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on November 10, 2001
Because in some ways the movie Latcho Drom is the ultimate road film (roaming the world with the Rom people), a CD of the music to take with you wherever you go is the perfect complement to the film experience.
The music is clearly all live performance, spontaneous, and linked closely to the action of the film. For example, there is a haunting piece apparently performed in Romania where the violinist creates a unique sound by pulling on an apparently broken string of his violin to produce a soft wail. Therefore, I would expect this CD to have its largest audience among those who are already fans of the film.
There is no need to see the film, however, to appreciate the pure sensory experience of the music, the joy and the sadness expressed in languages most of us do not know. For those who find the Gypsy Kings a little too pat, this collection is the ultimate antidote.
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on November 25, 2015
I saw the movie several time years ago, and the music is happy, haunting, and everything in between. I can see the people singing or playing the songs so vividly in my mind. I truly love this!
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on October 19, 2016
I just love this album. Great music.
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on March 4, 2003
Having seen the film twice, I looked forward to listening to the CD. Well, it's marvellous. A wonderful range, arising from the spread of the Rom (my ancestors) from northern India to western Europe. There are times when your foot won't stop tapping. But the most moving piece is the old woman singing the lament about Auschwitz. It brings tears to my eyes every time.
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on October 5, 2014
great collection, with some unique pieces of music
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on March 10, 2013
really great music from gypsies across Europe and ( India of course) . If u like authentic folk or gipsy music u ll like it.
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on January 29, 2014
I thought the film did a great job depicting the Roma life. From the beginning it was clear that they were a close knit society that relied heavily on music and the arts. Even without dialogue, the director was able to tell a story and he did so through music. The lyrics to the songs the Roma sang changed as the film went on, reflecting their current situation. As they ventured from their homeland, the songs positive spirit darkened and began to focus more on politics in persecution. I recall reading lyrics about love in the opening scenes, but while the Roma are in European countries they sing of being condemned and political unrest.
The film also succeeds with the costumes of the Roma. The audience gradually sees a shift in their clothing. It's clear they are adjusting themselves to fit in, though their efforts are in vain. AT the outset of the film the women wore beautiful garb that was rich in color. They adorned themselves in jewelry- bangles, earrings, and hair pieces. This is seen when the Roma begin an act of worship. The women ready themselves by piling bracelets on their wrists (which interestingly serve a double purpose, acting as instruments of sorts), brushing their hair and singing. Over time, the bright colors of the Roma women die down and less jewelry is worn. The line between men's clothing and women's clothing is less stark, as the women begin wearing the muted colors the men did at the beginning of the film.
After watching the film I have an honest understanding of the Roma people. My only knowledge of them prior was from watching the Disney film The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I have to say I respect their endurance. Although they may have changed their appearance, they never changed their spirit. The Roma were willing to sacrifice the superficial aspects of their lifestyle, but never what really makes the Roma, Roma: their freedom. They were willing to be persecuted because they were unwilling to abandon their morals.
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VINE VOICEon April 9, 2002
"Latcho Drom" was a most unusual film: a combination road film/documentary/music video that chronicled the journey of the Rom (Gypsies) from Rajathstan, India, to Egypt, Turkey, Slovenia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, France and Spain. The selections on the CD represent centuries of musical absorption from this melange of cultures. A fabulous collection of Rom music spanning different styles and genres, this is a CD to be treasured for its uniqueness, variety, spirit, and testament to the survival of the Rom. There is lively flamenco, French guitarists jamming as hard as Django, Arabic dance tunes, an Auschwitz lament, Indian music, and Romanian and Hungarian melodies tinged with the sadness of outcasts and the wearisome roads the Rom have travelled. Buy the soundtrack, but above all see the movie "Latcho Drom" for an experience unlike any other!
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VINE VOICEon April 16, 2002
Dispersed for reasons unknown from their original homeland believed by many to be Rajasthan (India), traveling unparalleled roads to the newly adopted homelands of Egypt, Turkey, the Balkans, and Central Europe, i.e., Romania and Hungary, the Romani have maintained their unique identity, heritage and cultural roots through their music. This CD manages to capture the diversity and unity of gypsy life through a wide variety of instruments, musical styles, and expressions: depicting the versatility and talents of this often misunderstood group of people. Amazing how the basic rhythm and beat of life of the Romani (gypsies) can be so well represented on one CD! Erika Borsos (erikab93)
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on July 12, 2000
The film Latcho Drom is a unique product, which is more like a 2 hour long music video, showcasing gypsy music from all around the world. This is an amazing way of seeing the common treads that unite roma (or gypsy) culture in all parts of the world, but also how these people have adapted to their surrounding by adopting bits and pieces of local music traditions. For fans of "Deep Forest", one of the songs from the film, the one from Slovakia, was sampled for one of their pieces on "Boheme." This album has rapid beats and hell taping rythms, but also sad and melancholic songs and laments. A true pleasure to listen to. I just hope there would now be a Latcho Drom 2 to explore the other regions of the world where roma culture flourishes, but which were not included in the film.
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