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on January 5, 2012
I bought this for my 5 year old nephew for Christmas. I was lucky enough to get it at the lightning deal price ($49.99).

N. enjoys playing Jewel Train, an app that comes on the device. Since purchasing the Explorer, I have also bought Cars 2 and Mr. Pencil. His favorite right now is Mr. Pencil - it teaches kids how to draw different lines, colors (primary...) and a host of other educational stuff.

Presently, my only problem with Leapfrog is that the apps are WAY too expensive and so are the cartridges.

Word of advice: You will save yourself a lot of money buying batteries if you buy the rechargeable batteries (you will need a charger as well).

UPDATE: OK! The device has kept my nephew entertained and it's doing what it's supposed to do. However, I have a big problem purchasing apps via Leapfrog connect.

Whenever I try to purchase an app, for some unknown reason my credit cards are not accepted. I have tried Visa and I have tried American Express cards. All I get is an error message that tells me my card cannot be validated. However, when I go to and buy their $20 app card, my credit card went through perfectly well.

I am now wondering if this is Leapfrog's way of trying to get parents/adults to spend more money than they want to? I just want to buy a $7.50 app, so why should I be forced to buy a $20 app card just to make a $7.50 purchase? It's bad enough that the apps are so expensive.

Right now, I am very ticked off with Leapfrog.
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on July 22, 2012
I just bought this package for my third boy. He's only 2yrs, and I wasn't planning on it, but the current price is an all-out steal, and my eldest has been wanting the Globe cartridge for a long time. I kept stalking a good deal on it, but couldn't get below $20 (the cartdridge). He likes the game itself, and it has more educational content than some of the others. We now have three LEs in the house.

I think it really only is playable by a mature 4yo & above, but they figure it out somehow when they see an older sib playing it. My younger ones have liked the pre-loaded pet app, and Mr. Pencil. We just got a couple of cameras that I got on mega-clearance. They are a great addition, but if you plan to use it, you might not want to download too many apps. There just isn't that much space on the unit.

If I was starting from square one, I might get the Leap Pad. However, I still think the LE is a solid option, and since the cartridges fit both systems, there have actually been more quality options than there were before. I bought our first LE before the LP was out, and decided I like the device enough to keep going with it. By the time my boys outgrow it, they will graduate to a device that an adult can use, and that they will use for more sophisticated educational programs.

My only complaint is that the LeapFrog system is cumbersome to use. There are different screens, and it seems as though the store and the area for updating the software for the game are in different places (one is online, the other is on your computer). At this time, it seems to recognize only 2 of the 3 products, and doesn't show what I, the parent, has bought and would like to install on the various games. I contacted customer support, and they got back to me with questions about my question. I will respond to them soon and see if they can fix my issue. I can't complain about the actual service at this point. They were prompt in responding to me.
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on January 9, 2012
We got this set for one of our sons for Christmas (and then got another system, game and case separately as we didn't need 2 globe trotter games). The system came in its Leapfrog packaging and in the same shipping box as the case and game. I was a little hesitant after reading some of the reviews but the Explorer has reduced a significant number of fights between my 2 boys who were always wanting to play my iphone. Now they each have their own "phone" as they call it and I am LOVING IT. We took them when we went to breakfast with the Family at IHOP and it kept them entertained while waiting for the food. They play them in the car on the way to school and I don't feel bad about letting them play since it's educational. The Leapfrog website is the first place to head to if you encounter any problems/questions, as they pretty much have an answer for everything. Some parents complained about the download time to install the included LEap connect software from DVD so if you have high speed internet, go to the leapfrog website and download from there. only took about 1 min to download. I did have a problem once I downloaded and connected the device when trying to go to Leapworld but I had the wrong version of Adobe Flash player installed so once I updated that, it worked fine. I found that solution on the Leapfrog website. The Globe Trotter game has yet to keep my 4 yo's attention but I have not had a chance to sit with him to play it because he is so into the Pet game (already installed on the system)and the Jewel Train game that was the free download that came with the system. To get the free download you have to connect the system to the computer (after you have downloaded the Leap Connect software) and after you log in (or create your parent account) the first thing it does is take you to the screen to download the free game/book/video from a set list. All in all, I would definately recommend this toy to parents with kids ages 2-6 over a DS or Ipod Touch. We will wait until they are a little older before going to those systems.
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on January 9, 2012
This purchase was the big hit of the Christmas season. Once the boys opened this, it instantly became their favorite toy. They play with it daily and would go non-stop if allowed. Thankfully the batteries need to be recharged occasionally. This was a great buy because it allows them to have the video game experience while also functioning as an educational tool. They don't have any other gaming systems yet and I thought that this would be a good intro. The map game is great at teaching geography and directionality and of course the case is a must for keeping everything safe and sound. One issue with the case is a couple of the software games are too wide for the elastic holders inside. You have to put them in the mesh section which is bigger but also a little bit looser and they might slip out and get lost.

If you are going to get this system I highly recommend you buy the recharger as well. It's a charging base with a battery, once charged it lasts for several days and takes about 3hrs for a complete charge. Charge overnight or when the kids are at school and it's perfect. It more than pays for itself with the batteries you save. The unit takes 4 AA batteries and at restricted play of no more than a couple hours per day during the Christmas break, 4AA batteries lasted us about 1 week, so you can do the math if your child plays for longer periods of time.

My recommendation is to wait for a good price and then buy the whole lot. I bought 2 bundles (twins) for $71 each which was a good price I thought, but then a week later it was a gold box special for only $49. I bought two rechargers for 19.99 then the next day it went down to 15.99.

Overall it was a great purchase and I can see my 5 year olds enjoying this for a long time to come. This product is highly recommended.
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on July 14, 2013
We wanted to get a "video game" set for our 5 1/2 year old without spending a jillion dollars on a Nintendo system and games, and we felt he was to young for it. So, after a lot of comparing and reading review we opted for the Leapster Explorer. We got a great bundle price and several games on sale over the course of about 8 months. Everything was great and my son loved it and the games, then one day about 10 months in, the sound stopped working, but with head phones he could still play it. Then after having it for about a year and a half, the screen/stylus started having issues and my son says the games won't cooperate or respond to some the functions. During the time it worked it was of great value and quite useful in certain instances, and although we got a comparatively good deal, it was still a lot of money to spend on a toy that only lasted 18 months. Bummed. Won't really recommend it.
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on January 26, 2012
We gave this to our 4 year old daughter for Christmas. Even with only one game, she is still enthralled with it. She carries it around all day, every day. There are ebooks and downloadable games which are cheaper than the cartridge games, especially if you buy them on sale. Each game description tells which concepts it teaches and every one of them has some educational value. This system is far nicer than the original Leapster and Leapster 2's. Of course that means more expensive games and the cartridges are NOT backwards compatible. You cannot play Leapster games on the Explorer. You have to buy the Explorer specific cartridges. We have been using rechargable AA batteries in it, but plan on buying the charger/battery pack when it goes on sale. Aside from that, this package has everything your little one will need to enjoy hours of educational fun. The Explorer has been dropped on the bathroom floor and many other places without so much as a scratch. The case is great as she takes this thing everywhere we go. I am very glad we went ahead and bought this and would recommend it to anyone.
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on June 11, 2013
Got this for my son's 4th birthday and he absolutely loves it. He also has I think 6 or 8 games for it. All are great learning games.

The only negatives is the battery life. But I would recommend doing what I did. I bought rechargeable batteries and a charging dock. Cost around $40-$50 I think. But it's worth it since this takes 4 batteries and if your kid plays a lot, then you will be replacing the batteries every day to every other day.
Also, the system has advertisements. My son came to me wanting to play the games in the advertisements. And would be upset because he couldn't play them. He then talked about how he needed to help Mr Pencil non stop. I eventually got him the game, but these advertisements will really try to pull your kids in. Just a warning.
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on January 8, 2012
The Leapster Explorer is a replacement for the LeapPad Explorer. On Christmas we found that the sound on the LeapPad Explorer was defective. When we returned it, the store could not guarantee when the item would be available. We decided to purchase the Leapster Explorer as a replacement and what a wise decision. My 4 year old grandson enjoys the games selected for his skill level to prevent frustration and can learn while having fun. The touch screen is amazingly bright and crystal clear which is a nice feature. The system came with one game and a nice carrying case designed for explorer games. We purchased one additional game for a long road trip which made the trip quiet and fun for everyone. To insure he will get full use of the basic system we decided to purchase the Recharger and camera/video recorder for his birthday in the fall. I recommend the LeapFrog Leapster Explorer and carrying case for young children.
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on January 16, 2012
I bought this item for my 3.5 year old very bright grandaughter and she loves it. It is compact and easy for her to manipulate. Some of the games are a bit difficult for her and she does need some help but overall she can figure them out and it keeps her entertained and challenged for a long time. I love the durable case and I also bought the charger. It does get expensive when you add all the additional items, but it does seem well worth the money. Also the initial expense of the game console, case and one game was the least expensive way to invest in this educational toy. Very educational and seems durable. She just spent the weekend here and it was used a great deal. Love it and will add more and more challenging games as the years go by.
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on September 25, 2016
Hours of fun and learning!😃
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