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on January 26, 2016
Bought this after owning the leapfrog music table for a long time so I'm going to make a few comparisons. My daughter received the leapfrog music table from a family realitive when she was 5 months old but I noticed she wasn't paying much mind to it after she hit a year and knew how to navigate all its features. I decided to leave that one at the granparents house and order this one since I thought she'd love the laptop, piano, book and phone. Well she did. This table was an instant hit. There's a lot to do considering if you keep changing the settings which make different sounds or plays different music/songs. This was a great buy. My only complaints would be that its legs are thin and lightweight so it doesn't hold her up very well when she uses it to lift herself (the leapfrog one was way more sturdy). Also removing the legs on the leapfrog was a breeze since all you had to do was push a button to remove them. This table doesn't have that button release feature and to be honest I find it a complete hassle taking it apart so I leave it standing at all times. Otherwise these minor issues this is still a great table and I'm very happy that I bought it :)
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on October 20, 2015
I don't typically feel the need to write reviews but after having this for almost 4 months and calling customer service I felt it was worth my praise.

We got this for our son when he was 5 months old. He is a very busy high maintenance baby that does not stay entertained with one toy for long. At 5 months we used this with 2 legs to tilt towards him as he sat in his boppy, when he could sit by himself we removed all legs to lay on the floor, then at 7 months when he began standing we put it on all 4 legs. Throughout he has enjoyed this toy. It appears simple but the amount of modes keeps it interesting and changes up the sounds, music and teaching. I have to say too that my husband and I both feel that the songs are super catchy and the least annoying of the baby toys (I'm looking at you Vtech Farm Rattle). Our son also pulls himself up to it quite often and I have not had concerns about it breaking/tipping on him.

Finally when my son was 9 months, after mass amounts of our reflux baby's drool and spit up settling into it, the table stopped working :( It was too late to return to Amazon but when I called Fisher Price customer service they sent out a voucher for the replacement cost. They made it so easy to feel good about buying a replacement table because I felt valued as a customer.
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on October 24, 2015
This table is OK. I thought it had a lot of interesting activities and the reviews were good, so I bought it, but I was disappointed after I found the table to have a few flaws:

1. The legs are very lightweight, so the table can tip over quite easily. This has happened at least twice with my 1-year-old.
2. One of the activities has a phone component. The phone does not stay attached to the table, and so it easily becomes separated from it. Would be better not to have a phone component or small item that detaches from table.
3. Although the table has had minimal use, the "A" button on the laptop activity has stopped functioning.

I would not purchase this again. I had hoped it would be as nice as the Fisher-Price table my older children had, but it seems the quality has gone down quite a bit.
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on September 23, 2016
This is my best baby purchase to date! My 7 month old baby absolutely adores this toy and lights up whenever he hears Puppy and Friends (even from across the house!). He loves to open and close the laptop, rattle the phone, and play the piano. At 7 months old, we play with this toy multiple times a day, for anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes at a time. The only part of the toy my baby isn't too fond of (at least, not yet!) is the number pad, as there aren't any lights to grab his attention and the buttons are a bit difficult to push down for his little hands. I'm sure that will change in another month or two, but as of right now, it sometimes causes a bit of frustration. Overall, we're super pleased, and I expect this is one baby toy that'll get many, many more months of use.
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on September 23, 2015
This toy is fantastic. Got it for my son's first birthday. He loves the telephone part, and when it says hello and goodbye, he starts waving. He also loves the music. It's perfect because he's just learning to walk, so he can stand and play. I love the different options, too, so that the music or sounds don't become too predictable or boring for us as parents OR our son! Easy to set up so he could get started playing right away. My only suggestion or possible con is to be sure you put something on the feet to keep it from sliding if not using on carpeted floors. I made the mistake once of setting it on the hardwoods, and while it supports his weight fine, it slid. We just make sure to use on the rug or on his rubber floor play mats. Overall, great product! I would recommend it to other parents.Laugh & Learn Puppy & Friends Learning Table
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on August 8, 2016
It is a great height for my 9 month old! The phone that comes with it isn't secured to the table at all, so consider that lost ASAP, lol. He also likes toggling the switch that changes the mode as it is on top right next to everything he is supposed to play with. For the most part, not a big deal--but sometimes he accidentally turns it off and is disappointed when no sound or lights come on. Lastly, it is pretty light weight--he uses it as a walker sometimes, scooting it across the floors until it gets wedged in a corner for him. Overall though, it has lots for him to play with and practice motor skills! I also love that it encourages him to walk around the table. He has gotten bored with toys on the floor, so this has worked really nicely for us.
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on August 14, 2013
My son loves this. He especially likes flipping the book and opening and closing the laptop. Despite the fact that there are so many different songs and sound effects on here, Fisher Price does a good job of not making this as obnoxious or A.D.D.-inducing as it could be. For example, if there is a song playing on the laptop and it is closed, the same song picks up in the same spot again when the laptop is opened instead of restarting or switching to a new song or once a song is started on the keyboard, it continues through to the end even if your child bangs on different keys. It's these little touches that keep this toy from driving a poor parent insane.

The only negative thing I can say about this table is that it is a bit unstable. My son has actually fallen back, pulling the table on top of himself. So make sure you don't put the legs on until your little one is very steady on his or her feet, and once the legs are on, keep this on a soft, safe surface.

Other than that, this thing is AWESOME.
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on July 11, 2016
This was a great toy for when my little man was learning how to stand. He enjoyed this toy from 10 months through 14 months the most. He liked the phone the best. Different settings allowed for a variety of noises and songs which is appreciated by us parents as to not hear the same thing over and over. This was a hit for a decent amount of time and I'll save it away in case we have another little one down the road. Recommended!
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on September 22, 2016
My mother introduced me to this learning toy when she bought it for a friend that had kids. Since then I've bought one for EVERYONE who has kids (once they're around 1 year old or so). The kids ALWAYS love it. It doesn't take up TOO much space, encouraged them to stand (and stay standing), and has a ton of activities to entertain and educate.

Seriously, just buy it. You won't be sorry.
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on July 1, 2016
My 7 month old LOVES her new "desk"! This toy is so cute. The table is very low (lower than the pictures make it look) so when I hold her up she stands and can play with everything on this table. It has a cute little "laptop computer" and "mouse" that light up and play songs, a telephone with detachable handset (that is a rattle) - she cannot get enough of the handset, a little keyboard piano thing, and a little "book" that you can turn the page on . Overall a very cute interactive toy that she will enjoy fort time to come!
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