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on December 8, 2012
Purchased this for our 13 month old grand daughter who just loves my ipod touch. I love her very much but just can't let her play, drop and drool on my $300 ipod! Here's what I love:

1. It has no flashing lights. Call me old fashioned, but I think toys today have too many flashing lights. (ADD/ADHD waiting to happen!)
2. Each button has 3 music modes for a total of 12 different games/options
3. One of the music modes is music activity-like-stand on one leg, wave your hands in the air until the music stops, etc. She'll like this better when she's older and GG likes that it's encouraging activity.
4. The alphabet song is a slightly different version than the old school and is extremely contagious!
5. It can be dropped and not miss a beat!
6. It's larger than I pictured it being-easier to not lose.

What's not a big deal to me about this:

1. The screen shown in the ads for the item show a much better contrast level than the item really has.
2.. There is a button in the middle that is tactile, (the round one shown) but the yellow, blue, green and pink buttons aren't buttons, but more like the arrows you have to push on a digital camera to move forward/back. 13 month old doesnt' "get that" yet, but older toddlers would. You'll end up hearing "Let's play some music!" repeated over and over and over (the response to touching the round button) until the child learns how to work the other buttons.
3. Some of the music modes are "created" songs you've never heard and are without words. (but some are familiar and with words, like Old MacDonald, the ABC song, etc)

My grand daughter carries it around like a prized possession, so 5 stars!
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on July 10, 2017
Okay, I am going to try and be cool, calm and relaxed as I describe this toy. I am going to try not to rave over how FREAKING AMAZING IT IS, sorry. I am going to explain it's features without sounding like a crazy person. I don't think it's going to work - but I also never thought I would be so excited to write a review over a kids toy.
It all started when my mother-in-law bought "the remote". It's a Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn "Sis" Remote. It is, hands down, my daughters favorite toy that she has EVER had. She is 13 months old and the last 6 of those has been with that remote in her hand. It is super cute, plays great songs, and has a good variety. The problem is that it is a deadly weapon. It is 8 inches long and her control (pardon the pun) leaves a lot to be desired. She hears the songs, she starts to get excited and she blacks your eye - or worse, her own. It is heavy like a brick and sounds like one hitting the floor when she "lovingly" tosses it to the dogs. That's one heck of a way to wake up! So, I went on the hunt for something to replace it with. Don't tell my mother-in-law.
That's when I found this, little unassuming thing. It is less than half the weight and only 4 inches long. When she swings her arms around, you are relatively safe. It is dropped far less often, as she can fit her hand around it. It has less buttons to hit - but the buttons it has are all good choices. The middle button is very interactive - asking questions and giving prompts to hit certainly colors or types of music. The main button is four sided button that lets you choose between an activity, a song, a learning tune, or soft sleeping songs. The songs are short and fun - very easy to memorize and sing along. My daughter can smash buttons without getting a sharp noise or "stuck note" sound. The display, although lost on my young daughter, is really cute. I think it should light up - because it's not easy to see but otherwise it is great.
We keep this in her car seat 24/7 when traveling. It has two options for volume level, which keeps her satisfied and us sane. We have been using this for a couple months and the original batteries are going strong.
Please, don't look at this review and think "Jeez lady, it's a $15 toy - chill" I know what it is. I also know that it makes my daughter dance and shake her little butt, it calms her down when she is trying to sleep, and she doesn't need a concealed carry permit to use it! My face, glasses, and puppies are very thrilled with it.
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on April 2, 2014
My son got this for Christmas last year. He liked it at first, but the toy loses it's appeal quickly due to lack of features. The screen is very small. It's almost pointless. I found he liked to listen to the music more than interact with the display. However, the power consumption is very low and the batteries last a long time. It is a nice toy to take in the car since it's smaller. Probably would recommend one with a larger display or another with an adjustable screen contrast.
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on April 23, 2015
My 15 month old daughter has been OBSESSED with this toy since she was about 9 months old. She loves to "dance" to the songs on her "ipod" around the house. We had the "Violet" variety, and it recently broke (daughter poured water on it...), so I ordered the Scout one, and it is SO MUCH BETTER. Violet has an annoyingly high-pitched voice. They both play the exact same songs. I am not sure why leapfrog thinks that there needs to be a "girl" and "boy" version of everything in existance, but espically why in the world make Violet have such a rediculously high voice!?

When I re-ordered from this page, I chose the default (at the time) option for the Scout player, which ships from the UK. Sadly, I did not notice this was going to take around a month to get here until it was too late (about 4 days later) so I just decided to order an extra from a US seller to get here faster and have the extra. Turns out, the UK seller has a UK version. So we now have a Scout that sings with a Brittish accent- its adorable! Something to keep in mind if you want an american one (or brittish one) though. When the new one got here, my daughter sat down with them side-by-side and pushed the same buttons to compare the voices, which was also adorable. =)
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on April 24, 2015
Firstly the paper based stickers on the buttons wore away within a month. Not suitable for a childs toy. The buttons should either be printed themselves or have plastic backed stickers on them. After around a few months of use the product died completely Maybe my kids did something with it, but we also have a text and learn, leaptops, etc and these have all stood the test of time for 2-3 years. The reason may be that the buttons dont appear to be water proof- a spill could easily get down between the buttons.

Both our kids 2 and 3 loved the songs and would play with the toy a lot and learn the songs, which are fairly nice and most are sung by scout himself. But its not that educational in my opinion. Better they spend the time learning letters and numbers, days of the week and playing strategic type games etc especially given the amount of time they spend on such a toy. Perhaps I'm just not cultured.
Instead I would really recommend the Leapfrog Text and Learn. Its far more educational, robust with fully sealed plastic buttons and does a lot more. It has 2 games on it which I think are quite educational and even taught my little girl the days of the week. My kids had this from 1 year old and they still love it.
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on March 11, 2016
So I originally bought this for my niece, she was 1 and loved it. I wanted to get her something that played music but wasn't too annoying. I also wanted to get her something that she could figure out and easily push. I decided to go with this music player and I am glad I did. She played with it for about a year. Then my baby sister, who is about six months younger then my niece, came over to play and absolutely loved it. So now it has a new home. lol. My sister still plays with it, the batteries are still good and it doesn't even show any signs of wear. I love how well made it is. I am really happy that I found this item and would definitely buy it again.
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on February 22, 2013
Kids LOVE music! Why is it so hard to find a toy that plays music for children older than infants?? (Hint: suggestions welcomed!)

THIS is a pretty good solution. My daughter is 2 1/2, and LOVES it. There are several songs, all of different types. Some for relaxation, some for action, some nursery rhymes. And when the child selects a song, there is a child's voice that often prompts your child on what to do. For one song--a lullabye--the voice suggests the child close their eyes. Sure enough, my daughter always closes her eyes to the song and sways back-and-forth. For another song, the child suggests jumping. Not all songs have this "guidance," which makes for a nice variety.

- Volume - I don't recall seeing a volume control, but it seems to have the perfect volume. Some can be so loud--and annoying
- Song Variety - Great variety of songs
- Song Length - Doesn't play the whole song, but also is much more than a mere sampling of each song, which some toys have
- Song Quantity - I think the box said this has 18 songs. This supports the variety and doesn't make mommy want to shave her head after 30 minutes of use!
- Size - It's a nice size. Probably about the size of 2 decks of cards put together sideways
- Durability - Seems rock-solid. I don't see how this could break, unless someone speared the little screen with a fork or something
- Value - I think this is a really good value for the price.

- Sound Quality - It is ok. Not great, not poor
- Visual Display - This comes with unsophisticated black "video" to accompany the songs. It's not necessary, and my daughter doesn't even pay attention to that part.

BAD - None. If your child likes music, this is a GREAT toy!
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on January 19, 2013
I got this for my one year old daughter. The toy is durable and has withstood several falls from the highchair to tile floor. The only problem with the toy is that the volume is really loud... too loud for a baby/toddler. I took the music player apart and put some dampening material around the coil and cone of the speaker. The dampening material reduced the volume of the speaker drastically (around 90%). Aside form the volume, it's a great toy for my little girl.
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on March 30, 2014
I am glad I got this for our 14 month old she loves music. so I thought this would be great for her since she could carry it around. each button has a different style and only 4 actions. I like that it shows the alphabet letters and shapes as it says them. I just wish it would show numbers 1-4 not just number 5. I pushed the button 20 times to make sure it had cycled through all the options and still just number 5. It has a loud volume level starting on the first of two settings. the screen image is much darker in this picture then it really is. which makes it a bit hard to see it would have been better in color or with a back lighted screen. For the price it is a great learning tool that keeps my daughter happy and busy with out boring her.
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on March 6, 2013
My 22 month-old granddaughter always wanted to play her music on my Kindle so I wanted something on which she could hear her songs yet not risk breaking the higher-priced Kindle [and allowing Grandma to read her Kindle]. There were some $100 options but I felt at 22 months they were still beyond her need--maybe later. I ordered this $12+ music player after looking at several options and it has worked well for her and for me. The songs are limited but it does have 2 of her favorites ["E-I-E-I-O" and the Alphabet song] plus some others and she seems satisfied for the time being. She quickly learned what buttons to push to get her favorite songs. I was a little disappointed because the screen seems a little dark [to my eyes but doesn't seem to bother my granddaughter at all]. The construction is sturdy and it has already survived a few drops to the floor without any damage.
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