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on May 1, 2012
It has been a few years since I have read a GOOD legal thriller.I moved on to fantasy and other genres.After devouring the fantasy world I found myself needing something different.So I went back to my old stomping grounds.I was surprised to find so much new talent.This book caught my interest and I purchased it.Lou Mason is a guy caught between the man he would like to be and the one he is.The law he practices and the laws he willing to break to find the truth.In this installment his friend Blues, finds himself arrested for murder.Lou runs to his defense.The only way to get Bluestone off is to find the real killer.Very little court room antics are played out in this thriller.,more detective work then anything else.The story is set in Kansas City in the middle of winter,a nice change from L.A. or new York City were most of these types of book is set.Lou finds himself up against old time politics,a fixer that has got himself murdered,a woman who has a past with some kinky pictures and little or no control of her inner demons and a very interesting reporter(newspaper woman) who has No interest in men.Mr. Goldman has blended all these characters together to create a novel that is very entertaining that has twist and turns to keep the most jaded reader interested.Very good work.I hope that Mr. Goldman can keep these books fresh and interesting,that he let's Lou grow as a man and a attorney.
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on April 23, 2017
I like Joel Goldman a lot. I understand that lawyers don't go around solving murders, getting shot at, beat up, and acting like the stereotypical private eye. I get that. What I do like though, are the characters and their development in his books. Between Mason and his co-stars, Blues, Harry, Claire, Rachel, and now Mickey, Goldman puts togrther as kookie a group of characters as one is likely to find in mysteries and thrillers. Goldman humanizes his characters, gives them distinct personalities and senses of humor, and ties them all together with fun and entertaining plots. These characters include Lou, the prototypical crime-solving lawyer; his aunt, who raised him and a very ethical lawyer; Harry, her boyfriend of many years and Lou's surrogate father and senior detective; Blues, a former cop, bar owner, PI and semi violent protector and landlord; Rachel, a knockout lesbian reporter and semi-confidant that drives Lou's libido crazy; and now, Micky, a zany resident gofer and sometimes genius. They are all bound together with excellent storytelling, humor, sarcasm, and genuine care for each other.

This story is about corruption inside and outside city government going back almost 100 years, murder, false accusations and imprisonment, liars, semi-mafioso thugs and corruptor's, and all kinds of twists and turns. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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on April 9, 2017
Like me, you will find that this is a book that you will not want to put down until you have ran out of any more pages to read. This is a book about a powerful person has been killed. Lou Mason's friend Blues (who is an ex-cop, now bar owner) has been charged and arrested for his murder. The Mayor is very happy with a quick arrest and Lou can not catch a break in the case for he is unable to get Blues out on bail. This is a very exciting and interesting book. I consider myself really good at guessing before hand who the killer is, but I was wrong in this case. Recommend you read the frills and thrills in this amazing great book and see for yourself if you can figure out the culprit.
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on April 24, 2017
I have now read three Lou Mason books and Joel Goldman is rapidly becoming one of my favorite writers. I love the characters, especially Lou's Aunt Clair and Blue and appreciate his clean, spare, and often humorous writing. When men write fiction they tend to inject a few too many of their own fantasies into the main character, coming up with superheros and ridiculously proficient swordsmen. While Goldman does a little of this, Lou Mason has his flaws (which his aunt is only too willing to point out) and doesn't always get the girl - although he gets his share.

I suggest reading the Mason series in order if you can. It isn't fatal to do otherwise but I just finished Last Witness and could anticipate some of the outcome because I had read book five out of order. Still enjoyed it however.
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on August 3, 2013
Anyone who expects to make it in business or politics in Kansas City had to deal with Jack Cullan until someone killed him. The circumstantial evidence heavily points towards ex-cop and now bar owner Blues Bluestone. Last night Blues interceded and roughed up Jack when he was physically bullying Beth Harnell, Chairwoman of the Missouri Gaming Commission. During the one sided scuffle between the males, Jack scratched Blues' hands leaving the barkeep's skin (DNA) under the political fixer's fingernails. Homicide Detectives Rymer and Zimmerman arrest Blues for murder; Blues retains Lou Mason as his attorney. No bail is granted because someone with strings wants the pressure of prison time to either break Jack into a confession or have him killed in jail. Either way the case is closed. Knowing the system is already heavily rigged towards the prosecution and this case is perfect for the other side, Lou realizes he cannot win in court so he must find the real killer. The second Mason legal thriller is an exciting tale that reads more like a private investigative novel. The legal aspects of the plot show how the game is fixed to overwhelmingly maximize the odds in favor of the government regardless of whether justice is served or even whether a convicted person did the act (Governor Ryan). Besides the eye opening look at the American legal system, Lou is a wishbone pulled in two directions by his friendship for the accused and his loving respect for the lead detective. All together this combo makes for an entertaining, shockingly educational who-done-it. With prose that are as precise as the workings of a slot machine and dialog that is quick, biting, hard boiled and smart, Joel Goldman has crafted a master piece in this, the second Lou Mason book. The pace is unrelenting, the plot perfect as it twists through the frozen streets. The characters are realistic and excellently developed and the story will pull you in like a gambling addiction. Oh, and the "reveal" will astound you, you'll never see it coming and yet all the clues are there. walt556
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon March 10, 2012
Joel Goldman's Lou Mason series of legal/criminal thrillers are great reads. His books have been compared to John Grisham and Michael Connelly's Mickey Haller, but they are more than good enough to stand out on their own. It is even better news that they they are all affordable Indie publications.

Last Witness is Joel Goldman's second legal thriller featuring attorney Lou Mason (not Perry Mason!). It is a fast paced, page-turner mystery thriller with a legal/criminal background.

Lou Mason has left the law firm which imploded during Motion to Kill, and has set up on his own in an office above a jazz bar owned by his good friend Blues. One evening Blues gets into a fight in the bar with an unscrupulous lawyer. Shortly afterwards the lawyer is found murdered at his home and Blues is arrested for the murder because his fingerprints are found at the crime scene.

Lou takes on Blues's defence, which is difficult because the lead Homicide Detective Harry Ryman is also a great friend of Lou's. It is made more difficult because Ryman has a long term hatred of Blues from the time he was his partner in the police.

In defending Blues, Lou has to find the murderer amid a complex mesh of corruption involving a casino operator, the attractive head of the Casino Control Commission and the Mayor of Kansas City and his helpers.

The plot is well crafted, fast moving and rewarding with plenty of action and thrills and an unexpected ending. It well deserves a 5 star rating.

Lou Mason is a great new character who features in several later books, which I am looking forward to reading.
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on April 22, 2017
Excellent read. I didn't read book one but I intend to read it now as well as other books by Joel Goldman. Three of his characters, Blue, Harry and Mason's aunt Claire fit well around Mason, the main character. Mickey, a support character definitely has a undisclosed background. Rachel will surely become more than what she appears to be.

Joel Goldman can spin a story as well as other successful authors. Mr. Goldman has his own witty style that will set him apart from other writers. He is a natural who is not immating any other.
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on May 27, 2017
A couple years ago, I read Motion To Kill, Lou Mason #1, for a book review. It was an easy 5 stars, but somehow I didn't get to the next one until now. Lou's friend and landlord, Blue, gets arrested and charged with murder. Blue was an ex-cop who was forced to retire in a bureaucratic cover up. The case is really thin, but the police don't bother looking further. There is no shortage of rocks for Mason to look under as corruption seemingly everywhere. Very good read!
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on April 28, 2017
Joel Goldman has a way with words that creates beauty in his books. Aside from great characters and a dynamic plot, the descriptions are so enjoyable and stimulating. The carryover from the first Lou Mason book had me wondering if I had read this before, but despite the similarity in some characters and places, it is a totally different and suspenseful story. The book is worth reading solely for the quality of the writing, but it offers so much more.
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on May 12, 2017
Attorney Lou Mason has to solve a murder and bring down a corrupt city government to get an innocent client out of jail. This he does with verve and wit, but thankfully, without the obligatory trial in which the client is proven innocent and the perp guilty. The writing is a mixture of correct and incorrect grammar as if two authors or two proofreaders had been involved. This is disconcerting in an otherwise readable book.
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