Customer Reviews: LeapFrog Chat and Count Smart Phone, Scout
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on January 25, 2010
Well it finally happened. This phone has replaced the Parents Phone in our house. For years the Parents Phone was a favorite with our first born, now 3 1/2. My one year old was given the "Leapfrog Chat and Count Phone" for his birthday and now it is his go to toy. He throws the Parents Phone across the room and shrieks in frustration. He loves the music button on the Leapfrog phone, pushes it and does a little dance. He also puts it to his ear and pretends to have a conversation. Since he has never seen a flip phone, I am not sure he knows that the Parents Phone is a phone. The Chat & Count Phone goes everywhere with us. It is perfect for the car, grocery store and doctor's office.
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on November 26, 2010
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this phone!!! We received this as a gift for my second child on her first birthday. She is now 20 months old. She liked the phone when she got it, but likes it more now. She is already understanding the concept of counting and can count to three (only partly due to the phone,) and the more she understands numbers and counting the more she likes the phon. So I think she will be even more enamored of it by her second birthday.

My older child (6yo) had several phones including the Parents phone, which was his favorite. We still have it and my little one likes that phone too, but mostly because you can record your own voice speaking to the child and calling him/her by name. She definitely prefers this Leapfrog one to any of the other play phones in the house!

We generally keep this phone as our travel/restaurant/car phone for her. Limiting her exposure to it means it is always new and entertaining when you need it to be, and that she doesn't get bored because she can't play with it all the time. This is a relatively small toy that isn't too obnoxiously loud, it is easy to take with you to keep a child entertained for a short period of time (even my 6 yo will play with it for a while when the baby gets bored).

In short:

+ Fairly small toy yet big enough to have buttons that are easy for a 1 yo
+ Buttons are very easy to push - and I LOVE the smooth easy to clean surface of the buttons!
+ Image on screen is clear and the dog is very cute
+ Simple but cute animation in the dog
+ Clear easy to read display of each number when you push the corresponding number
+ There are more than a dozen different 'messages' played when pressing the phone button, and several different cute 'ring tones'
+ Two volume settings that are perfect! Not too quiet but not annoyingly loud either. I wish all kids toys were this volume!!!
+ Overall very durable - except for the screen scratching see note below.

- Screen is a tad on the small side. I would trade slightly smaller buttons to get a slightly bigger screen and still have the toy the same size overall.
- Screen scratches really easily!!! This is the biggest disappointment in the toy, the manufacturer knew it was for little kids who would beat it up so a more scratch resistant screen should have been a must. That said after 8 months of occasional use the screen isn't so scratched that you can't see it, but bad enough to be bothersome. This is a MUST change by Leapfrog!!
- Not enough counting songs!!! The music button only offers 4 different songs as follows:
* A 'Hello' song that is made up by the manufacturer but is cute
* The tune to 'If Your Happy and You Know It'
* The tune to one verse of 'This Old Man'
* A made up manufacturers counting to ten song.
There are tons of counting songs for kids so one would think that at least a few more would be incorporated into the music button. And that the dog would sing more than two. I suggest singing the words to 'This Old Man' and singing one verse each time the button is pressed. You don't have to go up to 10 just 4 or 5 would be fine. Also another cute counting tune is the traditional 'One little, Two Little, Three little Indians' but change the words to 'One Little, Two Little, Three Little Puppies' then when you get to ten say Ruff, Ruff, Ruff.

Wishlist - for future releases this is a list of nice to haves
- More counting songs as stated above
- Ability to connect to pc and add childs name just like the Scout plush toys
- Ability for parent to record a short sentence on the phone just like the old Parents one

Overall, we are very pleased with the phone and price! We are big fans of Leapfrog products in general and this toy is not a disappointment. I would have given it 5 stars except for the screen scratches and desire to have a couple more common counting songs where the dog counts.
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on January 7, 2010
I purchased this phone because my baby wouldnt leave my blackberry and cordless phone alone. worried she would one day accidentally dial 911 i looked up a phone to purchase for her that would be somewhat educational and found this one, I have to say it is soo cool, so now she will leave my berry alone< this is going to be great for car trips and alot of other things it it entertaining and enough buttons and noisy things to push around that is plenty of amusement the little animated pictures are fun for counting and development towards number recognition, even though my baby is close to 12 months it is still worth the purchase as she is engaged with it for a little while i see her carrying it around when she starts to walk and will be growing into it more and more.
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on September 1, 2011
This cell phone toy is truly the best one that I've found. My 11 month daughter truly loves it and it keeps her attention for quite a while. She is always taking my iPhone, but this she will happily drop mine for this toy. It sings songs, counts for them, shows animals, etc. I definitely recommend this toy!
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on December 24, 2009
My daughter got the Scout Plush a while back so we picked up the phone now that she is older (she still falls asleep with the plush every night). This is one little tough phone with a lot of fun learning animations for each number and other fun functions. My daughter like most kids love have whatever mommy has. It was great to pick up a phone that somewhat realistic looking and also has the learning done right for my little one. Ruff ruff!!!
review image review image
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on February 8, 2011
My son just turned 2 years old, and he loves playing with phones, remote controls, computers, etc. He is not easily fooled when I try to give him an "imitation" toy in place of the real thing (ex. - giving him a toy cell phone in place of my real cell phone). I bought this phone in the hopes that it would entertain him while making him think he was using a real phone.

Much to my delight, this phone has FAR exceeded my expectations! My son now has learned to count from 0 to 10 just from playing with this phone! He can sit for long periods of time and play with this phone. He even insists on sleeping with it now! It has a wonderful song button which has several educational, catchy tunes on it. There is another button that makes the phone sound like it is ringing and the little dog character talks as though he is on the phone. Each number button says its number and then gives an example like, "let's count five flowers" and the voice counts along with cute graphics. Seriously, my son only knew the number 9 before getting this phone, and within a week he could count with the phone! It is amazing. Also, when we go places and I want him to be entertained with a toy, this is the best toy he owns. It entertains him for long periods of time, and he does seem to think it is a real phone, or at least resembles a real phone enough to satisfy him.

I highly recommend this phone to anyone with a toddler. It is one of the best toys I've ever bought for my son. I love that it is both educational AND fun!
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on October 21, 2011
I've bought a lot of Leapfrog toys over the last couple of years. They are always durable and fun. And, this phone is no exception.
My daughter loves this thing. She likes it more than all of her other toys (and she has the Leapfrog computer, talking dog, etc.). But, this little phone (which is the least expensive of the Leapfrog toys) makes her so happy. Plus, she really is learning her numbers from it. I'm so impressed with it. I would suggest anyone buy this, it's such a good buy considering how much play my child has been able to get out of it already. She carries it around and 'talks' to people on it and counts along with Violet... She even asks for the toy buy name ("phoe" is what she currently calls it).
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on March 2, 2010
The manufacturer's age range is up to 5 years old, but this toy is definitely not fun or a challenge for my 4 year old, who is even behind his age targets. It plays the same 10-12 songs over and over again, depending on which buttons you push. If it wasn't such a pain to send it back, I would. I could see it being worthwhile for up to 3 though- the visual and auditory repetition of the numbers probably does help kids learn their numbers.
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on May 15, 2012
My baby just can't enough of my cell phone so I thought I would give this a try before she destroys mine. Unfortunately it is no replacement for her wanting to play with my cell phone because the face nor the keys light up. If the screen and keys lit up I think it would have had a chance because it does have buttons and they have a nice button feel to them that she likes to press for a few minutes but she gets bored because it does not look like it is doing anything. In a dimly lit room you can't even see the monchrome graphics on the screen. I also thought from the description it might call and interact with her Violet LeapFrog dog(on of her favorite toys) but it doesn't. What it means by send of receive messages from Violet is that it plays pretend prerecorded messages from violet but the voice isn't even that great of a match. I am not saying I hate this toy or feel ripped off but I think LeapFrog(one of my favorite baby toy companies) would do well to make it so that the screen and keys light up. It it would be REALLY cool if it actually did send a RF or IR messages that wake Violet the dog up and respond in some way and would gladly pay the extra money for that feature. There is still totally room in the market for a good cell phone for baby's because I am quite sure my baby is not the only one who I have to pry mine out of her hand before she destroys it :)
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on February 13, 2013
We have one that the sound stopped working after it was dropped too. And it didn't have far to fall- out of my toddlers hand. Now we bang on it and it starts working again. We figured this out when it was dropped again and began working. I anticipate that one of these times it will die for good. This is a pricey "phone" for a child and it stops working because it is dropped. Duh, it is going to get dropped. Silly me, I assumed that a toy for a child would be designed to withstand a child playing with it.


October 1, 2013

The phone pictured is NOT the phone I have. It appears to have been completely redesigned. If that is in fact the case, then I believe MY review of this product is potentially void since I cannot attest to the durability or function of this version of the toy.

From the description, it appears that the function of the phone is the same. It has the same amount and type of buttons, but the overall design of the one I own is slightly different than the one now pictured. I am curious whether purchases of this NEW phone have better luck. Maybe I'll give it a shot. If I do, I will come back and update this review.

Update on our phone: The sound did finally die for good not long after I wrote my review. I took it apart and found that a weld had broken on one of the wires that went to the speaker. I put duct tape on it to keep the contact points together but it only lasted for a day. When a button is pressed, the screen still displays everything just fine even after being dropped a bazillion times and banged intentionally an additional bazillion times trying to get it to work. Because the screen is so small and black and gray, it really isn't very fun without the sound, however. My child still will carry it around occasionally, but the interest really faded dramatically with the death of the sound. For the record, said child is now a few months shy of 2yrs. She received this toy for her first birthday.
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