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on July 15, 2016
Season 6 seems like a sharp cutoff between seasons 1-5 and 6-10. The latter seasons seem to get more personal for the detectives. For some, it seemed too much, but I thought it was good to get a glimpse into Goren, Eames, and Logan as people besides being good detectives. (I did not mention Wheeler since, being her first season, it seemed the show was just trying to establish her as a detective so her personal stuff would be more in S7 and S8.) At times, it did seem to skirt the line in getting to be *too* much, and the premiere seemed to be a precursor as to how Warren Leight would later inflict the same chaos and torture elements on SVU, where he'd go after CI, but thankfully, it was more restrained here.

Besides the personal stuff, we see just how much Goren relies on Eames when she is taken and just how vital she is - even if it doesn't sometimes seem so - to their partnership and in being a stabilizing influence on Goren.

Besides the arrival of Warren Leight as EP, we see new faces on screen, including Captain Jimmy Deakins' (Jamey Sheridan) successor, Captain Danny Ross as played by Eric Bogosian and Det. Megan Wheeler as played by Julianne Nicholson, replacing Carolyn Barek/Annabella Sciorra. (I liked Deakins more than Ross, but EB played Ross well. Wheeler seemed to mesh well with Logan.) Courtney B. Vance's ADA Ron Carver was also gone and sadly didn't get much in the way of an explanation, and his presence was missed since, after that exit, the show seemed to have rotating ADAs of little importance for the rest of its run.

But even with the changes, the show was still about getting into the minds of the criminals, more with Goren/Eames, as was their forte. (Not to belittle Logan/Wheeler, but their cases, IMO, seemed more the traditional good cops get bad guys, which offset the other half nicely.) And I think S6 had some of the darker perps, what with Jo Gage, Ray Wasneski, and, of course, Mark Ford Brady played by the late great Roy Scheider. (And it was a great bit of continuity to see Mark-Linn Baker's Wally from "Probability" all the way back in S2.)

Season 6, therefore, seemed like a pivotal transitional season, straddling the first and second halves of the series in terms of personal/professional issues and casting evolution. But in the end, it was still about overcoming: The detectives overcoming the criminals and the people behind those detectives overcoming their own demons.
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on March 28, 2012
I've heard some people claim the show 'jumped the shark' by exploring the detectives' personal lives and becoming a little too (melo)dramatic with Goren's mother and the Robert Ford Brady storyline. I heartily disagree; this is what made the show more interesting for me and allowed Goren to shine in a completely different way. Really, there was nowhere else the show could have gone after five years; the writers and actors had to try something different. Sometimes I get frustrated with all L&Os because I want to know more about the characters. Dick Wolf is a tease!

Personally, S6 is my favorite of all seasons starting with the compelling episode 'Blind Spot', where Eames is kidnapped. Throughout the season, we finally really get to know Goren instead of getting the all too brief snippets and taunting little hints that the writers threw us on rare occasions in prior years. Eames is also fleshed out a little more (but still not enough). Vincent D'Onofrio really shines and delivers the emotions (and looks particularly sexy) in season six. There are some impressive guest stars who bounce off D'Onofrio so well including John Glover, Martha Plimpton, Liza Minelli, Tony Goldwyn, and Roy Scheider to name but a few.

I always thought Barek (played by the gorgeous Sciorra) was a little flat, so I was glad to see Logan with a new partner. Of the Noth episodes, the two best are 'Maltese Cross'. and 'Renewal' (Erbe is briefly in that one too). 'Renewal' features an outstanding performance by Noth (and guest star Kellie Williams). I used to skip the Logan episodes because I just wanted Goren and Eames, but it was a disservice to do that. These episodes certainly have a different tone, but I enjoy them in a different way. Logan is a great creation; I should have remembered that.

I know Captain Ross is a divisive character, but I like Eric Bogosian's take on the role. He is very present and hard to ignore. It's interesting for Goren to have an antagonist besides himself (ditto Logan). Deakins was great, but there was no conflict there. However, Ron Carver is sorely missed in this series.

To summarise, although there are a handful of lacklustre episodes, overall this is genuinely my most-watched series of Criminal Intent. I'm not saying it will be the favourite of everyone, but if you love getting into Goren's mind and personal life instead of just guessing, then this is the series you should buy.
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on January 31, 2014
L&O Criminal Intent is one of my favorite Cop Shows
I'd put it in my top 5 without a Doubt!

This season was a tad different
Mostly due to NBC's lack of Passion for this Great Cop/Crime Drama
scenes look different, it has this very different looking Neon Color pattern
Music starts every episode (It very much tries to look and feel like CSI) But, it's still CI
Thank God I don't understand CSI at all (it's a super Lazy Cop show) yes it's a insane ratings machines
But, in my defense so is A&E's Duck Dynasty

Even though it tries to borrow tacky gimmicks made famous by CSI (It still has great writing and acting)
This season is without a doubt a re-boot in a way
The events of Season 5 changed lots of NYPD's Major Case Squad

Captain Deakins
Captain Deakins was forced out due to trying to protect Detective Logan
A.D.A. Carver
Season 5 is so good if you are gona start on this show start with Season 5
also Annabella Sciorra as Detective Carolyn Barek are all written out (which is a shame I really liked her)
I don't like the fact there was no explanation why Both Carver & Barek are gone??

Eric Bogosian & Julianne Nicholson join the cast
Both do add plenty to the show...
Big fan of Eric Bogosian but, he's really not likeable in this season due to the fact his Character is by the book and don't understand or support his two best Detectives

This season is Detective Mike Logan's season he is in 70% of this season
This is Chris Noth's best performance imo
Goren & Eames are not featured like usual
But, every episode they are in are very smart and well written
The episode "Endgame" with the late Roy Scheider is brilliant and as crazy as it sounds this episode should be a Huge reason why you buy this season it's that strong in every possible way
but, that is not the only great episode this season has some really great ones
Criminal Intent IMO is the best Law&Order
if it wasn't for CI there would be no Elementary i'm sure of that
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on July 22, 2011
The introduction of Eric Bogosian to the show has made a world of difference. His brand of snarkiness is different from Eames' and it adds a wonderful touch to the show. He provides a new perspective to the show's plots and to the characters too.
Being a fan of Vincent d'Onofrio, I wish there were more episodes with Bobby, but I am pleased by the episodes that Nicholson and Noth do in this season. There is better chemistry between the two of them than with Sciorra.
I love this season because we get greater insight into Goren's troubled personal life and these personal scenes are poignant and disturbing at the same time cause he comes under so much pressure...'Endgame' was particularly very good.
I also like the way Eames and Goren handle each other...she is not in his shadow and he depends upon her as much as she needs his skill and expertise.
As for the plots, all I can say, is keep up the good work. I can't wait until Season 7 comes out on dvd. I don't care how much it costs..Vincent d'Onofrio and Kathryn Erbe are the best!!!
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on February 11, 2012
As a long-standing fan of L&O: CI I couldn't wait to get my greasy paws on my own copy of Season 6. Living all the way over in the UK I expected a LOOOOONG wait for the dvd to arrive. Not the case. Needless to say I was very impressed with the service :o)

So, Season 6 carries on with more of the same... we get to see more glimpses into what makes Goren, being played brilliantly by VDO AGAIN, tick and the ever developing symbiotic relationship between he and Eames - also brilliantly (and somewhat frequently underratedly) played by Kate Erbe.

My only complaint is that they still only have 50% of the air time in this season, but that aside, there are some absolute corkers here, and whilst Blind Spot will probably remain a classic, I personally also loved:

Masquerade (Liza & the way Bobby handled her flirting was very sweet);
Siren Call;
The War at Home (which gave us our first brief glimpse of the Detectives' private lives);
Brother's Keeper (complete with a heartbreaking scene between Bobby & Frank); and
Endgame (frankly; I cried too).

Frankly, this season is an absolute must for any fan of the show and one that I will play over and over... just as well as Bobby & Alex are now retired from our screens *heavy sigh*
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on October 2, 2017
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on August 6, 2017
loved the series.
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on October 4, 2016
LUV law and order criminal intent.
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on February 3, 2017
Good thing this set is ironically less pricey than other Seasons. This show at its best in season six. Better to get the set and appreciate it without all the commercial interruptions. It makes a great difference. Don't miss season 6.
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on September 9, 2011
I love to watch this show on DVDs. Watching Goren's mind at work is so interesting. I can see why it was to hard for Vincent D'Onofrio to keep doing it week after week.
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