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LeapFrog My Own Leaptop, Green
Color: Green|Product Packaging: Standard Packaging|Change
Price:$24.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on June 19, 2017
Save your money and buy the old version on EBAY! I always read Amazon reviews before I purchase items, unless I am making a repeat purchase. When I bought this Leap Frog "My Own Leaptop" in June, 2017, I realized it was a newer version than the one I purchased in 2012, but I figured they would have simply made improvements upon the old model. Wow was I mistaken! I should have read the recent reviews by parents like myself who know how fantastic the old version of this toy is and how the new version pales in comparison. Don't waste your money on a new one. For the same price or less you can buy a vastly superior, used old version on EBAY (see what the old version looks like in my review photos). This is what I did and I will be returning the new model. We debated saving the $6 in return shipping cost to give the new version we bought to someone else as a gift, but decided we cannot in good conscience give an inferior toy to a friend. The old version requires that you download LeapFrog Connect software and connect the Leaptop to your computer. To do this you must have the LeapFrog "My Own Leaptop" USB connector cable (see last photo), internet access, a USB port, and Adobe Flash software (an easy, free download that the LeapFrog software prompts you to download if you don't have it). I still had my cable from the Leaptop I purchased five years ago so I didn't need to make sure the used one I purchased from EBAY had it. I bought the used leaptop shown in the photos for $8 with free shipping and no cable. It arrived today and with new batteries and my old cable I was able to reprogram each of the customizable features and now it's perfect! Below is a comparison of the personalized features of the old version and comparable features of the new version.

Old Version:
- Upon turning it on it says, "Hi [says your child's name]!"
- You can select one "sing along" song, and five melody songs for it to play, and it also plays a song spelling out your child's name
- When you push the "blog" button, it reads a blog entry and then asks your child [by name] about their day
- You can personalize three "email" messages by selecting text from a dropdown menu (you cannot type your own message) and entering the sender (e.g., "Grandma" or "Betsy"). The result is an interaction like this:
"You have an email from Mommy [or whomever you program in]. Let's read it! Dear [says your child's name], I love you so much [the message I chose]. Love, Mommy. Let's reply! Dear Mommy, I love you too. Love, [says your child's name]". So it simply reads an auto-generated "reply" and says it is from your child, rather than prompting them to "type a reply." The Leaptop also periodically prompts your child to push the email button, by asking, "Have you checked your email?"
- In the alphabet mode when your child pushes the first letter of their name it will switch between one of two results. One result is this announcement: "[First it names the letter.] That's the first letter of your name [says child's name]. Let's celebrate your letter! [Then it plays a fun little jingle.]" The second result is an announcement naming the letter, saying what sound it makes, naming the letter again and saying an animal that starts with that letter.

New Version:
- Upon turning it on it says, "Hi."
- You cannot select songs. You get what it comes with.
- There are no blog entries.
- When you select the "Messages" setting it literally says something like this:
"I have a message for you. Message: I spent all day... What's your favorite [game/place]?"
or "You have an email from me. Let's read it. Hi. Writing emails to you makes me happy. Love, [Scout or Violet, depending on whether you have the boy or girl version] Let's reply. Push the letter buttons to write your reply, then push the paw pad." When you do as instructed it says out loud each letter you push, and then says, "Well done," but that's it. So you could push, "JWZL," for example, and push the paw pad and that would be your email. It doesn't read the reply you type (which makes sense since most children will push letters randomly).
- There are no blog entries.
- In the alphabet mode when your child pushes the first letter of their name it will switch between one of two results. One result is this announcement: "[First it names the letter.] That's the first letter of your name [it shows child's name on screen, but does not say it]. Let's spell it! [Then it spells your child's name.]" The second result is an announcement naming the letter, saying what sound it makes, naming the letter again and saying an animal that starts with that letter.

We gave the Leaptop we purchased in 2012 to our son when he was 18 months old. He is now 6 and he still loves to play with it. Our daughter who is about to turn 3 enjoys playing with her brother's Leaptop so much we finally decided we should get her one of her own (hence our purchase and return of a new version on Amazon, and a satisfying purchase of a used old version on EBAY). Reasons why we like the old version follow. Both of our children really like singing and dancing to the music and playing at receiving and writing emails. They also get very excited about the blog entries. Neither one of them has ever been too enamored by the facts about animals (although they both are very interested in animals in general), with the exception of a few favorites. I do think the letter sounds have been valuable from an education standpoint for both of our children. The main reason our children, and in turn we ourselves, like the old version of this toy so much is because it engages them directly by name so frequently through the alphabet, music, email and blog modes. The new version simply acknowledges the first letter of their name and the spelling of their name, but never actually says their name. This makes it so much less personally engaging and since younger children do not always know how to spell their names, the new version may as well not be personalized at all for them since it never actually states their name. We brought our 2012 Leaptop every time we traveled with our son from about age 18 months to 3 years. His interest waned enough after that that we no longer brought it on travels, but it remains a much beloved toy for home use to this day. We are extremely confident that the used old version of the Leaptop we just bought our daughter is sure to be her new favorite toy.

I hope this review is helpful to parents considering buying a Leaptop. I cannot recommend the old version enough and I'm grateful there are people selling quite a few of them on EBAY. Just keep in mind to look for one that indicates it has been tested and is in good working order, and that it includes the cable if you don't have one already.
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on November 24, 2014
BEWARE! The current version DOES NOT have connectivity!!! I purchased this for my son in 2012 for the same price and he continues to enjoy it. It speaks his name - as well as the names of family members when he checks his "email". This version does NONE of that. You can type the name in - but it does not speak it. WHAT A SHAME. The previous version was so much better. Note that all the rave reviews are OLD!
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on November 20, 2013
We purchased this item a few years ago, for our first daughter, who quickly added it to her favourites list. Now, we've purchased it again for our younger daughter, now 2 yrs old. It is an excellent toy for toddlers and preschoolers, and my kids have never tired of it - now 4 years later. It does all sorts of neat things, after you program it connected to your computer. You imput all of your kid's information, and it incorporates that into what it does. For example, you fill in child's name, your name, and a message. THen, it does a little musical thing and says "Kelly, you've got an email from Mom!" It goes on to say whatever you've chosen as the message for the child. Then, the child can reply by pressing a button. My kids all love it - we had the green one as well, and a day did not pass that they did not play with them. Now, our younger two are old enough for them, so we are repurchasing them because they were so popular with our other ones...I highly recommend this toy!
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on July 12, 2017
This is my 2nd purchase of this little computer. My boy love it. I had to buy a second computer because my oldest decided to huck it across the room like a football smashing it into the desk. The screen busted just like a normal laptop. This give some concerns over durability over tis childs toy but also really isn't all that unexpected result. Since receiving this new one my 2 year old can nearly count to ten and likes to sing along with the puppy and gets a great deal of enjoyment out of it.
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on December 27, 2012
My 2.5 year old loves this! She likes to sit at the kitchen counter and type on her leaptop while I am checking my email on the netbook. She is learning some of the alphabet sounds and other things from it too. But beware - it is for a toddler, so the sounds of the letters are limited, as are the options. But at 2.5, too many options is actually a bad thing. So far the product has proven very durable and easy to clean. Downsides include a ridiculously large installation software to personalize 3 emails and one song for her. But really, with the other things on here, she doesn't need that much personalization. Some of her friends in nursery school got the leap pad. But it is way too advanced for a 2 year old. Even if she does like the games on the leap pad, what happened with her friends is that it got cracked, broken, the cards for the games got lost, etc. She just isn't ready for that yet. The leap pad says it is for 5 and up, and it really, truly is. She does great with this and I will be upgrading to the leap pad when she is old enough not to lose or damage it. Highly recommend this for toddlers.
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on October 11, 2016
My grandson likes this, however doesn't yet use it correctly to actually learn (just loves to push the buttons). As with all these toys when a button is pushed it is interrupted with another push, which I wish someone would solve someday. The screen is not very bright and is difficult to see. However if your little one is past just wanting to push buttons, it could be a great learning toy. It provides many options to be educational.
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on September 7, 2015
Bought one for my toddler when she was a baby (age 1). Back then, she loved pressing the keys. At age 2.5 now, she knows her ABCs and loves to press the letters and say out loud what she sees. A good educational toy a child can grow with. Also, has a setting that makes funny sounds and noises when buttons are pressed. Gave several of these as gifts to other kids and they all loved it too. A fun toy for the car as well.
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on July 15, 2016
It's a Christmas gift for my 11 month old daughter (she will be 16 months when she gets it). She saw it in the box and started playing with all the buttons. I almost couldn't pry it away from her. Excited to see her play with it out of the box. She is always wanting my computer when I am working so I thought this would be a great toy for her.
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on April 9, 2015
Bought this for my toddler to keep her busy on a 15+ hour flight. Didn't work - she loved her videos & games on the iPad much better! I was hoping the laptop would work as I don't like giving her iPad screen time, but for a long flight, you do whatever works!

That said, the laptop itself is great! Very cute. Easy to open & close. Easy to switch on & off. My little one loves the songs function & spends ages dancing to "ABC" & others. At 18months she picked up the alphabet quite quickly because she hears the songs so much. She also likes going through the alphabet & animals in the 1st play function. Laptop will grow with her, as I'm sure she'll enjoy the other games more when she can understand them better. Good buy overall!
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on January 6, 2016
This is a really good first "computer" for toddlers. I was going to buy the LeapPad for my 2 year old grandson but was afraid it would be a little advance for him. He is currently in speech therapy and I really wanted something that would help him learn word sounds - or phonics as they used to be called - as well as have fun. I was not disappointed at all. It is exactly was I was hoping it would be. The program for learning the alphabet sounds out the letter and then uses it to describe and animal or "thing" with computer graphics showing the object it's describing. To my delight my grandson loves it and I can see him already starting to repeat some of the sounds.
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