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on December 28, 2006
Bugs aside -- and they are indeed obnoxious at times -- Legacy keeps getting better with each L&O entry.

Maybe it's because I like linear games, and maybe it's because I like pixel hunting, but I think CI's first installment is their best L&O so far.

First thing is, there's more than one crime to solve here. There are four. That's a big plus.

Next is the fact that it's more character based than the previous three. Being third-person (as opposed to first-person) doesn't make much of a difference, if you ask me, but it's refreshing to have the detective actually ask the questions out loud. Listening to the Q&A's in full adds a lot to the experience.

Then there's Vincent D'Onofrio's voicing. To be honest, it's not the TV show. His dynamics are somewhat lacking here. On film, D'Onofrio has much more presence, and his acting is given proper direction. In this game, while he does an adequate job, his tone rarely veers from the calm-toned vocals that have become his trademark. Unfortunately, though, that's not enough. On screen, Vincent exudes plenty of energy, while here, no matter what "angle" of questioning the player chooses, he maintains a somewhat monotone vocal. This is not necessarily a pitfall, mind you, but to enjoy this game's main-character acting, one must either never have seen the show or suspend most of what they've already experienced from it.

A nice new inclusion in this installment that was missing from the previous L&O games is the automation of getting info on suspects and evidence. In Criminal Intent, one no longer needs to send things to each individual department. Suspects being analyzed automatically go to both Research and Surveillance, while collected evidence to bhe analyzed automatically goes to both Research and the Crime Lab. Makes play a lot less tedious.

If you can deal with the bugs that often make this game frustrating to play, then I recommend it (as I do the previous three L&O games). I enjoyed it despite the bugginess, but everyone's got a different threshold for tolerance.
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on June 9, 2016
it didn't work plus the software firm that wrote it, had a major corporate change and no longer supports it. Plus there were 3 software upgrades made to the original program, which are no longer available. it has been uninstalled from the pc. Too bad as the portions which worked were great.
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VINE VOICEon November 5, 2005
After three increasingly well-written and designed games, Law & Order: Criminal Intent is a depressing letdown. The stories are less compelling, the graphics less convincing, and they've done away with the courtroom side altogether. Much of the crime-solving comes down to pixel-hunting -- slowly and painfully sweeping every molecule of a scene until you find a hotspot that reveals some invisible clue. Maddening! and unsatisfying, since it means you can't solve the crimes by deduction, only by tripping over the evidence.

The acting too is erratic. Most of the no-name actors are pretty good, but D'Onofrio seems to have gone through the whole thing either hungover or really disgusted that he has to do this kind of thing. There's no point in hiring the TV actors to do the voices if they can't be bothered to give it their all, guys.

Added to that, the program itself is buggy and has a slapdash air. On my 3-month-old machine, it crashed, crashed, crashed, until I was saving every five minutes and cursing the air blue.

After the professional and engaging previous entries in this series, this one is a disappointing mistake. Let's hope they either give it up and go on to something else or take the time to do it right next time.
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on February 6, 2007
Listen, I am a HUGE fan of Law and Order and their games, but this one was by far a HUGE disappointment. The first time I tried to play the game the main character wouldn't even walk in the direction I pointed to. I decided to go online and find an update to this game that might help, and it did, but in no way solved the problems. I had multiple crashes, problems, and frustrations over this. The graphics themselves are mediocre, the lack of any court case also was depressing. While I realize the court is not as much involved in the Criminal Intent spin-off, it is one of the best portions of the other games and is not included at all in this one. The challenges to find evidence are hard, and some of the puzzles are pretty much unbearable...especially when the mouse click is messed up frequently due to the glitches and the general poor crafting of this game. While the game had a fun factor, it is overrun by bad craftmanship and constant game play problems. I sure hope this does not put the nail in the coffin of all Law and Order games because believe me the other games are fun. The best of course was the Justice is Served game. In short, this game needed an extreme makeover, new creativity, and better programming. Save your money, and pray they come out with another worthy Law and Order game, because this my not at all worthy of the title.
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on November 9, 2005
I LOVE Law & Order. I watch the show all the time and I have the other 3 games that are currently out. I've played them all. Each generation of games seems to get a little better in regards to the programming and manueverability (I KNOW I spelled that wrong!). This game was a complete disappointment! I experienced almost all the same bugs as some of the other reviewers mentioned.

In fact, when holding all the Law & Order games up in comparision to the CSI games, they are seriously lacking in both enjoyment and graphics. I would recommend all the CSI's to anyone who even remotely liked these Law & Order games. I don't watch the show, but I love the games. Can't wait until they come out with more! I seriously hope the writers and programmers get their heads out of their butts and start creating the games I know they are capable of!!
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on March 15, 2013
I love the show & so was really excited about playing the game. And overall I enjoy it a lot, but there are technical difficulties that plague the experience. Let me list some of the Pros & Cons: It's great to hear Vincent D'Onofrio's & Jamey Sheridan's voice (I hope Kathryn Erbe's exclusion was her choice): The game is good about highlighting the cursor when you're pointing in an area or on an item that is relevant, even though sometimes you're given access to a room that doesn't appear to have any clues. When you talk to people you have all sorts of choices on how to direct the conversation--straightforward, confrontational, deceptive etc (& the replies will generate a Green color if you're on the right path with that particular witness, or they'll come up Red if you're losing their cooperation). The locations will flash on the map to get your attention on where you should go next. I would recommend sending every piece of evidence, documentation, & witness names to be analyzed because often times it's the information that you get from the Crime Lab, Research Unit, & Surveillance that helps you to proceed further versus getting stuck. Save the game frequently though because you can't play for more than 15-30 minutes at a time without encountering a malfunction. At first I felt like even their Save process was screwy since it doesn't overide your last stopping point, but then I realized that's a good thing because sometimes the gliches are so bad that you're required to re-start further back so as to avoid your current predicament a second time. If Detective Goren starts walking in place, try selecting a different location on the map to snap him out of it. But if it happens when you've already been playing 1-2 hours by then, your best option is to Quit for the day. When I first bought the games years ago, I was impatient & would go from case to case without finishing any of them. Now I'm determined to Close all three. By the way, I'm confused why the product description indicates 4 cases to solve because I only see three on my desk. But then again, maybe I have to solve those 3 before the 4th will become available. Well anyway, two down & one to go...
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on August 17, 2016
So many glitches, very hard to play.
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on October 22, 2005
If you enjoyed the other L&O games, you'll probably like this one too. However, this game has a lot of graphics problems and it's crashed on me twice. I have an nVIDIA GeForce 4 graphics card with 64MB memory, but the game still crashes on me even after I lower the graphics options. When I first got the game I had to call customer support (NOT TOLL FREE) and be on the line with them for over 30 minutes before they figured out that I need to download OLDER drivers for my graphics card.

I got this game as soon as it came out becuase I loved the other L&O games. If you can wait, give them time to fix the bugs and maybe release a patch or two. There isn't even an FAQ on their website for this game yet.
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on July 4, 2007
I've played all of the CSI games and the three L&O games prior to this one and, man, was I let down by this. It's a huge resource hog - it took almost 10 minutes to install the thing and it took even longer to uninstall it. When the installation is complete it automatically sends a registration (to whom and with what information is unknown - a major privacy violation) without giving the opportunity to say no. The game play isn't intuitive at all and doesn't follow the same conventions established in the earlier offerings. The PDA thing is a pain in the [...], there's no right-click functionality, limited options in terms of configuration (cannot play it in other than full screen), and NO INSTRUCTIONS! Not happy at all with this.
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on November 1, 2005
I think this game has the potential to be great. I like this style of game, and I usually have a great time trying to figure out the cases. This one seemed a bit easier than some of the other ones, and to be honest the extra features they are hyping so much don't really add to the game at all. I would recommend this game, after about 6 months. I would wait until they have patches available, because quite frankly it gets very irritating to have to stop and start so much because of the many many bugs. My game only crashed twice, which took forever to sort out, but the in-game bugs are horrible. They really really should've taken their time to release this, and I wonder if they even checked it out before they shipped it. I can't believe a manufacturer would ship a game so obviously bug filled.
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