated horror movies. I often screamed, “Scary face, scary faces, scary faces” with my head buried in my guy’s shoulder and my hands covering my ears. You may not know it but covering ears helps not see things. I’m an expert ostrich and burying my head involves many things.

I loved the start of this movie, it’s done as a documentary. What you are watching is the film footage of the crew who is compiling the exorcism of a young girl. The pastor who the film features is a showman rather than a strong believer and in his opinion exorcism do nothing more than perpetuate a social myth of demons influencing them rather than dealing with true psychological reasons. Coton Marcus is going to Illinois to prove that exorcism is pure bunk.

I liked most of this story. It had great pacing, the suspense was fantastic, an homage to the thriller greats; it maintained the horror elements of The Exorcist. Then… it went to the crapper. The end is uninspired and a complete disappointment. If it were possible I would love the option to follow my own story for the climax. Even if the choices were the original ending and My Little Pony ending, I would chose Pinky Pie every time.
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on May 6, 2015
This movie is okay. A few scares here and there and a very surprised ending. I would recommend to anyone who thinks about purchasing it only as a rental and not one that you must add in the collection.
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on October 17, 2014
I've said it before and I'll say it again: it is TOTALLY UNNECESSARY to try to be original when depicting demonic possession onscreen in an exorcism movie. We all know by now that Linda Blair was such a good actress that she was essentially channeling the Lord of the Flies himself when shooting the Exorcist, so that's WHAT POSSESSION ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE! So I was glad to see the familiar bundle of puking pea soup, body convulsions, foul mouthed obscenity diarrhea, levitation, eye rolling, etc. It was effective, as it always is when done seriously. The rest of the movie was very very fresh and new. The plot is driven at first by the evangelical pastor whose secret goal is to make a documentary about all the flimflammery involved in exorcism, a practice he now abhors.
This one is real dark. If you like spoilers (i love them!) I'm only going to give you a tiny nibble this time. About the very end of the movie, the final reveal...think Kill List. Haven't seen that. Well, watch it after this, it's awesome too!
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on January 11, 2016
Exorcism without the loud sound effects and unrealistic captures.
Never liked this type of movies, yet this one is very well done, script and filming all worked very well making it so real.
"The Exorcism of Emily Rose" is the best I've seen
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